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After attending a 10 year high school reunion, I have decided to try my hand at erotic writing by recalling some events the fall of my senior year. Not many people went to a high school that was the subject of a PBS speial on the sexual activity of teenagers, but I'm here to recall some of the events. My name is Jared, and I had had one serious girlfriend that I had lost my virginity to at my prom.
I actually just lucked into attending this high school in the outskirts of Atlanta. My father was transferred the summer before my senior year. My parents knew that it would be a tough move for me, leaving all my friends and teammates on the football and wreslting teams. Dad tried to help my attitude by telling me I would get a better look by football recruits at this new school. My first choice on schools was Georgia Tech, where my dad had played, and I probably would get more looks moving to Atlanta. Plus, I had been playing in the small school classification in Illinois, and this school was in the largest division in Georgia and I just knew we had to move.
When I arrived in early August to my new school I got a mixed reception. The coaches were estatic to have a 6'4", 220 lbs. lineman just move in and they made me feel very welcome. My new teammates did not show much Southern hospitality. One of the things I expected was to find several more Tech fans than the Big 10 fans from where I moved, but instead, I was as much an outsider in Atlanta as I had been back up North. If you weren't a UGA fan, then you were the enemy at my new school. The biggest problem I had was that I wanted to play end, but that was the position of one of "in group" of close knit seniors on the team. When I won the starting position I became even more unaccepted. Some of his buddies even started cheapshotting me, even when they were playing defense with me. After an after practice fight, where I just had to whip his ass, they kind of accepted me.
When classes began things got a little better, but I was kind of surprised. I signed up for mostly honors classes, but had very few teammates in my classes. But I got to make even more friends in the classes. The 2 biggest changes I noticed was how much bigger this school was than my old school, over 3000 students, and how many hot, beautiful girls there were. I must have walked around for the first 2 weeks just staring. I had also come from a school that had a strict dress code, but there was no dress code at my new school and the girls were very proud of showing their sexy bodies.
Enough about the setting, let me now get to the interesting parts.
When the kids in my honors classes found out I was on the football team, they first were amazed, then they kept telling me that guaranteed that I got into the after game party. I asked them what they were talking about, and they couldn't believe I had not heard of the football parties. My first thought was that I probably was not told because I would not be welcome, but as the first game approached, the host of the first party made sure I knew about it, and invited me.
We played our first game and won easily. I had a pretty good game, but had a hard time with the heat and humity, as I had in practice. I don't know if you can ever get use to playing football in 90 degree heat and 80% humidity. I never did. Anyway, after the game I told my parents I was going to the party after the game and got in my truck and followed the directions I had been given and drove to the party. I could tell I was in the right place by the cars parked blocks from the house. I parked my truck and walked up to the house that was in a neighborhood that had mansions. I had never seen such monstrosities. When we moved, we moved into a lot bigger and nicer house than we had lived in in Illinois, but these houses were mansions. As I walked up to the house I noticed many kids I had seen at school and I noticed how dressed up the girls were.
I followed the crowd and walked to the music around behind the house to around the swimming pool. People were everywhere, including in the pool. Many people started slapping me on the back, saying good game and then someone put a beer in my hand, which I gladly accepted. But I could not believe all the drinking and the kegs that were at the party. I had to ask, where was this guy's parents and people just laughed at me.
It was a great party, a lot of drunks, and pretty soon people started getting thrown into the pool, including some of the girls. I noticed several of my teammates arriving at the party but went into the house and disappeared. I didn't think much of it then, just had a good time and then left after a couple of hours. As I was leaving, one of the 9th grade cheerleaders came up and with a look of urgency asked if she could have a ride.
I knew her from my youth group at church. her name was Tiffany and I told her sure, but I didn't know my way around very well. She guaranteed me she wouldn't get me lost so I told her let's go. Tiffany was very cute, about 5'0", light brown hair in what I called a cheerleader cut, budding boobs, and a cute little ass.
We got into my truck and started making small talk. She told me that she had heard I had played a good game, but that the freshman cheerleaders had to sell programs and she didn't get to see all the game. Then we started talking about the party and she explained that she was getting worried at the party about getting thrown into the pool. She said wished she had changed clothes before going to the party, but that she had just worn her uniform and could not get it wet. Then she surprised me when she said she would have let the guys throw her in if she could have taken off her uniform. I was kidding when I said," and what, gone in your bra and panties." But she shocked me back and said,"yeah". She noticed the surprise on my face and said, "hey, people will be wearing less than that later tonight".
I said, "what"? And she then said, "Yankee, you have a lot to learn!"
She showed me where she lived and I pulled into her driveway. Tiffany noticed that her parents car was not in the garage and then said she wished she had stayed at the party longer. Then she just up and asked if I was dating anyone, and I told her no, I hadn't even been on a date since moving to Atlanta. Then she said," thank you for the ride," and then leaned over and kissed me. The kiss kind of caught me by surprise. Not that she kissed me, but that she kissed me on my mouth and it was more seductive than I expected. Tiffany's lips were wet and she held her kiss longer than just a thank you kiss. We broke the kiss and just kind of stared at each other for a second. Then Tiffany said, "you know that you are really hot don't you, and all the girls are talking about you."
"Oh," I said. "And what are they saying about me?"
Tiffany kissed me again, and then said, "they are just wondering who is going to be the first to get in your pants."
I about swallowed my tongue, but didn't, because Tiffany was kissing me again and we were not playing tongue tag. She moved right next to me and put her arms around me and pulled herself tight against me. I slowly put my hands on her sides then around to her back and our kissing got deeper. Tiffany then began making cute little hmming sounds. When Tiffany turned to face me more, I moved my right hand up and under her cheerleader vest and to my surprise didn't get any hand fighting or resistance. When my hand touched her bra in the back, she broke our kiss, opened her eyes and gave me a cute little smile. I leaned my lips back to her's and deftly unhooked her bra. Tiffany scooted on the front seat that allowed me to more easily move my hand around to her stomach and up to her loose bra. As I kissed her more passionately I slid my hand under her bra and cupped her firm little boob. We continued to kiss and I fondled both her tits and played with her nipples. After making out for awhile, thinking about ending this enjoyable evening and worrying about her parents coming home, Tiffany suddenly put her hand on my crotch, gave a firm squeeze and then took my hand and put it up under her skirt. I was shocked. I had never had a girl do something like this! Tiffany could tell I was surprised but she was quick and purred, "don't you want to pet my kitty?" I quickly recovered and rubbed between her legs over her cheerleader bloomers. Then Tiff scooted away and I thought she was going inside, but instead, she lifted her butt, reached under her skirt and pulled her bloomers and panties off and put them in her purse. I then moved towards her. Tiff put her arms around my neck and kissed me as my left hand touched the inside of her thigh and slid right up to her pussy. I put my hand flatly between her legs and could feel her thin trimmed landing strip on her pubic mound and smooth wet soft pussy lips. As I pushed against her pussy, she let out a soft moan and my fingers played with her pussy lips. My middle finger found her opening, and popped right in up to my first knuckle. I gently fingered her pussy and got my finger wet with her juice and slid up her slit and found her swollen clit and when I touched it, I felt her body jump and tighten. She pushed my hand back down, so I slid my finger back into her cunt, and slid in as deep as I could. After looking down to see my hand under her skirt, I looked at her face and closed eyes as I slowly began finger fucking her. She was making noises that let me know she was enjoying what I was doing, but then she whispered, "put two fingers in me." She put her hands on the seat beside her, and raised her hips a little more, and let me slide two fingers up inside her. Then, still with her eyes closed, said, "faster." So I moved my hand faster and faster and loved feeling this sexy little cheerleader's pussy. The only discomfort I had was the humongous boner I had in my jeans. Just as I was realizing my discomfort I felt Tiffany's hands on my zipper. I slowed my fingering and let her unbutton my jeans, unzip my pants, reach in my boxers and take hold of my cock. Tiffany then spread her legs more and as I began fingering her again, she began stroking my dick. As I felt her pussy walls tighten on my fingers, I felt my own explosion building and told her,"Tiff, I'm gonna cum." Tiffany reached into her purse, pulled out her panties, sped up her stroking my dick, and when she touched my cock with her panties to catch my cum, I exploded. Some of my load hit the steering wheel. Tiffany just laughed, kept pumping my dick catching my cum. She then wiped the goo off the steering wheel, then laid back and spread her legs. This actually let me see her cute little pussy for the first time. I just used my middle finger and found her clit with my thumb, and massaged both faster and faster. I heard her breath shorten and she just started mumbling, "I'm cumming, oh yes, yes, yes!!" and her pussy grabbed my finger and she shuddered all over.
Just as Tiffany started to relax just a little a car pulled into the driveway and drove right past us. I about had a heart attack. Tiffany reacted relatively calmly. She told me to start up my truck, which I did, and she sat up and adjusted herself. She turned and ask if I would hook her bra back, and then she calmly opened the door and yelled, "hey mom and dad, perfect timing. Jared just brought me home from the party." She then turned to me and said, "thank you for the ride and I'll see you Sunday at church."
I thought quickly and reminded her that she wasn't wearing any panties. She just adjusted her skirt, pulled it down a little and closed the door and headed into the house.
I pulled out of the driveway, headed for home, and just thought, what have I gotten into?
ch. 2
I had trouble sleeping that night, with all that had happened, and when I woke up the next morning, all I could think about was calling Tiffany and see if everything was ok. I remembered that I had a phone directory from church so I called her home. I was very nervious when Tiffany's mother answered the phone, but she was very polite, asked if this was Jared, and thanked me for bring Tiffany home. Then she informed me that Tiffany was still in bed being a sleepy head, and told me to call back in a few minutes that she needed to get up. So I hung up, breathed a sigh of relief, that apparently her parents had no idea and then called back in about 30 minutes.
When I called back, Tiffany's mom answered the phone again, but she yelled for Tiff to pick up the phone. When I heard her voice say hello, and heard the click of her mom hanging up, I said, "hey, how are you doing this morning."
Tiffany responded, "fine, how are you football hero?"
"I'm doing great," I replied, "and relieved to hear things are ok on your end."
"Of course they are," Tiff answered, "why shouldn't they be?"
"Well, other than your parents almost catching us in the middle of an orgasm, and you going in the house with no panties on," I said, "not much."
"Oh, they have no idea. They were just excited that you had brought me home, and wondered if I was going out with you? Dad has heard all about you from other dad's and wanted to know more about you."
I was so relieved that her parents were not suspect of our activities. We then chatted a little more on the phone. Then out of the blue, I just asked her if I could see her today. She said sure, but that she had plans for the evening, but why didn't I come over for some lunch and we could watch some football or maybe even cool off in the pool. So I drove over to her house around 1 o'clock, and pulled into her driveway. I knocked on the door and Tiffany came to the door and told me to come on in. See looked so hot. She was wearing short, short cheerleader shorts, and a tank top and I could see she was wearing a bikini on underneath. She led me back to the ketchen where her mom was making some sandwiches. I immediately saw why Tiffany was so hot, as her mom was so beautful. She was wearing a demin mini skirt, and a sleeveless button up blouse that was unbuttoned down to between her boobs. She had a fantastic tan, and when she leaned the right way, I got a great view of her tits. Tiffany had real potential if she was going to be like her mom, at least a D cup.
We made chit chat with her mom, then her mom says that she is going to the mall to go shopping and that she has several places she needs to run.
Tiffany tells her mom that we'll just eat some lunch and either watch some football on the TV, or listen on the radio and go in the pool.
I couldn't believe it, but her mom tells us good bye, and we have the house to ourselves. We say bye to her mom, and then I give Tiffany this little sheepish grin, but first, I have to know where her dad is. "Oh," says Tiff, he is playing in a golf tournament at the club, then he'll watch football after that."
My grin just got wider. Tiffany asked,"want to jump in the pool or watch the game?"
I just shrugged my shoulders, not wanting to do either. Then Tiff says, "let me show you my room and then we can decide."
I followed her from the kitchen, down the hall and into her room. It was my worst nightmare! Not really, but everything was in the hated UGA, Red & Black. I kind of laughed and mentioned, "you do know I'm going to Georgia Tech next year don't you?"
Tiffany put her hands to her face and shrieked,"oh no, I let a Tech man touch my pussy!" and we both laughed.
Then I said, "well, when you asked, I really had something else in mind than watching football."
"Oh, and what would that be," Tiffany said coyly.
"Well, I was kind of wanting to see you naked, to be honest," I said.
"Well, for a Tech man, that is kind of bold!" she said, "but might be arranged." And with that, she hugged my neck and kissed me on my mouth and we began tongueing each other. I was so nervious being in her room and wanted things to speed up, so I broke our kiss and pulled off my shirt, staring at Tiff to see if she was as willing. She was! Her tank top came off revealing a tiny green and yellow bikini. She came towards me and I leaned down and gently kissed her lips, and she turned around, put her arms up to hold her hair up and I untied her top from around her neck and then behind her and pitched her top over on the bed. Then I put my arms around her and cupped each titty and started kissing her neck. She leaned back into me, putting her back up against my chest and letting me fondle her boobs and tweek her nipples between my finger and thumbs. When she laid her head back on my shoulder I slid my hands down her tummy and put them right between her legs and pulled her butt back into my crotch. My hard cock fit perfectly vertical into her butt crack. As I kissed her neck and rubbed her crotch feeling to find that she did not have on her swim suit bottoms. I moved my hands to the top of her shorts and put my fingers under the elastic and pulled them down over her cute little hips. I knelt down and let Tiff step out of the shorts and I could now see her beautiful hot body in the light. She had a fabulous tan with no lines on her back and just a little white triangle and line down the crack of her ass showing she had tanned in the tinyest thong suit. As I stood up she turned and faced me and I put my hands on her shoulders to hold her back so I could soak in her cute fantastic naked body. She had a little white triangle area that just barely showed around her little pink areolas. The pink areolas were about the shape of nickels. My eyes then dropped over her dark tummy to the small white triangle and neatly trimmed landing strip of pubes that went up about 3 inches from her slit. Her pussy was so nice and baby smooth around her mound and pussy lips. I instintively unbuttoned my jeans, but Tiffany moved forward, moved my hands, started unzipping my jeans and kissing my tummy right above the top of my pants. She then pulled my jeans and boxers down together. When my cock popped out of my shorts Tiff let out a,"oh my gosh" as she gazed at my hard on. "I didn't realize the other night how big your cock is," she said. "I think my mind was distracted by something else."
I just grinned as she pulled my boxers off and then cupped my balls. "How big are you," she asked.
I just shrugged my shoulders and said,"I don't know, never measured," and just laughed.
"Can I measure?" she then asked.
Shocked again I said, "what?"
"Can I measure your cock?" asked Tiff.
"I guess so," I shyly responded.
Tiffany turned and I watched her cute butt walk away from me. She opened her desk draw and retrieved a ruler and walked back towards me. Her titties were so perky, they pointed strait ahead and wiggled very little when she walked. Her boby was to tight. When she got back in front of me she kneeled down and put the ruler on top of my cock and when her fingers touched the head of my dick, I twitched. She giggled and said, "stop that."
I just laughed also and said, "I can't help it."
Tiff then replied, "oh yeah, you are right at 8 in. that is so cool."
"Oh is it?" I asked. "It works for me."
"Let me see," Tiffany purrs and she throws the ruler aside and starts stroking my cock.
"Oh Tiffany, that feels so good, but let me get you ready before I explode," and I lifted her up and pulled her into me and I felt her firm tits on my chest and my cock went between her legs and when it was up tight against her crotch, Tiff squeezed her legs together to trap me there. Our mouths met again and we kissed each other passionately, playing serious tongue gag. My hands cupped her cute little ass and I pulled her closer to me. I slowly lower her onto her bed and then started kissing down her neck and then to her titties. I caught her left nipple in my mouth and began sucking it like a baby.
Tiffany squealed out,"oh that is making my pussy so wet."
I said, "let me see," and I kissed down her tummy, and kissed on both sides of her landing strip and licked her smooth pubic mound area, and finally planted a kiss right on her pussy lips. Sticking my tongue out, I found her pussy opening and stuck my tongue in as deep as I could and tasted her juicey cunt. When I licked up the top of her slit, I then hit her clit and she jumped. I then put my lips to her hard little clitty and began sucking.
She let out a loud "Ooohhhh," and I knew I was doing something right. "Oh yes," she said, "oh that is going to make me cum." I sucked then used my tongue and flicked her clit. Her eyes were closed now and her body was tightening, I knew I was close. When I stuck my middle finger in her pussy and sucked her clit, I felt her cum. She tensed all over and then jumped to each flick of my tongue. Finally her body came to a complete relaxed state and I kissed up her tummy and back to her mouth.
After kissing Tiff, I then softly asked, "are you ready for me to enter you?"
Her answer nearly knocked me out of bed! "Oh baby, I only let my boyfriend do me there."
"Your what?" I blurted.
"My boyfriend, he is the only one that I let fuck me." Tiff said very nonchantly.
"Wait a sec," I said. "We have been doing this and you have a boyfriend? Doesn't he mind?" I asked.
"Oh I don't plan on telling him. Does this bother you? I just like having fun, don't you?"
"Oh I love all this, I just never had anything like this happen to me, and kind of surprising," I replied.
"Do you want to stop?" she asked.
"Oh no, especially in my condition," as I pointed down at my hard on.
"Oh good," Tiffany said as she smiled and took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it. "You made me cum so hard, that was wonderful. Can I cum again?" she asked.
"I would love to do that again, but what about your parents? I would hate for them to walk in on us!"
Tiffany responded,"oh, they won't be home yet. But I have something in mind that will make us both feel good."
I thought I had been surprised the most, but Tiff was full of even more surprises. She looked down at my cock as she stroked it and then asked,"would you like to cum in my booty?"
She looked at my face and could see the shock, but I recovered and replied,"do you like it that way?"
"Oh yes," she replied, "that is the first way I had sex. The first time I got this far, my date didn't have a condom and my girlfriend had told me."
"When was this?"
"Last year when I was in the 8th grade. I was at one of the football parties and one of the varsity players did me. Have you ever done a girl in the butt before?" she asked.
"Honest? No, have never done that," I replied, hoping she would still want to.
"Ok, so I'm going to take your virginity," she laughed. "Open that draw by my bed and get that bottle of lotion." She then got off the bed on the other side and wiggled her way over to my side. She took the lotion from my hand and then squeezed the cream into her hand and then caught my cock and rubbed the cream all over my dick. I thought I was going to cum right then. Tiffany then took the bottle again and squeezed some lotion on my fingers. "Now, lube my butt up with that lotion."
Tiffany turned her back to me, put her hands on the bed and bent over and turned her pretty face back to look at me. I used my left hand and pulled her left cheek open a little bit, and then fingered to find her bung hole. I then moved my right hand down and rubbed the lotion over her swollen ass hole. I then squeezed some more lotion on my fingers and then slowly encerted them in her anus. Tiffany squirmed a little as my finger first entered but then relaxed as my finger slid inside of her. I stared down as my finger slid in, then I pulled out and then fingered her in and out and I asked, "does that feel good?"
She responded, "uh huh."
I then asked," are you ready?"
Tiff softly said, "yes, but be sure and go slow. I have never had a cock as big as yours in me."
"Will it feel good to you? I don't want to hurt you." I honestly said.
"I can handle you, if it hurts too bad, I'll say stop, but I think my booty can take it."
She was now standing beside her bed, bent over with her hands on her bed. I took my dick in my hand, squeezed a little more lotion on the head of my cock and then rubbed it in her ass crack and right on her anus. I used my right hand and rubbed my dick on her asshole. Now I could feel her puckered hole with the sensitive head of my dick. I moved my hand and put both hands on each side of her hips. I pushed forward gently and felt her hole given a little, but I saw her body tighten.
"You ok," I asked, and she responded,"yes, it hurts a little, but then It will feel great."
I kept steady pressure and then pushed a little harder and then, pop, I felt her anus give and the head of my cock popped inside her butt. Tiff cringed a little but then I felt her push back into my hips. I then had an idea and took the lotion and squeezed a glob of goo down her ass crack. It slid down her crack and then covered my cock and got into my hairy patch above my cock. Tiffany let out an "oooo," but I could tell she liked the idea. I pushed my cock in a little more and had a little room to now pull back and go in and out, in and out as I felt her butt relax. Her ass as so slick now with all the lotion I now pushed in and my cock slid all the way inside her. When my stomach squeezed up against her ass, I just held her tight against me and looked down and saw my pubic hair up tight in her crack. Tiffany then bent over more and went down on her elbows are the bed, and she then said, "ok, now pump me," and I pulled out and then back in, in a slow, tight fuck.
Tiffany was a little more anxious as she blurted,"faster, baby, make me cum." So I picked up my speed and then she offered more help,"finger my pussy and pinch my nipple." So I moved my right hand from her hip down under her tummy touching her pubic hair pointing the way down to her sweet spot. My fingers fumbled with her wet cunt, but then slipped my finger up inside her and I could feel my dick putting pressure on her pussy. I started fingering her as I fucked her ass and my left hand found her left titty. Tiffany was responding by,"oh yes, oh yes!!"
I was ready to explode. "Oh Tiff, I'm going to cum, what do you want me to do, pull out?"
"No she almost shouted. Shoot it all up in my ass. I want to feel you explode in my ass." So I pumped in and out of her butt and my balls tightened up. "Find my clit and rub it, I'm going to cum too," she shouted.
"Here I cum," and I pulled my wet finger out of her pussy and rubbed her juices over her swollen clit and I exploded my cum all up inside her butt. I lowered my chest down onto her bare back, held both her titties in my hands and continued to pump and shoot jism all up inside her. Tiffany just collapsed on the bed and said,"oh yes."

Chapter 3
It was after the third football game that everything changed. We were playing one of our 2 big rivals and the stadium was packed. Both teams had great defenses and it was a game of field position. We were behind in the 4th quarter by a score of 3-0 when their quarterback ran an option to my side. Everything just worked perfect for me. As the quarterback ran straight at me to option off my reaction, I attacked his outside shoulder as I was suppose to and tipped the ball as I hit the quarterback. The running back ran past the ball, so I was closest to it, picked it up and ran 18 yards for the winning touchdown. All of a sudden I was everybody's hero, including the "in group." I was so sore after that game, I had played my guts out, but I definitely wanted to make "the victory party."
The party was being held at one of the cheerleaders house. Like the others it was a mansion with pool and party room. And like the others there was plenty to drink and no parents in sight. When I arrived everyone wanted to congratulate me and thank me. Tiffany was there with her boyfriend and she ran up and jumped in my arms and gave me a hug and kissed me on my cheek. I thought this might be trouble, but her boyfriend immediately shook my hand and congratulated me on a great game.
Then things changed. The party hostess, Megan, took my arm and said, "come on hero, let's go to the real victory party."
I know I had a questioned look on my face, but I just followed her lead. She led me in the house, I was given a beer, which might have been the best beer I ever had and we walked upstairs to the main floor. The house was quiet but I heard people talking upstairs. Megan was telling me what a great game I had played and then led me up this grand staircase. She then asked me, "have you ever been a video party, or playboy party?"
I looked at her, kind of laughed and said, "no, why?"
She said, "cause you are going to one." She then held my arm tighter, like I might run away, and pulled me faster upstairs. We then walked to a door, she opened the door and we walked in, and I could tell that it was the master bedroom. It was huge and there were many people in there. I learned quickly that there were 30. As soon as I entered the room I was the center of attention. I was congratulated over and over. I noticed several of my teammates and several of the cheerleaders in the room, but I couldn't see everyone cause the lighting was very dim and in fact, most of the light was coming from a large television. The other thing I noticed was that the door was closed behind us as we entered the room.
Someone then shouted, "sshhhhh, sports is coming on," and we all shuffled to find a seat and watch the highlights of our game. After the 5 minute coverage, I was slapped and pushed around, getting more congratulations, but then the hostess, and her boyfriend stood up in front of the television and pushed a button and a blue screen covered television.
Eric, Megan's boyfriend took over and told everyone, "ok, everyone settle down and find your place in the room. Everyone has your number." I didn't know what he was talking about but then Megan stepped toward me and handed me a small piece of paper that had lucky 13 number on it. "Most of you know how this works, those that do not, let me quickly explain. We will draw numbers. If your number is picked, you will come forward and we will then play a video. You and your group will do what the video shows. We will not pick a first timer in the beginning, so you can watch and learn. In fact, the first group knows who they are because we have an anual initiation to do, so will the first group come forward."
I was sitting off to the left of the television, standing up against the wall, actually closest to the door. I watched as 4 people came forward, 2 were freshmen cheerleaders and 2 were my teammates and they sat down on the bed and on the floor in front of the TV.
The two girls were Amy and Julie, both very cute, but different. Amy was short, bleach blond, maybe 5', but without a doubt, the hottest body in the freshman class, huge almost fake looking boobs, and a cute bubble butt that many a guy has watched walk through school. Julie was quite tall, maybe 5'10". She was beautiful, with long flowing curly light brown hair, and a nice curvey body.
My 2 teammates were Charlie and Andre. Charlie was about 5'10" and maybe 200 lbs. Andre, a black teammate, was the best athlete on the team, 6'2" and probably 180 lbs.
The VCR came on and I then understood the party and I realized this wasn't all about luck of the draw! The scene on the screen involved 2 girls dressed as cheerleaders and 2 guys, I'm not sure from the Playboy channel or not, but you understand what was showing.
The video last approximately 15 minutes. I watched around the room and tried to see faces. Some people seemed rather calm, while others squirmed and giggled. I could not see everyone, but I was fasinated by their expressions. But now the group watched as the 4 stood up infront of everyone. Eric reminded them of the rules,"you must reinact what you saw in the video." Megan stood and turned on a lamp to provide a little more light.
The girls then started like they had seen on the video and they faked a cheer and then went up to the guys and hugged and kissed them on their cheek. Amy went to Charlie and Julie to Andre. After the kiss, each girl stepped back and then reached behind their back and started unzipping their cheerleader vests. Amy unzipped her's right down, then looked to see that Julie's was kind of stuck. Julie turned her back to Amy and she then unzipped the rest of the way. The girls kind of glanced at each other and I thought would hesitate, but both quickly shed the vests and threw them on the floor. Each girl now stood in bras and their cheerleader skirts. Amy was wearing a red bra and Julie a black one, our school colors. The guys then stepped up behind each girl and unhooked their bras and pulled them off the girls shoulders and then arms. Both were so beautiful. Julie's tits looked perfect. Perky firm B cup, that you could see smooth white skin around her dark, quarter size nipples, then her tanned body. Amy's were so different. Her D cup tits dropped as her bra was removed. Her boobs were as tan as the rest of her body and slightly freckled on the tops of her boobs but showing she tanned topless, Her nipples were light colored and hardly visible. Andre pitched Julie's bra on top of her vest, Charlie just let Amy's bra fall to her feet and he reached around and took her boobs in his hands and gave a squeeze. Amy didn't seem to mind and leaned back into Charlie's chest and let him play. Staying with what they saw on the video, each girl reached up under their skirts and pulled down there bloomers, and their panties with them. Then rather slowly and seductively, they unzipped their skirts on the side and looked up at everyone's faces and let the skirts drop. I think my mouth dropped also. Amy was baby smooth, completely hairless and her pussy was as tan as her whole body. Julie's long tall body was so beautiful. Her hips were just slightly rounded and as her skirt dropped, it revealed a perfect trimmed brown pubic mound and then you see a slight slit of her pussy. Plus, Julie had a tan line close to her pussy and right at the top of her pubic patch. Then the girls slowly turned around and Amy's bubble butt was fantastic and Julie's was as perfect as the rest of her body. The girls stood in front of everyone, each slightly turned so as to best hide their crotch and now each girl slightly bashful as they both looked down. Charlie and Andre now moved on each side of the girls and fondled the girls tits. Charlie even played a little more with Amy's huge boobs, lifting and then letting it bounce on Amy's chest. That made Amy blush. Then the two guys kneeled down beside the girls and put their hands inside the girls thighs and made each turn to the crowd and show their snatches. Then each guy put their finger in the girls slits and slid their fingers up and down their wet pussies. Each guy then worked their middle finger up inside their cunts and as they did each girl spread their legs a little more. It was the most erotic site I had ever seen, these two beautiful naked girls with two guys fingering their pussies. Just as in the video, the two guys pulled their fingers out and stood up.
To finish the scene from the video, the girls then turned to the guys and unbuttoned and unzipped their jeans and pulled them down to their knees. Then the girls pulled down the guys underwear. Charlie has an average length cock, but rather thick, and everyone on the team, and I think most of the girls know Andre has the longest dick on the team. Each guy then sat on the edge of the bed and the girls knelt down between their legs.
Eric then stopped the procedings for a second and added something. "Ok, new additions. The last one to cum gets to go in the next room with both girls and help them get dressed. Ready? Go."
Both girls took the dicks in their hands and started sucking. I don't think it was the first time for either. Each girl had their own technique. Amy would go up and down sucking Charlie then stop and pump with her hand. Julie seemed to be moving more slowly but deliberately, licking the head of Andre's cock, then sliding up and down and paying more attention to the underside of Andre's cock. Charlie was leaning back on his hands and just watching Amy bob up and down on his dick and giving us a better view. I could even see Amy's titties bounce as she went up and down on Charlie. Andre on the other hand was leaned forward and had each of Julie's tits in his hand and playing with her nipples. The contest ended in less than 5 minutes. It was Andre that spoke first as he let out an "oh no!" Julie sucked quicker and when the first shot hit her in the back of the throat, she came off Andre's cock and let the rest of us see him shoot his load in the air. Amy immediately stopped sucking Charlie's cock and turned and watched Julie finish off Andre. Charlie even took her hand off his cock, wanting to maybe have more fun in the next room. Everyone then broke into an applause. The girls then picked up their clothes and walked with Charlie out of the room as a disappointed Andre pulled up his pants and went to the back of the room. It was even enjoyable to watch their cute naked butts walk away and out the door.
As the door shut behind the 3, everyone looked back to Eric and Megan. "Ok, that was just the first one, we have more fun where that came from." People laughed and cheered. "Ok, now everyone look at your number." Megan then reached into one box that numbers for girls and the other one for the guys and announced, "numbers 7 and, I nearly swallowed my tongue, #13." No one said anything and everyone began looking around to see who it was. I stepped forward first and just held up the piece of paper. Megan walked to me and took the paper and gave me a look that made me think this wasn't just a lucky draw. She looked at the paper and said, "yep, lucky #13."
I then began looking around the room to see who the girl was and I saw people moving out of the way to let someone through from the back. A hand came forward holding a piece of paper and then by the light behind me I saw her and couldn't believe it. It was, who I thought was the hottest girl in the school, Shauna. She was a senior like me, the best player on the tennis team, her mom was a teacher at the school, and she was in my honors pre-cal class. She was beautiful and smart. As she walked between the people she was looking down at the floor then she looked up and right into my eyes and she broke into a smile and held out her hand and said,"Hi, how are you?" and smiled widler.
I smiled back and honestly replied, "I feel great," and helped her step over the last set of legs. I then noticed a murmur in the group and everyone began to sit and settle in.
Shauna was wearing a white sleeveless blouse and a very short denim skirt and sandles. She was about 5'8*, light brown shoulder length hair that had blonde streaks in it, was very tan, and her body was absolutely awesome, even in her clothes! She did wear short skirts to school, but I had never seen her expose her mid riff or show cleavage, but you could tell she was well endowed. In fact, having never seen her play tennis, I wondered how she was so good, with such a shapely body. The girl tennis players at my old school were all skinny and no boobs. But I have learned, girls in the South are different.
Well, we were given the seats of honor on the edge of the bed in front of the TV and just being a gentleman I reached over and took Shauna by the hand and she gave me a thank you squeeze back and we started watching our scene.
I knew next that this was planned as a sexy girl was playing tennis, game ended and she and her teaching pro left the court and went into the same dressing room. We watched and Shauna squeezed my hand each time something sensual came on. The video clip lasted probably about 15 minutes, it felt like and hour, and then it was turned off and Eric turned on the one lamp that was used. No one said a word, just some movement so people could get a better view at us.
I released Shauna's hand, turned and faced her and whispered,"you ready?"
She smiled back and softly said, "let's do it." I just about came then!
We stood and I took a couple steps back and Shauna put her foot up on the bed like she was untieing her shoes, but did begin taking off her sandels. I walked up behind her, put my hands on her hips and put my hard dick right in her ass where she could feel how hard I was. She raised up and turned around, wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed. The first was exploration, and the next was passionate, and I mean it. I was in lust! Her lips were so soft and wet, and our tongues met immediately. As in the video, I broke our kiss and looked down and started unbuttoning her blouse as she kept her arms around my neck and kissed my forehead. I then pulled her shirt tail out of her shirt and finished unbuttoning and then opened it up and put my hands under it and on the skin of her back and we kissed again. Wanting to show how hot I was, I then kissed down her neck and kissed her ear lobe.
Then I felt this unbelieveable pain as Eric busted my ass with a paddle! He then says," you broke the ," and everyone but me and Shauna busted out laughing. I gave Eric a look that he did not understand, but he did later.
Shauna then kissed me and whispered,"forget him," so I did, and pulled her closer to me.With her boobs in my chest I now realized how built Shauna was. Her boobs were wonderful and I glanced down and saw what cleavage when she was smashed up against my chest. My hands now made their way up to her bra clasps and I unhooked her bra. My hands then slowly moved from her back, around under her arms and slid up under her bra cups and cupped each boob. I was amazed. Shauna was a huge D cup and they were so firm and I could feel her hard nipples in the palms of my hands. I slowly massaged and fondled her tits in my hand and kissed her on her lips again.
Shauna then slowly sat down on the edge of the bed and as in the video, I pulled her bra up and let it rest on the top of her tits. This turned out to be a big tease because, other than myself and Eric and Megan behind me, few others could see Shauna's gorgeous tits. They were lily white then her dark tan right at the top of her cleavage and her dark brown nipples that were an inch across. Then Shauna started her part. She unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them. She opened up my pants and pulled down my boxers a few inches to reveal my brown pubic hair. Then reached in and took hold of my cock and pulled it out. I was looking right in her face and was happy with her smile as she saw my 8" cock. I could her people started to mumble as my cock popped out and even looked around at some of the girls faces as they started at my dick. Shauna then started to stroke my dick with her right hand and then lean forward and kissed me right on the head of my cock and could feel her tongue lightly swirl around my little hole. Next, she stuck out her tongue and licked all the way around my dick head and popped more of my dick down her mouth. Her hands moved slightly and she took my balls and began playing with them. I was so hard but trying my best not to explode so soon, we had more to do.
Shauna was now sliding my dick in and out of her mouth. I leaned over and reached down and took her tits in my hands and fingered her nipples. When I flicked her nipples with my thumbs, she took my whole cock in her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. She choked a little but went right on sucking my dick. As in the video, I took her tits and pulled her up and I kneeled down and kissed her on her lips and then kissed down her neck and then kneeled down between her legs. Shauna knew what to do and she spread her legs so I could now see her white panties under her skirt. I put my head between her legs and started kissing and licking inside her knees and thighs. I kissed up inside her legs and she spread her legs more. My hands then moved up under her skirt and she raised her hips up so I could put my fingers under the elastic at the top of her panties. I then began to pull them off her hips and then down her legs. When they had cleared her hips she sat back down on the bed and put her legs together to make it easier to take her panties off her legs, but where I could not see her pussy yet. As I pulled her panties down to her ankles and off I was able to see that they were tiny bikini panties that were so silky and sexy. I can now remember being so nervious I was shaking and I put my hands inside her thighs to calm myself. Shauna responded by spreading her legs again. I looked up into her face and saw her smile and my eyes went right back to between her legs and now could see the slit of her pussy. I leaned down to kiss her soft thigh again and Shauna pulled her skirt up a little more and I could now see the lips of her pussy were a reddish and swollen and then could see a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. I leaned in and put my head between her legs, stuck out my tongue and licked her soft wet pussy lips. When my tongue slid in her pussy, Shauna's legs tightened, but then relaxed and she tried to open more to my tongue. I moved my hands under each of Shauna's legs so that I was cupping her ass and holding her tight and I was licking up and down her pussy. We were in such a position that only I could see Shauna's pussy and most could not even see her tits, so we began to hear some people complain, they wanted to see more. Shauna kind shook her shoulders so her shirt opened more and her tits became visible, and then she pulled her skirt up a little more on her tummy, and her hairy pubic mound showed. My tongue then went up as deep as I could stick it in her pussy and licked all the way up to her clitty. When my tongue hit her magic button she tensed and I trapped it with my lips and now I wanted to make her cum. My dick was brushing up on her leg as I ate her pussy and now started sucking her clit. I could feel her orgasm building, with the people around us and all the excitement, I knew she would either cum quick, or would not at all. Now I could tell that she was going to cum. I heard her breathing change into short gasps, and then when she put her hands on my head, I knew I was hitting the right spot. Lastly I moved my right hand from her ass to between her legs and I was able to finger her as I sucked on her clitty. When she pushed my head I then felt her clamp on my finger and then felt her juices let loose and she went into spasms. I licked and licked and she finally just clapsed on her back, giving the crowd the best view they ever got of her tits and pussy. I quickly raised up, pulled her back up, took her in my arms and gave her as passionate kiss as I could. The crowd gave us a standing ovation.
I think Shauna then got embarrassed, realizing how she had lost control. She pulled her blouse over her boobs, and stood and let her skirt fall back down. She then leaned over and picked up her panties. I then stood, and pulled up my pants. I think Shauna wanted to shift the fun and attention to me, so she grabbed my still hard cock, and led me from the front of the room over to a door and out of the room we went. We entered into an upstairs living room and I shut the door behind us. The room had one light on in the room, but seemed to very romantic. Shauna remained with her back to me for what seemed the longest time, then she turned and just let out a "whew!"
I kind of laughed and agreed, "yeah." But I didn't want to just stop with that. I continued, "Shauna, you are so beautiful, and that was the most erotic and amazing thing I have ever done."
She then said, "me too!"
I know I looked surprised, and probably should not have said it, but just had too, I said, "oh? you have not been to these parties before?"
Shauna replied, "well yes, and I did have an initiation like the two before us, but have not been a scene since then."
I continured, "oh, you had to do what they did?"
She answered,"well, something like it. All freshmen girls or sophmores have some type of initiation if they wanted to keep getting invited to 'the party'. And I guess the guys have to do something too. This was your's."
"Oh really?" I said. Still curious and horny, I asked Shauna, "what did you have to do when you were a freshman?"
"Much like what they did. They have several videoes where you strip and show everything, then give a football player a blowjob. To some of the girls that they really aren't sure about, they have them actually do the 'big deed."
"Oh really," I looked surprised. "All the way?"
"Oh yeah. I know some have actually lost their virginity in front of everyone," Shauna said.
I was being surprised more and more, but I was tired of talking. I moved closer to Shauna and complemented her again," you really are beautiful."
"Thank you," she replied, "you aren't so bad yourself."
With that I took her in my arms and hugged her, then kissed her on her forehead. I had her arms trapped, but she was able to reach down and take my cock in her hand. "Oh baby, I have forgotten, you are still hard!"
"Uh, yeah, I was going to say something about that," as I kind giggled. "Is there some place we could go where no one would bother us?"
"Yes," said Shauna,"follow me." She pulled her clothes together and we walked out of the room and down the hall and into another bedroom. "This is Megan's room, she won't mind."
We didn't need to say another word. We fell into each other's arms and kissed again.
When we broke the kiss, Shauna pulled her blouse off and let her bra fall off. I watched this beautiful sight as I took off my shirt. Shauna then reached behind her back and unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and let if fall to the floor. Now I could see her glorious body. She was dark brown tan, but white on her tits and a triangle patch around her snatch and on her butt. I let my pants and boxers drop to the floor and we embraced again, this time letting our naked bodies touch each other. Her titties felt so warm and we were both sweating, and I could see a streak of sweat going down between her cleavage. I cupped both her huge tits and then kissed down her neck , around her boobs and the latched onto her left nipple and began sucking like a baby.
She rolled her head back and moaned oh so sensually. My left hand then moved down her tummy, ran my fingers through her pubic mound and found her pussy lips.
Sliding my finger inside her I whispered, "oh good, still wet."
She laughed,"oh yeah, I'm still wet."
As I slid my finger up inside her I looked into her face and asked, "if I have protection, can I cum inside you?"
She smiled back at me and responded, "I would like that very much."
Shauna then turned and grabbed the covers on the bed and pulled them down. Seeing her bend over was so hot, with her big titties hanging down and her gorgeous ass, she was so sexy. I reached into my pocket, got a condom, tore the wrapper and when Shauna turned back around, I asked her,"would you like to do the honors?"
"Sure," she sat on the bed and expertly put the condom on my dick. She looked up into my face and I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her slowly back. Shauna slid back on the bed and spread her legs. I put my knees between hers, looked down at this fabulous sight and then laid down on top of her. This time I started kissing her tits then up her neck and finally to her pouty lips. My cock laid down right on top of her mound. Shauna immediately moved her hand down and took my dick and rubbed it up and down her slit, getting the head of my dick wet. Then she wiggled it where she wanted it and then moved her hand. I pushed my hips and my cock slid right into her pussy. I slowly kept pushing and went all the way in. I just held my cock as deep inside her pussy as I could and she began squeezing my dick with her vaginal muscles. I raised up just enough on my elbows so that I could look into her face and watch her expressions as I slowly started to withdraw. I pulled my cock almost out of her pussy then pushed back inside. Shauna bit her lower lip and when she saw that I was watching, she smiled. That caused me to speed up and she grabbed my butt and began to help and guide me. I felt her tighten up and I could feel my ejaculation coming. Shauna could tell and she pumped her hips up and down faster. I was there, and told her, "I'm cumming..............!!!!!!!" I exploded, pumped some more and finally colapsed on top of her. After a few minutes on top of her, I popped out
of her pussy and we held each other for a few more minutes, then we got up, dressed and left the party.
But, not before I caught that s.o.b. Eric coming out of the party room. He was so drunk he never knew what hit him when I popped him right on the chin and knocked him out, to pay him back for hitting me with that damn paddle.
Maybe more stories on the rest of my senior year, later.

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I used to love going to after game parties. I got fucked by half off the guys on our team and loved every minute of it.

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Wow. I would love to be the girl. I would take on all the football team

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