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The Final Chapter

Bobby took the plunge. "Do you want somebody to make
you feel good?"

"Uh-huh," Lynette said, looking him in the eyes. "That
feels good what you’re doin’ on my leg."

"Would you like me to make you feel good, Lynette?" he
asked, almost in a whisper.

"Yeah," she said, also hoarsely.

"Will you promise not to tell anybody?"

"I promise," she said. "I won’t tell nobody. Not even

With that, his hand moved into her crotch and touched
her cotton panties. To his surprise and pleasure, they
were moist, and he began to rub a finger up and down
the slit he could clearly feel through the fabric. "Oh,
Lynette, you’re so pretty and so sexy," he sighed.

"That feels real good, Mr. Wilson," she said, her head
almost falling back. Then she looked up at him and
said, "Do you want me to take off my panties?"

Bobby was gone now. Prison didn’t even enter his mind.
"Yes, sweetheart, I’d love for you to take off your

Lynette rose, reached under the short green dress and
removed a pair of yellow-flowered, cotton panties. Then
she hiked up her dress so he could see her bare slit.
"Would you make me feel good?" she asked. "Then I could
make you feel good."

She sat on the couch, her dress around her waist, as he
buried her tongue in between her wide-spread legs. He’d
cautioned her to make no noise, but she couldn’t help
some soft grunts, as his tongue lapped her small crack,
and his mouth finally came to rest on her erect little
clit. She came in what seemed like and instant, moaning
softly, her hips bucking, her legs pressed tight
against his head, her pussy juice flowing into his

Though she was finally finished, Bobby’s hormones were
enflamed, and throwing everything to the wind, he
unzipped his pants, and pulled his trousers and brief
down past his hips. His pecker was small, but it was as
hard as any man’s had ever been. "Put it in your mouth,
Lynette," he instructed. "Suck on it for me."

The 10 year old did just that. She was very inexpert,
but she knew enough from her one experience to suck
with her mouth, lick with her tongue and rub what
wasn’t in her mouth with her tiny hand. She didn’t have
to be and expert with the tension in Bobby Wilson’s
body. She had hardly more than began to suck, when he
shot the biggest load of his life into her tiny mouth.

She jerked back a little, but never lost connection
with her mouth. Cum ran from the corners of her mouth,
down her chin and onto the floor, but she swallowed as
much as she wasted. When he had finally quit shooting,
the blackness of such pleasure having cleared from his
eyes, Bobby looked down at the little blonde girl who
was looking up at him, cum covering her jaw. "Did I do
that right, Mr. Wilson?" she asked, a smile on her

He pulled her up and kissed her deeply, tasting the cum
in her mouth and mixing what were left of her juices in
his. Then he said, "That was the best I’ve ever felt,

"Bill told me that even if I just swallow pee-pee,
it’ll make my titties grow and make the hair grow on my
wee-wee, like a woman’s," she said earnestly.

Bobby saw an opportunity and ran with it. "Oh, it will,
sweetheart. It will."

"Then can you and me make each other feel good some
other day?" she asked sincerely.

"Oh, yes, my love," Bobby said, his trousers still
hanging from his hips. Then he suddenly realized what
he’d just done, and a flash of fear ran up his spine.
"But you can never tell anyone, do you hear me?" he
said, holding her wrists a little too tightly.

She pulled her wrists away from him. "I ain’t gonna
tell nobody," she said. "I don’t want you to go to
jail. I just want a boyfriend who’ll make me feel

For some reason, Bobby believed her, and his heart rose
again. As he pulled up his pants, he watched her pull
up her panties. He wiped her chin with a wet tissue,
and they prepared to rejoin her mother. But they also
agreed that she would say she wanted to come back for
counseling in a day or two.

Bill’s story: I made a lot of money in Europe with my
edited video and some of the photographs, the ones I
didn’t want to keep. It’s amazing what you can sell in
Amsterdam and Hamburg. I figured I’d covered myself
fairly well, since they would be looking for a "Bill"
or a "William," and the girls hadn’t a clue what motels
they’d been in. Besides, I wasn’t even in the country,
much less in Illinois, so I figured by the time I got
back, even if it had been reported, the trail would be

While in Amsterdam, I hooked up with one of the guys
who wanted to "distribute" my video, meaning he knew a
few old codgers who would pay big bucks for it, then
pay again, if asked, not to let anybody know they’d
bought it. We made a few more films, through his
connections, and I got to fuck a dozen or so girls,
ranging from 12 to 15. Willy was very good at this, and
even the 15 year olds were chosen because they looked
younger, with small breasts and almost hairless

Then we went to Thailand for a while, where I did some
girls as young as 8. This 8 year old told me she’d been
fucking men since she was 6 because her family needed
the money. I paid her some and shacked up with her for
about a week. Boy, that was tight pussy.

Then I went back to the states with a pretty sizeable
bank roll and more to come, with Willy managing the
"distribution" and, quite frankly, the following
blackmail. I found out that the girls had finally been
forced to reveal their exploits to their mother, and
that the old bag had gone immediately to the police.
There was a John Doe warrant out for my arrest for
rape, assault, and anything else they could think up.
The way I found all this out is interesting.

Mrs. Fellowes thanked Bobby for spending time with
Lynette. Bobby actually carried it off to say that it
was his pleasure, without laughing. Lynette immediately
asked if she could come back, that she felt better
talking with Mr. Wilson, just as they had rehearsed
while cleaning his cum from her chin. Bobby said that
day after tomorrow, same time, would be good, that he
could meet with her privately then.

Then he told Mrs. Fellowes that he still needed to talk
some more with Stacey. She looked at her watch with
concern on the lateness of the hour, since she had
agreed to work the evening shift at the restaurant. He
told her that if she wanted, he could drop Stacey off
on his way home, that he only needed another hour or 30
minutes with, then he was calling it a day. She agreed
readily to that, and Bobby’s heart skipped another

He returned to the room where the pregnant 12 year old
was sitting, listening to music on the CD player her
rapist had bought her.

Bill’s story: Turns out, when the girls got home after
that final session in the motel, they put away all the
new clothes I’d bought them, including the underwear,
though they kept on the stuff they were wearing. I’d
told them to tell their mom, if she asked about it,
that they’d used their own money at the mall and bought
the outfits they had on. Mom did indeed ask them, but
crossly accepted the explanation that they had
purchased the clothes themselves. She actually
complimented them on having good taste.

The girls had gone to the mall the next day for our
rendezvous. I, of course, didn’t show, so they went
back home, I’m told, disappointed.

Next day, however, mom came across the other clothes in
closets and drawers, particularly the panties and bras.
She demanded to know where they had gotten the money to
buy such things. She badgered and badgered until
finally, Lynette blurted out, "Bill bought ‘em for us."

"And who is Bill?" mama demanded.

"Stacey’s boyfriend," Lynette said, before Stacey told
her to shut up. Like a terrier with a rat, mama stayed
on the story until Lynette finally let slip some
details of our rendezvous in the motel. Mama hit the
ceiling before dialing the police. Over the next 48
hours, the whole story, including deions of
"Bill" were related to various police officers and
detectives. Mama demanded my nuts on a platter, but
after a few weeks, the police realized how clever I’d
been and explained to her that finding me was going to
be difficult.

Then Stacey began to have morning sickness, and mama
immediately guessed the reason. She hauled the 12 year
old, first to the doctor for confirmation, then back to
the police for retribution. You see, mama’s religion
forbids abortion, so now her 12 year old daughter was
going to give birth to a bastard child at 13. She was
stuck with the kid, according to her religion, but her
religion didn’t stop her from wanting me strung up by
my nuts. But as the months went by, and as Stacey’s
belly began to grow, the police had to admit the trail
was dead cold. "Bill," whoever he was, had probably
gotten away with it.

Stacey stopped the CD and took off her headphones.
Bobby asked her to join him on the couch in the room.
The pretty 12 year old sat down beside him, and he
noticed the slight bulge around her waist.

"So, Stacey," he said, "I want to ask you a question
that sort of comes from my interview with Lynette. Do
you wish you’d never met Bill? Do you wish this hadn’t

Her answer was so quick, it surprised even him. "Oh,
no," she exclaimed. "I still love Bill. I know he can’t
come back or they’d put him in prison, but I’d love to
see him again and show him how our baby’s growing in my

Bobby was also surprised at how quickly his dick, which
had just been relieved in the mouth of her 10 year old
sister, got rock-hard again. "So if you could, you’d
let Bill fuck you again?"

"Sure," the pretty pre-teen said, a smile flashing
across her mouth.

"And you want to have Bill’s baby?" he asked.

"Uh-huh," she said.

"Even though you’ll only be 13 when you deliver?"

She looked around. "Is mama still outside?"

"No," he said. "She had to leave with Lynette so she
could go to work. I’m going to drive you home after
we’re done." He looked closely for reaction, but saw
little. He looked down at her pretty legs, which ended
in a pair of white shorts. He wanted to stroke them,
but he waited.

"Well, most people here don’t know, but mama had me
when she was 16," the girl said, "so I guess havin’
children early runs in our family."

Or getting fucked at an early age, he thought. "Did you
enjoy sex with Bill?" he asked, trying to speed it up.

"Yeah," she said. "He made me feel real good."

"If Bill were here today, would you have sex with him?"

"Well, if he comes back, they’ll probably arrest him,"
she said.

"No, I mean, if Bill were here today and nobody would
arrest him, and if he asked you, would you have sex
with him right now?" Bobby asked in a low voice.

She thought for a minute, digesting the question, then
said simply, "Yes."

"Why?" he asked, putting his hand on her arm.

"Because I love him," she said haltingly.

"But isn’t it also because it felt good?" he asked.
"You said he made you feel good."

"Uh-huh," she said cautiously, looking into his eyes.
"Yeah, he made me feel real good."

Bobby had reached the Rubicon, and he decided to cross
again. He took his hand off her arm and placed it
gently on her cheek. "Stacey, I think you’re beautiful.
And I think you’re one of the sexiest women I’ve ever
met." He knew he was taking a page from "Bill’s" book,
but, hell, if it worked once….. "And I’d love to make
you feel good too."

She looked at him for a minute as though she couldn’t
believe what she was hearing. Fear sprang like a
leopard into his heart. He suddenly believed she was
going to run screaming "rape" from the room. Sweat
actually popped from his forehead. But then the girl
simply asked, "You mean you’d like to fuck me?"

He drew in two breaths to calm himself, then said,
"More than anything in the world."

Again, her hesitation caused him near panic, but then
she said, "But I’m pregnant. Would you want to fuck a
pregnant woman?"

More than anything in the world, he thought. Then he
said, "Sweetheart, you’re more beautiful and sexy
because you’re pregnant. Besides, pregnant women have
sex all the time. And I’ve been told that when they
have their wee-wees licked, it feels even better when
they’re pregnant."

The girl seemed to study his face for a moment, then
reached her own small hand to his cheek. "You mean you
want to be my boyfriend?" she asked.

"Yes, darling," he said, but then had a reality check.
"But no one can know, or I’ll be the one they throw in

She smiled and said, "Well, I wouldn’t want that. I’ve
done lost one boyfriend."

Bill’s story: Both girls were put under the care of a
court-appointed counselor. Turns out, he was as big a
pedophile as me.

They moved into the bedroom of Bobby’s apartment. He
knew he had to have the girl home soon, but she had
agreed to go to his place on the way and give him a
fuck. He turned on a low lamp in the room, which
luckily was fairly neat for a change. He took young
Stacey in his arms and kissed her deeply, his tongue
exploring her mouth.

She immediately put a hand on his crotch and began
rubbing it lightly. He moved a hand to one of her
breasts, which, though he didn’t know it, had already
swollen slightly from the days when Bill had fucked the
12 year old. It was sore now, and his groping hurt, but
Stacey wanted to be fucked so badly, she didn’t even
flinch as he kneaded the still quite small tit.

In no time, they had broken the embrace and stripped to
their underwear, bra and panties for her, boxers for
him, though they looked more like a tent. He undid her
bra, freeing her now slightly larger breasts, and
kissed and caressed them.

In the back of his mind, he knew how many years of
prison, and what type of treatment in the prison, he
could expect for taking a pregnant 12 year old girl to
bed, but the taste of those small young breasts in his
mouth put him over the edge. He bent down and removed
her panties. He also didn’t know the fullness that was
starting to overtake Stacey’s young pussy with her
pregnancy, but he beheld light down above and bald slit
below with ecstasy. He kissed it several times, then
laid her on the bed.

He immediately and eagerly began to push his tongue
into her young cunt. It was already wet with her juice,
and he tasted for the first time the sweet little girl
lubrication. Then he found her clit and began
administering to it, while running a finger in and out
of her wet folds. His other reached up to fondle one of
her small breasts, as her hips began to buck against
his face. He was startled when, after less than a
minute, she was overcome by a massive orgasm. She
moaned and bucked against him, writhing in pleasure.
He’d never have believed a 12 year old could cum so

Finally, her orgasm subsided, and he moved up to kiss
her. She grabbed his head, mashed her lips against his
and ran her tongue into his mouth, to taste her own
juice. When the kiss broke off, she smiled at him and
said, "Now I’ll make you feel good." He immediately
began removing his boxers, when she said, "But because
of the baby, you’ll have to do it from behind. I can’t
let you lie on top of me."

Hell’s bells, he thought, I’d rather do it that way
anyway! She got up on hands and knees, her lithe body
looking such a turn on. She turned her head back,
smiling and ready, and he positioned himself behind the
two gorgeous globes of her tight young ass. Then she
reached underneath herself, grabbed his hard-on and
guided it to her wet hole. This was unbelievable, he
thought. This girl is really wanting a fuck. Deciding
it was his duty, as soon as he was ushered in, he began
to pump her as hard as his close to 6 incher would let

She was humping back like a pro, and clamping his
pecker with her pussy muscles. He knew now that, with
his short dick and his desire to come in her tiny twat,
he wasn’t going to last long. But he wanted her to
enjoy it too, so he reached under her with one hand and
began to massage one small breast. Then, with his other
hand, he began to rub her slightly bulging belly,
running from the top, all the way down to the moist
down above her pussy, gently inserting a finger on top
of her clit.

To his amazement, the 12 year old was soon bucking with
a new orgasm, and that was all for him. He shot his hot
load into her pregnant pussy, taking four pumps to dump
it all. After cumming in Lynette’s mouth only an hour
and a half earlier, he was surprised at how much cream
he was able to lay in her pregnant pussy.

Afterwards, as they lay together, stroking each other’s
privates, he told her again how important it was that
she not tell anybody and how he wanted to fuck her
again tomorrow. She eagerly agreed, and they set their

Bill’s story: The reason I know all of this, about the
police and the psychologist fucking them is that I paid
a visit. I watched from down the street until I saw
mama leave for work and that worthless stepfather leave
for the bar. Then I slipped around to the back door,
took a chance and knocked. Lynette answered. The look
on her face was half horror, half joy.

"Bill," she exclaimed. I put a finger to my lips.

"Quiet, honey," I said. "Is it just you and Stacey at
home?" She said it was, and led me upstairs to Stacey’s
room. She was still asleep, and she was obviously eight
months pregnant.

Her 13 year old body was still trim and lithe, but her
belly was swollen all out of proportion. I could also
see that her tits, though still small, were swollen
with pregnancy. She lay on her back, her mouth open,
her cute freckled nose snoring, her covers thrown off,
and her short nightgown hiked up to reveal her panties.
I realized immediately that they were the pink silk
ones I’d bought her.

Lynette was holding my hand as we roused my little
"wife." She shrieked and tried to jump up, but with her
large belly, she had to maneuver slowly upright. "What
are you doing here," she said, now talking in a

"I had to see you again, darling," I said, kissing her
deeply, as I had Lynette at the door.

When the kiss was over, though, my pretty 13 year old
wife said, "But Bill, if they catch you, you’ll go to

"Tell me what’s going on," I said. And for the next
hour, they told me everything, including about Bobby
Wilson, their "counselor," who was now fucking both of
them. I finally asked them if they loved him more than
me, and they both enthusiastically said they loved me
more. Stacey even went so far as to say, "Bill, you’re
the daddy or our baby." But they both admitted they
needed somebody to fuck, and Bobby was the only choice
they had at the time.

I started to develop a plan in my mind, but I also had
one in my groin. So I kissed Lynette and asked her if I
could be alone with Stacey for a little bit. Once the
door shut, we were all over each other, and soon I was
licking her to a massive orgasm. The minute that
subsided, she immediately was up on hands and knees,
begging me to fuck her.

I obliged, pumping in and out, feeling up her tight
little ass, rubbing her small tits and feeling her big
belly. I came more than I had in weeks. Afterwards, she
cleaned me, and I took a trip down the hall to
Lynette’s room. After licking her to a shattering
orgasm, I raped her 11 year old pussy until I dumped
another load, though smaller than the first. I found
that she was now able to take my hard-on much better
than the first time I fucked her.

Bobby came by that afternoon when Lynette called. He’d
begun fucking her in the past month, and he enjoyed it
even more than her blow jobs. He was nervous about
coming to her house, but he was so horny these days, he
decided to take the chance. When he arrived at the back
door, he was ushered in by Lynette. They tip-toed up
the stairs like they had the other time they’d done it
in her bedroom when no one was at home.

Bobby thought Lynette didn’t know that he was also
regularly fucking her pregnant 13 year old sister. But
he was shocked when they got to Lynette’s room, and
there sat the pregnant girl on the bed. "You’ve been
fuckin’ both of, Bobby," she spat. "How dare you."

Bobby darned near wet his pants. He sputtered, looking
for some words in his suddenly dry throat, when Lynette
said, "And both of us is underage, so you could go to

Bobby looked down at the 11 year old, and no words
came, only horror.

Stacey said, "You know, we got proof you fucked us."

Bobby gasped.

"Yeah," said Lynette, "Stacey filmed you fucking me,
and I filmed you fucking her. And guess who’ll be
fucking you if you go to jail?"

Bobby’s knees buckled, and he abruptly sat down. "Why
are you doing this?" he croaked.

"Cause we want you to do something for us, then we’ll
let you off," Stacey said.

"What?" Bobby managed.

Bill’s story: Willy managed all the details. The
corporate jet was waiting, the fake ID and passports
were flawless, and the getaway was perfect. Bobby
demanded a court-ordered "counseling" session with the
girls, picked them up and drove them straight to the
airport. They all boarded the aircraft where I was
waiting. We flew straight to Amsterdam, where Bobby,
his new English passport in hand, departed for the

Don’t know whatever happened to the boy. Don’t care.
Me, I’m living happily with Stacey, now known as
"Ingrid," and Lynette, now known as "Lisl," on our
German passports. Stacey had a beautiful baby girl,
whom we named Courtney, and the baby and I take turns
milking mommy’s titties. Big news is that 14 year old
Stacey has been missing a period for two months. Oh,
and Lynette just turned 12, and guess what? She just
missed her period..

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