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My wife and I have an apt. right next
door to my best Friend Tim and his sexy wife Debbie. A year ago I found out that Tim was one of those guys who gets off from watching other men fuck his wife right in front of him.

It all started when my wife told me that our new black jantior Dion was laying down his own huge black pipe into some of the lonely housewives while their husbands were at work. Amy whose a total slut and is married to my buddy Dave told my wife that not onlydid she enjoy leting Dion fuck her but whenever Dave was gone she really liked sucking on his super fat 12 inch black cock.

I'd always wanted to see some young pretty white girl giving it up to some big dicked blackman and I got my chance when I saw Dion going into Debbies Apt. while Tim was at work. tim has told me many times about how much he hates seeing white girls with niggers so I had to wonder how Ol' Tim would feel knowing that his wifes blond pink pussy was about to be invaded by some greasy niggers giant 12 inch black dick.

I can see right into their Apt. from our bedroom using my high powered binoculars and as I focused in on them I saw that dion had wasted no time and was already sitting butt-ass naked on Tims couch.Dions head was propped up against the backrest while his dark muscular buttocks were slouching over the couches edge and his legs were spread wide apart.

Deb was also naked and down on her knees in between Dions outstretched legs and her head was eagerly bobbing up & down into that blackmans dark haired crotch. I couldnt see Dions so called "Big Black Dick " because Deb had her back to me but when she lowered her mouth down to suck on his huge low hanging dark black nuttsack ,I could see the fist-sized head of his massive black organ.

I began to feel sorry for Ol' Tim as I watched his cheating blond wife use her lips & tongue to make love to every inch of Dions huge black cock and his low hanging nuttsack but all those sorry feelings left Dion pulled his throbbing black cock out of Debs sucking mouth and stood up....

Amy hadnt been exaggerating about the shear massive size of Dions overgrown black cock but what truely amazed me was how big around it was. It was at least 5 inches around and was uncut.

Deb laid down on her back on the couch and spread her legs wide apart for her big dicked black lover. When Dion knelt between Debs creamy white thighs she grabbed ahold of his long black cock with one hand while her other hand began gently massaging his huge black balls. She guided his swollen dark purple dickhead towards the enterance of her tight pussy and it wasnt long before that big dicked blackman was savagely fucking her.

I couldnt believe how easily Debs pussy was swallowing Dions 12 incher"s 5 inch shaft or just how much she was enjoying the really rough fucking he was giving her.That Bucks big fat black lips were firmly pressed down against Debs and while he was shoving his long tongue down her throat and was fucking her tight pink pussy liked it belonged to a 5 dollar crack whore Tim walks into their Apt ,home early from work.

You would think that dion would have stopped fucking deb after being caught by Tim but without missing a beat that crazy blackman continued slamming his long black dick into the wifes pussy right in front of her husband. But what happened next was even crazier.

Instead of pulling that "greasy Nigger" off of his cheating wife and beating the shit out o f the both them Tim undressed and started jacking off while watching Dions huge black dick tear into Debs climaxing pussy. When deb had recovered from her orgasm she had Dion get off of her and told her husband to sit down at the end of the couch.Deb then got down on all four on the couch and as she lowered her head down into her husbands crotch she sucked his 7 inch white dick into her mouth.

In between her mouth bobbing up & down on her husbands cock she began begging Dion to fuck her doggie-style. Dion knelt down behind her and slowly started stuffing his huge black dick deep inside her wet pink pussy. Tim grabbed the back of Debs head and started pushing down, forcing all 7 inches of his cock down her gulping throat while he watched as Dion slammed his super fat black 12 incher in & out of his wifes pink gaping cunt.

Tim came first and as deb was swallowing her mans thick semen that blackman shot his creamy white sperm deep inside that married white womans pussy. For the rest of the day i watched as tim and that big dicked blackman took turns tag-teaming debs cum-filled pussy.

As the weeks passed I came to realize that my best friends wife was nothing but a dick-hungry whore. I watched her get fucked dozens of times and a month later that all stopped when the police showed up at our Apt. building and first arrested and then dragged Dion off to jail.

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Many many quality pniots there.

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2010-05-25 16:06:20
i liked it cracker.
made me hot for sum white pussy.

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2010-05-16 22:52:56
dont say the fucking N word. thats not rite man.

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2008-06-03 12:19:03
this sucked ass


2006-12-24 06:28:55
FYI ... it's mother fucker NOT motha fucka. Learn english!!!!

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