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A trip with my family to visit fmily in New York whic turned into a holiday I
When I was 11 years old my family and I went on holidays to New York to visit my aunt Maria and her husband. As they lived so far away I had only ever met her once before when I was quite young. I had never met her husband Alan or my two little cousins as they had only been married for about 5 years and this was my first time visiting them.

About a week after we arrived it was my mom’s birthday so a night out on the town was planned for my parents, my aunt and her husband, along with some of my aunt’s friends who lived nearby. That evening, as all the moms and dads were getting ready to go out, Alan began complaining that he was feeling a little unwell, saying that he thought he might have eaten something bad the previous night as they had eaten a Chinese Takeaway for dinner. He made his apologies, saying he wasn’t feeling up to going out for the night, that he would only be a bother if he was unwell and probably wouldn’t have a good time anyway. I remember he told my parents and all the group to go on without him and that he would stay home and mind me and the other children. So, my aunt cancelled the babysitter and they headed out for dinner and dancing without Alan.

I said goodnight and headed up to my bedroom telling Alan that I was going to read my book for a little while before going to sleep. He said he was going to tidy the kitchen and then he would be up to tuck me into bed and say good night. That was perfectly fine by me and I innocently thought nothing of it. I went upstairs and into the spare room I was staying in. I quickly undressed and changed into my nightdress, one of those long t-shirt nightdresses that buttoned all the way up the front. Jumping up onto the bed I sat leaning against the head-board with the pillow behind me, my bare legs stretched out in front of me. I opened my book and began to read, quickly becoming absorbed in the book.

About a half hour later the door to my room opened. It was Alan, clearly popping in as he had said earlier. He came into my room, closed the door behind him and came over to the side of my bed.

“What are ya reading?”, he asked, sitting down on the side of the bed beside me.

If I remember correctly I was reading one of the Chronicles of Narnia books, and I told him that. And he replied that he had read them too when he was my age. We talked for a while about books and cartoons, but the whole time I couldn’t help notice the way he was looking a me. We laughed together about funny stories but he never took his eyes off me, licking his lips when I spoke. It did kind of freak me out a little.

“That’s a pretty nightdress”, Alan said softly, almost out of nowhere, reaching forward to touch the material where it lay just above my knee. “Yeah, I like it”, I replied. “A pretty nightdress for a pretty little girl”, he said, almost ignoring my reply, beginning to stroke the material across my thigh. I remember beginning to get a little nervous at the change in his voice, and at the way he was now rubbing my thigh up and down again and again.

“Uh, Alan I’m tired now, I’m going to go to sleep now, it’s getting late”, I told him and closed my book, and went to lie down and pull the blankets over myself. “No, no”, he replied, “I want to chat with you for a while”. Alan was beginning to freak me out a little but I didn’t know what else to do so I said OK and smiled.

“So, do you like school Shirley? I bet you have loads of friends at school, don’t ya.” Alan asked me. “Um, yea, I guess…”, I replied. “And I bet you have a little boyfriend at school too don’t ya? A nice boy to kiss and hold hands with, yeah?”. I told him I didn’t as I was only 11 and my mom and dad wouldn’t let me date boys until I was 16. “A pretty little girl like you, and no boyfriend? Well, that’s scandalous”, he leaned forward and, with his other hand, he began to stroke my face, “Scandalous, If I was nearer your age…..”, his voice trailed off.

With his hand he began gently stroking my cheek, slowly moving towards my neck to brush my long hair off my shoulder to expose my neck area. “So pretty…such a pretty girl…” he kept saying softly, his eyes wide and fixed on my neck and shoulders. The next thing I remember, his hand had moved to my chest, above my young breasts, gently touching me back and forth. I was shocked into silence, not knowing what to say or do. Alan was a fairly big guy, quite broad and a lot taller and stronger than me, I knew there wasn’t much I could do about where he was touching me.

“Such a beautiful little body…”, he kept on saying, his hand getting lower down my chest. “I don’t suppose a boy has ever touched you like this, Shirley, I doubt it”, he said, not waiting for a reply, he removed his hand from my thigh and cupped my tiny breast over my nightdress, gently squeezing it in his palm. I don’t know if you could rightly call them breasts yet, more little pre-teen mounds with a little nipple on top, but to Alan, the touch of them in his hand made him begin to breath heavier, as he stared at my chest. Then he moved his other hand to rest on my other little breast and began rubbing them both, running his fingers up and down, back and forth over my tiny nipples through my shirt. “Do you like this? The way I’m touching you now? I bet you do…”, Alan breathed, still groping my little breasts. I was terrified, not knowing what to say I replied, “Yes…”. “Really? Well, lie down on the bed and ill show you some more things you’ll like too.” With that he took me by the hips and slid my body down in the bed so that I was lying flat on my back.

He leaned his large frame over me and started on my breasts again with both hands, gently squeezing them and allowing his thumb and forefinger to make little circles around my now erect nipples. “Lets have a little look at these lovely breasts”, he breathed and began to unbutton my nightdress, starting at my neck and working the whole way down until it was completely undone. He peeled it back from my body exposing my naked breasts and crotch. “Ah, nice…” he sighed looking up and down my body, “No underwear, good girl!” I didn’t know or fully understand what he was doing and as I lay there looking up at him, trembling, he let his fingers run delicate circles round my nipples, every now and then running his palm over them lightly.

Then, he leaned down to my breasts and, taking one nipple in his mouth he began sucking on it, letting his tongue flick over the tip. I could feel him gently licking and sucking my little nipple, pinching it between his lips, while all the time his other hand continued stroking my other breast in little up and down and round and round motions. Every few minutes he would take his mouth off my nipple saying something like, “Yeah, you like this…do you like the way I’m touching you?”, to which I would dutifully reply every time, “Yes I like it…”. Even though I really wasn’t sure that I did like what he was doing, I remember the feeling of him touching my nipples like that did feel nice. Every time he would take his mouth away from licking me, even though I was scared, part of me didn’t want him to stop!

“Let me show you something nice”, Alan whispered in my ear. The next thing I felt was his hand moving slowly off my breast and down my naked body. Alarm bells screamed in my head! I may not have known exactly what was happening to me but I had a good idea where that hand was going. I closed my legs together tightly, closing my eyes, not wanting to see what he was going to do! I felt his hand glide across my skin near my crotch and over my naked crotch and back down my thigh. He sighed, “Don’t worry, just open your legs a little, it‘s ok”. I could feel two hands on my inner thighs just above the knee, gripping my legs pulling them apart. I tried to stop him but I was too weak to keep him from spreading my legs, exposing my little pussy. He adjusted himself on the bed wedging one knee, then another, between my legs so that he was kneeling between my open legs preventing me from closing them.

I opened my eyes and saw him looking at my pussy hungrily, something which confused me and scared me. “Don’t worry baby, this will feel really good, relax”. Putting his other hand back on my nipple, gently rubbing and pinching it, he ran the palm of his hand over the mound of my pussy, clearly relishing the smoothness of my hairless crotch. His hand moved down stroking my pussy lips, running his fingers over them, allowing a finger to dip in and out of the gap between them as his fingers glided over my pussy. “Ah, you really do like this”, he said, taking his hand from my vagina to show me the glistening moisture on his fingertips, “You’re quite wet down here!”. I had no idea what he meant by that, all I knew was that his touching between my legs didn’t feel so bad any more. Kind of ticklish, but in a good way.

“Lets find that clit of yours”. Using his other hand he reached between my legs. I could feel his fingertips spreading my pussy lips wide, while the other hand began touching inside, stroking that spot down there which sent electricity up my little body. Then I felt his finger stroking the entrance to my vagina, little circles, each time allowing his finger to enter me. A little at first then more and more, deeper and deeper into my little virgin pussy, my wetness making it easy to slip one finger, then two inside me. Using two fingers he began to finger fuck my pussy, slow at first, then faster, using the thumb of his other hand to massage my clit. I couldn’t see what he was doing to me, but whatever it was I was beginning to relax and enjoy it a little. All I could feel were his fingers slipping easily in and out of the entrance to my vagina causing a warmth to flow up my body from the heat developing between my legs.

He leaned forward and, without stopping the touching in my pussy, he took one of my tiny breasts in his mouth again, sucking my little nipple, flicking his tongue over the tip while his finger mimicked the motion, stroking and rubbing my clit. He began slowly moving down my body, licking my skin, until he reached my crotch. Spreading my pussy lips wide open with both hands he stuck out his tongue he began licking the entire length of my little pussy, again and again. He took my clit between his lips and began licking and sucking it, manipulating it gently with his tongue, flicking it and circling it as he had done with my nipples. This sensation was unlike any other I had experienced that night and I tensed my body in response to his tongue. Moving away from my clit he started using his tongue to probe inside my vagina, sticking his rigid tongue inside my little pussy, tongue fucking me. I felt myself getting a little carried away with all these new sensations, still scared of what he was doing to me, yet not wanting him to stop yet. And he didn’t, continuing licking and sucking at my clit and vagina for the longest time.

When he finally stopped I found myself quite out of breath, and closed my eyes again, shocked at my reaction to his touch. The next thing I heard was the sound of him opening his belt buckle, and I opened my eyes to see Alan shirtless between my legs removing his trousers. “I want you to see my penis”, He whispered, taking off his boxer shorts and holding it in one hand, “I’d like you to touch it.” I didn’t know what to do, all I saw was this large cock standing erect in front of me. “Go on, touch it”, he said taking my little hand and wrapping it around his hard penis, “Touch it like this.” He began to move my hand for me stroking it up and down the length of his cock. It wasn’t particularly massive, but I couldn’t get my tiny little girl hands all the way round it. It made me really nervous to look at, but he seemed to enjoy watching my hand stroking his rock hard penis. “Now, just the head, good girl”, he breathed, showing me how to stroke the tip firmly then removing his own hand to let me touch him by myself. He began stroking my nipples while I rubbed his cock, then took one of his hands and began touching my clit with his fingertips.

“Ok, good girl, that’s it…”, he sighed. Taking my hand off his cock, he stopped touching my pussy with his hand and began using his hard penis shaft to rub my clit and vagina. As he thrust forward and back, the underside of his cock rubbed against my slippery pussy, stimulating my clit as he moved quicker and quicker, his breath getting heavier. Then he stopped rubbing against me and looked at my pussy. “I wasn’t going to do this next part tonight,” he said, “but all this dry-humping has made me want to put my penis inside you”. “What do you mean…”, I asked Alan naively, “Put it in where?”. He took his cock in his hand and motioning to his hard on said, “I’m going to push this inside here”, and touched the entrance to my vagina with the tips of his fingers.

I suddenly felt panicked and my heart started thumping heavily in my chest. “I don’t want to”, I said quickly, “Don’t hurt me, please”, He just told me he didn’t want to hurt me but that sometimes girls do feel a little sore the first time a man puts his penis inside her pussy. I wanted to run away from him but I knew he was far stronger than me and could stop me easily. “Just relax…”

Taking his cock in his hand he positioned the head at the entrance to my pussy and began to push it forward until the head was totally inside me. “God, you’re so tight, baby!” he moaned, pulling his penis back out. Then in again, a little deeper this time, and again and again, slowly pumping his cock deeper and deeper into my little virgin pussy. It felt so huge inside me, like my insides were being stretched wide open. With every thrust into me, I felt as though I would split open. It did hurt, not an unbearable pain but sore none the less. He began touching my clit again with one hand, gently massaging it as his thrusts became faster and deeper. His other hand found my little breast and began fingering my nipple. I realised he had most of his cock inside me, big and hard. His breath grew heavier, and his touching of my clit and breast became rougher, but in a good way. I felt like his penis was filling my little body, every time it pushed in I let out a gasp as his pumping in and out of my pussy got faster.

He leaned more of his weight on my tiny body, his chest rubbing against my erect nipples with each lustful thrust. His cock rubbed against my clit every time he entered me and the rubbing felt good on my young breasts. I began enjoying the sensations of his skin on my body, and the soreness of his hard penis stretching my pussy out actually felt good. His pumping inside me got faster and his breathing turned to gasping. I could feel his cock, now engorged and nearly fully inside me, pushing against my cervix with each thrust. Harder and faster, again and again, he pushed his cock into my pussy, rubbing it against my clit. His gasping turned to moaning and with one final thrust he groaned, “OH GOD….YEAH!!!” and orgasmed, cumming deep inside me, squirting his semen into my already wet pussy.

He lifted his weight off me and withdrew his now flaccid cock from inside me. I could feel my vagina relaxing, and empty. “Shit, baby, that was great”, he breathed, “Did you like it?”. I just lay there a little embarrassed trying to cover my naked body with my open nightdress, “Um, yeah sure…it was good.” I think that was what he wanted me to say because he smiled down at me and kissed me on the lips. He put his clothes back on as I buttoned up my nightdress again. “Let’s not tell anyone about our little bit of fun, ok?” he said, standing beside my bed, “They wouldn’t understand and I don’t want you to get in trouble with your mom and dad. Like you said, they don’t want you being with boys ‘till you’re 16. What would they think if you told them about us”. I said I would keep it a secret between us, and I have since then…just our little secret night of fun.

I do think about that night I lost my virginity from time to time and, rather than being disgusted at what happened to me, I actually feel turned on by the memory. It has become juicy mental imagery for me to masturbate to. The thought of Alan’s hard cock in my little girl pussy really gets me wet, and I hope it got you turned on too!!!


2017-02-03 16:04:43
My uncle tried to get me to the bedroom when i was even younger. I was shy and said no. Not because I knew what he wanted but because i was shy. I wish I would of let him play with me. I would of loved it.


2010-05-06 10:54:21
last night thailand i went to brothal a 9 yr girl sucked me off yum yum she was naked i felt her all over i put my finger up her twat her mother who sat next to me all the time said i could fuck her providing she was presant all time to protect her i said no that was 2 yrs ago

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2010-04-16 10:50:09
Older guy seduces young girl....She should have kicked him in the jewels and run to tell somebody about it....She wasn't willing and he forced himself on her pure and simple....Not an exciting story for ME to read....thumbs down....

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2009-01-05 00:48:45
I loved it I didnt think it was too bad. I hope you write more sexaul relationship stuff older man falls for young girl OK thatd be cool.


2007-11-19 22:41:00
The reason why this is rape is because a girl this age had no idea what was going on the entire time her uncle was scamming to bust her cherry. The first time she even thought about a wet pussy was when her uncle was pounding his grown dick in it. A young girl doesn't know enough to defend her pussy. I'm glad it was a pleasant experience for Shirley, but it could have resulted in a lot of pain and bleeding that couldn't be explained, and jail for the uncle. He was a dog. I loved the story however, but no one should kid themselves about what this was. This was a rape, where the rapee, fortunately for the rapist, enjoyed herself enough not to tell.

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