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Harry has become more promiscuous since the lust powder incident. However, when it happens with a boy, he uses magic to make him forget.
Harry was putting his trousers back on, as he looked at her curvy waist. Cho Chang explained that she could not have sex with him anymore because her new boyfriend was coming to Hogwarts.
She didn't want Alfred to know she has had sex, so until now, Harry was only allowed to fuck her ass.
"By the way, Harry. My cousin is coming to our school as an exchange student and wants to meet you."
"What's her name?"
"His name is Ping, I'll introduce him to you after dinner, tonight!"
"Oh, sure! I guess everyone wants to meet the boy who lived!"
"It's not like that Harry. I have told him so much about you, he wants to meet my best "friend"."
"Friend? Is that all you told him?
"No, He knows all about us!"
"Yeah, he is my best and only cousin, we have no secrets! See you later!

Cho Chang walked out, leaving Harry standing in the middle of the room, readjusting his jockstrap. Cho had always loved having sex with him right after a Quiddich match, she got hot sucking him through his jockstrap.
Harry could never turn down a decent blowjob.
Dinner was over and Harry was on his way to the library to study for his artimancy class, standing by the Great Hall entrance was a tall, long black haired, oriental looking kid, wearing a red shirt, black trousers kind of baggy, but not too much, a velvet looking cloak and a dragon crest pin holding the cloak slightly over his right shoulder. Harry was not easily impressed by guys, but there was a sort of mysticism about this one. As he walked towards him, he saw a startling smile briighten his face as he caught sight of Harry. Harry returned the smile as Cho Chang turned around and greeted Harry.
"Harry I want you to meet my cousin, Ping Chang, and you also have not met my boyfriend Alfred"
Next to Ping, from behind Cho came out a boy that had an amazing resemblance to Lucius Malfoy, only younger and with brown hair.
Harry was startled and stared at Alfred a bit too long trying to recall the resemblance.
Ping extended his hand to Harry who was still moving forward and had not noticed the welcoming hand and walked into it. Ping's hand pressing firmly against Harry's flat stomach jolted Harry back to reality.
"Sorry" said Harry, as he looked back at Ping, the hand quickly slid down and caressed his crotch. Harry did not look down, hoping that Cho and Alfred would not notice what just happened.
Harry embarrased, excused himself and headed to the bathroom. Alfred and Cho went in the Great Hall and Ping said he would wait for Harry.
As soon as Alfred and Cho were out of sight, Ping bolted towards the bathroom.
As he entered he saw Harry bent over the sink splashing water on his face.
Harry felt something press against his butt. He jolted up, put his glasses on his wet face, and stared at the image in the mirror of himself and Ping pressed up against him. Harry moved to the side and yelled at Ping.
-"What is your problem?! Are you nuts?"
-"About you, Yes!"
-"Why? How come? We barely just met!"
"Oh Harry! I know you, I have been studying you for a while, ever since Cho first had sex with you!"
-"I have a psychic connection with her! I can use it to feel when she is having sex. I have seen and felt you in me"
-"Is this mutual? Does she feel when you are doing something?"
-"Yes, but she doesn't know it. I learned how to create a psychic shield whenever I want to block her out! The one time I purposedly didn't do it, she called me up and told me she had a dream that she was having sex with my personal bodyguard! I did that only because she told me she liked him but would not dare cheat on you!"
-"Well what makes you think I want to have something with you?"
-"I don't know, something told me you have gone to bed with men. Earlier it was confirmed when I touched you and I got a few flashes of you with some twins as well as with the one called Malfoy."
-"Well, I don't appreciate what you did out there, groping me in public."
-"Sorry, that was not intentional."
-"Then why are you here now?"
-"I came for this!"
Before Harry could react, Ping threw himself at Harry, locked his arms around him and pressed his parted lips against Harry's half open mouth. Harry felt Ping's long hot tongue in his mouth, a tingling wave ran up his spine as the boy passionately kissed him. Harry wanted to break away but somehow found himself wrapping his arms around Ping and reciprocating, Ping opened his eyes quickly when he felt Harry responding to him, the warm lips, the hot breath, the probing tongue. They were his! Tears crept from his eyes as he reached down and rubbed at Harry's growing cock.
-"What the heck!" said Alfred as he walked in the bathroom.
Before he could utter one more word, Ping spun around and cast a spell frezzing him in place. "Immobulus!"
-"We must get out of here"
-"What about him?" said Ping
Harry walked behind Alfred, pressed himself against him, pointed his wand at Alfred's temple and whispered a few words. A long wispy thread flowed out of Alfred's temple and into the wand. Harry and Ping left the bathroom quickly.
-"Hey, what was that?"
-"A little something I learned from a friend, removes a single memory."
-"Where can we go?"
-"There is no 'we'. I have to go to potions class"
Harry left Ping and headed for the dungeons. As hard as he tried, he couldn't get Alfred or Ping out of his head. He got the usual harrasment from Snape and the whole class got a ridiculous assignment because of it.
On his way back to the dorm he tried to hide from everyone but that was not easy for 'the boy who lived'.
He was almost there when he felt a hand grab his shoulder. He turned around to see Ping smile .
Harry tried to get away but Ping wouldn't let him.
-"You have to see something, where can we get some solitude?"
Harry was not convinced but at this point was left with no choice, They went to the girl's abandoned bathroom.
Ping told Harry to sit down, Harry sat on the floor, Ping sat behind him and scooted right up to him feeling the warmth of Harry's back against his chest. Harry was about to stand up but Ping grabbed him, pulled him down and locked his fingertips on Harry's forehead. Harry froze as he saw himself in a huge hall, white silk curtains on all the walls, pillars that seemed to never end and Alfred sucking ferociously on his chest, his warm breath felt wonderful,as Alfred's lips and tongue worked his chest, he felt tingling in his groin, like his groin and chest were connected, every flick of the talented tongue, the sucking lips were making his pussy/cock wet. (What strange yet wonderful sensation) He wanted to touch Alfred's hair but his arm would not respond to his thought, he was looking thru Cho Chang's eyes,
Yet it was his body that he saw Alfred making love to.
He leaned back against Ping and allowed himself to watch and feel everything.
Alfred started to take his/her clothes off. 'Yeah Harry, help him undress you!' whispered Ping.
Alfred's lips came to his, passionate tongue, warm breath, Alfred's hand holding the back of his neck, when Cho closed her eyes, Harry was looking down at his naked body laying in the bathroom but could not do anything different than Cho was doing, he saw his hand caressing his own chest. Ping kneeling in front of him, with his hands on Harry's waist. Suddenly he was back with Alfred. "Will you suck my throbbing cock? It has been aching for you all spring" 'Yes my love', Harry heard himself say, in Cho's voice.
The hard, veiny, throbbing cock got closer to Harry's face, he saw himself reach for it and his tongue touch the tip.He gently wrapped his fingers around it, swirled the precum over the head with his thumb, then sucked his thumb clean. It was hot, the scent of a recently bathed body swept through him, he wrapped his lips around the head and engulfed 6 inches of it down his throat. Harry could feel the cock, growing even further in his mouth, once again Cho closed her eyes as she bobbed up and down on the large rod.
Ping was before him, naked, with one hand on his own growing cock and the other on Harry's shoulder. Harry could feel the thick, hot hard cock sliding thru his lips, he sucked and licked at the base of the cock he could not see.
Suddenly he saw Ping mouth the words, 'I want to look at Alfred', Cho's eyes opened once more, Harry was now watching the thick hard cock slide thru his lips as he sucked hard on it. He then felt a cock slide in his mouth as Alfred's was sliding out, in his mind he knew the meaning of this, Ping's cock must be in his mouth for real. He was enjoying the scent of sex from Alfred's cock, suddenly he heard Ping whisper, 'now lets enjoy Cho's deep-throat capabilities'. At this moment he felt his throat relax as Alfred's cock was sucked all the way down to the pubes, he knew from the feeling in his mouth, that Ping was mimicking Alfred. Harry had been with Cho before and knew what came next, he grabbed Alfred's balls and started massaging them as he furiously sucked on the cocks in his mouth, Alfred could not hold the strength and dexterity of the expert cock sucker and his balls began to churn the impending orgasm and his cock was swelling in Harry/Cho's mouth, Harry could taste the sweetness of Alfred's cum rushing down his throat, suddenly he tasted a saltier splash of cum in his mouth. Ping was cumming too.
Harry licked Alfred's cock and balls clean and then Alfred moved down and started kissing Cho/Harry on the lips. Harry could feel Alfred's hot tongue in his mouth, wrestling with his, saliva swirling and mixing, he could also feel Ping kissing like a sex craved nymph. What a wild feeling, to kiss two different men at the same time. He thought about stopping but Cho's will to have sex was stronger than his intentions not to. He could not break free from the trance.
Alfred moved down and started licking his way down Harry/Cho's chest, tongue-fucking his belly button, down to his groin. Then came the strangest of feelings so far... He could feel Alfred licking his 'pussy', with every flick of Alfred's tongue, Harry could feel it inside him, at the base and inside his entire cock. It sent waves of pleasure throughout his whole body.
Alfred continued making Harry thrash from side to side, he wanted to cum but the sensations just kept building and building, stronger by the second,
Alfred started to caress Harry's chest while continuing to give him the oral workout, this intensified the sensations. In the mean time, Ping took Harry's cock in his mouth and slowly sucked on his cock. Being psychicly tied to Cho, kept Harry from cuming.
Suddenly it happened, waves of tingling sensors went off throughout his body, he was writhing in an orgasmic explosion, he screamed, moaned and shook as multiple orgasms ran through his body. Harry came time and again. When he thought he was done, Alfred would lick and another shockwave would run through him... Finally Cho pushed Alfred's head away from her and layed there catching her breath, lovingly staring at Alfred, Harry could feel the love she felt, he also could see why. He was beginning to feel something for him also... Lust!
Alfred was looking into his eyes and slowly nodded. Harry felt himself nod but wasn't sure why. His eyes looked down at Alfred's engorged cock as it came closer to him. 'Oh no!'
Alfred brought his cock to Cho's pussy, Harry could feel the slight pressure at the base of his cock. Suddenly Alfred impaled his full 8 inches and Harry yelled as he felt it completely inside him.'Aahh!, Ungh!'
Alfred began to withdraw and again slammed in his full erection. Harry was digging his nails into Alfred's back and moaning his name as he was fucked like a woman.
On the next penetration of Alfred's savage cock he felt the huge cock fuck his ass as well. Cho closed her eyes briefly enough for Harry to realize that the cock in his ass was Ping's.
Harry was being double penetrated like no man has ever been. He was loving it. Alfred built up a rhythm, hard fucking like a madman, Ping was keeping up with the onslaught into Harry's ass. The familiar build up began again in Harry's whole body. 'Oh no, not again!'
With a hard ram of his cock, Alfred began to shoot his load inside Harry. Harry could feel the hot geyser shoot deep inside him,,, another explosion overtook Harry, this one was stronger than the 1st time, Ping began to cum in Harry's ass, screaming and panting wildly, Harry lived through his second multiple orgasm as Alfred and Ping fucked him raw. Alfred reached down and passionately kissed Harry again. Cho closed her eyes and Harry was kissing Ping like there was no tomorrow. Ping Broke the connection to Cho and savoured Harry all to himself. Finally Harry broke the kiss and tried to stand up but fell back, his legs were too weak from all the cock in his ass and 'pussy'. This was fucked up! He yelled at Ping. 'Yeah, but you loved it, I know'
After about 5 minutes Harry was able to stand up and get dressed. He whipped out his wand, pointed it at Ping and said 'this is far from over, I will get back at you.' he stood straight and then wobbled to the door.
He knew he had to get back at him, but how? He had some planning to do....
Great Hall - Breakfast
It was morning, Harry had been up late trying to conjure a plan to get back at Ping. Granted he enjoyed the sex, but did not appreciate how it came about and his mind was made up to give back to Ping a 'taste' of his own medicine.
Ping walked by the Griffindor table and said hi to Harry, Harry did not reply back. He did not even acknowledge that Ping was there.
Ping went to the Ravenclaw table and sat next to Cho. Told her that he might have 'said' something that offended Harry, cause Harry is not talking to him. He knew Harry would not tell her what really happened but she would get them to talk.
Cho agreed to talk to Harry after the Defense against the Dark Arts class.
Later that day, Cho met up with Ping at Herbology and told him to meet her by the room of requirements at 9 pm and to not talk to her again until then. He tried to ask her what was up but she cut him off 'Do you want to patch things up with Harry or not? That's your one and only chance!' before he could utter another word, she walked away.
A few times during the day he saw her in the hallways but did as he was told. Harry and Alfred were with her almost every time.
Come 8:00 pm, he could not find any of them anywhere. He tried scanning for her but could not locate her at all, either she was sleeping, in a secure place or she was blocking him out. 'No, she didn't know, she couldn't be!

9 pm came around and so did Ping. As he turned the corner into the corridor where Cho had told him to meet her, there she stood, next to Alfred, who stood there staring at her with his big beautiful deep blue eyes. If he wasn't so gorgeous, he almost looked stupified.
'Hi Cho' said Ping, 'Hurry cousin!' was all she said. She turned to the wall said the password and a door appeared. They walked into a dark room. You could not see more than an inch ahead of your nose. Ping retrieved his wand to use 'lumos' but his wand was snatched away. When he complained, Cho told him to wait. She knew where they were going. After about 20 steps more, which seemed to last forever, she directed him to sit down, he found behind him what might resemble a massage table. As Cho yelled 'lights on', Ping was partially blinded as lights flooded the place, it was almost as bright as day. 'Hey! Isn't this the quiddich stadium?' asked Ping.
'Sure looks it, but no! It is only an illusion!' Said Cho.
Ping looked towards where her voice came from and saw Alfred and Cho naked, she stood tall and he was on his knees, licking her pussy. 'Whoa!'
'What the heck?' yelled Ping, as he firmly grabbed onto the edge of the massage table as if he was trying not to fall off of it. Cho walked towards Ping, Alfred followed behind her on all 4 like a puppy. Cho pushed Ping down on his back onto the massage table, crawled on top of him and sat on his chest. 'You have been having virtual sex thru me, why not have it with me?'
'But Cho, you know I'm .' before he could finish his statement, her wet, cum filled pussy was pressed against his mouth. "I know! So go ahead, cleanup Alfred's cum from me, I have a few more surprises for you!
Ping did as told, he could taste Alfred's sweet cum, he wanted all of it and licked as hard and as fast as he could. Cho was moaning as the roar of the crowd grew on the stands. Alfred climbed on at the end of the table and pulled Ping's trousers off, lifted his legs over his shoulders and leaned in to kiss his ass cheeks, then bite them, one at a time, then he spread them apart a licked his hole, Ping jumped as he felt the hot tongue on his ass. He almost threw Cho over. 'Come on, hurry! It's almost time! Said Cho, 'time fo-?' Ping again was interrupted by Cho's pussy on his mouth. Suddenly, yells escaped her mouth as her orgasm reached it's ultimate high, the flood gates rushed on Ping's face as she came time and again, the crowd was going wild, whistling screaming, even howling and cheering, filling the stadium completely.
Ping had almost forgotten about Alfred, until he felt his large 8.5 inch cock, pushing in on his ass. "AAAaaahhh" was all Ping could say repeatedly, as Alfred showed no mercy, while burying his monster up Ping's ass.
When the intruder was all the way in, Alfred stopped. Ping had his eyes closed licking Cho's wet pussy, suddenly she slapped him. The 'stadium' went silent. He opened his eyes and looked at her. Her hair began to shrink, he complexion changed, a scar appeared on her forehead, and in a flash a 7 inch cock popped into Ping's already open mouth!
That was Alfred's cue to begin fucking Ping's ass for all he was worth. Ping began to moan out loud as the crowd grew wild again, Harry's cock, already in his mouth, pushed all the way into his throat, then came out, until only the head was passed Ping's lips. Harry would then slowly slide his cock all the way in again as Ping sucked for dear life! Alfred was relentless, he wanted to overflow Ping's ass with cum. The crowed again grew louder as Alfred and Harry sped up. Alfred arched his back, curled his toes and shot the strongest orgasm of his life, Ping felt stream after long stream fill his ass and leak out the sides of Alfred's cock, When Alfred pulled his cock out, cum flowed freely out of Ping's stretched ass. Harry kept plowing Ping's mouth until he suddenly screamed loudly, like trying to drown out the crowd as the first shot from his erupting cock went down Ping's throat. Harry pulled his dick from Ping's mouth, kept sliding back on the table as he came spasmodically all over Ping's chest belly and cock.
Ping's cock was standing straight up and was now covered in cum, Harry aligned his ass to Ping's cock and let himself fall all the way down on Ping's 7 incher. Ping curled forward on Harry's downward unexpected thrust.
Harry saw the puzzled look on Ping's face and told him 'Alfred fucked my ass first, before I changed into Cho, then when he was good and ready, I had his cock deposit the protein shake you cleaned out.'
Harry bounced hard on Ping's cock, taking him all the way home. Just to rise and drop again.
Harry felt it building up, he felt it expanding inside him, he felt him explode, Ping yelled and Alfred brought his mouth over Ping's in a tongue twisting kiss, muffling his scream. The crowd went wild and all slowly calmed down as Ping layed there catching his breath. Harry got off and dressed up. Alfred sat at the foot of the massage table, dazed.
"Harry!" said Ping, "that was awesome! By the way, where is Cho?"
Harry repiled "She sleeps, like a baby.
Oh and do not worry about Alfred, he is under a spell!"
"Like hell I am!" Said Alfred, as Ping and Harry turned to him in shock. "I closed my eyes when you used the lust powder, but your secret is safe with me, as long as we can get together again. I have been totally conscious since you asked me to suck your beautiful cock! I am bisexual and I couldn't pass up the chance to see how good you really are Harry Potter!. I had to see why Cho always refered to you as her 'Hot Blood Prince'."

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2012-10-01 00:39:26
It's good, but very confusing, especially in the end...


2007-02-12 03:20:17
err a bit confusing and all the other 1's have bin gd but this 1 is a bit the same as the others. sum girl on guy action wuld b nice other than that its gd


2006-12-25 19:36:20
not a bad story, maybe try an entirely straight chapter?/


2006-12-25 01:00:30
The bible is for pussys. Who would follow such a lie...


2006-12-24 23:18:21
I wrote the homosexual coment earlier. I came back to see what people would say. First of all I did not read any part of this story. I just enjoy harry potter related stories and saw that this one said it was gay. Turning one of my favorite characters into a homo just makes me angry. I might come here to get off, but I read the heterosexual stories only! Homosexuality is a sin according to the bible. I do not agree with it.

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