********** Chapter 5 **********

I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, my left leg curled under me and my right foot resting on the floor. Reaching down with my left hand I pulled her hand away from her pussy and brought it up to my face. Gazing directly into her eyes I placed the palm under my nose and over my mouth and while sniffing her nectar began to slowly lick the juices. I was tempted to bury my face in her cunt and get to her source, but my dick was rock hard and I needed to satisfy my lust, there would be plenty of time to play later.

I gently rolled Traci on her back and crawled onto the bed. When she rolled over her legs came together and as she scooted her butt toward the center of the bed I could hear her wetness as the juices squished between her pussy and thighs. When she settled back she reached up with her hands to play with her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, and spread her legs wide.

I had crawled on top of her on all fours with my arms outside her body, my knees inside her thighs and my raging prick pointing directly at the little virgin hole I was about to deflower. I couldn’t help myself but to look down between our bodies, I wanted to burn a picture in my mind for future recall of my hard, pre-cum leaking dick hovering over my little girl before I plunged into her pussy for the first time. As I was glancing down I saw that Traci had lifted her head off the bed slightly and was also looking at our soon to be joined body parts.

“Yes, Daddy, now. Do it now. I want you inside. I can’t wait any longer. Please fuck me.” She was squirming and raising her hips up towards my hardness, trying to impale herself.

“Neither can I, honey,” I thought to myself, “neither can I,” and reached down with my right hand to guide myself inside of her. I rubbed the head of my dick around the outside of her pussy to get it coated with her juice and to be sure it was slippery enough to slip inside what I knew would be her tight hole. When Traci felt the head of my cock on her pussy she settled her ass down on the bed and spread her legs wide, raising her knees and placing her feet flat on the bed

When my dick was thoroughly coated I placed the head at the opening of her hole and moved my hand back up beside her so I would be steady when I thrust myself inside. The lubrication I had coated myself with was ample enough to enable me to easily enter her as I slipped past her wet inner lips, and I was almost overcome when I felt the beginnings of her pussy hole massaging the head of my dick. Tempted as I was to just spear her and jam myself in up to my balls, I knew I had to be gentle to avoid causing her any more pain or discomfort than would be normal when her virgin pussy was invaded for the first time.

I drew back and began a slow fucking motion, gradually moving further inside of her as I felt the walls of her vagina becoming accustomed to the intrusion and stretching to accommodate me. It only took a couple of minutes before she had expanded enough and I had about 2” of my dick stoking in and out of her. Traci was hunching upwards towards me and gyrating her hips, almost as if she was literally interpreting the phrase ‘screwing’,

“Oh, Daddy, I feel you inside of me. Fuck me. I want all of your hard prick in my pussy. Fuck me, Daddy. Bust my cherry. Make me your woman and your lover.”

By this time I had lowered myself until I was lying on top of her and was again suckling her tiny little titties and nipples as I introduced my cock to its’ new home. I moved my hands under her ass and kneaded her soft globes; I wanted to have a good hold of her butt so that I could pull her hard and fast against me when I rammed my prick into her for the ultimate penetration when I burst through her maidenhead. I moved our faces together and we began licking and sucking at each others mouth, exchanging tongues, spit and “I love you’s”.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I wanted – hell, I needed – to totally fuck my little angel and bring us both to orgasm. I felt it might be best if could distract her a bit and to do it quick, without notice, so she wouldn’t be de-focused from the sexual pleasures by anticipating the pain of her breaking hymen. I started alternating my nips between her lips and her sensitive nipples, and on the shallow strokes in her pussy made sure the top of my cock was rubbing her clit.

Traci was seriously humping against me now and after six or seven strokes against her clit I grasped her butt cheeks hard, pulled her against my groin and thrust forward as hard as I could. I felt a slight tearing sensation when I busted through her cherry and she let out a slight “Eeek” against my mouth and her body stiffened at the suddenness and depth of my penetration. I made sure I had her mouth covered with mine because I didn’t want her to let out any loud shrieks that could possibly be heard throughout the house; even though Laureen stayed mostly sequestered in her room she could become curious at the sound of Traci screaming, and I certainly didn’t need her looking in to see what was wrong.

I laid still on top of her for a moment, our groins totally meshed together, to give her a moment to get over the initial discomfort of her shattered membrane and to get used to me being buried inside of her. She was lying almost entirely motionless and I became concerned; this was the first time I had ever fucked a virgin and didn’t know how a girl reacted when her cherry was busted.

“Traci? Honey? Are you okay?’

‘Oh, yes Daddy. I’m wonderful. I’ve got all of you inside of me and it feels so big. Do me, Daddy. Do me now!”

She pulled my head down to her tits, and wrapping her legs around my ass pulled me tight against her and began grinding her pussy up and down my cock. I kissed her as I started thrusting fully in and out of her, molding her ass cheeks while I pulling her upward to fully bury myself inside her, and could hear her softly muttering repeatedly to herself “Daddy’s fucking me, Daddy’s fucking me…”.

The feeling was sensational as I glided in and out of her slick walls. Her hole was tight but she was so wet I didn’t have to use any force, in fact it almost seemed like her pussy was sucking me in as I drove forward. She was hunching her hips and I could feel her flexing vaginal muscles milking at my prick as we settled into a smooth fucking rhythm. I could smell the odors of our combined sex filling the room and the only sounds were the grunts and groans of our passion, and an almost slurping and sloshing as our pelvis pounded together as my cock slipped and slithered in and out of her wet slit.

I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to continue before filling her full of my incestuous seed and thought of withdrawing and squirting my cum in her mouth, but she all of a sudden started moaning and I felt her body start to stiffen.

“Fill me Daddy. Fill my fuck hole with your meat. Fuck me deep and hard. I love it. I want it. More, more, more…I’m gonna cum!

“Me too, baby. I’m gonna cum too. Let’s cum together.”

“Yes, yes, yes! Now! Aiieeee” she cried and went rigid.

She locked her legs around my ass and pulled my cock deeply into her as she ground her pussy against my dick and exploded in her first orgasm through fucking. I pounded into her with my last stroke and felt her juices flowing around me as my cum simultaneously spewed out of the end of my prick and filled her pussy.

We stayed locked together as statues as mutual climaxes washed over us. After about 30 seconds of shared ecstasy Traci relaxed and sank back onto the bed and I collapsed on top of her, our bodies soaked in the fluids released through our passion, and my dick still buried to the hilt. I had been lying on top of her for a few minutes when I felt her raise her hands and gently cradle my head. She tenderly kissed my lips and my eyes, and then placed her hands on my chest.

“Thank you, Daddy. That was wonderful and I think I could lay here all night with your dick inside my pussy, but right now,” she began gently pushing on me, “can you please get off of me so I can catch my breath?”

I gave her a couple of quick kisses and as I rolled off of her my semi-erect dick withdrew from her pussy and flopped back on my stomach with a kind of “splosh”. Traci reached down and grabbed it between her thumb and two fingers and waved it back and forth.

“Oh, Daddy,” she looked at me and grinned, “where’s that big hard dick that was here a couple of minutes ago. Did your little daughter wear you out? Can’t you handle a little teen aged pussy?” She laughed a little, dropped my cock and laid back with her hands behind her head, giving me a teasing smile.

I just grinned back at her and gave her tit a slight pinch. “Come here, honey.” I reached my left arm under her and pulled her over to me so that she was nestled next to me on her right side. She cuddled me and draped her left arm across my chest, resting her head on my shoulder.

“I love you, Daddy. I just want to lay here and feel your naked body against mine.”

“Me too, honey, on both counts,” I agreed.

As we lay in bed I couldn’t get over her transformation. A few minutes ago she had been fucking me with almost wild abandon, and now she had reverted back to my sweet, playful 13 year old daughter. I couldn’t remember the last time I had such a wonderful feeling when fucking a woman as I had just experienced with Traci. I didn’t know how or where she could possibly have learned anything about sexual play and fucking but wherever she learned it she learned it well.

“Oh, well,” I thought, “don’t wonder, just enjoy.” And I had every intention of enjoying it. There were lots of things I wanted to teach and do with Traci and school was about to start.


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Yes that was good story can wait for the next chapter, and yes my sister wanted I gave it to her, slowly we enjoy the best feeling in our lifes, I broke her cherry after we read your story, it was an eye opener,I kiss her sweet lips and neck then.lick her nipples and suck them too, work my lips to her sweet pond, lick her soft slit up and down to her rectum and back to her clit, wish I suck in delite, until she beg me to fuck her, as we merge in a bond of lust and desired I pop her cherry and was a bliss of passion we had,I thank you for it?


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I wish my daddy would of done that to me


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2007-06-03 10:56:37 hey babe cum call me and ill satisfy ur every need baby


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Great story. Get daughter pregnant. I fucked my sister the first time when she was 10. She had her first baby when she was 12 and had three more before she was 16. It was great,


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Oh daddy that was so nice hope you get her pregnant so that in eight or ten years you can fuck your grandaughter

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