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So nice to get ................
Sorry I haven't submitted anything for almost 2 years. This isn't really a story, just a series of e-mails from a fan that have gotten pretty imaginative.

Internet Sex

excerpt: "While Greg is getting on top of you I think I'll get in front and slide my legs down under your arms. This would be easier if your wrists weren't tied to the bed corners. "


oliver mellors wrote: Cathy,

I recently started reading the stories you submitted, mostly in the fall of 2004. Are you still answering e-mail? I especially loved reading the biography submissions. I can see that they aren't as erotic as the purely imaginary stuff, but for that reason all the more interesting because the truth (if it is true) is more realistic. Anyway, even if you are making up some of your "real" experiences, I still find your ideas very interesting.

I'm 36, divorced, and live in the US, not the UK where I think xnxx is centered. I gather you are also an American, and now 26? I like to write, may submit some of my own stories but would also like writing privately to a female like you with an obviously sexy imagination. Did you finish the AT?

I see you sign your entries "love and kisses". I would love to reciprocate. Let us imagine me kissing you "all over". (You know where!)

Oliver Mellors

Cathy Cook wrote: Dear Oliver,

I think I'm old fashion, but I love it when a guy sends me a love letter and bothers to write complete sentences and spell out all the words. I bet you can write good stories as well!

I did not finish the entire AT, only (only!) 1200 miles. I intend to take some more time off next Spring and finish. Two years ago when I was writing so much, I sort of went slack on my job, which was pretty high pressure and demanding. Then I quit to go hiking the following Spring. (It felt like Winter in the Smokies. There was snow on the ground!) Since getting off the trail and getting a new job it's been nose to the grind stone. But I sort of miss all the excitement, watching to see if my stories get a good rating. Some got well above average, some of which I really liked, got panned. I think the readers at xnxx are much more into simple sex and bondage than good writing. I like both.

I had a sort of mad passionate writing fling with another writer, which was fantastic because he was very imaginative. He was 61 which I sort of liked. But he became unsatisfied with just writing and wanted to call me and see pictures of me. The more he demanded, the less I liked it. In the real world I'm really a rather normal girl, almost a virgin considering how few lovers I've had and how normal the sex has been. About my only claim to fame is a love for nudist beaches, an itch to write about imaginary kinky sex, and imagining myself the beautiful girl who loves getting gang banged.

Oh well. As long as you want to write to the imaginary me, I can promise to be as sexy as possible. You know - when a guy offers to kiss me all over I immediately imagine his tongue inside my pussy. Ah, yes....

Love and Kisses (intercourse and oral sex),

Cathy Cook

oliver mellors wrote: Delicious Cathy,

(I'm imagining how delightful you taste) I could be writing or rewriting a story to submit to xnxx, but it's more fun, I think, writing directly to a real person. You imply that you are not a beautiful porn star, and the truth is, I'm not exactly Cary Grant myself. Have you ever imagined yourself in bondage, maybe tied spread eagle face down on a bed with a thick pillow under your hips so that your rapacious lovers have perfect access to both of your love holes. I am, of course, one of the luck half dozen men whom you have asked to be here. Part of the fun is that you have agreed to do anything we desire. If you even think of refusing a demand we are supposed to insert the ball gag rather than listen to your pleading and wimpering. Of course, there is an implied understanding that we will not hurt you. At least not too much. Not so much that you do not find it eroticly pleasing. Anal sex, of course, being just one of the pleasures you must suffer.

On the bed there is a large jar of lube next to you. Perhaps you yourself brought it? Three men have already fucked your pussy which is now wide open and throbbing for more attention. While I think all three men have held off ejaculating, saving themselves for more to come, it is clear, not only from the wetness on the sheets under your pussy, but also from your rather verbal reactions that you, in fact, have already orgasmed three or four times. The excitement of getting reamed by so many different men is probably turning you on as much as the feel of them inside you.

I have decided that it is now time to begin pleasing your anus. The two other men who have not yet been inside you are in no hurry anyway. We all know that we have the whole night ahead of us. Neither you nor any of us have anything else planned before dawn. There is, of course, some concern about your ability to take it. Be we are confident in you and, if necessary, the gag.

I swipe out a gob of KY that is more than needed. I wipe it in and around your asshole, sliding my hands over your sexy and now slippery buns, caressing you and working ever more of the lube inside your heinie. The process of pushing lube down inside you is turning you on, and I can feel your sphincter relaxing, welcoming my touch, my fingers, and begging for more. My erection is not record size, but large, a bit more than average - ten inches long and almost two thick. You know because you have felt it inside your vagina on other occassions.

But this will be the first time for us as anal lovers. A special occassion in several ways. I expect some resistance but when I get on top of you and position my tip against your posterior opening, I push and feel myself sliding down, deep inside your most private of openings. I do it slowly and we both feel as if it will go on forever. Do you feel any embarrassment for being such an eager slut? I think not. I think you love feeling me inside your fanny and are eagerly anticipating the same impailment from the five other men as well!

You are simply a sexy bitch in heat. You scream in pleasure. While it is our choice, not yours, perhaps you would like to make a request at this point? That is, if you can think coherently with my erection so deep inside your fanny!


Cathy Cook wrote: Oh!!! Oliver!

I think I'm having another orgasm!

Although we were already lovers, until now I only got to imagine your manhood deep in my touchie. My god do I love feeling you slide in and out caressing my cheeks with your love shaft! And getting fucked by all six of you makes it all much more exciting. I hope I can please a half dozen men. Like a good little sex kitten I will do my best. Last time you talked about bondage and doing it in a group. I sort of thought you meant two couples and maybe changing partners. I never dreamed it would be this exciting.

It's funny you thanking me for including you in the group, since you set this up and pretty much had to be here. I don't know what's more exciting, making love to six men or the fact that until you showed up with them I had never seen these other five guys. Did you see the size of the second guy who fucked me? Probably not, since his erection was burried inside me most of the time. I got a good look at it before he stuck it in me! I'm glad he wasn't first so I had a chance to loosen up. I think he's almost twelve inches long and maybe even bigger around than you! Boy am I going to know it when he fucks my ass!

When he fucked my pussy he gave me one good look and then got behind me and shoved his whole length down inside me. Funny thing about the way you have me trussed up. I can't see the guy who's fucking me, but I can sure feel him. And with my fanny up in the air the way it is, it feels like gravity's working against me. (Really for me since I love feeling helplessly vulnerable when I'm getting fucked, especially now with you doing it in my ass!)

Oh Oliver, I love you so much for setting this up for me. I love you, I love you, I ... .... I just wet the sheets again. You all are going to have to stop and give me a drink of water. I'm losing so much love juice with all these orgasms.

I love being tied up this way. But you'll have to untie me for DP. I guess that's what I'd like next if I have to make a wish. But mostly I just love being used in whatever way you guys want. So far I couldn't love it more!

I love you with all my orifices!!! (Wide open)

Cathy the happy slut

oliver mellors wrote: Cathy my love,

Your suggestion is sweet. Obviously not original, since with six of us, ganging up on you two or three at a time is inevitable. As much as I love feeling my erection deep inside your heinie, I too will hold off, saving my cume as long as I can. The night is young and there are so many different ways I intend to fuck you. Ken and Greg are both going to follow my lead up your shitter. Or rather down, since your wide open asshole is point straight up into the air.

While Greg is getting on top of you I think I'll get in front and slide my legs down under your arms. This would be easier if your wrists weren't tied to the bed corners. But the ropes have enough slack and they help remind you, and us, of your helpless submission. I can almost understand why you feel so sexy in bondage. But I think only a woman can enjoy it as much as you obviously do.

Giving me head is difficult, is it not, without the use of your hands? But you do it so well anyhow. No woman has ever done it better. Do you realize you are sliding you lips down my shaft just as Greg is sliding down into your toush. Perhaps you are beyond realizing anything. I have never seen a woman so carried away, so totally involved with sex, not even in movies. Ah, I fear I must make you stop. Your throat is in danger of making me unload.

It is almost as exciting watching you do to Greg what you were just doing to me. Are you more aware of him or of Ken fucking your rectum hard and fast? Ken I think. It looks like you are having one continuous orgasm. I think Ken is about to cume. I suppose that's OK, because he's almost as young as you and can probably cume more than once. With a sexy slut like you I'm sure I will also, though for me it's been years since I ejaculated inside a woman twice in one night. Karl and Paul are both in their fifties. You didn't seem to mind their age in the least did you? They were your first lovers tonight, but with you face down perhaps you couldn't even see who it was fucking you. Paul was number two, the one with the record size boner. From the way you reacted, I'd say that men thirty years your senior can still make you squeal with pleasure. Like most of your regular lovers Greg, Mike, and I are in our thirties. I didn't tell you last time how old I am, even when you told me you were 26. Anyway, I'm 36. Old enough to appreciate a good fuck when I'm offered one!

What is it about you and your body? Obviously you’re georgeous. But beauty is only skin deep and even the inside of your rectum is sexy. Ken was going to try and hold back like the rest of us. But the second he slid down inside you I could see it was a hopeless cause, and he knew it as well. He’s going to bust his nut any second now, but you’re so far gone into the sex world dimension you may not even notice.

God! From the look on his face he must have exploded up into your intestines. Later, if you can remember you’ll have to try and describe it. Must have been like a handgenade going off inside. But you obviously loved it.

Ye gods! He’s pulled out of you and he’s still shooting off like a fire hose, all over your heinie and back and up into your hair. If the rest of us give you everything, which I guess we will, it won’t be that much! Are you a witch who has laid your spell on poor Ken. He’ll never forget you, not the rest of his life. Of course, neither will any of the rest of us!

Does it feel good being helplessly tied up with Ken’s cume all over you? Even if you were free I don’t know how you’d get yourself clean short of taking a bath. And you don’t look like you want to get up anyhow. Do you realize you’re dialating your anus. It looks like you’re begging for more. And you are, aren’t you? You wouldn’t mind getting massaged with Ken’s cume and another man’s sweat while getting fucked yet again, would you? Well, men are more festitious. While we love the sight of Ken’s cume all over you, even Ken doesn’t want to wallow in it. We will of course, because we all love where his cume is.

Maybe not. Leave it to an older man, in this case Paul, to find a solution. Using a wet cloth he cleans you off and with a flourish, finishes up in your crotch, causing you to gasp with pleasure. Are you so sexed up that even having your genitals washed with a warm cloth causes you to orgasm?

I think it’s time to untie you for a little DP. No, make that a lot of DP since there are six of us here!

Your hard and ready lover, Oliver

ps: I'm writing a story about you, my fantasy sex angel. Do you mind if I post it? Would you like to post these letters or would you like me to?

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