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[b]Let me start off, my name is Peter I’m 16 years old, I’m about 5 feet 11 inches, and I am an only child. My father is a firefighter and so that means that he is never in the house. My two cousins are always over the house. One Nikki who is 15 years old, a transsexual since she was twelve and Lisa she is 17 years old. Both of my cousins are fairly attractive and I would get in bed with either one of them. My mom Mary, is 41 years old, she is about 5 feet 7 inches. She has long brown hair and a nice rack, about 38-D, she is not bad for a woman her age.

The day started off as a typical New England winter day, a storm was stirring up outside and Dad had double shifts. Nikki and Lisa were over and we had absolutely nothing to do. I was so board.

So finally I said, “I’m going to read a book and take a nap”
My mother said “Okay Peter, and don’t forget you have homework to do”

I went up stairs and pulled out a book and put it on my bed. I took out some of my KY gel, and started to jerk off thinking of Lisa and Nikki playing with each other. I was jerking for a good two or three minutes when Nikki herself walked right in. I stopped right away but reach the part of no return, the orgasm.

“Hi, don’t mind me I just needed to get something out of my bag.” Right as she said that I squirted. I guess she could tell by the look on my face, because she came up to my bed and sat on it.
“What’s the matter?” she asked in a sexy voice
“Umm nothing I was just…. making funny faces” I lied
She added, “Okay yeah sure, I’ll get Lisa”

I was just lying there on my bed thinking why the hell is she going to get Lisa, are they going to have sex with me or what. I was anxiously wanting in my bed. To relax I took my shirt off. I just needed to chill out for a minute.

Nikki and Lisa walk in, “what’s up?” I asked them.
“Oh nothing” said Lisa
“We are just taking a nap because we are tired and lonely,” Nikki added. Both of them took off their panties and slipped into the sleeping bag on the floor in just their panties.
“Alright” I added

I heard them giggling “Oh, Nikki your hard” “Oh your boobs are so big” and other phrases like that
Finally I said to them “Can I lay on the floor with you two?”
“We guess so,” Lisa said

I get up from my bed and pull the sleeping bag away and their panties are off, Nikki as hard as a rock, and Lisa is so wet it’s unbelievable.

“Here sleep in the middle,” Nikki said

I could not believe this, I was lying down with two naked chicks, and it was awesome. I decided to remove my boxers, I turned over Nikki and said to her “Come on, show me what you got” and I grabbed her cock.

“Bad boy huh” she said, “ you know what bad boys get, turn over in the doggy position”
I didn’t even say a word after that except “hold on just grab a condom we don’t want any AIDs going around”

We both put them on our rock hard cocks, are went at it, as Lisa was playing with her pretty looking tits. At first being fucked up the ass killed, and I did not like it at all, but thought that if I didn’t let her do it, it would just stop right there, and I wanted to get further down the line with her.

It seemed like forever, until she got an orgasm. Boy, did my ass hurt after that. I really was not in the mode for anything else and laid down on my back. I was still kind of hard because there are naked chicks all around me. Lisa just came up to me and started to plow the jizz out of me. It was the best feeling I had ever had. I finally squirted right in her mouth and she liked every single drop of it. I wondered what it tasted like. Than I thought “Oh my god I’m turning gay

I was just watching the two girls go at it when mom walked in, naked, her pussy hairy and wet. “Yummy” I thought to myself.

“Come over here, good looking. I’ll tit fuck you right now,” I said to her
“No way, I am your mother, and also an anal virgin. Your going fuck me up the ass, long and hard.” She demanded.
“Okay mama, anything for suck a sexy goddess like you.

I had to get warmed up before I went into her so I had her kissed the monster cock of mine, and then went in. It was really hard to get in her at first, I had to use a lot of lube and then I finally got into her.

At first I was going at a sort of slow paste, and she was yelling, “Faster baby faster, harder oh yes harder,”

I could hear her tits move up and down, up and down. I finally cummed, and took off the condom I had on. We then went into the 69. Her pussy was so fucking fresh. It was unbelievable.

Mom got up and went into her room to leave us alone.

“Hey Nikki, did you tell her, what we were doing”
“No, I swear”
“Okay what ever” I said as I got up
“So what can we do now, I’m all sex out for a couple hours”

“I know” Nikki said, “We should all change roles for the rest of the day”
I got a little nervous “I don’t like the way this sounds, this doesn’t involve me cross dressing now does it”
“Of course it does you silly boy,” Nikki said
“I do not like the way this sounds” I said as Nikki pulled out a lacey thong, bra, jeans, shirt, and a razor.
“Hurry up, so we can do your make-up”

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2009-03-12 23:23:52
Fuck everyone else I thought it was pretty good. Nice but it need a little more detail, I'd give it a 9/10, keep it up, and fuck everyone else who doesn't like it

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2008-11-21 07:11:22
Actually, I consider this one a major improvement over the last one. Still a little cheesy and hard to believe, but then again most of the stories are. :)


2008-03-17 10:53:13
if this is your second try i will try to read your 7th try really poor grammer is poor spelling is poor {spell check} and it's choppy try it till u get it right


2007-10-31 21:49:04
100 dollars says that the idiot commented his own story just to make himself feel good that at least one person liked it....


2007-06-14 11:46:47
loser,,,awful story!!!!

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