***** Chapter 6 *****

We lay in bed about half an hour. I had been running my left hand up and down Traci’s left side, caressing her tender flesh and occasionally cupping and gently giving her young butt a gentle squeeze. At the same time Traci had been running her hand up and down my chest in a regular pattern from my nipples to my groin, pinching my right nipple then feeling down to my dick and flipping it to my left side, back up to pinch my left nipple then down to flip my dick to the right side, back up to my right nipple and so on. I knew it probably wouldn’t take long for our mutual fondling to get us both aroused again but, although I wouldn’t mind that at all, I needed to pee.

I mentioned this to Traci and went to the bathroom in my bedroom. While peeing I thought I had better take a few minutes to pick up our scattered clothes in the living room as well as check on Laureen to see what she was up to. I mentioned this to Traci when I came out of the bathroom and noticed her stirring off of my bed when I left the room

It only took a minute or two to straighten the cushions and pick up Traci’s clothes and toss them into her room. I slipped back into my shorts and shirt and went to Laureen’s room. I knocked on the door, respecting the solitude that she seemed to so strongly want, but there wasn’t a reply. I knocked again and when there was still no reply quietly opened the door. When I stepped inside I fully expected to see her asleep on the bed, but there was no sign of Laureen. As I looked around I saw everything was straightened and in order but she was simply gone.

It was rare but not totally unusual for Laureen to go out on occasion so I wasn’t overly concerned. I then recalled that this was the night she usually went to a meeting of a support group she had been referred to by her doctor. This group allegedly dealt with young mothers who suffered depression over the loss of their child-bearing years, but I kind of felt it
was run by a bunch of undersexed lesbian feminists who attempted to convince the members they didn’t need to endure the repeated assaults and ‘groping hands and dicks of their oversexed mates’. The meeting began at 7:00 and they went out for dinner and socializing after the meeting so she usually didn’t get home until after 11:00 or so. Glancing at the clock I saw it was about 9:15, so figuring I had about 2 mores hours of pleasure with Traci I hurried back to my room and my awaiting nymphet.

Traci was lying in the middle of my bed in all her naked glory when I got back to my room. She was quiet and seemed to have dozed off when I had been gone, and I admired her gorgeous little titties rising and falling with her breathing while I took my clothes off. I tried not to disturb her when I crawled onto the bed but she woke up anyway.

“Mmm, hi, Daddy,” she smiled. “Is everything okay? How’s mom?”

“Everything’s all right. Your Mom’s at her meeting, so we’ve got a couple of hours before she gets home.”

“Ohh, I like that,” she cooed, “let’s not waste any of it.” She rolled three quarters of the way on top of me, pressing her left tit into my arm and the other into my chest as she stretched her face up to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around her, grazing her back with my right hand and cupping and kneading her little behind with my left.

As quickly as our lips touched and our bodies meshed it seemed that her passion retuned to the point it had been just such a short time ago. I could feel her tiny nipples hardening and poking into my flesh as she gyrated her hips and rubbed her pussy against the outside of my right thigh. I pressed her butt against me and could feel her damp pussy as she ground herself tightly against me in a humping motion. I turned onto my right side so that we were facing each other, using both of my hands on her ass to pull her tightly against me. Her nipples were stabbing against me as I felt my dick hardening and stabbing itself between her thighs, searching its’ way for her awaiting warm hole as we squirmed face-to-face, body-to-body on the bed.

Traci suddenly pushed me flat on my back, breaking our kiss and bodily contact and, while still lying on her left side, rested her head on my chest and stared down at my dick. She reached down with her right hand and wrapped her fingers around my shaft while it slowly engorged itself with blood and thrust through her fist to its’ full hardness.

“Oh, Daddy, that is so cool! I just had to watch it get big and hard. Your cock is so beautiful!”

Who can figure the teen age mind I thought as she began stroking me. She had just had my hard prick up her pussy as I broke her cherry, and a little before that had stuffed it into her mouth to the opening of her throat as she swallowed my cum, yet now she just had to stop our almost certain second fuck session to watch me get hard.

As quickly as Traci had broken our bodily contact, so she could watch my dick, she suddenly rolled on top of me with her head at my chest and her legs straight down between mine. She felt light as a feather lying on top of me and began lightly rotating her entire body on top of mine, moving her mouth in circles around my nipples and revolving her soft titties and hard nipples on my stomach. I had no idea what she was up to until I felt her slowly scrunching herself down my torso while she rotated; gently licking and nipping her way down my chest, over my stomach-with an ever so brief but oh so thrilling stop at my navel-and through my pubic hair until her mouth was over my dick, and then laid her face sideways in my crotch..

I stuffed the pillows beneath my head so I could look down and not miss a bit of this scene unfolding in front of me. She brought her right hand up behind my prick to use as a brace then slowly licked me from the base to the tip.

“Do you like that Daddy?” she looked at me with a mischievous smile and twinkling eyes. “How about this?” and repeated the same thing on the other side. “And this?’” finally licking up the underside. “Or this?” and plunged her mouth down over the tip of my swollen glans until she had me entirely embedded in her mouth with the tip of my inflamed dick touching the opening of her throat, leaving only an inch or so of my meat outside. She then began that amazing sucking technique she demonstrated earlier.

“Oh yes, Traci, suck me baby. Suck your Daddy’s dick,” I groaned and watched her bobbing head as she slipped her lips up and down my shaft. I tried to keep my eyes focused on her to watch as she slurped on my dick but finally just gave up, closed my eyes and let my head roll back and forth in bliss while she sucked away. For the second time that day Traci demonstrated to me what a glorious young cock sucker she was as she swallow my dick down her throat.

I could smell the scent of her young lust and had to taste her pussy. I partially sat up, which pulled my prick from her lips, and reached down to grab her body and turn it around. She looked at me in wonder but quickly caught on to what I was doing, reversing her body and swinging her leg over my head and placing her pussy directly over my mouth. I pulled her hips down until her slit was only a couple of inches from my face and momentarily just gazed at her wonderful bare adolescent pussy. Her outer lips were puffy and almost closed together, and they glistened with a small amount of the dew that escaped from her inner pussy as her aroused body began to lubricate itself.

I reached up with both forefingers and quickly slid them right down through the middle of her slit to moisten them, then began to lightly slide them up and down in the creases between her thighs and puffy outer lips. With my fingers caressing the creases I used my thumbs to spread her lips apart so I could get to her pussy hole. Her inner labia were reddish-pink and fleshy and had separated when I had spread her apart, revealing the dark entrance to her fuck tunnel that had given me so much pleasure about an hour earlier. Ever so slowly I began to run my tongue up and down between her inner pussy lips, sucking on the tender flesh and licking up her juices as they slowly and steadily oozed from her hole.

As soon as my tongue touched her inner flesh she began squirming and thrusting her pelvis backwards against my mouth. Encouraged by her motions I used my hard tongue to lick all around and up and down the folds of her inner labia, stopping occasionally to fuck it at the opening of her tunnel and then flick it up across her little clit. This was just about as arousing for me as it was for her, for as she experienced each of these new sensations in her pussy she was moaning and groaning around my cock, sending vibrations throughout my shaft and down into my balls.

While keeping my tongue spearing in and out I began sucking and nipping her clit and used the fingers of my right hand to diddle her, making sure to get them slick with her juice and slowly drawing it up to her ass hole. At the same time I was coating her bung hole with her juices I had been circling it with my finger and drawing my fingernail across the little ridges that puckered out from its’ center.

I increased my attention to the center of her pussy. Sucking harder on her clit I pumped the fuck finger of my left hand in and out of her hole and pressed the finger of my right hand into her butt. When I had about an inch and a half of my finger up her rectum I began rotating it and fucking it in and out. Traci shuddered slightly at this new intrusion and thrust her pelvis furiously against my face, burying my nose and mouth inside her sweet folds and fucking her pelvis up and down in a seeming effort to force everything she could into her pussy and ass.

I sensed she was on the verge of orgasm and increased my efforts to push her over the brink of pleasure; rapidly lapping at the juices flowing over her inflamed pussy lips and jamming my fingers as far as I could into both of her holes. She was sucking furiously on me now and her increased moaning was giving the end of my prick feelings I had never imagined possible. We were attacking each others genitals like wild animals in heat. I almost blacked out from the intensity of my orgasm when I felt my balls erupt and send spurting streams of cum into her mouth as she jammed her head down to force my cock to the opening of her gullet and once again use her magical throat muscles to milk me dry. Traci had simultaneously climaxed with me and it almost seemed as if my cum was shooting straight through her body as she jammed her pussy against my mouth and began filling it with her juice. We lay locked in oral copulation, continuing to lick and suck each other as our joined bodies rippled and shuddered through the throes of our orgasms.

When the effects began to subside I felt so drained I couldn’t do much more than let my head drop back onto the pillow. Traci slowly rolled off of me and crawled up to lay by my side; she wrapped her arms around me and we hugged and cuddled as we regained our senses.

After a few minutes she pecked my cheek with a small kiss and whispered, “Daddy, that was fucking awesome. I’ve heard about girls having their pussies eaten but I never imagined it could feel that intense. And when you stuck your finger up my butt….Wow! That was great”

“It was my pleasure, honey” was all I replied. I could have said more but I was filing away all of her little comments for future lessons, and didn’t what to let on to what I had in store.

“Daddy, there’s something I’d like to ask you.”

“What’s that, honey?”

“Well…” she hesitated, “can I shave the hair off of your cock and balls?”

“Huh?” was all I could reply. I would never have guessed this request. “What’s up with that? Why do you want to shave my crotch?”

“Well, I guess you know I really love your dick. And I really like the way it looks as it is, you know, big and stiff and sticking out of a kind of jungle. But the hair gets in my mouth when I suck you and it kind of scratches my chin, and it rubs on my pussy when we fuck. Mostly though, I’d just like to feel your bare skin rubbing on mine when we fuck.”

Well, that didn’t sound like such an unreasonable request but I was hesitant about shaving such a sensitive area. I once had a beard for about 6 years and when I shaved that off my face was sore and razor burned for a few days afterward. Still, Traci had been a more than eager sex partner so far and seemed to be willing to try anything I had in mind, so would it be that big of an inconvenience to do this to please her. Hell, it would be bigger inconvenience – an outright loss, in fact – if I did something to alienate her and lose my little sex pet. And the thought of my bare skin sliding against her bare pussy did sound awful inviting and arousing. I was tossing the idea around when I glanced at the clock and saw it was past 10:30.

“Traci, I’ll let you know about shaving me later, right now we’ve got to get moving. Your Mom’s gonna be home in about a half hour and we both need to get showered and cleaned up before she arrives.”

“Okay. Can we shower together?”

“No,” I told her firmly. “I think we both know what would happen if we were naked together in the shower. Now scoot,” I gave her butt a quick pat, “get those cute little buns of yours down the hall and into the shower. I’ll use mine.”

She made a production of swaying her hips and jiggling her ass cheeks as she strutted to the bedroom door. At the doorway she stopped, turned to look at me over her shoulder and playfully stuck her tongue out at me before scampering out and down the hall.

God, how I loved that little girl! I could just watch her walk around naked all day. Oh, well, I thought, first things first and headed into my shower.


2008-05-14 21:47:20
great story. I fucked my mother and sister most every day for 12 years, giving each of them 4 children. It started with me fucking my mother first and then my sister finding out.


2007-06-19 20:07:48
Dear Reader: 12-04-06 - 21:49:

Go read the story and count the periods since that's all you care about.

As anyway, I saw them.

What I was paying attention to was the fuck. Damn, it made me soaked!


2007-05-06 09:00:26
The reader of 11/30/06 should write a story telling us of her fucking her father. Hard to believe that she is still fucking him at the age of 27. He must have a large dick or she just loves being fucked by an older man--her father. Wish I knew someone who was fucking his daughter--Would love to hear how they got started.
Loved this story and gave it a 9/10. I would like a better buildup for each situation presented.


2006-12-10 21:36:29
Now that's a good story for a percvert father daughter
story. Prison time baby rapist PPrisnon time


2006-12-05 16:47:18
awaiting more

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