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This takes up where Part 1 left off

Susan was right. There was more to cum so to speak. The next day, Friday, it happened like before. I was out playing paddleball with two of the guys that I could honestly call friends. Susan was wearing that same white gym dress and her white athletic shoes.

Joe hit the ball out of bounds this time. I went to chase it. When I looked over at Susan to see if she was watching me, she smiled at me and lifted the front of her gym dress. She wasn’t wearing panties and her blonde field of hair was visible right above her love split. My body reacted quickly. The blood filled my cock up and I was finding it hard to walk back to the court. Joe noticed this and laughed at me saying, “Damn, she’s making you rise guy!” I replied, “Yeah”, and just then the bell rang signaling us to get inside and hit the showers.

While taking a shower, I lathered my face up and didn’t notice Susan stepping naked into my stall. When I rinsed off, she came close and went down on her knees. Taking my semi hard cock in her hands, she rubbed it and jerked it a bit and I was once again at my nine inch length. She then kissed it and rubbed her tongue all over the head and my pre-cum started coming out. I pulled her up from the tile floor and we began kissing passionately. After a few minutes, she dropped to her knees again and took the full nine inches of my hard cock into her mouth and started really sucking me down her throat. After about a couple of minutes, I felt the tingling in my balls and let her know I was about to shoot off, but she would not let up. A few more seconds of her mouth on my prick had me spewing my seeds in her throat. She sucked off the last few drops and then lay down on her back with the water running over her. My cock was still hard and I didn’t need anymore of an invitation. I went down on her and sucked her pussy for a few minutes and got her really juiced up and then moved up her body kissing her soft tanned tummy and breasts. Finally, I lined my hard cock up with her slit and pushed my hard cock all the way inside her. Putting my full weight on her, I began stroking slowly at first. She put her legs up over my hips and locked her ankles up and pulled me closer and deeper inside her wet pussy.

“C’mon baby, fuck me”, she whispered as she rocked against my pelvis. I moved in toward her filling her up and sped up my pace.

“That’s it. Go Honey! Make me happy”, she said and she started kissing my neck and chest.

It wasn’t going to take much longer for me as I felt the familiar signal that I was about to let go. “Oh, I think I’m about to cum.”

“Do it baby. Do it inside me. I want to feel your sperm go inside me. Cum in me now honey. I want to make a baby with you.”

At that very moment, my dick started throbbing and I started pushing deeper in Susan’s pussy, unloading a fountain of my sperm filled semen into her very wet vagina.

“Ahhhhhh”, I groaned as I released my second load.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssss”, she sighed as she pumped harder against my hips...

I could feel the seminal fluid making its way through my hard member and I know Susan could feel the spurts as they hit the inner walls of her slick tunnel. She began moaning and I rubbed my dick more around her clitoris stimulating her and trying to get her to her climax. I pushed hard three more times and felt her vaginal muscles clamp down on my dick and I let loose a few more spurts of cum inside her.

“Oh God, baby, I love you so much”, she said as she started passionately kissing me all over my neck, head, shoulders and chest.

“You really know how to love a woman”, she whimpered out as she started kissing me hard on my lips…

We rested a bit with me still on top of Susan and my cock still firmly planted in her cunt.
The spasms of our orgasms had ceased and I gently pulled out of her. At that moment, I could see the white viscous fluid pour out of her gaping pussy hole.

We then stood up taking each other in our arms and hugged and kissed each other under the falling water. After rinsing off, we towel dried each other and went to the lockers where our clothes were. She put on her sexy gym teacher outfit and I put on my street clothes, placing my gym clothes in a bag to take home. Susan offered me a lift and since I had walked that day, I accepted. Her house was close to where I lived and when we arrived, I offered her the grand tour. She accepted. I took her around through the kitchen, the living room, the back patio and showed her the hot tub and pool.

“Wow, we could really have fun in there, couldn’t we”, she said moving closer to me.

I wrapped my arm around her affectionately and kissed her tenderly on the lips and said; “Why not now?”

It turned into a race as we both stripped out of our clothes and were standing naked before each other. I turned on the water and Susan made her way into the water. It was hot, about 104 degrees. I joined her and we sat side by side in the bubbling water. We wrapped our arms around each other again and kissed deeply and my cock rose to the occasion, the head sticking up out of the water. Susan took it as a signal and went down and sucked on it, deep-throating me for all it was worth. When I was about to ejaculate again, Susan took it out of her mouth and sat down on me, impaling her body on my manhood. She moved up and down on me, increasing the tension in both of us. I was so close to shooting another hot load of my semen into Susan’s pussy. She kept going and brought her breasts close to my chest and kissed me with passion again.

“C’mon Honey, Do me again! Pump that hot sperm into my pussy” she whispered in my ear as she continued to bounce up and down on my hips. My balls were boiling now as my seed percolated and readied for the impending explosion. Susan rocked my world harder and increased the speed of her bouncing. The sight of my cock penetrating her so quickly set me off.

“Aaaagghhhhhhhhhhhh”, I groaned as my cum made its way into her most fertile place.

“oooohhhhhhhh, feels nice”, she said grinding into me. She pulled off me and I saw my cum fluid running out of her and into the hot water. She sat down beside me and put her arm around my waist, kissing me and said, “Let’s go to your room. Do you have a nice big bed?”

“It’s a double. Big enough for both of us”, I answered her as our lips met again in a steamy kiss.

We stepped out of the hot tub and walked naked into the house and up the stairs into my room. I locked the door to prevent my parents walking in and catching us having sex. My Mom would shit a brick right there. My Dad would smile but he would ask us both to dress and come downstairs. I had a bathroom attached to my room where I could, or rather where we could clean up later. Susan placed her towel in the bathroom and walked back in and lay down facing me. She spread her legs seductively showing me her pussy. My dick was hard now from seeing Susan’s naked cunt and I crawled onto the bed facing her. I bent down and made contact with her clit with my tongue and sucked on it. Susan started moaning and I increased my tonguing on her most intimate area.

“I need you now”, she said rolling around with her legs spread wide and hanging in the air. I moved on top of her quickly sliding my hard cock into her moist depths causing her to gasp with the penetration, and started a slow in and out rhythm. We were in the missionary position, just like a man and his wife, moving lovingly into each other and exploring how to make it feel so much better. We kissed each other tenderly as my hard cock moved in and out of Susan’s pussy. She whispered lovingly in my ear, dirty words that I had heard before, like fuck me and cum and do it, and punctuating each with a kiss.
She urged me to go faster and I increased the pace of my strokes, bringing her to that point of ecstasy. She cried out loud and climaxed, her fluids washing my dick as I continued to pump inside of her. I felt her cunt grab my dick and hang on. I went over the edge and groaned again as my semen fired into her, mixing with her juices. I stayed inside as she asked me to do, as both our orgasms subsided. I continued pumping into Susan’s body a little bit as I wanted to make her feel good. She kept rewarding me with kisses all over. My cock stayed hard and I began my in and out movement. She went into overdrive by wrapping her legs around me and locking them behind me. She moved up against me as I moved toward her and my balls were slapping her butt. We continued this for another few minutes and climaxed again. Susan was completely drained as was I and we went into the shower and rinsed the sweat off our bodies, dried each other off and then got back in bed and fell fast asleep in each others arms.

Part 3 is to follow.

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2012-10-10 21:55:34
great story cant wait for part 3


2007-07-18 19:19:56
BIGVAN gets a real 'Boner' thankxxx 2 YOU! Keep 'em 'CUMMING'!!!


2007-01-11 15:58:56
Keep fucking and come in her pussy at this rate she could have twins Ohhhhhhhhh I would love to fuck and shoot a load in her cunt


2006-11-15 11:24:47
It may deactivate the sperm that contacts the water but the top of the vagina and the proximity of the cervix make fertilization possible. Also any temp over 105 on the testicales will immobilize sperm. Great story, dumb comments. Retired MD


2006-10-27 16:28:55
all you hot water dumbasses, shut the fuck up.. nice story dude.. keep going..

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