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I work as a baker in a Baker's Delight store. For those that don't know, that's one of those "churn-em-out-like-sausages" coffee and cake franchises. Make's ok money for the owner. But I'm not the owner. So. The money is shit but at least it's a local job. The shop is a popular spot in amongst a line of so, so, retail outlets in a fairly busy little suburban shopping center near where I rent a cheap little dump of a house.

My work roster calls for me to start early, like 4am and finish about 10am, six days per week.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Saturday morning, I finished my shift and decided to grab some stuff I needed for my flat, you know, coffee, Windex, shit like that.

So I went into the little BiLo Supermarket next door to shop. I was browsing one of the isles when I saw this absolutely beautiful, sexy, young body out of the corner of my eye. I mean fuck man. Every guy in the supermarket must have noticed this chick. The easiest way to describe her is to say she had a gorgeous eighteen-year-old's body only with a fifteen year olds head on her shoulders.

So imagine, long well shaped tan legs. Skinny little waist and nice curvy ass. Her tits, they were exquisite. They were not just bountiful, they were high lifted and yet still in proportion to the rest of her. She was wearing some kind of red boob tube top thing. It looked overly-sexy for a young girl. That's probably the main reason she caught my eye in the first place. It really hugged her round young melons perfectly. It was mid-drifted to. You could see her lovely, flat belly and her cute little belly button. Her hips were much fuller than I thought normal for her age to. She was, in my opinion, showing them off in a really obvious way to attract male attention. She had a mini skirt on, it didn't cover very far down her full ,shapely thighs either. The skirt was camouflage patterned. Ok, in the jungle, that might make a shape less visible, but in a suburban super market, it seamed to scream, Hey guys, do you like my ass? What about these legs eh? Nice pins yeah? Well, at least that's what my mind was screaming to me as I ogled her.

I have to say, right here and now, I don't usually look twice at girls under twenty-three any more. I'm forty-years-old for God's sake. But this pretty young thing was one of those rare gifts of God that you just can't help but wanna fuck at any age. You know, a fantastic eighteen-year-old "cheerleader" type body, fully sexually loaded, being driven around like an RV by a fifteen year old mind.

The other thing that occurred to me was I sort of knew this girl. At least, I remembered her coming into my work. She would come in every now and then to the shop to buy fresh bread,  pastries or what-have-you. Her mom was a looker to I recalled. Like mother like daughter I guess. I recalled a few times I'd noticed this young girl behind her mom in the line at the cash register. Like Bambi I mused. I'd even said hello to the pair a couple of times from memory.

Anyway, fuck my own shopping. I must admit I was kind of spell bound. I pretended to shop still. But, as often as I could, I was checking out the young girls luscious body. She was in the candy isle. Damn. I felt like an old pervert. I wondered if the store security guys manning the stores camera surveillance system were ogling at the hot looking blond at that very moment. I wondered if they could see down her top from their rooftop camera angle. Lucky bastards! I wondered if they could see me checking her out. Ooops. Damn. I'm no idiot. I didn't know how old the girl really was, but I knew she wasn't legal age to fuck that's for damn sure.

Her face gave her away. The fantastic cheerleader body ended at her neck. Her face was very pretty. But any fool could tell it was the face of a girl of no more than fifteen years. Honestly, maybe she was even younger. It was a pretty face. Bright blue eyes and a cute nose. She had blond hair to her strong feminine shoulders. But she exuded youth and inexperience from her face, almost stopping you wanting to fuck her curvy, fuck-ready body

Anyway, I guess I was kind of memorized. I don't really know why I didn't just check her out a bit and then get the fuck out of there, go home, wank-off and be done with it. Still, like I said, I couldn't stop watching her. She was so damn cute. She was twirling a strand of her hair like a really young girl would do as she picked through various candies on a shelf. It was so damn sexy to see her do that, like watching a sexy porn star pretend to be a little girl for the camera. It dawned on me then, maybe there was indeed more to the girls actions.

Like I said, guys of all ages were making their way through the isle's shopping. I noticed her body language as guys past her. She'd puff out, or up, would describe it better, her very ample bosom, nonchalantly, but I could tell it was deliberate. Oh baby. I knew at that moment that she knew she had an effect on the men and boys around her and was enjoying the attention they were giving her out of the corner of their eyes.
I even felt a little tinge of jealousy. I felt like shouting out, Hey piss off ! I'm perving at this chick, go get your own little bitch.

Anyway, it was about then that I got bold. It struck me. Here were all these other guys. Not just teens mind you, but guys even older than me. I saw them see her and visa versa. She'd wiggle her hips, puff out her curvy boobs and they'd sneak peaks and keep on moving down the shopping isle.

Could I possibly do any better? What would happen if I took her up on her body's non-verbal invitation to start up a dialogue?

Suddenly, a girl of probably a similar age came into the sweet isle and started talking to my little Bambi doll. This kid was a typical little thirteen-year-old girl. I wasn't at all interested in her in anyway. However, I was already trying to figure out how a reasonably good looking forty-year-old guy could strike up an "innocent" conversation with an obviously, immature, legally underage girl with a body-to-die-for, without everyone in the store deciding they should call the police. The arrival of Bambi's little friend just made it even more difficult for me.

I observed them both closely. By this time Bambi had already noticed me checking her out. I had decided I needed to be forward with the girl. If I was timid, just like all these other guys, I would never get to talk to her, or anything else, I told myself. I was quickly hatching a kind of a plan. Not much of one, mind you, because what I was even thinking was pretty crazy. Still. I had already decided to be as bold as I could without doing anything that would get the girl to run down the isles screaming "Help, rape!"
Bambi was discussing what candy to buy with her shorter, scruffy blond friend. Bambi doll looked so cute. It seemed to be a huge decision she needed to make about the candy bars. It reminded me of when I was a kid with no money. She had a kit-kat bar in one hand and seemed to be debating the pros and cons of buying that or something else with her girlfriend. The isle was pretty empty for a moment, I took a deep breath as I moved in.

"That's so sweet!" I said from up-close beside Bambi. Both girls acknowledged my presence by shooting a startled look in my direction. Bambi looked particularly startled. Her beautiful blue eyes flashed at me almost indignantly. I guess she got a fair share of guys hitting on her.

Anyway, I was deliberately looking her up and down like I wanted to eat her raw. I got a good eyeful of the valley between her pert young boobs, then I gazed admiringly down her torso, all the way down her gorgeous, tan legs and back again. I really let her know I was shamelessly checking out her body.

"I beg your pardon?" Bambi demanded, perhaps a tad intimidated by my obvious remark about her generous female physique.

I pointed to the chocolate bar in her hand.

"That's so sweet!', I repeated nonchalantly, "I mean, you've got a terrific figure. Here's what I think you should choose." I kept eye contact with her as I crouched down to scoop up a candy bar from the bottom shelf. I could sense the other young girl already had me labeled as creepy old bastard numero-uno, but I couldn't help that. Bambi, on the other hand, had actually giggled at the almost bawdy complement I'd given her so I felt a little relieved and encouraged by that.

I feigned interest in a candy bar I'd picked out for a moment. As the girls looked quizzically back and forward, between each other and back down at me. Still crouching low beside Bambi's curvaceous, tawny legs, I swiveled my head up, as if to look her in the eye again.

However, instead of looking her in the eye, I just gazed penetratingly, as far up her short mini-skirt hem as I could see. At the level I was at, my face was almost parallel with her sweet young crotch. I could see it all. She had a lovely plump pubic mound and hips, stretched over by the sheer white fabric of her flimsy little panties. I could make out the camel-toe of her horny young cunt at the fork between her lovely, full-swept thighs. It was a delicious sight. I wanted to burry my head between her luscious legs and suck her hot young cunt into my greedy mouth right then and there. I could feel my old-fella start to stiffen in my undies at the stimulating thought.

Meanwhile, I was keeping a part of my mind concentrated on timing. I waited, staring at her privates as long as I could, I had to know there was no doubt Bambi knew I was burning holes in her panties with my lusty gaze, but the moment I sensed her start to withdrawal I acted;

"Hmmm. This is really good!" I tried to make my voice sound sexy. I kept my eyes glued on her panty covered cunt as I jiggled a caramel filled chocolate bar in my hand.
"I bet its all sticky and gooey inside!" I stated matter-of-factly. I only waited a split second for what I'd said to resonate, then I stood quickly and offered Bambi the alternate chocolate bar.

"Oh, no thanks." She giggled, she probably decided she must have misunderstood my intensions. Still. I took it as a very good sign. She hadn't run off. I'd been pretty damn forward as far as she could see and yet I hadn't made other shoppers notice my obvious flirting.

The other young girl tugged at Bambi's elbow and suggested the girls had to both go and get something else from another isle.

"Well, you go then!" Bambi told her young friend,
"I'm still making up my mind here!"

The young scrawny blond girl gave me a filthy look and skulked off to some other shopping-lane.

"Your the baker aren't you?" Bambi asked, "You work just next door here don't you?" She had a lovely sweet young voice. It made me smile like the devil to think how she would sound whispering dirty words in my ear as I fucked her sweet young pussy good and hard for her. I shook off the thought and answered;

"Yep, That's me. I'm Mike. Mike Parker. I remember you to. What's your name?" I reached out and took her hand, she hadn't offered it, but she didn't pull it away as I shook her hand.

"Brianna, Brianna Banks." She giggled.

"I've seen you and your mom in the bakery." I told her, "She's lovely your mom is. How's she going? " I asked. My mind was racing. I virtually never even spoke to girls of Brianna's age. I strained to think of what I could say. I didn't even know where any of this would lead, or even IF it would lead anywhere. But hell. I was talking to this beautiful, sexy, hot little thing and remembering the luscious scene beneath her mini-skirt just then.  So I would be damned if I was going to walk away, unless I could tell she wanted me to. To be honest. I was cunt-struck in lust with the young girl at that moment.

"Yeah, Mom's ok." Brianna replied. The way she sort of sighed and shifted her weight from one curvy hip to the other and started twirling her hair again, spoke volumes to me. I instantly imagined Brianna's poor parents worried sick about their buxom daughter. Probably, they worried every minute of the day about where she was. Who she was with. Probably they laid down the law to her pretty regularly. You keep away from dirty old men! I could hear them berating her in my guilty imagination.

"Cool! I said, "I remember she's a very beautiful woman" I exaggerated my consideration. "I think your prettier though from memory"

I noticed her eyes kind of twinkle a little as I shamelessly looked her up and down again, like I wanted to fuck her brains out. All green lights still, I decided.

"I see you pretty often, you live close by here? " I asked, desperate to keep the momentum of the conversation going.

"Yeah, I can walk. Or I ride my bike sometimes, Its only like, ten minutes, to my place from here." She explained.

Then, just as we were about to experience an awkward pause due to my running out of conversation. Brianna's young blond girlfriend returned. She looked pissed-off to see a dirty old bastard was still chatting her underage girlfriend up in public.

"Who's your friend?" I asked, smiling and nodding at the other girl as she scowled at me suspiciously.

"Oh, this is Caitlin, she's my best friend!" Brianna gestured candidly toward the scrawny waif.

"Cool. Do you both go to school around here?" I asked, hoping I could gage their general ages, at least roughly, by their answer.

"We're both in year eight!" Caitlin interjected quickly. I got the feeling she wanted to make it very clear I was to old to be chatting up her sexy young friend. I also felt a giddy rush of guilt. Year Eight! Brianna couldn't be older than fourteen. I saw newspaper headlines flash in my imagination, Police Seek Old Pervert!

'We gotta go now Bri. C'mon. Lets go!" Caitlin was pulling at her friends elbow again. I sensed a reluctance to leave in Brianna's curvy body language, but she seemed resigned to go anyway.

"Ok. Well, I better go now. Nice to meet you Mr. Parker."

"Mike!" I reminded her. "And your Bri right?"

"Yep, see ya!" The girls turned and walked of towards an express lane. I followed immediately. I noticed a little tension in Brianna's posture when she realized I was still walking along with her, and perhaps a little hostility towards me from her meddling little friend.

Still. I managed to engage Bri in conversation again. I tried to make chitchat with her, asking and answering any questions as best I could to sound interesting to such a young girl as we waited in the queue to checkout.

Yes. I lived close by to. No. I'm not married. Just haven't met the right girl I guess. I lied. I'd been married before but didn't want to seem any more of a has-been than I already must, to such a pretty, vibrant young woman.

All this time, I was acutely aware of the other people around us, waiting for a free checkout, as we spoke. I glimpse stone-like faces of men my own age in the cue. Not to mention the women's knowing looks. Their displeasure was palpable. More newspaper headlines flashed. "I saw child rapist in supermarket!" Says local redneck. I was in turmoil inside. I didn't know if I could make it happen, but I knew I wanted to fuck Brianna. Now. I'm not crazy. This was fucking dangerous territory for a guy in this position. DNA. Statutory rape claims. Fuck knows. I was crazy. Crazy. But I just kept thinking: Ok. She'll let me know when she wants me to piss-off.

So, all I could do in the mean time was keep up the breezy conversation and act as nonchalant as I could. Old friend of the family here folks. Nothing to get steamed up about. At least that's what I was hoping my fellow shoppers might be thinking.

At some point, I asked Brianna what music she liked. Justin Timberlake was apparently the absolute love of her life. She beamed as she gushed on about this wonderful young male performer. I had never even heard of the guy before. Still. I was desperate for some kind of basis for our conversation. I defiantly wanted Bri to see me as a friend.

"Sure I loved JT's music," I told the girls, "I have a lot of his songs I've downloaded off the internet." I lied. Yes. Of course I had JT's Future Sex/Love Sounds Album.

"Would you like me to make you up a CD Brianna?"

Brianna was obviously excited by my offer. She didn't have the internet at home and DVD's where expensive on her budget, she told me with a little wiggle which was insanely cute coming from such an adult looking woman.

Anyway, we'd reached the head of the line. The girls got to one express check-out and I took another. As luck would have it, I easily caught them up, yet again, as we were all going out the automatic glass doors into the markets car park.

"Wow. Its hot out here!" I commented, "You sure have the right outfit on today Bri!"

Bri giggled again as I noticed her heading for a big blond-gray Weimaraner dog tied loosely by a leather lead to one of the barricades outside the supermarket. My heart leapt to my throat! My mind spun. The gorgeous young blond unleashed the dog and lead him back towards us.

Why did I get so excited when I realized Brianna had a dog? Well. I have always been a fan of bestiality. I can't quite explain it. But I get particularly turned on by the idea of dogs fucking beautiful women. So believe me. Seeing this obviously fully intact, sexually mature male dog brushing up against this sexy woman child's smooth, finely shaped legs gave me an instant erection. I had been about ready to get in my car and leave. But suddenly, I was more desperate then ever to stick along side Brianna.

"Nice pooch. What's his name?" I asked, imagining the dog fucking into his curvy little mistress. God. That wild thought planted a seed. I was afraid to touch Brianna. But what if I could get HER to do stuff for me?

"This is Harley. Your a good boy aren't you!" She cooed whilst patting the big lug on the skull. He looked up at Bri with a big, stupid grin on his head.

"I bet he really loves you Bri." I remarked, "You be good to him and he'll be good to you."
'Yeah. He's a good guard dog too. He keeps creepy old men away, don't you Harley." Caitlin chimed in while fixing me with a knowing, defiant glare. Damn. I had to ditch that little bitch, get Bri by herself, if I was to have any kind of sexual interlude with the girl. I didn't know anything else. I knew there was a million miles between talking to this fresh young girl here in the wide open public. But to even get a chance to feel up her sexy little ass. Well. That would require a LOT of fast thinking and maneuvering. I had to act quick. The girls where already saying their farewells.

"Hey girls. Its bloody hot out here! How about I drive you home? I got my car just here." I suggested in friendly tones, trying not to seem pushy.

Caitlin said no-thanks straight away. However, Brianna said it was a nice offer, but she had Harley with her so she'd need to walk him home.

I waived that off. It was no problem. I explained I had a station wagon with plenty of room for the dog in the back. I reminded the pair I lived close by and even joked that we all knew each other after all, they knew where I worked etc. I could see Brianna was defiantly tossing it over carefully.

"We could listen to Justin Timberlake's latest album on the way. I have it in my car," I lied again.

That sold the idea to Brianna. She started urging Caitlin to get with the program. I was thrilled. Caitlin gave in begrudgingly after a few seconds of her dominant friends persuasions and soon we all made our way through the lot to my car.

Brianna helped me get the big mutt, "Harley" into the back of my Mitsubishi wagon and I made sure I let Caitlin in the back seat so that I had her sexy friend right beside me in the front passenger seat as I revved up and exited the car park. Caitlin lived a little further away from the shopping center than Brianna. However, I was determined she was getting dropped off first.

Brianna was disappointed when I told her I'd just remembered I taken JT's CD inside my place yesterday and forgot, sorry. But I didn't give a fuck. The rouse had worked well so far. I scored more points talking about the latest music and the wonders of being able to download music off the net while I drove the relatively short distance to Caitlin's house.

"Well. Lovely meeting you! Caitlin. See you again real soon I hope. Come by the bakery and say hello ok? " I said as I dropped the little pest on the curb outside the house she'd indicated as hers.

"Why don't you get out here with me Brianna?" She asked Bri, shooting a suspicious look at me as she did.

"Your mom wouldn't like you driving around with strangers!" The little pill lisped.
"Geez Caitlin," I interjected, "Bri's got her guard-dog right here in the car for Gods sake. You know where I work, right? I'm not a psycho-killer or something." Brianna lives close-by my place. I'll have her home in no time flat ok?"

Caitlin was unconvinced, fortunately Brianna seemed to be reassured and told Caitlin not to worry, she'd call her on the phone later or see her at school on Monday. We waved and we drove off down the road.

I was really excited now. It was like a dream. I now had this delightful young child with her fully grow woman's body all alone. I could feel a little apprehension from her. I was assuming so far that she must like me in some sort of way. Otherwise, for sure, she'd never have gotten in my car in the first place. And she hadn't taken the opportunity to get out at her pesky friends place when she got the chance. All good signs I decided.
"Hey. I'm going to give you that Album Bri!" I announced.

"Oh. No. I can't let you do that. I hardly know you." She blushed beside me, my cock twitched in my pants again as I looked into the valley between her smooth thighs.
"Hey you know me plenty! I replied, "It doesn't cost me anything to burn you a copy, and, it will only take a few minutes, so, no problem" I reassured the fidgety young thing.
I brushed aside her feeble protests in a friendly off handed way, and soon, I pulled up in the driveway of my small rented house.

"C'mon in" I beckoned nonchalantly as I sprang out of the car door.

I could feel her hesitation. I knew this was a big step for her. She was young but she wasn't all that stupid. She knew going into a single man's home alone could obviously spell trouble.

"I'm going to bring Harley in and give him a drink." I said, going to the rear of the car.
She popped out of the passengers side and joined me at the tailgate in a flash. To late. I had already popped the hatch and grabbed the dog by the collar.

"Oh. He's fine! Maybe I should just take him home now? I could come by the Bakery and get that album from you later Mike!" She part mumbled.

It was easy to rationalize over such a young girls objections. We were right here, now! It wouldn't take long. She had her dog with her. Why not? In any case, I had already hauled Harley from the back and was part dragging him up the garden path with his sexy young owner following along behind.

Soon we were inside my house. I told Brianna to take a seat on the lounge in my small living room. Harley trotted after her, while I fixed a bowl of water for the thirsty hound and a glass of coke for her.

Meanwhile, I was making friendly, relaxed sounding small talk, but inside, my mind was weaving furiously to get a plan of sexual approach. I quickly decide on a general idea and knew I could afford to be pretty bold. I knew I would have to be really scary if the young girl was to jump off the couch and leave on her own. So, I was pretty confident I had a little margin for coercion over Brianna.

Brianna had been asking more personal questions just now. I was happy to assume that showed her growing interest in me personally. I was happy also, to be able to become more personal with her, in turn. So I answered her questions. No. I lived here by myself. In fact I was a lonely, girlfriendless guy. It wasn't easy being alone. I confided, hoping to gain some sympathy points as I fixed our refreshments. Brianna told me she'd had "a few" boyfriends at school. But there was no-one special at the moment. I liked that.

I joined her and the dog in the lounge room. I placed the bowl of water right in front of us, on the carpeted floor of the lounge room, for Harley. I booted up my computer in a nearby corner, ostensibly to get ready to get Brianna's music disc prepared. Then, I took a seat right up close beside Brianna on the settee. Her short skirt had ridden way up her smooth thighs when she'd sat on the couch. She had to keep the hem pinched down in her slender fingers to keep her juicy snatch covered I observed. An inch higher and I would've been able to see the poochy lips of her cunt. Damn. I was getting horny as I settled in beside her.

"Cheers" I toasted as she took a sip of her drink and we both watched Harley lapping away merrily at his water, spilling a good deal of it on my carpet as he went.

I steered the conversation around to Harley. Brianna told me he was four years old. She'd had him since he was a pup. She took him walking pretty often, to parks and shops, sometimes he'd almost pull her off her feet, she confessed, but he was a very sweet old doggy she assured me.

"And what do you do to show him that you love him?" I asked, appearing as laid back as I could.

"Oh. I give him a dog snack or maybe a bone sometimes, stuff like that"

"Do you ever let him lick you?' I asked leaning in ever so slightly, cheerfully.

"Oh. He licks my face all the time!" Brianna laughed. I laughed along with her.

"I know some girls let their dog lick them, well, you know, between their legs. Have to ever heard of girls doing that before?" I asked, very mater-of-factly.

Brianna giggled nervously and fidgeted a little in her seat as she replied.

"I heard something about a girl at school putting mince-meat on her pussy and making her dog lick it off one time. But I've never done it!" She assured me, blushing a little.

"Yes. Mince meat is a bit messy though, I'd recommend you try jelly. Its sweet and sticky and you can put it inside a bit to be sure the dog has to work harder to lick it out." I continued casually.

" Er.. I don't know really any girls who would do that." Brianna told me.

"Oh. Lots of girls do it." I countered. "Gee. I've had plenty of girlfriends that do it all the time. Dog's love to lick a girls pussy. Did you know that?"

Brianna looked a bit swamped. "Er. No.." She shook her head in the negative as she looked at Harley lapping away at his nearly empty bowl.

I've got her thinking, I hoped as I went for a bolder push in the conversation.

Come here, I want to show you something!" I said. Grabbing her smooth soft little girl's hand I led her to my computer. I flopped in my leather chair and tapped at the keyboard. Luckily, I keep all my most favorite bestiality porno videos in one folder for easy viewing when I need a good old wank. I quickly opened up one I consider to be very good, right before Brianna's wide blue eyes.

This one showed a beautiful, naked teen girl beckoning a large breed of dog between her wide-flung thighs, the dog instantly started lapping away at the actresses spit drenched pussy, making loud lip-smacking sounds as he did.

"See I told you. Dogs love it. What do you think?" Brianna was a bit shaken. But she didn't leave. I sensed her quiver almost imperceptibly as the scene in front of her changed. The girl in the movie suddenly lifted her bare butt off the couch and turned her willing rump toward the horny dog. He immediately grabbed her around her lovely wasp-like waist with his strong front paws, pulling her lovely white ass-globes and shaved pussy mouth back toward his strongly humping hips.

I could tell Brianna was almost hypnotized by the obscenity her young eyes were seeing for the very first time. I spoke gently to her as she watched the actress being skewered on the dogs long rigid tool . Could she imaging Harley doing stuff like that? He would if she let him, I assured. I bet her mother would never even know. Never even suspect her daughter was getting such fun from her old pet dog. I told her this stuff was all very common and although you wouldn't go telling everyone about it. It made perfect sense for women to have sex with their dogs. All the while Brianna stared at the bestial fuck action.

I played another video of yet another gorgeous girl being fucked on all fours while a whole group of people, men and women, watched on, even encouraging the unholy union with heckles like . Yeah. Good dog. Fuck her good boy! And so on. I could sense the young girl's arousal as she stood beside me, awestruck.

I imagined part of her mind was horrified, while another part wondered curiously.

"I bet you can't wait to let Harley lick you after seeing this eh?" I giggled, while preying she didn't run out of the house screaming for the cops.

Instead, Brianna seemed to shake herself free of the scene at that moment. She seemed to bite her lower lip a little, she definitely seemed shaken, she stammered;

"But, but, that's just a movie. Movie animals are trained, Harley wouldn't even want to do stuff like that." I could feel her withdrawing. I had to get control quickly.

"Sure he would. Just watch!" I pulled her quickly but playfully onto my knee, her nice tight ass-cheeks pressed against my thigh bone as I swiveled my seat back round toward the big Weimaraner. He had heard the sounds of dogs and women fucking on the screen and seemed quite anxious to know what it was all about.

"C'mon here boy!' I encouraged. He moved in quickly, his strong body alert towards his young mistress, perhaps ready to attack me if need be.

Before Brianna could protest I snaked an arm around her waist and lifted up her short skirt's hem onto her belly before prying her thighs, gently apart with both hands. God your beautiful down there I told her as I got a good eyeful of her exposed, panty covered mound. The dog moved in between her legs quickly making it hard for her to get up even if she had tried. She didn't, so I spread her legs a little further open to her pets inquisitive gaze.

I was both relieved and very excited to see the young girls panty's were quite obviously wet along the crotch band. The girls breath caught in her throat, I could see embarrassment blushing her sweet cheeks as I beckoned her dog closer, telling Brianna to just relax and she'd see just how much Harley really loved her.

The dog was still weary of me. But, as he came closer, his keen sense of smell picked up Brianna's lovely cunt's female fragrance. He shivered fitfully as he crowded in for closer inspection.

"You see, You smell really good to him Bri. Can you see how much he likes the smell of your pussy?" I asked the quivery young thing on my knee.

"Yeah..." She mumbled, it seemed to me she was speaking through a sensual fog.  My cock was already rock hard, it pulsed with joy at her words. As the girls pet smelt her love fumes, I smelt victory.

I pulled her right leg closest to me, still wider in obvious invitation to the dog. Brianna didn't resist as I encouraged her boldness by asking her questions like, How could she blame her pet from wanting to lick such a beautiful girl. Harley moved right in close now. His black, wet nose quaked across Brianna's sticky crocthband. Liking what he smelt, he quickly pushed his nose in deeper, spreading her thighs even wider to allow him full access to her lovely loins. My cock was raging in my pants as I heard Bri responding very positively. I guess it was probably the horniest experience she'd ever had.

Her ass felt hot and wiggled against my leg. I noticed more wetness at her crotch as her sweet, hot juices seeped out to dampen the crotch panel of her panties even more. Harley was really interested in Brianna's girly stink. I could feel the young girl growing hotter, more fidgety, as she felt Harley rub his snout back and forth across her crotch.
It was all I could do to stop myself blowing my load, the depravity of the whole scene, realizing Brianna was turning on. The eager animal, whimpering before her, as he stood between her knees, probing Brianna's sweat young cunt, spread legged, her short skirt luridly raised in invitation.

The dog made big sweeping swiping splashes across her mound with his tongue. Rasping it over her spit soaked panties and snorting in the torrid fumes of her young moist pussy as she creamified her pure young fuck furrow. I felt her exhale shuddering, I took it as a sure sign of her surrender to the bizarre, forbidden sexual thrills I was introducing her to.

I steadied her gently as I pushed a hand in front of the dogs rutting nose, he retreated back a step, frustrated. He had a taste for Brianna now and wanted to find the source of her delicious young cunt-juices. I used my fingers swiftly, soothingly, pulling seductively to one side the thin narrow crotchband of her dampened, nylon panties, exposing her lightly hair-fringed, wet cunt before her dog and I. Damn. It was female perfection. Her pure young labia where hotly packed like pastrami in a small bread roll, dipped in warm tartar source.

I could sense she wanted the dog to lick her now. And, he did!

Harley's long, thick animal-tongue, wetly snaked out, curling at its tip as it searingly splayed open the fervid, sensitive lips of her pouting blond pussy! It laved the very seeping, inflamed mouth of her vagina, separating the soft, hair-fringed folds, drawing with a shuddering pink stroke upward between them, ending and twisting at the delicate bud of her already hotly inflamed little clitoris! And he wasn't about to stop there!

Again and again without the slightest urging on my part, the big brute repeated his lingual actions, raising little gasps of lurid joy from my willing little girlfriend. The young blonde fourteen-year-old sat there on my quivery knee with shapely, naked legs spread wide, her exposed loins thrust obscenely forward, my nasty hand holding the narrow wisp of her nylon panties to one side for Harley's lustfully delicious tongue lashing. He power drove into her erotically steamy young cunt!

Harley was wiggling excitedly between the wide flung knees of his beautiful blonde mistress. His boney skull-like yellow grey  head bounced beneath her raised up skirt as he sunk his animal tongue deeply into her hot, wet young pussy lips. I could tell from vast experience, the animal must be feeling it's racing blood pounding through its animal veins. The delicate scent of Brianna's aroused, fluid heat, filled his keen sensitive nostrils as he ardently stroked his long, thick tongue through the moistened, pink flesh between her sensuously spread thighs. I could also smell her exciting feminine sexual odor, the room was charged with intense sexual fever. My head swam. The dogs desire was contagiously charging to Brianna and I.

Brianna swayed hypnotically on my knee. Her own slim right hand slid down over mine. Her fingers relieving mine as she started making little rutting movements against the dogs tongue and holding her panty crotch aside on her own volition.

I immediately, joyfully and thankfully, slid both hands up over the silky bumps of her lovely young rib cage, until I reached, cupped, caressed the plump, full womanly mounds of her quivering young boobs. My finger tips found her nipples. She sighed above the slurping, gurgling sounds of her own dog licking her hot wet cunt. The rigid little nubs I teased at the ends of her tits told me she was loving the little bestial party game I was teaching her. I rolled her nibs firmly between thumb and index finger, enjoying the pleasant little hiss that escaped her quaky red lips.

"Do you like it?' I asked.

"Uh huh.." She slurred, trancelike.

The dog corkscrewed into her hot sloosh-hole as I told her how Harley and I both loved her lovely little hole. I told the gasping little girl how the dog would love to fuck his long pointed cock into her, that I would love to fuck her with mine to. She grunted appropriately as I told her the filthy things I could vividly imagine she and Harley doing in her bedroom at night when her mom and dad had gone to sleep from now on.

Suddenly, I felt her tense, as if listening to a far off sound as she sucked in a little breath and moaned. I was sure she'd just had a small orgasm.

That was it. I couldn't take it any more. In one motion I stood, tearing her away from the frustrated hound, I stripped her sloppy panties from her as I carried her unresisting to the couch. I dropped her flat on her back. I pulled out my tortured cock from my pants before her wide blue eyes, dropping between her legs and grabbing her hips. I was blazing hot and oh so hard. I couldn't remember being hornier. I drove my fat tormented cudgel to the hilt in her hotly clenching cunt as she gasped for air. I grabbed her plump young tit-flesh as I pummeled into her intensely tight snatch. But I was in no mood to fiddle fuck around.

I was pounding into her young body. My balls slapped against her fuck-mouth as she began to meet my thrusts. Suddenly it was just too much. I barely had enough control to pull my cock from her and blow my cum wad onto her taught young belly instead of deep inside her quivering girly guts.

I'm not sure how she felt as I busted my nut across her belly. I hoped she was really frustrated. I didn't want her to baulk now.

During my brief fucking of the gorgeous little minx, Harley had been continuously whimpering and tossing about behind me.

As soon as I'd stripped my last squirt of cum from my grateful cock, onto my lovely young lover girl's belly, I immediately moved aside, enough to allow Harley to push in beside me. He nearly bowled me over to get back to licking the young blonde fourteen-year-old's soupy pussy and swab up the pearly threads of my thick white jiz from her tummy. I knew she could see her faithful pets pink cock slithering out from his furry sheath as he licked her obscenely.

Next moment, I was telling her much I'd loved fucking her cunt as I rolled her over, gently sliding her to her knees, rump raised back towards her amorous pet. She seemed very understanding when I told her Harley deserved to fuck her now also.

Brianna was resting on her elbows on the couch now, knees on the floor, her provocative bare ass and pink lipped twat thrust back toward the over-excited, drooling animal.

The girl seemed to be almost an animal herself to me as her slimy, dripping, pink cunt-mouth swayed tantalizingly before the hard breathing dog. I could see Brianna's soft, rubbery folds open and close spasmodically as I called to the dog, begging him to mount her and fuck her. The dog came up behind the girl, then bounded up. His hairy front legs twisting and tightening around the girl's slim, pliant middle, his rump was already making fucking actions as he sought to drive his long, thick cock into the fourteen-year-old's slippery pink cunt.

My breath caught in my throat, my mouth watered when I saw the dog's tremendous cock find and sink deep into that lathered pussy with one fierce lunge. It was a truly horny, depraved sight. The incredibly thick bright red dog-prick disappeared all the way into the girl with one thrust. The girl moaned and sobbed feverishly, her head rolling from side to side as the dog began to fuck her with quick strong in and out strokes of that great prick.

Brianna writhed and twisted on the couch, her cunt shoving down hard against Harleys rutting prodder. Watching the dog's prick, I could almost feel that long, thick red shaft driving itself deep into her twat, feel her cunt being spread wide apart by that thickness of pleasure giving doggy-cock. As the fucking continued I felt a little jealous, I wanted more than anything, to feel my own cock buried to the balls in the little bitch again as I saw Brianna's hips twist and grind against Harleys slapping K9 balls. He sought to get every last bit of his prick into her. I was sure the feeling of that hot throbbing dog-shaft inside her was sending shivers of ecstatic delight through Brianna's trembling body.

The rutting dog's panting and Brianna's constant moaning kept my attention on the breath taking spectacle, I watched through lust blurred eyes as the dog continued to fuck the little fourteen-year-old dog slut at the same rapid pace, his long wet bright red cock driving in and out like a piston, the muscles of his rump rippling under hairy coat and back as he fucked and fucked in a way that had Brianna going wild. She was wriggling and squirming madly, shoving her ass back with hard, driving movements to meet those incessantly rapid motions.

I could look right in between the girl's legs, as well as those of the dog's. I reveled in the sight of the girl's pink lipped flesh that glistened between the widely spread cunt lips, coated with beads of glistening white fluid. The sight of that big, bright red, dog cock, shiny with the girl's come, driven relentlessly and powerfully in and out between those slick lips was intoxicating.

A wild, piercing wail bellowed out of the girl just then. She bucked and jerked, her back arching, her come lathered cunt shoving back, her ass twisting frantically as she began to come. Brianna went wild, her ass jerking up and down, back and forth, in tight little circles against the pounding hairy belly of the Weimaraner.

Her body drove hard back against the dog as she was pierced deeply by the driving sword of the dog's prick. I could see pre-cum being splashed as it poured from her convulsing pussy.

It oozed out around the dog's still reaming prick, running down the girl's thighs, the smooth white flesh shining tackily with briny dog cum, the nasty fluid covering her legs.
Brianna cried out, her body stiffening and jerking. I placed a hand gently against her tummy to enjoy her hard quaking spasms as her orgasm began to build up inside her. With my other hand I pinched her swollen, hard nippled tits as she rose and fell, impaling herself frenetically on that immense prick that was buried to the hilt in her, that filled her cunt with terrific sensations here-to-fore unknown to her.

Suddenly, the muscles in her thighs, stomach and cunt stiffened. Her body jerked. I knew Harley's cock had burst inside her like a bomb going off in her cunt.

The sharp, pounding, driving sensations ripped through her beneath my palm, bringing a long wailing scream as she came.

I was aghast with the pleasure I imagined for her. Her entire body was wracked with spasm after spasm of incredible pleasure that forced her to drive her pulsating pussy down over that thick cock, wanting to feel it buried as far up into her as she could get it. Her filled twat throbbed with a fierce rhythm as she came, her hot thin liquids flowing out of her snatch and down along Harley's rigid pole that was jammed deep in her cunt.
The dog held his massive, tapered knob, almost in her womb. Brianna howled when she felt his cock jerk furiously a stream of hot, thick cream shot from his pulsating cock, sending a torrent into her cunt. His cock leapt inside her as spurt after spurt of boiling hot come was ejected into her clinging, tightening pussy tunnel.

I could feel Brianna's tummy muscles clasp and squeeze and roll around that throbbing dog cock shaft, milking it with her instinctive, feminine, guts sucking motions.
Her cunt overflowed with his tremendous briny dog load. It dripped steadily from between the bruised, reddened mouth of her snatch. She was almost deliriously sagging, breasts against the couch, as I looked at her through lust glazed eyes.

Her arms and legs hanging limply as the dog jerked his long, still iron hard cock out of the girl's battered pussy. The grayish-white juices poured out from between her puffy lips. It flowed from the girl's twat, forming a thick pool of cum on the carpet beneath her still quivering ass.

Harley reclined on his haunches now, twisted around as his long tongue licked at his come covered cock, flecked with spots of Brianna's white girly goo, as it slowly, slowly slithered back into his hairy cock-sheath.

I praised Brianna gently. Soothingly. I would have dearly loved to fuck her again myself but I knew she'd be very tender in the pussy right now. Instead, I helped her to the shower and gently washed he dog cum from her well fucked body.

After she dressed, she was pretty quiet. I was starting to get worried. I'd lost my head. Would Brianna tell her parents what I'd done with her? I told her I'd drive her and Harley home.

It wasn't until we were nearly to her place that the subject of what we'd done came up. There was a little embarrassment on her part. But I told her I'd love to have her visit me again anytime she wanted. Like boyfriend and girlfriend even, if she liked? Suddenly Harley barked out loud as if he didn't like the idea of sharing his new young lover and we both broke out laughing.

That was a few weeks ago. I've seen Brianna fuck Harley and fucked her good, long and hard myself, quite a few times since then.


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