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Car breaksdonw in middle of nowhere and a new romance blossoms

It was a very hot day and she was just out for a drive. She was finally
divorced from Michael and was wondering how she should celebrate. She
had no particular place she wanted to go and just decided to drive as
far as she could go. She wanted to get away from it all, the noise,
the job, the traffic and the city.

Her marriage to Michael was over. She wanted adventure. She wanted
sex. She had remained faithful to Michael, but their sex life was
non-existent so she had her fantasies and masturbated a lot. It wasn't
that she was ugly. In fact she was stunning, long blond hair, blue
eyes and a models figured. It was just Michael didn't seem interested
in her anymore. Probably, because he was having an affair for 3 years,
hence the divorce. Thank goodness there were no kids involved.

So now here she was just cruising the country roads on what had to be
the hottest day of the year. The sweat was dripping in between her
breasts. She had not seen another car for miles and was not sure where
she was. She decided to stop in the next town and get something to
eat. Maybe stay in a motel for the night. She did not have a change
of clothes with her though. Oh well, maybe I can buy something to wear
in town. She stepped on the gas was going pretty fast when all of the
sudden her car started sputtering. She stepped lightly on the brakes
and then stepped on the gas again, when she noticed the steam coming
from the engine. She pulled on to the gravel and turned off the

Damn, she thought, what the hell is wrong with this car. She lifted the
hood and felt the blast of heat coming from the engine. The radiator
had busted. There was a huge hole in it. Now what was she going to
do? She looked around for a farmhouse or a building, but could not see
anything. She thought for a minute and then decided to walk ahead to
the next town.

About an hour later, she heard a car coming from behind her. Thank
goodness she thought, maybe they can give me a lift. She stopped and
waited for the vehicle to stop. It was a beautiful red convertible and
the redhead driving was just as beautiful as the car. "Do you need
some help," she asked?

"My car broke down about 3 miles back, you might have passed it."

"Yes, I did see it; I stopped to make sure no one was inside. Looks
like you busted your radiator. Can I offer you a lift to town," she

"Yes, I would appreciate that very much."

"My name is Chantell."

"My name is Sierra Rose, nice to meet you Chantell."

"Where are you headed?"

"No where in particular, just celebrating my divorce. I just needed to
get away for awhile, you know be by myself."

"I can understand that," Sierra said. "I have never been married, but I
know what it is like wanting to get some quiet time. My last
girlfriend left me for a much younger women."

"Excuse me, did you say girlfriend? Does that mean you are a, um

"Yes does that bother you?"

"No, um not really, I mean uh to each his own right?"

They were each quiet for awhile, each thinking something totally
different. Chantell had fantasized about being with a woman but had
never acted on it. She had really liked this girl in High School but
when it came down to acting out her fantasy, she got scared and ran
away. It had remained in her memory though. She thought about what
would have happened had she just had the nerve to carry through.

Sierra Rose was thinking, man this lady certainly has a nice body. I
would love to see her without her clothes on, but I will have to move
real careful around this one. She is like a scared rabbit. Looks like
she wants to jump right out of the car. But, she did sense some sexual
vibrations coming from Chantell. Would Chantell have the courage to
act upon it though?

They were approaching town. "I will take you to Alice's garage and have
her tow your car here to see if she can fix it," Sierra said.

They pulled up to the garage, but Alice was not there, she had posted a
sign on the door that said "Gone Fishing. Back on Monday".

"Well it looks like your stuck here for the weekend. Unfortunately
there is not a motel in town and the next town is fifty miles away.
You could stay at my place. I have plenty of room. I live on a farm
about 3 miles from here. What do you say, want to stay with me until

"Well, I guess it would be all right. I don't really have much of a
choice. If you are sure you don't mind, I don't want to be a bother.
Do you think my car will be alright," Chantell asked?

"I am sure your car will be alright. It is on a very quiet road. If
you want me too, I can call AAA and have it towed to my farm. Alice
will pick it up on Monday," Sierra said.

"Okay then, I guess you have company for a few days. I did want a few
days of quiet. There is no better place to find peace than in the
country," Chantell said. "Let's go."

Chantell thought to herself, I am going to have two days with this
beautiful, sexy redhead nearby. I am already thinking about what may
happen. Unbeknownst to Chantell, Sierra was thinking pretty much the
same thing.

A few minutes later they arrived at the farm, they stopped in front of a
gate that had a sign on it that read, Serenity Valley. Sierra got out
of the car and opened the gate. Once they drove through the gate, she
stopped again to close it and proceed up a long curvy driveway.

Chantell was admiring the beauty surrounding her. "This place is
gorgeous," Chantell said.

"Just wait until you see the house, sometimes I don't want to ever leave
home," Sierra said. "I have everything you could possibly want.
Swimming pool, hot tub, horses, and there is a pond full of trout for
fishing. Just consider yourself at summer camp. Anything you want to
do is fine by me. Make yourself at home."

They arrived at the front door, and Chantell noticed the horses in the
pasture, they were just as beautiful as Sierra and everything else
around her. She got out of the car and followed Sierra into the house.
To the right was a room that looked like an office, to her left was a
room that looked like a den. She could see a huge big screen
television. This lady seems to have a lot of money. I wondered how
she got this rich?

As if reading her mind, Sierra said, "I am an author and I have done
very well for myself. I had this house built to my needs and
specifications. Let me call AAA and then I will give you the grand
tour if you like."

"Sure, I would like that. I have been out in this heat for awhile
though, may I first take a shower to cool off?" Chantell asked.

"I should have realized that. I'm sorry I wasn't thinking. Lets go to
the kitchen first and get some iced tea and then I will show you where
you can clean up."

They proceeded to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of tea, then went
upstairs to the bathroom. The bathroom had a huge sunken tub. Perfect
for two people at least.

"In this cabinet are the towels, and any personal stuff you might want,
shampoo, soap, and a bathrobe for you to put on. I will put some
clothes in here for you to wear while you are in the shower. We are
about the same size. T-shirt and shorts ok with you," Sierra asked.
"Or would you like a swimming suit?"

"T-shirt and shorts would be fine. I really appreciate your hospitality
Sierra. I don't know how I could ever thank you."

"Don't worry about thanking me, I always help out when I am needed. I
have a soft spot for damsels in distress. I'll let you take your
shower now. I'll be just down the hall if you need anything."

Chantell turned the water on and climbed into the shower. It was so
relaxing and for a minute she just let the water run over her, washing
away the dust, soothing her aching body. She thought that she was
lucky Sierra came by when she did. It was hot outside and who knows
how long she would have been stranded. She took the bar of soap and
started cleaning herself. She ran the soap up and down her legs. Got
her breasts soapy, washed her arms and rinsed the soap off her body.
She noticed a back brush and rubbed the soap all over it to get it

Meanwhile, Sierra had gone to her bedroom to get some clothes for
Chantell to wear. When she came back, she opened the door to the
bathroom and saw Chantell in the shower. She could just make out her
figure and was admiring her body. She saw Chantell soaping her body
and caressing her breasts. She felt the stirring of her loins while
watching Chantell. She loved watching women shower, they were so
relaxing to watch. It was very erotic watching Chantell lather
herself. She saw her grab the back brush and watched as she applied
soap to it. I wonder if she will use the brush the way I use it, she
asked herself?

Chantell proceeded to run the brush up and down her back, it was coarse
and felt very soothing to her back. She ran the brush across her
nipples and was surprised at the sensation that it created. She kept
rubbing it back and forth across her nipples. Her pussy was getting
very wet. She wondered what it would feel like down there. She put
some more soap on the brush and ran it down her stomach towards her
clit. It felt so wonderful. She ran it back and forth. The shower
was big enough for her to sit down and she placed herself so that the
water was spraying her cunt with a pulsating stream of water.

Sierra was watching Chantell find a better position and knew exactly
what she was about to do with the brush. She had, after all, done it
herself a few times. She knew what Chantell was feeling. Sierra was
getting excited. She hooked her fingers into her shorts and pulled
them down to her knees. She pulled her shirt up over her breasts and
proceeded to pinch her nipples and put her fingers in her cunt. She
made little circles on her clit and was going to bring herself off by
watching Chantell.

Chantell was oblivious to anything but the sensations she was feeling.
She took the brush and ran it back and forth across her clit, pinching
her nipples. She took the handle of the brush and inserted it into her
steaming pussy. God it felt so good. She had not had anything in her
pussy for weeks. She thrust the brush in and out. Faster and faster
she went. She was working herself into a frenzy. She needed to
release her frustrations of the divorce and all the other problems she
had to contend with over the last couple of weeks. Faster and deeper
went the brush. She was so close. She thrust the brush even deeper,
working her clit faster and faster. She was fucking herself to a mind
shattering orgasm.

Sierra was masturbating herself into her own mind shattering orgasm with
her fingers. She wanted to take Chantell right there in the shower.
She worked her fingers faster and faster. She was going to cum, while
watching this gorgeous women fuck herself with the back brush. Damn
this girl is so hot. I can't wait to get her into my bed.

Chantell fucked herself even faster, then the next minute she was
cumming, bucking her hips against the brush, not wanting it to end.
She was transported to cloud nine by the orgasm. She was drained. She
stood up and was just starting to clean up when she noticed Sierra
masturbating out of the corner of her eye. She did not say a word.
She pretended she was cleaning herself while keeping an eye on Sierra.

Sierra had her eyes closed and she did not know that Chantell was
watching. She worked her fingers in and out of her cunt. Played with
her clit and fucked herself faster and faster and took herself to cloud
nine. She opened her eyes and glanced at Chantell. She pulled up her
shorts, lowered her shirt and left the bathroom. Laying the clothes on
the bed, she went downstairs to wait for Chantell.

Chantell watched Sierra bring herself to orgasm and then watched her
leave the room. She wondered to herself if things could go further
with them. She felt herself growing wet again when she had noticed
Sierra watching her. Watching Sierra fuck herself had turned her on.
She thought she might have to make the first move. She quickly
finished the shower and dried off. Sierra had thoughtfully left her a
shirt and shorts but she also left a swimming suit, it was a very
revealing two-piece. Chantell put the swimming suit on. She was
formulating a plan.

Sierra was in the kitchen fixing dinner when Chantell found her. Sierra
looked up and down her body. "Feel better," Sierra asked?

"Yes, it is the best shower I have had in a long time. Thanks for the
suit by the way. It fits pretty good don't you think?"

"It looks fantastic on you, almost like it was made for you," Sierra
said. Not taking her eyes off Chantell she asked Chantell if she had
the chance to try the back brush.

"Oh the back brush is great, I will have to buy one when I get home.
Never felt anything like it. You must use it all the time."

Blushing slightly she says, "I thought I would fix us a salad. You must
be hungry."

"I sure am. I worked up an appetite today and the shower made me even
hungrier. Can I help," Chantell asked?

"Sure you can cut the tomatoes."

Chantell grabbed the knife and stood next to Sierra and proceeded to cut
the tomatoes. She could smell her perfume. It was intoxicating. They
touched shoulders slightly and she thought she felt her shudder. They
sat out on the patio to eat and talked about different things.

Sierra was an author. She wrote lesbian erotica. She was 32 years old.
Her girlfriend had been with her for ten years. She had met someone
on line and moved to Texas. She talked of the dreams that they had
shared. The farm was Sierra's idea. Growing up had been rough for her
and she had always wanted a place to escape to. That is why she
created Serenity Valley.

Chantell had married Michael right out of high school. She was a nerd
in school and he was the class clown. He was awarded a scholarship to
a school in California and she followed him. He got a law degree and
Chantell played the dutiful wife. Michael started coming home later
and later. Sometimes days would go by before she heard from him. He
just never seemed to have the time. A letter arrived in the mail one
day with photographs of Michael and another women, in the throes of
passion. It had hurt her terrible and she confronted Michael. The
divorce was very quick. She got the car and the house and five
thousand dollars a month for alimony. They finished eating and
Chantell decided it was time to put her plan into action.

"I noticed you have some horses. I always wanted to learn to ride but
it is difficult to ride horses in Denver. Would you mind if we go for
a ride," asked Chantell?

"I would be happy to take you for a ride, you may want to put on jeans
though! If you go into the second door on the right upstairs you will
find my bedroom. Go in the closet and grab a pair of jeans and I will
put away the dishes," said Sierra.

Chantell went to the bedroom and found a pair of jeans. She took off
her suit and put on the jeans. She left the bathing suit top on and
grabbed a work shirt to put on. Before she left the room she sprayed a
touch of Sierra's perfume.

They walked to the stable and Chantell admired the beautiful mares and
stallions. They were standing in front of a beautiful Arabian white

"This is Shilah, my favorite mare. I bought her about 3 years ago and
we have become good friends," Sierra said.

Sierra put the saddle on and brought the horse out of the stable. She
mounted the horse and began to reach for Chantell. When their skin
touched they both felt the sexual electricity flow between them.
Sierra pulled her up and Chantell held on for dear life.

"How about a tour of my property," asked Sierra.

"I would love to see that pond you were talking about earlier. I love
to go fishing and camping. It sounds beautiful. Is that ok with you,"
Chantell asked?

"Sure let's go there."

Sierra handled the horse very well and pretty soon Chantell began to
relax. She was very nervous at first but felt that Sierra knew what
she was doing. She was taking in the scenery, when the horse started
running, and in her panic she grabbed a hold of Sierra not around the
waist but both hands had managed to grab her breasts. Sierra said
nothing and Chantell did not remove her hands. The horse slowed down
and Chantell slid her hands to Sierra's waist. A few minutes later
they were at the pond. Huge oak trees surrounded the pond and there
was a patch of grass that looked like it had been cut recently. Sierra
got down off the horse and tied her to the tree. She reached up to
Chantell and helped her to the ground.

When Chantell was on the ground Sierra did not let go. They both looked
into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity. The sexual
tension was really flowing now. Sierra looked away first. They walked
to the edge of the pond. It was still hot out and the water looked so

"Can we swim in here," Chantell asked.

"In this part of the pond we can. It has a sandy bottom. I have to
warn you though it is only about 10 feet deep."

Chantell removed the shirt and started to take off her jeans, and Sierra
was doing the same. Neither was wearing underwear and Sierra was going
to swim in her bra until she looked over at Chantell and saw she was
totally naked. Sierra removed the rest of her clothes and walked into
the water with Chantell close behind her.

The water was very cool but not cold. The two women splashed each other
playfully for a few minutes. Chantell was inching her way towards
Sierra and reached up to touch her hair.

"Your red hair is so beautiful in this sunlight. You are very
beautiful." Her hand moved to her shoulder and down her arm. She
grabbed her hand and pulled her close. They embraced.

Chantell and Sierra remained in the embrace while their hands were
exploring each other's backs. Chantell leaned in closer and took in
the very essence of Sierra and kissed her neck. She backed up just for
an instant and looked at Sierra. Sierra took Chantell in her arms and
kissed her briefly on the lips. It was almost too much for Chantell.
The feeling was nothing like she had ever felt before. She kissed
Sierra on the lips. Chantell was hungry for those lips. She wanted to
kiss those lips forever, her tongue wanted in the delicious mouth and
Sierra let her in. They sucked each others tongue and kissed until
they broke apart begging for air.

Sierra lifted Chantell and carried her to shore. She laid Chantell down
on the grass and lay down besides her leaning on her elbow. She slowly
ran her fingers ever so slightly across her skin. Touching her
everywhere. She leaned into her and kissed her again on the lips.
Fire was burning in their mouths. Chantell was squirming against the
grass. Raising her hips to encourage Sierra to continue. Sierra took
her ear lobe and pulled it into her mouth, sucking and pulling on it.
Chantell moaned in pleasure. Sierra kissed her cheek, her eyelids,
moving down her body. She brushed her nipples lightly and kissed her

Chantell was in heaven. She had never felt such excitement before. Was
this the way it always was? She wasn't sure what she was supposed to
do and she wasn't sure what to do with her hands. She reached for
Sierra and pulled her close but Sierra said, "Just relax darling and
let me do all the work. I will stop if you want me too."

"No, please don't stop. I will die if you stop now. I just don't know
what to do."

"Just let me take you to heaven darling and then we will do whatever you

Sierra started kissing Chantell again and moved down to her breasts.
She kissed and licked both breasts. Chantell was squirming and bucking
her hips. Sierra took one nipple in her mouth and gently started
sucking it. With her other hand she was running it up and down her leg
not quite touching her pussy. She took the other nipple in her mouth
and sucked and licked. She kissed her belly. Stopping at her
bellybutton and licking inside it. Moving down her stomach to her right
leg and kissing her way down her leg to her foot. She took a toe into
her mouth and sucked it like there was no tomorrow. She did the same
to the other foot. She worked her way up her left leg to Chantell's
sweet spot. She looked quickly at her face and saw the passion written
all over her. Chantell was begging with her eyes for her to continue.

Sierra lowered her head and she was just inches away from her clit. She
knew that the first contact could send her into orbit and she wanted to
wait as long as possible. She kissed her inner leg on both sides and
without any further warning she licked her clit just once. Chantell
exploded with her second orgasm of the day. Of course Sierra was not
finished yet. She stopped only long enough for Chantell to catch her
breath. She licked her clit again and again.

She pulled her clit into her mouth and sucked on it lightly. Then she
took her tongue and licked her from top to bottom and back again.
Chantell was bucking against her mouth. Sierra wanted more and more of
her. Her mouth was hungry for more pussy and she took her tongue and
put it inside her hole and sucked. Chantell was close to another
explosion and Sierra wanted to taste every drop of Chantell's essence.

Sierra was moving her tongue in and out, in and out; deeper and deeper
she went. When she felt that Chantell was going to cum, she reached up
with one hand and pinched her nipples and with her other hand she
played with her clit. Chantell was almost frantic with lust. She
could not take much more. She grabbed Sierra's head just as a powerful
orgasm rocked her body. Sierra did not stop licking and pinching and
sucking. She held on for dear life while Chantell was bucking her hips
and thrashing about. It seemed to her that the orgasm would never end,
but it did. Sierra raised herself up and held Chantell in her arms.
Chantell was crying.

"Did I hurt you darling, she asked." Chantell could do nothing but
shake her head no. So Sierra just held her close and let her cry.
After a few minutes she had stopped crying and slowly found her voice.

"I'm sorry I got so weepy. It's just that I have never experienced
anything like that before and my emotions just got carried away. No
one has ever made me feel the way you just made me feel. You took me
to heaven and now I want to take you there too."

"Let's go back to the house first before it gets dark. We have all
night to explore each other's bodies," said Sierra.

The put on their jeans but left their shirts off. Chantell rubbed her
nipples all over Sierra's back on the ride home. Her fingers massaged
her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She was hoping that she was
working Sierra into a fever pitch just as she had done to Chantell.

Back at the house, Chantell suggested that they check out the hot tub.
Sierra was more than eager and they stripped down once more and entered
the hot tub. Chantell snuggled up to Sierra and let her fingers
explore every inch of her skin. Then her tongue followed everywhere her
fingers went.

She lifted Sierra up so that she was sitting on the edge of the tub.
She kissed her thighs and licked her way down her leg and back up
again. Chantell hesitated for an instant not quite sure what to do
first. She wanted to do everything that Sierra had done by the pond.
She decided that the only way to do this was to just dive right in.

She reached out with her tongue and licked Sierra's clit and felt Sierra
shudder. Sierra leaned back and spread her legs as far as she could
get them. Chantell loved the smell of her steaming hot pussy. It was
a very erotic scent and Chantell did not think that there was anything
else like it. She flicked her tongue again at her clit and then pulled
it into her mouth and sucked it as hard as she could. Sierra moaned
and raised her hips.

"Oh baby, that feels so good, please don't stop. It has been such a
long time."

"Shhhhh baby just relax, I want to do to you everything that you did to

Chantell pulled at her clit and sucked it and licked it. She put a
finger into her hot box and explored every inch that she could reach.
When she hit that magic button inside her she had to hold Sierra down
because she had reached her first of many orgasms that night. She
licked her from the tip of her cunt to her asshole, up and down, up and
down. She wanted to taste that sweet cum and probed her tongue into
her pussy licking and sucking. Probing deep inside her trying to hit
that spot with her tongue, once she had found it she flicked her tongue
back and forth across that nub and sucked out the juices. She reached
up to play with her nipples and finding that Sierra was squeezing and
pinching her own nipples, Chantell went back to work on her pussy. Her
face was soaking wet with the juices and she held on for dear life
while she sucked and licked her way into her pussy. Faster and faster
she licked. Harder and harder she sucked. The bubbles in the water
were teasing her nipples and it was making her even hotter. She knew
that Sierra was close, because her own body had reacted the same way.
Her tongue fucked her pussy faster and faster.

Sierra bucked her hips towards Chantell's hot mouth. She was very
close. Chantell put her finger in and sucked Sierra's clit into her
mouth. Then she put a second finger in fucking her pussy with her
fingers and sucking her clit. Then Sierra's body tightened moaning
loudly with extreme pleasure, but Chantell was not going to quit so
easily. She continued to fuck and suck Sierra's pussy bringing her to
yet another mind-blowing orgasm. Sierra lay back exhausted.

Chantell was not going to give her a chance to rest though. She climbed
out of the water and kissed her mouth seeking her tongue, finding it
and sucking on it. She turned her body around so that she was on
Sierra's face. Sierra's cunt was still throbbing as she reached out
for Chantell's cunt with her tongue. Chantell pushed Sierra's breasts
together and sucked on both nipples at the same time.

Each had the others hot cunt in their mouths, when one would slow down
the other would slow down. When Sierra sucked her clit, Chantell would
do the same. They were dictating the moves and the other would repeat
them. Soon they were both wiggling about as they brought each other to
multiple orgasms. Then exhausted, they cuddled there side by side
until they fell asleep.

It was a couple hours later when they both awoke to the sound of a
honking horn. Sierra realized it was the tow truck driver. So they
both got dressed and went to the front door to answer it. The driver
looked as if she was about to pass out. She was very oily and was
dressed in greasy overalls and a baseball cap backwards on her head.
She was about 5'8" inches tall and looked like she lifted weights. She
was very muscular. She also looked worn out.

"Is this where I am suppose to drop the car off, she asked with a deep
southern drawl." I had a hell of a time finding this place. Talk
about the middle of nowhere. Took me three hours to find it. Fucking
AAA screwed up the directions and I would have called but there was no
answer. Where the hell have y'all been."

"Uh well ah we have been a little busy," Sierra said. "You look like
you could use a glass of water. Do you want to come in?"

"Hell yes, I need a fucking drink. I have been driving for 3 fucking
hours trying to find this place. Please excuse my language. I work
with a bunch of guys and I guess it just rubs off on me. I'm sorry
about that. I was also wondering if I could use your phone. I need to
call my family and let them know that I will be staying the night in
town, wherever that is. By the way my name is Dianna."

"We are Sierra and Chantell. It is her car that you are towing she was
just passing through when her radiator busted. There isn't a hotel for
about fifty miles, but I have a guest house you could stay in if you
wanted to," said Sierra.

"Well, I wouldn't want to intrude on your privacy, but I am not sure if
I can drive anymore. I'm very tired. So I guess I will take you up on
your offer."

Sierra showed Dianna where the phone was and Chantell went to the
kitchen to get her a drink. While Dianna was on the phone telling her
family where she was and what had happened, she looked at the two
women. She thought to herself that she would not mind making love to
these two. They were stunning. She knew that they were at least
sleeping together and she thought that they were both lesbians. Her
mythical gaydar was beeping inside her head. She hoped there was going
to be an opportunity to find out if they were lesbian or not. She hung
up with her family and went to the kitchen that Sierra had pointed out

As she walked into the kitchen she saw the two women kissing. She
coughed to let them know she was there and they broke apart the kiss
and both women blushed at having been caught.

"Don't let me stop you. I am all for it. My family that I was talking
to is my wife Corliss. I am a lesbian myself. I really appreciate you
letting me stay here and I won't interfere with anything unless you
want me to," said Dianna.

"Well let's get you settled into the guesthouse so you can take a shower
and get yourself refreshed. You are not quite the same size as me, but
I think there are some overalls that my farmhand uses when he stays the
night. They might fit you. There is a phone there so if you need to
make a call go right ahead. The refrigerator should be well stocked,
just help yourself to anything you like."

"Ok thanks for everything, I will make sure that AAA doesn't charge you
for the tow since it was their fault I am spending the night. It will
be good to get a shower and get cleaned up. What will you ladies be
doing tonight?"

"Oh I think we will continue to get to know each other a little more,"
said Sierra with a sly grin.

Should this story continue? Do you think Dianna would cheat on Corliss
for an opportunity to make love with Chantell and Sierra? Let me know.


2007-12-26 13:02:54
Great story! Just about to read the next one.


2006-11-21 04:51:24
It was great to read a story were there is no violence or rape. A story writen by a woman who knows women


2006-11-21 02:52:50
Thank you for the positive feedback, it is appreciated, but the insults are not. Happy Holdiays to all.


2006-11-21 01:55:12
You have no idea what love is, you piece of wannabe shit.


2006-11-20 20:41:38
Dahkme, This sure is a good story. I am a 64 year old man and love to read stories like this. I still like sex but wife has nothing to do with it. It is so good to read about it when 2 people are enjoying it so much. I know you are gay but that is ok and I sure did enjoy reading the story. I just wish I could have been laying on the side rubing what ever I was allowen to touch. Write some more.

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