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After a sleepless night following being blackmailed into giving Richard a blowjob, I headed back the next morning to attend his mother
I was back at the funeral the next morning. I had expected Pat to object when I told her I needed to go. She simply said, "I've thought that all along. After all he was your best friend and this is his mother."

As I walked into the funeral home, Richard immediately walked over and greeted me. "You will sit with the family. I want you beside me," he commanded. I offered no objection.

On the way to the cemetary, he insisted that I ride in his car with him. Once we got into the car, he turned to me and told me how much my family meant to him. "Yours was the first ass I ever fucked. You gave me my first blow job. Too bad you didn't have a pussy. I had to turn to Mary for my first real fuck." (Mary was his sister-in-law that lived with them while his brother was in the service. I never guessed anything was going on between them.)

"My second pussy was Beverly, I'm sure you reemember her, and my third was Sandra," he said as he looked at me and smiled. (Both of them had been my girl friends.) "I knew you were letting all that good pussy go to waste so I helped you out.
Beverly was hot to trot and you could have had her cherry if you had gone for it. Sandra was anything but a virgin. When we doubled dated, I would always circle back to Sandra's house and slip her a little cock. You cannot guess who my fourth pussy was," he challenged.

"I have no idea," I said.

He grinned big. "Would you believe, your Mother?"

"Oh god, No," I gasped. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. It lterally ached. "You didn't!"

He laughed at my shocked respone. "No, but almost as good. It was your aunt Shirley.
That is about as close to your mother as one could get, isn't it? (Aunt Shirley had stayed with us for several months after her second divorce.) The first time I met her at your house, when I took her hand and looked her in the eye, I knew I could fuck her any time I was ready. That was the first time I ever sensed that with a woman, but it taught me to trust my instinct ever since. Only one time has it proved not to be accurate. The next day I skipped my afternoon classes and headed for your house. We were in her bed 30 minutes after I got there. She taught me a lot about women and the art of seduction. But I do have some things I could tell you about me and your mother some time, if you are interested."

"By the way, I said you were the first to drink my cum. Did you know that Jan was the second? Sandra was the third, Shirley, the fourth and Joy the fifth," he told me with a big grin. (Again I was rocked by that news. Jan and Joy were my younger sisters.) "So, my first five blow jobs came from you, your family and your girl friend. That makes your family pretty special in my book," he said with a wink.

As we pulled into the cemetary, Richard said, "We are not going to go back to the church for the family meal. You and I are leaving as soon as we can get away. we are going to have some more fun today and then you and I have some planning to do. You are going to help me seduce that sexy little wife of yours, before I have to report back to the base." With those words, he parked the car and opened the door. "Now, let's get this over with," he barked as he slid out of the drivers seat. In a daze at his announcement, I slowly got out of the car and headed with him toward the grave.

Five minutes after the graveside service, we were back in the car and heading for the gates of the cemetary. "Ok, time to shed all those clothes and make Naughty Willie happy again, he ordered. That was part of the ritual we followed when he would take me to school. I always had to totally undress, free his dick and suck him to completion before we arrived at the school parking lot. I was not allowed to dress until I had drained all the cum he had to offer. One day I was completely naked when he parked in the school parking lot. I had to climb in the backseat for my clothes, just hoping nobody drove or walked by as I showed my naked ass. Richard had just laughed, opened up his door wide and took his time getting out.

Knowing it was pointless to argue I began removing my coat and tie and soon was totally naked with even my shoes and socks in the back seat. It was going to be difficult to lay across the console to capture his penis in my mouth. Eventually, I let down my seat as far as possible, putting my legs in the back and twisted around where my face was in his lap. He offered no help as I tugged at his belt, zipper and boxers. Finally his semi hard cock was free, butt I could not get my head beneath the steering wheel. He saw my predicament, raised the wheel until my mouth slipped over his manhood and pulled the wheel back down, totally trapping my head in that position. I just prayed we did not have a wreck.

His cock continued to harden as I begin to tickle his balls with my fingers and licked my tongue over and around his shaft. My body was feeling terribly unconfortable my the position it was in. I was determined to bring him off as soon as possible, but he seemed in no hurry at all. I raised my head as much as possible and sucked hard as my mouth bobbed up and down over his ever enlarging cock. It seemed to go on forever, with my body aching and his penis refusing to give up its prize. Finally, he pulled the car over rolled down his window and killed the motor. He raised the wheel where I could move my mouth up and down his whole shaft. I could feel the moment was near and began to suck harder and move faster and faster up and down. Then his hands pushed my head down hard and he bucked up from the seat. His rod went down into my throat. Involuntarily, I began gaging which only increased his sensations. I could not take in any oxygen and was panicing as I sank into darkness. My last thought was, "I am going to die with a cock down my throat. I heard him cry, "I"M CUMMMMMMMMMMING, as the hot sperm exploded over my tonsils.

I do not know how long I had passed out until consciouness returned. I was gasping for air around his softening penis. His cum and my slobers were runing over his balls, as his breathing begin returning to normal. "VERRRRRRYYYYY GOOOODDDD!," he said in a throaty whisper, as he continued to hold my head over his shaft. After a few minutes, he said in quiet voice, "I guess your Dad isn't working today," as he released the pressure on my head.

I thought that was a strange thing for him to say the first thing after his orgasim. "How do you get that?," I asked.

"Well, his car is still in the drive way," he replied.

"He is working evenings," I said. Suddenly the impact of what he had said hit me. "His car is in the driveway.....oh noooo! Surely he had not parked in front of my folk's house."
As I raised up as much as I could, I realized that was exactly what he had done. I was totally naked in a car parked in front of my parent's house with cum all over my face.

"Well, I don't guess they are going to come out to see us, so I guess we had just as well get over to the house, and get a bite to eat," he said as he pushed my head off his lap, started the car and peeled out loudly from my old home. Soon we were parked in his driveway. "No need to get dressed yet," he said. "Just gather up your clothes and bring them into the house. With that he was out of the car and unlocking the kitchen door.

It took me a couple of minutes to get unfolded and for the circulation to resume throughout my body. To get inside, I would have to walk about tenyards. If anyone happened to be looking, they would see me totally nude. No one would know who I was, I reasoned as I gathered up all my clothing and jumped out of the car and headed for the door. I pulled on the storm door and it was locked. I heard the car doors lock. I was locked out of the car as well as the house and was standing there buck naked. "Richard," I hollerd through the screen, "Open the door! "

An eternity later, Richard appeared at the door. "I am terribly sorry it took me so long. Did you need something?"

"Open the damn door, you prick," I fumed.

"Oh my, we are getting testy today, aren't we. If that is the way you are going to act, maybe I better leave you outside to cool off a little before I let you in," he said as he turned away.

"Richard, open the door. Please!," I begged.

"Now that's more like it," he replied as he unlocked the storm door and opened it for me to come inside.

As we ate food that had been brought in by the neighbors, Richard began asking me all kinds of questions about Pat and our relationship. He wanted to know what turned her on, was she hot in bed, how often we had sex, did she have mutliple orgasms, was she a virgin when we met and several other intimate as well as general questions. Before we finished, he had decided that we would invite him for dinner the following Friday, because the kids were in band and the team was playing an out of town game.

Then I asked him what he meant about stories about him and my mother. Here is the story he told me as we drove back to the funeral home to get my car.

"I went by your house one afternoon to see if you wanted to go to the show. When I walked by the window I saw your Mom on the couch in her robe and she was crying. She had a shower cap on so I knew she had either taken a shower or was getting ready to. The front door was open a couple of inches so I opend the screen and walked inside. She was startled at my entrance and tried to collect herself.

I asked if you were home and she told me you were working that afternoon. I asked her about the girls and they were visiting your Aunt Shirley. She was alone. I wanted to know what was the matter with her and she kept saying she was alright and that I needed to go. I walked over to where she was standing and put my hands on her sholders and told her I was not going to leave when she was like that. Again, I asked her what was wrong.

She teared up again, looked me in the eyes in the most pitiful way and sobbed: "I miss my Daddy so much," put her head on my chest and broke down in hard crying. That was about six weeks after your Grandfather had died. I just stood there holding her in my arms and trying to comfort her. My hands rubbed up and down her back and then I realised she did not have her bra on. I moved my hand down to her bottom and back up her back and confirmed she was naked beneath her robe. That's when Naughty Willie began to get interested. I remembered that her robe was cinched together but was not tied. I suggested we sit back down on the couch and she agreed. As we took our seats I managed to loose the tie just a little. As we sit there, and I continued to pat her and rub my hands up and down her back and sholders, the robe began to part a little bit more. Each time we would shift positions the robe would reveal more and more until it gapped at least an inch all the way down. She was never aware of what I was doing.

I remembered hearing something one time that grief often brought out passion in a woman. At times of loss they crave intimacy. So I thought maybe it wa worth a try. I don't know if you know it or not, but every boy in the neighborhood dreamed about getting between your mother's legs and playing with her tits. I jacked off many a night thinking about fucking your mother. If there was ever a chance of that happening I figured it was now or never. As I held her I began to kiss her on her forehead, on her cheek. her nose, and her eyes. They were the kind of kisses you would give to a child who's heart was broken. After a while she began to quit her sobbing and looked up at me. I just looked deeply into her eyes and then gently kissed her on her mouth. She made no response. I kissed her on her face and then returned to kiss her on the mouth again. Again she responded in no way, so I resumed the process kissing her forehead, cheeks eye lids, and then her mouth. On the fifth or sixth time she kissed back. We returned these little pecks a few time and then I said to her, "I want to kiss you."

She smiled and said," I thought that was what you were doing." I told her, "No, I want to kiss you like a man kissed a woman." Before she could say anything, I gave her a passionate kiss. Instead of pulling away, she returned it. We locked together for almost a full minute and I was wondering about whether or not to slip my tongue inyo her mouth. I was afraid the older generation might not do that. Then I felt her tongue licking my lips timidly as if she was not sure how I would respond. Immediately, our tongues were dueling each other. I could feel her passion taking hold of her.

I slipped my hand down inside her robe to take hold of one of those big beautiful breasts, that I had lusted for so many nights She moaned and turned where I could grasp it more fully. Soon her robe was covering nothing but her back and my hands roamed over her hard nipples and caressed the fullness of her mounds. I broke the kiss so I could take her nipples into my mouth. She arched her back offering them up my manipulations. My hand dropped between her legs to her furry pussy. Again she moaned and thrashed wildly in passion. I moved down to her wet opening and stuck a finger inside her and then a second one. I withdrew so I could rub her clit. After two or three times she stiffened and urgently moved her hand over mine and held it. "No!,"she whimpered. I tried to rub it again, but her hand held mine firmly.

I raised up from her breast and began to run my tongue deeply in her throat again. We kissed deeply for several moments and I felt her moment of total surrender. I don't know how one knows, but that moment of submission is communicated from spirit to spirit without a word or guesture being made. Then in just a moment or two her legs relaxed and fell open a little wider and her hand released her grip and moved to draw my head deeper into the kiss we shared.

My fingers were back inside her and then attacked her clit again. The next thing I knew, I was shooting my cum all over my drawers. I continued to massage her to the point of a climax, wondering what to do when I decided, under the circumstances, I could be a gentleman, at least in her mind. I withdrew my hand, moved it to her back and held her tight for a couple of moments. Then I broke the kiss, looked deep into her eyes and said, "I have such love and respect for you. You told me "no" and I will not violate your wishes." I kissed her again on her forehead and stood up. I knew she wanted to continue, but I also knew I would not be ready again for a while. I was gambling that this would open the door to a future time and place.

She pulled her robe together and tied it this time. Then she was in my arms again. She thanked me for letting her cry and then for stopping when I did. I told her I was glad I was there when she needed someone. I told her again that I was sorry about her Dad's death. Then I looked in her eyes again and said, "We need to leave something for the next time we are together."

She said resolutely, "This should have never happpen, I don't imagine there will be a next time."

That was when I gambled big. I reached down, untied the robe and slipped it off her sholders before she knew what was happening. I kissed her again until her passion flamed again. Then guiding her back to the couch, I pushed her down and fell in the floor at her feet. I easily parted her legs and moved my face into her delicious pussy. As I rammed my tongue deep inside her she moaned and jerked in passion. After eating her out, I pulled back a little and found her clit that was standing at full attention and begin to suck and tongue it until she was jerking like electricity was jolting her body. O god, o god, o god, she kept crying. I can't take this. O god, o god I've never felt anything like this. O god,,,,EEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, she screamed, as she shuddered through one orgasim after another. Finally she limply collapsed in spent passion.

I continued to tease her and would give her clit a lick with my long tongue. Each time she would jerk all over. Finally, I raised up and pulled her lips to mine in a final kiss of passion. I broke the kiss and looked deep into her soul. "You enjoy this as much as I do. I think there will be a next time don't you. Her eyes looked away from mine and in a weak voice filled with resignation, she said only one word: "Yes."

I stood up and pulled her up to fully embrace her beautiful naked body. I lifted her head till she looked me in the eyes again. "When will our next time be?"

"The next time Wes works graveyards and you spend the night with Jimmy," she whispered. "He will be off the next two days and then goes on days. The next week-end he starts the graveyard shift."

I kissed her gently, smiled and said, "I'll see you then."

Richard finished, his story as we drove back to the funeral home. "I will call you in a few days and let you know when we will get together again. And while I am thinking about it, no more sex with Pat until I can check it out. It might be harmful to your health. I owe it to you to make sure it is safe for you to continue. Do you understand?"

I looked into Richard's stern eyes, and nodded. "You want the deck stacked in your favor. Ok, no more sex till you've had your shot."

"Oh I didn't say that. I just said you are not to have sex of any deion with her. No, you will have plenty of sex alright. Just steer clear of Pat. And I don't imagine she will go without very long either. She will have other opportunities, I can assure you of that With that he laughed, and motioned for me to get on out. "I will finish the story about you Mom next time we get together. With that he pulled his car into gear and sped out of the parking lot.


2007-03-15 01:29:51
that cock probably dresses like a prostitute and fucks guys 4 a living aaiiiiiii


2006-11-27 03:16:07
I agree, that cumwad deserves a shitkicking. Some fuckjob tried that shit with me or my family, I'ld fuck him, his family, hell even his fucking dog. Then, I'ld hook his ass on drugs and pimp him out as a tranny bitch.


2006-11-25 16:25:10
I really hope this develops into some ultra revenge against that prick

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