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Chapter Five - The Final Hotel Room

Bobby took the girl’s hand. "Stacey, listen to me." The
girl looked up. "Honey, you’ve been used by a bad man.
Your sister too. And when we catch him, we’ll lock him

Stacey wiped her nose on her sleeve. "Please don’t hurt
him, Mr. Wilson," she said in a quiet voice. "Me and
Lynette love him."

Bill’s story: I met them at the mall, in our usual
place. Stacey introduced me to Lynette, a beautiful 10
year old with long legs, long blonde hair and a flat
chest. She didn’t know me from Adam, other than her
sister’s friend, but she was game for a shopping spree.
I bought them all they wanted, to a point, knowing
after today, it was done.

"So you took your little sister to a motel with that
man?" Bobby whispered.

"Well, she needed to learn how to be with a man,"
Stacey said.

Bill’s story: I made sure that Stacey took Lynette to
Macy’s to buy her a small bra and some silky panties.
Lynette said, "I don’t need no bra yet," but Stacey,
under my orders, told her she needed to start getting
used to wearing one, since her breasts were going to
start showing any day. Stacey bought her what amounted
to a mere bikini-like chest covering, but I wanted it
for photographic purposes. I had also planned ahead by
teaching Stacey how to run both the video camera and
the photo camera before I took her home the last time,
knowing I’d want film of me with Lynette.

I told the girls to get into their new outfits in the
car, Lynette lying on the back seat, and Stacey
wiggling into her clothes on the floor in back. I went
directly to the motel, strategically located not far
from the mall, so that they were still dressing when we
arrived at the room. Stacey, a big smile on her face,
led Lynette happily into the room, and I heard her say,
"You’re really gonna like this. It’s a lot of fun."

Bobby decided to give Stacey a break, since she was
nearly in tears. He went next door where the mother and
Lynette were seated. He asked to be alone with Lynette
for a few minutes, and the mother left. He sat down
across from the pretty 10 year old. "Hi, Lynette," he
said, "how are you today?"

"Okay," was the girl’s only answer.

"I’m Mr. Wilson, and I’m here to help you about the bad
experience you had with the man named Bill," he said.

"I know," she said.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.

"Ain’t much to talk about," the girl said. "Him and
Stacey took me to that motel room, and I took off my
clothes, and then he put his thing in me down here in
my wee-wee."

He noticed she had mentioned no coercion in becoming
naked before the man. "Why did you take your clothes
off in front of this man?" Bobby asked.

The girl looked at him with no more concern or guilt
than if he’d asked her why she was wearing a green
dress now. "’Cause Stacey and him told me it would be
fun, and that it would make me feel good," she said in
a level tone.

Bobby hesitated a moment, then asked, "And was it fun,
and did it feel good?"

"Well," she began, paused, then continued, "it was
until the first time he put his thing in my wee-wee.

Bill’s story: Stacey took Lynette into the bathroom to
make sure her costume was all set for the camera, as
well as her own, then presented both girls for the
performance. While in the bathroom, Stacey had tutored
her little sister on reading the cue-cards while we
"made a movie." When they had returned, Stacey took the
lead. "Hi, this is Stacey again. I’m 12 year old, and
I’m pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby. This is my
little sister, Lynette. She’s 10, and she wants to
start playing naughty with Bill too." Then I turned off
the camera, and Stacey gave Lynette the directions of
what she was supposed to do until I took over."

"What was fun about it?" Bobby asked.

"Well, I sort of liked taking my clothes off in front
of Stacey’s boyfriend," the girl began.

Bobby’s hard-on was raging again, and he couldn’t help
opening another line of questioning. "Had you ever
taken your clothes off with boys before?"

"Uh-huh," the 10 year old said, matter-of-factly.

Bobby was glad he had not turned on the tape recorder.
"When?" he asked simply.

"Well, me and the boy next door took our clothes off a
few times out in his garage," she said, as if
describing a walk to the playground.

"How old is he?" Bobby asked, totally turned on by the
imagination of the scene.

"He’s 14 I think," she said. "I know he’s in the middle

"Does your mother know this?" Bobby blurted out.

The girl looked horrified. "No!" she said. "You can’t
tell her neither. She can’t know I played nasty."

Bill’s story: When I returned to taping, Stacey said to
Lynette, "Do you want to show Bill our new bras?" The
little girl, on cue, said sure, and they both removed
their blouses. They looked fantastic, the older one’s
small breast barely pushing out the cups of her new
silk bra. The 10 year old’s flat chest was covered in
white cotton, but, to my surprise, her nipples were
hard, making little points in the middle of each "cup."

"Now let’s pull our skirts up and show Bill our
panties," Stacey directed happily. They both pulled up
their new skirts, revealing new pink silk bikini
panties covering both their young slits. They giggled,
and it dawned on me that this was not the first time
Lynette had showed her panties to a male.

"What did you and this boy do?" Bobby asked, totally
fascinated now.

"Well, he told me he’d give me some money and a kiss if
I’d show him my panties, so I pulled down my shorts and
showed him," the 10 year old said, actually giving
Bobby the impression that she was excited about telling
him this. "You won’t tell my mama, will you?"

"No," Bobby assured her. "I absolutely will not tell
her anything we talk about, at least the specifics.
This is just between you and me. I’m just trying to
help you deal with your feelings about what happened to

"Okay," she said, sounding relieved now.

"So you showed this boy your panties?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said.

"Then what?"

"Well, he kissed me and kind of rubbed me on my wee-
wee," she began, "then he said he’d give me five
dollars if I’d take all my clothes off."

"And did you?"

"Yeah," she said, no emotion on her pretty face.

"What did you want the money for?" he asked.

"Well, I figured I could buy something at the mall,"
she said simply. "And I sorta wanted to play naughty
with him. I liked him. He’s cute."

"So you took off all your clothes in his garage?"

"Uh-huh," she said. "And then he took his off and
showed me his thing."

Bill’s story: Stacey, on cue, said, "Lynette, why don’t
we take off our skirts and show Bill what we look like
in just our panties?" And they both did. They were now
wearing only their tiny bras, the silk panties and
white ankle socks. I figured if I could ever find a
legitimate buyer, I’d make a fortune from just this
shot alone. I was, of course, snapping poloroids at
ever stage of the performance.

"Now, Lynette," Stacey said, "Bill’s gonna help you
take your bra off so you can show him your titties."
Then Stacey walked over to the camera and took over the
filming. I, clad only in my briefs and bulging mightily
in the front, walked over to Lynette, bent down and
lovingly French kissed the little 10 year old, one hand
fondling one of her nipples, the other moving between
her legs to rub her slit through the silk of her

"This was the boy next door?" he asked. "What’s his

"I don’t want him to get in no trouble," she said,
suddenly alarmed.

"Every thing you say to me is just between us," he
said. Suddenly, whether from hormones or just bad
judgment, he moved next to her on the couch and put his
arm around her shoulder, holding her next to him.
Later, he’d think, I lost my mind. But now he patted
her shoulder with the hand over her shoulder, but his
gaze stared at her crotch where the green dress rode up
nearly to where her panties would be starting to show.
"Now tell me his name and what you did," he said

"Well," she began haltingly, "his name’s Lonnie, and he
touched my wee-wee, and kissed me on the mouth, and
then he had me touch his thing."

"How did he have you touch his thing?" Bobby asked, his
own hard-on desiring the same treatment.

"He made me rub it until some white pee-pee come out of
it," Lynette said softly, averting her eyes.

Bill’s story: I gently reached under the sides of
Lynette’s tiny bra, an elastic affair with no clasp on
the back, and gently began pulling up. She raised her
arms, allowing me to pull it over her head and off. Her
little pink nipples were standing straight out from her
thin, flat chest, partly, I assumed, from the air
conditioning and partly from being aroused. I bent and
kissed and licked each of them. Then I kissed her mouth
again, and I said, "Sweetheart, this isn’t the first
time you’ve pulled down your panties for a boy, is it?"
She looked at me, concerned at first, then seeing my
smile, said, "No."

"How many times did you do this with Lonnie?" Bobby
asked softly, now caressing the pretty young girl’s

"Only three times," she said, head down, looking at her

"And did you do the same thing every time?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said, not lifting her head. "He’d just sort
of rub his finger in my wee-wee, then I’d rub his thing
until the white pee-pee come out."

Bobby couldn’t resist anymore. He dropped his other
hand to her thin thigh, rubbing it gently. "Don’t
worry," he said, feeling her smooth flesh, "I won’t say
anything to anybody about that." He noted immediately
that she didn’t flinch or offer any resistance to his
touch. "And how long before your day in that motel with
Bill did these things happen?"

She looked up at him, and he could see trust in her
eyes. "Well, they all happened during, I guess, the
month before Stacey told me she had a boyfriend, and
that she was takin’ her clothes off with him, and that
he was doin’ things that made her feel real good, and
that I should take my clothes off with him too. So I
just figured I would."

Bill’s story: I kissed her deeply again. She was
obviously very inexpert in the art of French kissing,
but I forced my tongue into her small mouth and
greedily ran it around. As I did, I fondled her taut
nipples and ran my other hand through her crotch.
Finally, I broke off the kiss and looked down at her.
"Stacey is pregnant with my baby," I said, "and she
wants me to show you how much fun it can be to do the
things it takes to have a baby." She didn’t say a word,
so I went ahead.

"The first thing we have to do is take off your panties
so I can see your wee-wee." I knew they both called
their cunts that, and she immediately bent down and
slid out of her underwear. Now she was standing before
me in only her socks. Her little slit, of course, was
totally hairless, and I kissed her again as I slid my
hand between her legs and slipped a finger into her
small twat.

"So you thought, because you liked taking your clothes
off with Lonnie, that you’d enjoy taking your clothes
off with Stacey’s boyfriend?" Bobby asked the 10 year

"Yeah," was all she answered, her gaze returned to her

"Did you like taking your clothes off with Bill?" he
asked softly, his breathing starting to become ragged.
His hand slipped into the inside of her soft thigh, and
his breathing almost stopped when he realized the 10
year old had just spread her legs slightly.

"Yeah," was all she said, not looking up.

Bill’s story: I moved her slender body over to the end
of the bed. I kissed her deeply again, my hands running
up and down her long, but thin body, causing her to
shiver. Then, I looked down at her and said, "Lynette,
sweetheart, I’m going to show you the same type of love
I’ve showed your sister, and I think your going to like
it. But first, I want you to pull off my underwear so
you can see what I look like." The child hesitated for
a moment, so I commanded, "Go on."

She put her small hands on either side of my briefs and
started to pull down. They, of course, immediately hung
on the end of the raging boner, so I reached down and
helped her by pulling the front over the end of my hard
dick, which I soon intended to plant into her tight
little snatch. Once it was released, and I stepped out
of my underwear, I turned to Stacey, who had been
briefed on coaching her little sister, but before she
could speak, Lynette looked up at me and said, "Do you
want me to rub it so the white pee-pee comes out?"

Bobby immediately did some thinking with his dick and
not his mind. He said, "Wait here, honey, just a
second," and he got up and actually locked the door. He
didn’t give a thought to what excuse he would make
should anyone come knocking. He simply returned to the
couch, sat down next to the 10 year old girl, put his
left arm back around her shoulder, and returned his
right hand to the now-widened space between the girl’s
thin legs. The only thing he could think to say, as he
stroked her smooth, milky flesh, was, "Did he hurt you,

She took a second before answering, then said, her head
still down, "Only the first time he put his thing in
me. Before that, he made me feel real good."

Bill's story: Now it was confirmed that Lynette was no
newcomer to sex, but I still believed she was a virgin.
"No, sweetheart, I said, kissing her lips quickly. "I
want to make you feel better than you’ve ever felt."
She smiled and said innocently, "How you gonna do

I simply began to manipulate her, knowing that once she
had had an orgasm, she’d feel beholding to let me rape
her. I gently pushed her down to a sitting position on
the bed, then laid her back, hovering over her to
deliver a deep kiss. Then I said, "I’m going to get
between your legs and lick your wee-wee. It’ll feel
funny at first, but then it will feel really good."

By now, Stacey was at the bedside, photo camera at the
ready, as instructed. Her little sister looked up to
her for guidance, and Stacey said, "Lynette, your gonna
like this like you’ve never liked nothing. It feels
better than even puttin’ your finger in there, you
know, the way we do sometimes." Now, I knew that little
10 year old Lynette not only played with boys but also
masturbated with her sister. I couldn’t wait to get my
tongue in her little pussy, much less my raging hard-
on. But then, I had an idea.

"But first he made some movie of me," the girl said.

"Movie?" Bobby asked, his mind now totally reeling from
stroking the inside of the 10 year old’s creamy thigh,
wondering how far up she might let him go.

"Well, first, he told me to pee-pee," she said.

Bill’s story: For purposes of the video I would
eventually edit together, I decided one more scene, and
the enhancement it would add to my pleasure, was in
order. So I told Stacey to keep filming, then I told
Lynette that first I wanted her to go into the bathroom
and squat on the toilet and pee. She looked quizzical,
but she obeyed. She got up and moved into the bathroom,
sat on the toilet and looked up at me.

I was standing in front of her, and I told her to hold
my peter in her hand, put the end in her mouth, and
pee. Stacey was filming the whole affair. Lynette
tentatively took hold of my dick, but then looked up
and said, "You ain’t gonna do your white pee-pee in my
mouth, are you?" I assured her I was not. So the pretty
little 10 year old took hold of my tool, guided the end
into her warm mouth, and began to pee into the toilet.
The best thing was, Stacey, at 12, had the foresight to
focus on the yellow stream coming out of her little
sister’s cunt.

When she’d emptied her bladder, I led her back to sit
on the bed, then gently laid her down, kissed her
deeply, then said, "Now I’m going to show you how good
it feels to have your wee-wee licked." With that, I
moved my head over her bald slit, and began to kiss it.
She wiggled and giggled at first, but then I pushed my
tongue inside her labia and began to stroke it slowly
up and down. She became silent, but soon her hips began
to undulate slightly.

Bobby liked the idea of watching the young girl pee,
and he began to wish he had a copy of the videotape the
rapist had made. "After you peed, what happened?" he
asked, his hand still stroking the inside of her thigh.

"Well, then he took me back to the bed, and he licked
my wee-wee with his tongue," she replied. And to
Bobby’s shock and joy, she moved her legs apart just a
little more. A tiny bit, but definitely wider. His hand
stroked up a little further.

"Then what did he do?"

"Then he put his thing in me," she said, a slight frown
covering her pretty young face, "and it hurt that first
time. And he’d already pushed his finger into me, and
that had hurt too."

Bill’s story: I found her tiny clit, as she began to
produce her own sweet lubricant, and began to suck it.
Just as I had with her sister, I gently probed her wet
hole with a finger as she began to build to her first
orgasm. I found her hymen not far in, and I punched my
finger through it to prepare her 10 year old twat for
my hard-on. She yelped and bucked, but Stacey, who was
filming away, calmed her. "Don’t worry, Lynette," she
said. "That’s just your cherry, and once it’s broke, it
don’t hurt no more."

It must have calmed her enough, because shortly after
that, the pretty little 10 year old began to buck and
sway into multiple orgasms, wrapping her thin legs
around my head. I kept sucking her clit until she
finally subsided limply on the bed. Then I raised, my
chin shiny with her juices, kissed her deeply and
asked, "Now wasn’t that the best you’ve ever felt?" She
softly agreed that it was. Then I said, "Now it’s time
for you to make me feel good and become a woman like
your sister."

"That was your hymen breaking," Bobby explained. "It’s
a membrane that covers your vagina, your wee-wee," he
corrected his terminology, "and it has to be broken
before a man can penetrate you with his penis, his

"Well it hurt when he did it, but then it went away,
and I felt real good," the 10 year old said, now
looking up at Bobby. "But then, when he started putting
his thing in, it didn’t hurt at first, but then it did
for a little while."

Bobby couldn’t help the next question, as he stroked
now right up to the hem of the short green dress. "How
big was his thing?"

"It was about this long and this big around," she said,
first indicating with her hands about six inches, then,
using thumb and forefinger to form a circle about and
inch or slightly more in diameter. "And it was hard
too. I’d already touched it, and was harder than
Lonnie’s ever got."

Now that Bobby’s mind had been totally taken over by
his prick, he actually was excited that she had
indicated that the guy had a relatively small tool.
Because he knew, even as excited as he now was, his was
only five inches. And the thought actually occurred to
him, I wonder if mine would fit in her?

Bill’s story: I had Stacey lick and suck the head of my
hard-on for a few seconds to get it wet, then I
stretched Lynette’s legs as wide apart as I could. On
cue, Stacey told her sister what was going to happen.
"Bill’s going to put his peter inside your wee-wee, and
once it’s in, he’s going to rub it in you. After he
gets it in you, it’ll start feeling good to you too.
And then, Bill’s going to shoot his love pee-pee in
you, and that’s what makes babies."

"Am I gonna have a baby?" the little girl asked, not
concerned, merely curious.

"No, ‘cause you don’t get your period yet like I do,"
the 12 year old told her.

"I’m going to go very slowly at first," I said to the
pretty blonde 10 year old, whose girlish legs and bald
pussy lips lay just before the straining tip of my
hard-on. "It may feel a little uncomfortable at first,
until I get it all the way in. But then it will start
to feel good, and you’ll probably end up feeling as
good as when I licked you." Actually, I didn’t care how
it felt to her, as long as I got to fuck her. So I
placed the head at her entrance and applied a little
pressure. There was pink in the juice that had flowed
out, telling me her cherry was busted, and the head
slipped in surprisingly easily.

"How did you feel about him putting his thing in you?"
Bobby asked. "Did you feel it was right? Were you

"Naw, I wasn’t scared," Lynette said. "Stacey told me
it was all right, and I’d done seen Lonnie’s thing."

"But did you feel it was right, that it was okay?" he
asked, his hand moving up and down her thin thigh.

"Well, I knew mama wouldn’t like it," she said, "but I
liked playing naughty with Lonnie, so I figured it’d be
fun to play naughty with Bill."

Bill’s story: I had fucked a couple of 16 year olds,
and of course, I had fucked Lynette’s 12 year old
sister, but I had never felt anything like entering
this ultra-tight 10 year pussy. It was tight as a
glove, and when the first inch slid in, she reacted,
clamping it even tighter around my cock. It felt like
it was being squeezed, almost, but not quite painfully.
Hell, it wasn’t pain at all. Looking down and seeing
even the end of my prick buried in her bald little cunt
almost had me cumming then. But I waited a second, then
slid a little more into her.

"Ow," Lynette suddenly said, jerking her hips up. "That

"It’s okay, baby," I soothed. "It’ll feel real good in
just a second."

"Yeah," her sister chimed in. "It feels good when he
pee-pees in you."

"No, take it out," Lynette whined.

"No, sweetheart," I said, trying to get the right mix
of compassion and being stern. "I made you feel good,
and it’s only right that you make me feel good. And it
won’t be uncomfortable much longer." I wasn’t sure
about that last statement at all, given how tight her
twat was, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop. With
that, I slid another inch in, very slowly. She wiggled
and made a face, but she didn’t say anything.

I slowly slipped about another inch and a half in, when
I hit her cervix. Three and a half inches was all she
could take, and her fists were clinching on the
bedspread with that. But that was enough for me. "There
now," I said soothingly. "It’s in. And now I’m going to
start fucking you." Which I did, pulling out three
inches, then slowly pushing back in to her cervix. Each
time I bumped up against the cervix, she flexed,
causing her pussy to close tightly around my dick for
an instant. It felt better than anything I’d ever
experienced, even though I was only using half my dick.

"And did you, in the end, think it was fun to play
naughty with Bill?" Bobby asked, though concentrating
on whether to push this a little further and slip his
hand under the hem of her dress. Later, he was glad he

"Well, after he pee-peed in me the first time it was,"
she said.

"So now, are you glad you went with Stacey and played
naughty with Bill?" he asked, hoping for a particular

"Yeah, it was fun," she said. "I wonder why Bill never
come back to play with me and Stacey again?"

Bill’s story: "Has he pee-peed in me yet," Lynette
asked her sister plaintively.

I answered, "Not yet, honey, but I’m close." Which I
was. I’d only gone about seven strokes in her
deliciously tight pussy, but I could feel my orgasm
coming. Then Stacey intervened, and it was all over.
"Lynette, say ‘Pee-pee in me daddy’ to Bill." I was
surprised, but then I looked down at the pretty blonde
10 year old, and even though her face showed
discomfort, she said, "Pee-pee in me daddy."

I took one look down at my tool buried in a
little girl’s twat, rammed it home, actually, on the
last thrust penetrating her cervix, and shot a four-
pump hot load into her 10 year old womb. She flinched
when I stabbed her cervix, but I was too intent on
shooting my load, so I grabbed her thin hips and held
her tightly up against the end of my spurting prick
until it ceased delivering its load of baby juice. She
wiggled in pain, but she never said anything. Finally,
my orgasm was over, and I pulled back an inch or so,
looked down at the little blonde girl, bent over,
kissed her, and said, "Lynette, sweety, that was
wonderful. You made daddy feel really good. And now
you’re a woman, cause you’ve got man pee-pee in you."

"Well, Lynette," Bobby said, "what Bill did is
considered by the court to be a crime. He knows that,
and that’s why he hasn’t come back."

The little 10 year old looked up at him now, and
innocently asked, "Why is it a crime if you like doing

"So you liked doing it?" Bobby asked, his voice almost

"Yeah," she said. "It quit hurting after he took it out
that first time, and then when he put it in again, it
felt so good that I had that tickle all over again."

Bill’s story: As soon as I pulled out, Stacey put the
camera back on the tripod, and came over to clean my
dick. She expertly sucked me licked me until I was
raging hard again. Between the 12 year old’s mouth and
the sight of the 10 year old, her legs spread and my
cum leaking from her bald little cunt, I was ready for
action. I made sure to take a closeup of Lynette’s wet,
leaking pussy, then had her stand up for a shot of my
cum running down the insides of her coltish thighs.
Then I had her move to the top of the bed so I could
begin eating her sister’s cunt.

Stacey had obviously gotten turned on by watching me
rape her little sister, because her cunt was already
running with her juice. I lapped it up, sucked her clit
into my mouth, ran a finger into her hole and began to
finger fuck her. Then I did something I’d never done. I
removed my wet finger, and began to gently insert it
into her asshole. I only put it in one knuckle, but as
I began to push it in and out, she began to actually

She’d never felt this before, and what with my tongue
licking and mouth sucking her clit, she came almost
instantly, in multiple orgasms, her hips bucking so I
had trouble keeping her erect clit in my mouth. Her
legs wrapped around, and she made "ahhing" noises from
deep in her throat. I glanced briefly at Lynette, who
was lying lengthwise across the pillows at the head of
the bed, and I saw that, watching her sister get off,
had her gently massaging her own little slit.

Bobby suddenly had an idea. Not one from his mind, but
from his prick. "Did you ever go to the garage with
Lonnie again?" he asked, his hand still stopping short
of going underneath the dress.

"Well, not in the garage," she said. "One day when mama
was at work and Stacey was out with her friends, he
came over to the house, and we went to my room and took
off our clothes."

"Did you let him put his thing in you?" he asked,

"No," she said matter-of-factly. "I told him if he
wanted me to rub his thing, first he had to lick my
wee-wee. And he said he wasn’t gonna do that, so I told
him to go home."

Bill’s story: Stacey, upon recovery, immediately obeyed
my order to get on her hands and knees, presenting her
round little ass to my again-raging hard-on. I guess
she was still too close to the biggest orgasm I’d ever
given her, for within a few pumps of my dick into her
wet little hole, she began to have another one. Her
hips rammed hard against me, trying to suck my dick
into her hot little pussy, while her muscles spasmed
and clamped tightly on my cock. And I couldn’t help it.
I sprayed another load into my little pregnant "wife,"
as she moaned and bucked. When the smoke cleared, she
was resting her head on the bed, I was still buried in
her ass, and my hands had found their way under her
chest to massage her small breasts.

"Am I gonna get titties too," Lynette’s voice suddenly
brought us back to reality.

Her voice slightly muffled by the bed spread, Stacey
said, "Yeah, and you’ll get them sooner the more you
let Bill pee-pee in your wee-wee or in your mouth."

"So you still wanted to play naughty?" Bobby asked, his
voice low and husky now, the bulge in his pants clearly

"Yeah," the little 10 year old said. "I thought it’d be
fun, but Lonnie don’t want to make me feel good."

Bill’s story: "You get pee-pee in your mouth?" Lynette
said, incredulous.

"Sure," Stacey said, raising up. "In fact, it’s your
turn to clean Bill’s peter, and you’ll probably get
some pee-pee when you suck on it." And so we taught
little Lynette how to "clean my peter." She wasn’t very
good at first, but just the effect of being licked and
sucked by a pretty 10 year old was enough to soon have
me hard and ready to go again. I told her this time I
was going to fuck her the same way I had her sister, so
she assumed the "doggy" position. For extra measure, I
told Stacey to go around behind me and finger my
asshole while I pumped her little sister.

My cock slipped into her wet little hole much more
easily this time, having been stretched by her first
rape, and I began to pump in and out of her slowly.
Stacey inserted about one knuckle into my rectum and
began to wiggle it as I had taught her. And lo and
behold, after a dozen or so strokes, little Lynette
began to cum. When her pussy tightened even more around
my prick, what with the anal stimulation I was getting,
to my amazement, I pumped a few small squirts into her
tight little twat.

Then we all showered together, groping each other, me
spending extra time on Stacey’s little breasts, and got
dressed. This time, I let them put back on all the new
stuff they’d bought, since I knew this was the last
time we’d be together. I had my video and photos, and I
didn’t want to risk it anymore. They were happy as
larks, and we made an appointment to meet at the mall
next day. I watched their shapely little asses as they
walked away, put my car in gear, and headed for the
next state.



2007-01-21 12:45:45
very gooood


2007-01-11 08:20:22


2006-10-29 06:07:44
10 is perfect, take her tiny little asshole


2006-10-28 22:46:49
10 is just a bit to young....

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