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The knock at the door startled both of us. More her than I. This being the first time she had ever done anything like this, she was so afraid that her husband would find out. We both jumped up and I put my panties and shirt back on. She grabbed her pants and her shirt and ran (like I have never seen anyone run before) to the bathroom. I didn't bother with putting my pants on before answering the door. I looked out the window and seen that it was the mailman and that he had a package under one arm. This particular mailman had been giving me the eye for quite some time. It wasn't hard to see that he wanted me in the worst of ways. There were several times that I had waited for him at my mailbox in a pair of my skin tight jeans and a very see through blouse. I knew what he wanted and I loved to tease the hell out of him.

I opened the door in nothing more than my very sheer panties and a very tight fitting tank top. He was so shocked he almost fell over backwards off of the porch. I asked him, "Do you have something for me?" He just stood there, his eyes popping out of his head. "Cat got your tongue?" I asked. It was all he could do to pull his eyes off of my crotch and look me in the eye. When he finally did, he said, "Excuse me, did you say something?" I jokingly told him that indeed I had been carrying on a one sided conversation for the past five minutes while he was memorizing what my pussy looked like through my sheer panties. He turned beet red and apologised profusely. I playfully asked him, " Do you like what you see?" He imediately answered back, " What man in their right mind wouldn't!" I told him that I knew of one... "My ex-husband."

"I see that you have a couple of packages there for me. What do I have to do to got you to give them to me?" I asked. "I only have one package here for you." Was his answer.
I told him that I seen the one under his arm that he was holding, and I also said, " I also see the nice package that you are carrying between your legs that developed shortly after I opened the door." Again his face turned beet red. (I was loving this) "So, which package will be easiest to open?" I asked. He just stood there and didn't say a word. He was speechless and I was enjoying the hell out of it! I then placed my right hand inside my panties and got my fingers all wet. I then pulled my hand out and rubbed my wet fingers on his upper lip just under his nose. He smiled and I asked him, " Did that wake you up? You looked like you were in a trance so I gave you a wiff of my personal smelling salts." He started stuttering and finally got out the words, " I have to say this, You are the most beautiful woman on my route and by far the sexiest woman I have ever seen!" I asked him If he thought that by saying something like that would help him to get in my panties. Before he could answer I said, " Because I was willing to let you into them weeks ago!"

Thats when he told me that he was married. I sarcasticly asked him, " So... Do you bring your wife with you on the route?" He let out a little laugh and said, " If I did, after this, I would be DEAD meat!" I asked why he thought that. Both of us looked down at the buldge in his pants at the same time. I told him that he had done nothing wrong except to deliver a package that has taken him (so far) almost ten minutes to hand over to me. He apologised and handed me the package. When he gave it to me, I gave him a seductive little smile and said, " I know exactly what this is and because I have seen the other package you have in your pants, I can put this to use right away and if you want to know a secret, my sister in law is hiding in my bathroom right now and I plan to use it on her." Again I thought his eyes were going to pop right out of his head!

" I know you're busy delivering mail and all but, do you have a couple extra minutes? If you want, you can come into the kitchen and hide. Then you could watch my sister in law and I have some fun. You have to be really quiet though. If she knew you were here she would freak out!" It didn't take him long to agree to that idea, so I let him into the kitchen and told him not to peak around the corner until he heard us moaning. I then went down the hall to the bathroom, and through the door I told my sis in law that the coast was clear and to get naked and come on out and finish what we had started. I heard her giggle and say, " I'll be right out."

She came out of the bathroom completely naked and danced her way over to where I was sitting on the couch. She asked who was at the door. I explained that it was the mailman and that he had dropped off the package I had been waiting for. "What was it?" She asked. I said, " Well, lets open it up and find out." When the package came open and she could see what it was, HER eyes nearly popped out of her head! With awe and wonder in her voice she said, " I have heard about those but, had never seen one until now!" Excitedly she asked, " Are we going to use it?" I said, " We most certainly are. Now you will be able to find out what love making is like from the MANS point of view." She let out a loud moan and shouted, "Oh My GOD, I just came!" She didn't have to tell me, I seen her juices squirt out of her pussy and I began to feel an orgasm welling up inside me. After I was done cumming I put on the Strap-on dildo and was amazed at how extremely sexy it made me feel. Along with the fact that there was a man watching us and she didn't know about it. Once I got it all sinched up nice and tight, she immediately started fingering herself in a feverish pitch. She told me, " You look so beautiful standing there. You are so gorgeous and I am so turned on looking at you and your cock! Let me have it! Come here and fuck me right now!" She laid back on the couch and spread her legs as wide as she could. I climbed on top of her and put the head of my new cock into her totally drenched slit. Without wasting any time, she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her in one FAST motion. Her hungry pussy eagerly gobbled up all eight inches of it! She was moaning and groaning, twisting and bucking beneath me. Her eyes were rolled back in complete extacy.

I looked over my shoulder and wasn't surprised to see the mailman vigorously jacking off. I could tell he was about to cum so I said, " Wouldnt you rather have a mouth to catch that in than to let it fall on the floor?" My sis in law said, " No, just keep fucking me!" She actually thought I was talking to her! LOL! She didn't even open her eyes.

The mailman walked over to th back of the couch. Facing me, I sucked every inch of his manhood into my mouth and let him fuck my mouth for all he was worth. My sis in law didn't even know he was there! She was too into the fucking she was getting from me and never seen him. After about two minutes he shot his hot love goo into my mouth. He tasted so amazing! Without swallowing I placed my index finger up to my lips as to say, " Sssshhhh." I then waved goodbye to him and watched as he pulled up his pants and quietly let himself out the door. Once the door was shut I began kissing my hot little fuck partner. When the cum started running from my mouth to hers she gasped and her eyes got HUGE but, she didn't try to pull away. She eagerly took every drop I offered to her! She then let out a scream, I pulled my strap on cock out of her and she let loose a flood of cum that completely soaked both of us and the couch!

She layed there breathing very heavy, not moving a muscle, not saying a word for what seemed an eternity. I actually think that her orgasm made her pass out! When she finally did speak she said, " That was UNDOUBTEDLY the best fuck I have EVER had!" I told her that I was glad she enjoyed it. Then she said, " I have a question. Where did you get the cum from?" I tried to act all innocent and pretend I didn't know what she was talking about. "I'm not stupid. I know what a mans cum tastes like and your mouth was full of it when you kissed me." I asked her, " Did you like it?" She said, " Of course I liked it. Where did you get it?" So I told her... " From the same guy I got this cock from. The mailman. He was watching us fuck from the kitchen." In a shocked tone, she said, " Oh My GOD! Are you serious? You have the same mailman that I do and I have fantasized about how big his cock might be and having it in my mouth!" I then told her that when I noticed that he was jacking off I told him to come over and cum in my mouth. "You didn't even hear me say it to him because you were totally into getting a womans cock rammed into you. While I was fucking you I sucked his balls dry. After he snuck out the door I kissed you."

Stay tuned for part 4


2013-02-22 01:17:23
Fuckin' AMAZING!!!!!!!


2007-04-06 21:08:53
so, the truth comes out the btches mouth at last. she DOES love the taste of a hot load of sperm in her mouth. so WHY does she not let her husband cum in her mouth. thats what made him go back to get his dick sucked by his sister again, effecfively, cheating on her. bitch needs to be cheated on. JUST TAKE THE CUM BITCH. THATS GOOD. NOW SWALLOW!!!!


2007-02-15 19:53:41
Wow, that was different. Great twist. 8/10


2007-01-18 15:55:30
grreat......keep the mailman coming back for more tail............wish i were a mailman on YOUR route...


2007-01-04 03:53:17
Very nice wish i was a mailman

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