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My Family 5

I couldn’t get the picture of Shep fucking her out of my mind. Finally I said I’ve got to see you fuck Blackie too. “If you want, but I have to get some of Peters old socks so he won’t scratch me like Shep just did. I looked and could see several scratch marks on her side and hips. (Peter was Jenny’s ex husband) I don’t want Ester to see it.” Don’t worry I’ll make sure she is preoccupied. I led Shep outside to his penand went over to Blackie’s pen. Ester wasn’t there so I went over to the barn and peeked in. Ester was standing by the pony and was stoking the pony’s long cock that was hanging down. thinking she would be preoccupied for awhile I went back and led Blackie into the house. Jenny had laid a large towel down and when I came in she put two of the socks on Blackie’s front feet and got down on all fours. I told her I wanted to crawl under her and put my head between her legs so I could watch which I did. Blackie in the mean time was licking her pussy with his very large wide tongue.

When I got comfortable on my back looking up at my Aunts bald cunt I could see there was still some of Shep’s doggy cum oozing out of her pussy. Blackie was sticking that big fat tongue inside her and was scooping out what was left of Shep’s sperm. Jenny motioned for him to mount and he did. His dick was already partly out of its sheaf and he was already humping trying to find her hole. She reached back and guided his dick into her pussy. It is still hard for me to believe to this day how fast a dog can hump. He was going a mile a minute. I could see his knot starting to swell. It would disappear into her pussy and then pop out. When his knot got so big that I didn’t think he could get it back inside her he gave a lunge and that knot as big as a baseball was swallowed up by her pussy. When that happened he gave a half dozen full strokes and then he kind of stopped the rapid humping and was giving short jabs into her.

Jenny was moaning and saying good dog, good dog, Ohhhh that’s it Blackie fuck momma good. Yes, yes I can feel your love juices squirting inside me yes that’s it I’m Cummmmmming again, oh god yessssssssssssss. The dog was still jamming his cock in steady spurts. This all took about five maybe six minutes. Blackie finally turned around and they were ass to ass. About that time Jenny took my cock out of my pants and began to suck. She again shoved me all the way into her mouth until I could feel her lips on my balls. As she sucked I started playing with her tits, pinching and pulling on her big nipples and squeezing them as they hung down. She was murmuring something but I couldn’t tell what. She also had a hold on Blakie's hind legs and was shoving that cock into her as far as it would go. Just as I came the dog pulled out of my Aunts pussy. I could not believe how big he was. His dick was at least six inches from tip to the knot. The knot that was almost as big still and that knot was at least three inches and then there was another inch or so behind it. I estimated she had nine maybe ten inches totally inside her, Amazing.

I got up and I was still semi hard so I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock into her and began to fuck her. As big as I was it felt really lose inside her. I pulled out and scooped a good amount of the dogs cum out and shoved it into her ass. I was able to get two fingers in without to much trouble so I shoved my cock into her butt hole and began to ram her. She grunted when I first shoved it in but pretty soon she was shoving her ass back at me in unison to my strokes. She was blubbering and moaning as I rubbed her clit and fucking her ass. I fucked her for about twenty minutes and then I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock as far into her as I could possibly get and shot a load deep inside her anal cavity. I could feel the spurts, and she would jerk each time I did. When we got up and sat on the couch she said “I’m completely wiped out. I have never been fucked so well. We talked awhile and I asked her what happened between her and Pete her ex. She started laughing and said, "ironically it was because I caught him fucking one of the sheep, can you imagine that," and we both laughed over the idea. It was getting late so Jenny started dinner and then went in and took a shower.

Ester wasn’t in the house so I went out and looked in the kennels and then headed for the barn. I was wondering if she was still in there jacking off the pony. The barn was dark and just as I turned to leave I heard someone whimpering and crying. I turned on the lights and found Ester lying on a blanket all bent over. She was naked and there was blood all over her pussy and ass. Pete was lieing over in the corner. I said my god sis what happened to you. I saw Aunt Jenny fucking Blackie through the window and you were underneath watching. I got so horny watching her fuck that dog I took Pete out to the barn and got him to fuck me. Eric he hurt me real bad. I didn’t know about the knot and when he shoved it inside me it split me open. I couldn’t stop him and he just kept fucking and fucking me. I kept feeling the tip of his cock inside me, past where I know my vagina wall ends. When he turned around he drug me clear a crossed the barn before he popped out of me. I could hardly make it back to this blanket. I could see she was still bleeding so I picked her up and carried her to the house. I yelled for Jenny but she was still in the shower and couldn’t hear me. I managed to get the back door open and took her to her room. I ran to Jenny Room and opened the shower door. She looked surprised but then smiled at me. I shouted at her that Ester had seen us with the dog and had let Pete fuck her. She was hurt pretty bad and I needed her help.

I went back to Ester while Jenny hurriedly dried herself and put on a robe. I went to the bathroom and got several wash rags and towels. I began cleaning her pussy. There was still blood and dog cum oozing out of her. Her pussy lips were swollen to two or three times their normal size. I could see where she had split. It was between her vagina and her asshole. Just then Jenny came in and took one look and said “CHRIST” what a mess. Help me get her into my shower. I lifter her up and carried her to Jenny’s room and the shower. She took the shower head off and when she was satisfied with the temperature she shoved it up Ester’s pussy. She had one hell of a lot of jizz from the dog that came poring out of her along with her blood. Some of the blood had clotted. Jenny held the nozzle inside her until the water stayed clear. She turned the water to cold and let it run up in her a few minutes more. We dried her off and I carried her back to her bed. Jenny brought some special bacterial ointment and rubbed it on the split. Then she rubbed some K-Y jell on her pussy lips. She then went and got a small bag of ice and placed it in a thin towel and put it between her legs.

“I guess I really screwed up didn’t I Aunt Jenny” said Ester. She gave us a weak smile. “When I saw you fucking Blackie I just got horny and tried to do the same. I didn’t know about the knot.” “I’m sorry you had to see that Ester. I wanted to keep you innocent. Eric promised me he would make sure you would not see me fuck the dog.” I’m sorry too, I said Ester when I saw you with the pony I thought that what you were doing would occupy your time and we would have time to finish. “So you saw me jacking off the pony did you” Well if you would have stayed a little longer you would have seen me try to give him a blow Job.” “ESTER, you tried to do what,” shouted Jenny.” “I did try but his dick was just too big. I thought if I could suck Eric’s cock maybe I could do the pony.” Aunt Jenny looked at me and just shook her head in disbelief at what she was hearing. “And I suppose you have been fucking Eric” she asked. “Of course, we have been lovers for almost two years.

“For christ sake, I hope your folks never find out it would kill them and I certainly hope they never find out about what is happening here. They would put me in jail,” Said Aunt Jenny.” I won’t tell and I know Eric won’t either, so your secret is safe with us. When I saw you with the dog and saw the look on your face it just turned me on, I just couldn’t help myself. Do you think you could teach me how to take a dog’s dick without it hurting so badly.” “Sure, I guess so if that is what you really want to do?” “I do I do. Do you think I can learn before we have to leave this Sunday?” Depends on how you heal and a few other thing,” said my Aunt.

I happened to look up at the clock and thought, oh shit it’s almost nine o’clock. I quickly gave each of them their key words and put them under hypnosis. I undid the part about them eating each other. I did tell Ester that first thing in the morning before anyone got up she was to come to my room and suck my cock. I brought them out of their hypnotic spell and we put Ester to bed. No one was hungry so we didn’t have dinner. Later Aunt Jenny and I sat talking. I had a beer and she had a martini. I asked her if she ever fucked any of the boarded animals. “Well I only board animals when their owners go away on vacation. Occasionally I get the erg to get fucked in the Ass like you so wonderfully did earlier. I like a much smaller dog with a smaller knot. A big dog can really fuck you up, something like what happened today to Ester. Even you are a little big but I really enjoyed you.”When you told me about Pete fucking a sheep it kind of aroused my curiosity. I think I might like to try it. “Well, they say a sheep has a vagina just like a women but I wouldn’t know,” said my Aunt.

The next morning I woke up with Ester sucking my cock. She wasn’t as good as Aunt Jenny but she was learning fast. I thought, when she gets her braces off this year I will teach her to deep throat a cock just like our Auntie. After about ten minutes I unloaded a nice mouthful of my cream down her throat. She had learned how to get every bit without losing a drop. She said, “Do you think it would be ok if we made love. We haven’t since we left home.” No, it’s to soon honey I might split you back open. She gave me one of her little pouty looks and we got up and went to breakfast.

For the rest of the week Ester and I would sit on the couch and watch each evening Aunt Jenny get fucked by one of the dogs. The third night Ester said she was healed enough for me to fuck her. Aunt Jenny watched me fuck Ester on her couch. I finally confessed when asked, that I had hypnotized them that first day and gotten them to eat each other. So as part of our routine I would watch them eat each other and then I would fuck Ester or Aunt Jenny. I also would fuck Aunt Jenny in the ass about every other night. On Friday Ester said she wanted me to fuck her in the Ass like I did our Auntie. “Go ahead Eric I think she might be ready now.” She went into her bedroom and brought out a jar of K-Y Jell and two dildo’s, one about six inches and one seven inches long. She had Ester bend over the arm of the couch with her knees dangling toward the floor. She took some Y-K and spread it on her Ass and the two dildos. She slowly pushed the smaller one into her butt hole and inch by inch inserted the whole thing inside her. “how does that feel honey?” “It feels nice Aunt Jenny.” So my Aunt began to move it in and out of her butt hole.

I got real excited watching and I sat on the couch in front of Ester and pulled my cock out and let Ester suck it while my Aunt kept up a steady in and out movement for about five or six minutes. She removed the small dildo and put some more K-Y into Ester’s Ass again and very slowly pushed the bigger one in. Ester made her stop two or three times because it hurt, but finally my Aunt was able to get all seven inches inside her cute little butt hole. She began a systematic in and out motion. Ester began to moan and cried out, “faster Aunt Jenny faster.”

Jenny told me it was time for me, so I took my cock out of Ester’s mouth and got behind her. I put plenty of K-Y Jell on me and then inserted the head of my dick into her opening. I was bigger around than the dildo so her sphincter gave some resistance. It opened up for me and I shoved about three inches into her. “Wait! Wait Eric it hurts. I stopped and pulled back about a half inch and then started moving in and out of her as her butt relaxed. I soon had around five inches in and she wasn’t screaming for me to stop every inch or so. I looked over at my Aunt and she nodded so I shoved my whole cock in and began to slowly pump in and out of her cute little Ass. I could feel my cock slide up and down her ass walls. She was so tight. “Oh god Eric that feels so good, faster please, Yes that’s it, now harder.” Yes, faster, harder, faster oh god, oh shit I’m going to cum. I was now fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. I had a tight hold on her hips and would shove my cock as far into her anal cavity as I could and then pull almost out of her. I could feel my balls tightening up and new I was bout to erupt. She screamed Oh god Eric yessss. Now Eric, oh Eric cum in me now, yes Eric, oh yes, uuuuuuuuggggggg, and I came and she came. She screamed "OH Eric I can feel your cum shooting into me. I fell on top of her completely buried inside her beautiful Ass.

Saturday morning I woke up with Ester sucking my cock. She whispered to me that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass like I had last night. She took some K-y and greased my cock and then rolled over on her side. I reached down and felt her Ass, She already was lubricated. I pushed my cock slowly into her Ass and then began to fuck it. I fucked her for close to fifteen minutes before I exploded into her butt hole. After breakfast and the chores I decided I was going to try and fuck one of the sheep. I told Aunt Jenny of my intentions and she helped me select one. I washed its pussy area and Jenny placed the sheep in a pen that had a head lock so the sheep could not get away. I asked Jenny if I needed any lubricant. No she will handle you just fine. They are always moist. I slowly began to shove my cock up the sheep’s cunt. Aunt Jenny was right, my cock slid in easily and it didn’t feel any different than a women’s pussy. I grabbed a hold of the sheep’s wool and started thrusting in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could go. I was so excited I blew my nuts in about three minutes. I couldn’t stop I kept right on fucking her. I fucked that little sheep for about twenty five minutes before I was able to shoot a second load deep inside that sheep’s belly. My legs were so weak I couldn’t stand any longer and had to sit down on a bench for about ten minutes before I could stand and walk. My god that was awesome.

I fucked that sheep two more times before the day was over. I didn't cum the second time. That night Aunt Jenny examined Ester’s pussy, and pronounced it healed. After an early dinner Aunt Jenny brought the two dogs in and tied them so they couldn’t interfere with what we were doing. She told Ester she wanted to eat her pussy to get her well lubricated and then she wanted me to fuck her real good. I watched my aunt eat Esters pussy until she had at least three climaxes and then she watched me fuck Ester. I did a pretty good job of it. I lifted her legs high over her head as I plunged straight down deep into her pussy. I could feel the end of my dick hit her cervix and when I came I came directly into her cervix hole.

Next my Aunt had Ester get on all fours after putting stockings on Pete. She led Pete over behind Ester and he immediately started licking her pussy. Ester giggled as Pete’s tongue went into her pussy crack. Jenny gave Pete the command to mount and he did. Jenny then guided Pete’s cock to Ester’s Ass and let him enter. Ester cried “What are you doing?” “Trust me honey I won’t let him hurt you.” I was on my hands and knees watching the whole thing. She let Pete fuck her in the Ass until his knot started to swell. She let the knot go in and out of her Ass until it started to get really big. Then she pulled Pete back and slid his cock into her pussy. She kept two fingers in front of his knot so it would not go inside her pussy. Pete was fucking her very fast and Ester was moaning and shoving her pussy back at Pete. When Pete stopped jack hammering her I heard Ester shout, Oh god I can feel him shooting inside me and it’s making me cummmmm oh god yes I am cuming every time he shoots.

When Pete stopped humping altogether he tried to turn around but Jenny wouldn’t let him. She said, “alright Ester I want you to push back as hard as you can and see if you can get Pete’s knot inside you. It’s ok; if you do it won’t hurt. Jenny told me to reach up and spread her pussy lips as far apart as I could. She then put her hand behind Pete’s knot and pushed. Ester was pushing and I was pulling when suddenly the knot went inside her pussy. Ester said Oh my god, oh my god, that feels wonderful. Jenny began to rock Pete back and forth forcing that knot to go in deeper into Esters pussy. Ester started moaning again saying oh god it’s making me cum again and again. Jenny stood up and let Pete turn around so they were Ass to Ass. She held on to his collar so he couldn’t drag her. Ester said “hey he’s still shooting inside me. O christ I’m going to cum again yesssssss.”

“Now you know what to expect when a dog fucks you. It’s a good idea to tie him to something so when you are tied to him he won’t drag you. Ok it’s my turn, take Pete out side and put him in his pen. He’s through for the night. Blackie come here. I put Pete in his pen and hurried back. Ester and I watched Blackie give my Aunt a real good fucking. Once they were tied I let My Aunt deep throat my cock. I remember hearing Ester say; I wish I could take all of Eric like that. You can I said it just takes practice.

After Ester went to bed my Aunt and I had our usual little talk. She asked me if I would like to stay for the rest of the summer. Hell yes I said. I don't want to go back just yet. But I told her Ester had to go back because she had late summer school because she had let her grades slip a little. My Aunt told me she would love to have me stay if I could persuade my folks to let me. The next Day right after breakfast I called Mom and asked her if I could stay as Aunt Jenny still had a lot of work that needed to be done. Repair the Kennels and the barn to name just a couple. I told her Aunt Jenny said I could drive her truck. I had learned to drive the year before and just recently gotten my license. I’ll drive Ester back and then cum back Monday. She told me that she would have to call Dad. She also told me that she missed us and that she was again having trouble sleeping when Dad was on a forty eight hour shift. I said I can help you sleep tonight because I know Dad is on his 48. Well let me call you back. After about an hour and a half Mom called back and said Dad said it was ok. She asked me when I would get there. It was about a two and a half hour drive. I told her we would be there about five and hung up.

Ester was a little teed because she was going to have to go back and I wasn’t. I told her it was her own fault because If she had kept her grades up instead of thinking about fucking all the time she could have stayed too. She stuck her tongue out at me. Ester wanted Pete to fuck her before she left so we watched as he gave her a good pounding. I let her give me a blow job as soon as she got tied to Pete. I liked it when the girls were tied and gave me head. I fucked Aunt Jenny in the Ass just before we left, something to remember me by I said. Jenny’s cunt was so big I enjoyed her Ass more and Jenny didn’t seem to mind.
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as a woman i know nothing feels better both physically and mentally that having a big dog hammering away at me while a guy fucks my mouth and watches

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is there anything in life better than incest and dog sex?

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i am 53 and i have fucked both my sons and 4 of our rottys best sex in the world is dog sex

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So much fucking,it blew my mind. What a fantasy??I "think" I would like to have been part of it. I can't imagine being part of a
fucking orgy every day. Great story. I've read it many times and always,always get turned on. Keep up the good work.

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I think your stories are awsome I don't know why you only have a 79, rating. this is at least a 91 or more. I think anyone that down grades you other than the one who reads and post lthe story because of a few misspelled word is an isiot. My pussy always reacts to all your stories.

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