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The best game I played
Me and my friend were really close. We would do all sorts of things together and talk about everyting. Our favorite thing to talk about was sex. That is the thing we talked about most. I was a little bit more mature than him because I was older. He lived across the street from me. One day he came over my house. Nobody was home except me.

I invited him and we went to my room. We were kind of bored so we decided to play some sort of game. I could not think of anything and he could not either. Until I thought of a very good game that we never played called "truth or dare". I told him we should play that and he said okay. He was the first to go. Truth or dare he said. I picked dare. He then said, "I dare you to put your hand down your underwear for five seconds. I did because I usually masturbated on a daily basis. So I put my hand down my underwear feeling my 4.5 inch uncut dick. I just kept on feeling around and massaging my balls. Then the five seconds was up. Now it was my turn.

I said "truth or dare". He of course picked dare. I then said "I dare you to strip down to only your underwear. He first removed his shirt. That revealed about a average looking torso. He then unzipped his pants and pulled them off. It revealed his red boxers. He had a look on his face that he like it. I could see the buldge in his pants. I could tell he had a smaller cock than I did. I would say it was 4 inches.

It was his turn again. He said "truth or dare". I picked dare (duh). He said "I dare you to strip down naked. I firsy took off my shirt. Then I took of my pants. Then the final one. My black boxers. I slid them down to my feet and kicked them off. I had a boner at this point. He said "holy shit, that dick is bigger than mine". I was really flatered because my dick is not very big.

I then said "truth or dare". Picked dare again. I then said "I dare you to jerk my off slowly for 10 seconds. He came closer to me and he put his soft hand on my hard cock. He started to jerk me. It felt so good. I have never felt a feeling like that in my entire life. It felt so good. I started to moan. Then the 10 seconds ended.

He said "truth or dare". You guys know what I picked. He said, "I dare you to suck my dick until I blow my load in your mouth. He dropped his boxers and his boner flipped out. It was only 4 inches. I got on my knees and put my hadn around his hard cock. I loved the feel of it. Then I let go. I put his dick inside my mouth. I felt his tiny pubes rubbing on my nose because I was deepthroating. His cock tasted great. I go this cock out of my mouth and started to jerk it very fast for about 4 seconds. Then I put it back in. I sucked it really hard. I then started rubbing his balls. He was moaning. I grabbed his butt cheecks. Then after awile I felt his dick tense up and he only shot a small load. I swallowed every bit of his salty sperm.

I then said get on your knees now! I am going to fuck you in the ass. He got on his knees. I saw his sexy ass. I put my hands on his butt cheecks and spreaded them apart until I saw his asshole. I started to lick it. Then I got back up. I then said my dick is ready for your ass. He said okay. I lined my hard cock up with his asshole. I slowly put it in. After the first 2 inches he let out a quick quiet cry. He said please this hurts. I did it anyway. i got every single inch in his ass. I slowly thrusted forward. Then I did it at a fast paste. He was moaning very loudly like a woman. I contineud fucking his virgin, young ass. After 15 minutes I quickly pulled my dick out. I said get your face in front of my dick and get ready to swallow my huge load. He did. I jerked off as fast as I could and I exploded a huge and I mean huge load into his mouth. I then said sawllow it now bitch. He did.
I then put my cock into his mouth and face fucked him hard. He started to gag. I let it out until he said he was okay. I faced fucked him for just a little bit.

Then I said fuck me. So got in the same position as he did. He put his whole tongue in my asshole. It felt really good. Then he put his hard penis inside my ass. It hurt. He started going really fast. I started moaning and said fuck me, Im your slut right now so fuck me bitch. He started going faster. The pain started to ease off. Then the pain lead to pleasure. Not long after I shot an average load. He fucked for a little while longer until I felt his warm sperm in my ass. It felt so good. Then we both got dresses. We both said that we are not gay we just did it because it felt good. We both agreed we did have a very good time.

Not long after he left and he came back another day with his friend . . .

Hope you liked it and if you did I will make another one.

Be honest on your comments.

Thank you. If you have something to say say it. And please do not be rude.

Thanks you for reading my story I hope you got aroused and turned on. If you wanna talk just ask for my email in yuor comment. Once again thank you so much for reading.

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2015-12-15 16:49:12
All cocks no matter what size are great to suck on I will suck any cock been doing it since 8 yrs old and going strong on the rest of time. want and need one right now.

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2013-10-15 19:04:42
I think this seems a little bit false. I don't understand how you'd be able to remember every single word said. Plus, the grammar wasn't the best, and it just seems like it was made up on the spot due to misspelled words and run-on sentences.

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2012-11-08 06:33:11
suck a cock on a dare,he told me he was going to pee in my mouth his friends watch me drain him, than all use me. always invited to play cards with them.

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2009-10-05 19:03:36
great job...tell bout the friend!!!!!!!

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2009-09-19 14:21:59
you are all a bunch of fags ......................... and i love it

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