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I got up early in the morning, made myself some coffee and sat down at the kitchen table. I thought about Candy; about how

all she ever did was tease me, at the park, at the abandoned house, and last night right here in the kitchen. I was so caught

up in thinking about Candy my coffee got cold before I even took a sip. I dumped my coffee out and poured me a fresh hot cup

and once again sat down at the kitchen table. This time I thought about Sandra; how she came by in the middle of the night

worked my cock until it erupted like a volcano and then gave an encore when she led me into the shower where I got to enjoy

the pure pleasure of washing and drying her while thinking of her as my little girl.

But it was Candy that I met first and it was Candy's dress that I shot my load on. She could use it as blackmail and the only

way to free myself is to find the dress and destroy it.

Sandra arrived just when I finished my cup of coffee and we headed on out to the abandoned house. As we were driving along I

looked at the pink top she was wearing; it looked like a pink head band has been stretched around her chest. It was beautiful

the way the pink top molded around her small mounds. Both of her bare feet with red painted toes was on the dashboard. My

eyes moved from her toes down along her tanned smooth shiny legs and stopped where her tight pink shorts formed into a camel

toe. My cock was coming to life.

As my cock grew, it became more and more constricted in my pants. I had to reach down and move my manhood so that it can run


"Are you playing with yourself?" Sandra asked.

"No, I'm getting a hard-on and I have to move my dick to keep it from hurting," I said.

Sandra looked at me intently, studying my crotch, watching to see if the bulge will grow more. She unzipped my pants;

exposing the head of my cock which was peering beyond the waistband of my shorts. Sandra reached into the opening in my

shorts and pulled my cock out. She got down and licked the head of my dick. While she was slurping on my cock she slid a

finger down to where she could tickle one of my balls. In an rhytmic motion her mouth went up and down on my prick and her

finger tickled my ball.

"Sandra I've got to pull over," I pleaded. She bobbed her head up and down on my dick even more rapidly; my hips rocked in

step with her sucking. She reached over with her finger to tickle my other ball and before I had a chance to pull over I shot

a gusher into her mouth. Sandra lifted her head up with cum dripping down her chin and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. I

smelled and tasted my own jism as I sucked on her tongue.

Sandra threw herself back into her seat. "Is it better now?" she asked as she wiped her chin and licked her finger. I

couldn't answer her as I was still reeling from the blow job I just got.

We arrived at the abandoned house and got out of the car. "I know this place. Cheryl took Candy and me here about a month

ago," Sandra said.

"Is this Cheryl old enough to drive," I asked.

"No, she took her dad's car without him knowing about it."

"What did you guys do here?" I asked.

"Nothing much; just smoked cigarettes and talked." I followed Sandra into the house; then on into the kitchen. She opened up

a kitchen drawer; "it's still here." Sandra removed a pack of cigarettes and a book of matches from the drawer. She pulled

out a cigarette from the pack and put it in her mouth. The cigarette dangling from her lips gave her this little mean bitch

look. It turned me on. She struck a match and lit the cigarette. She took a drag and then handed me the lit cigarette.

I took a drag and held up the cigarette indicating if she wanted it. She waved her hand no. I put the cigarette out in the

kitchen sink. Taking a puff from the cigarette was a good way to wind down before the big hunt.

We both set out to look for the red dress. We began searching the main floor and when we were done there we searched the

second floor. Sandra was pleased that I was putting my heart and soul into this search.

After we finished the second floor we both stood out in the second floor hallway. "There are only two places we haven't

checked out yet; the attic and the basement," she said.

"We'll need a flashlight. There's one in the car. I'll go get it." I headed for the top of the stairs.

"I'll keep looking around." Sandra disappeared into a room I had already searched.

I went down the stairs and decided to go through the kitchen and grab me a cigarette on the way out to the car. I entered the

kitchen got me a cigarette went out the back door and out into the backyard. I lit the cigarette stood still and looked out

at the backyard.

There was a barrel about twenty feet away from the back of the house. The barrel looked like it had been used to burn what I

guess were leaves, garbage or just about anything that a person could put in there and burn. I walked over to the barrel and

looked inside. It was filled about two thirds of the way with ashes. Sitting on top of the ashes was a burned up red dress.

Candy had tossed the dress in the barrel and started it on fire. She didn't even stick around to make sure the dress was

completely burned to ashes. I took a piece of the scorched red dress and stuffed it into my shirt pocket.

Finding the burned up dress changed my mind about Candy. Maybe she will be the little girl I've always wanted.

I didn't want Sandra to find out about the dress, not just yet. I had to get rid of the burned up dress in case Sandra sees

the barrel and decides to take a look inside. I found an empty cardboard box next to the house. The dress was in a pile in

the barrel. I put the pile into the box and then walked over to a ravine which was at the far end of the backyard. I walked

down to the bottom of the ravine where there was a creek and dumped the pile into the creek along with the box. After washing

my hands in the creek I walked back up to the top of the ravine and toward the house. Just when I got to the back door of the

house Sandra came through the back door. "What're you doing?" she screamed.

"I was smoking a cigarette," I answered.

"I was wondering where the hell you were. We haven't got all day." Sandra scanned the backyard. I was hoping she would pay no

attention to the barrel.

We got the flashlight and checked the attic and basement for the dress. Sandra didn't look happy. She took the cigarettes and

matches from the kitchen and we both went out the back door. Just as I feared she took a look inside the barrel. I was

sweating bullets that I might have left a remnant of the dress in there. She didn't find anything and came back. We smoked a

cigarette all the way down to the filter, got into the car and headed back home.

When we got back to the house Sandra was pacing around the living room chewing me out. "How could you be so fucking stupid to

let a little shit trick you into wiping your dick with her dress? Were you that hard up?"

I remained calm, because I knew Sandra had nothing to worry about. "Yes I was."

Sandra's fury remained intact, seeing a little girl like her spewing out obscenities at me made me horny. I felt my rod

starting to bulge. The rising mound in my pants made an immediate impact on her. Her eyes were instantly drawn to my growing

fornicator. She put her foot on my crotch. "Chill," She yelled as she took her foot back off. "When we take care of that

dress I'll drop my panties down around my ankle anytime you tell me too."

After she said that I was so tempted to pull the piece of the red dress out of my shirt pocket and show it to her. I changed

my mind about showing her the piece of the red dress because I was afraid that she would get really pissed off me for not

telling her right away.

"See you Friday," she said and took off. Sandra's mood didn't bother me because I knew she has nothing to worry about unless

of course Candy does something this afternoon that will make me want to be her sugar daddy.

Candy stopped by and we went shopping as we had planned. Taking her to the stores gave me an excuse to hang around the areas

where they sell panties, bras, and clothing for teens. Candy was excited. She would hold the panties, bras and sexy outfits

in front me and ask for my opinion. I used her request for my opinion as an excuse to feel the fabric of whatever she was

holding. Truth is I didn't know shit between satin, silk, cotton or whatever, let alone how to give a fashion critique. All I

said to her was she has good taste. After saying the same thing to her several times I was getting the impression that she

was holding up the clothes for my feeling pleasure rather than for my opinion. Precum would ooze out of my prick every time I

felt the panties and bras.

Whenever Candy went into the dressing room to try stuff on I took the opportunity to scout out the other teens and subteens

that were shopping. The ones that I especially enjoyed were the saucy mischievous girls. I got cheap thrills from their

boldness to come up to me and start a conversation which caused me to precum too.

One young girl came up to me and looked straight into my eyes. She then looked down at my crotch and grinned from ear to ear.

I didn't understand why she was grinning that way because my dick was soft at the time so it couldn't be a bulge she was

looking at. She slowly walked past me brushing up against me and ran her finger up my leg toward my crotch until she was

behind me and then she skipped off. I turned around and saw her disappear behind a rack of clothes. I looked down at my

crotch to see if I can figure out what it was that made her grin. It was then that I noticed the precum has soaked all the

way through my pants.

When we got home from shopping Candy ran into the guest bedroom to put away all the things I bought her. I went into my

bedroom to change my pants and shorts. I took off my pants threw them over a chair; I then took off my shorts and examined

the inside of them; it was soaked with precum.

"Daddy," Candy whined.

I turned and saw all five foot five of her with long brown hair flowing down to her shoulder standing by the doorway wearing

nothing but a pair of panties. The sight of her small breasts stiffened my cock. "What is it Candy?" I asked in a concerned

fatherly way. I tossed the stained shorts into the closet and closed the closet door.

"I have to go pee-pee." Candy held out her hand.

With a hard-on pointing toward my belly button; I walked toward her. "Let's take you pee-pee," I said as I took her hand. I

took her to the bathroom. Candy stood between me and the toilet and pouted. "Here let Daddy help you," I said as I got down

on my knees and pulled her panties down. I pulled them all the way down to her ankle. She lifted one foot and then the other

so that I could pull her panty off. Her hairless pussy was beautiful. She sat down and held herself with both hands on the

toilet seat. Sandra spread her legs. I could see the pee flow through her pussy into the toilet. When she was through I took

some toilet paper and wiped her cunt.

After I thoroughly wiped her pussy Candy got off the toilet and hugged my head against her tiny breasts as I was still on my

knees. "I love you Daddy," she said. She took my hand and led me into the living room. At her guidance we both sat down on

the sofa. I put my arms around her and squeezed her smooth shoulder. Candy put her hand on my cock and squeezed it.

Keeping my arm around her shoulder I reached over and squeezed her nipple with my other hand. I rolled her nipple between my

thumb and finger. "I want to spoil you. You can have whatever you want."

"I know." Candy slipped off the sofa and kneeled in front of me. She moved her hand up and down my cock. Her eyes widened as

she watched my prick grow in her hand. Candy moved around like she was becoming possessed. Her hand moved faster and faster

up and down my cock. She put her mouth around the unruly member that she was stroking. I gazed at her long brown hair flowing

down around the side of her face. The way she sucked on my dick pained me. She was biting and her teeth scraped up and down

the pole. "Candy wait a minute," I pleaded. She didn't hear me. It's not that I wasn't loud enough; it was that she was

focused entirely on my cock being in her mouth. "Candy." I pushed on her shoulder. Again she didn't hear me and she didn't

notice me pushing on her shoulders. She was getting rough with my cock as if she was having a scuffle with it.

I put my hand on her forehead and pushed on it. Candy resisted the push on her forehead and clung even tighter on my prick

with her teeth. I pushed even harder on her forehead and my poor abused dick finally escaped from her sucking. Candy looked

dazed. "Why did you do that?" She asked.

"You were hurting my cock." I looked at my dick to see if there was any damage done to it.

"Did I do something?" Candy looked disoriented.

I got up off the sofa and walked to the middle of the living room. "Come here," I said. Candy moved across the floor on all

fours and stopped in front of me. I positioned myself behind her knelt down and rubbed her gorgeous bubble ass with my cock.

"What are you going to do?" Candy asked as she lowered her head down on the floor and lifted her ass higher. My prick got

stiff again from rubbing it against Candy's cute ass. I inserted my hot poker into her pussy from the rear. "Mmmmm, Tell me

I'm your baby girl," she said.

"Why is my baby girl such a slut?" I pushed my prick further into her swollen vagina.

"Oh god, you're fucking your baby girl." Candy held onto a chair leg with both hands.

Her pussy was getting sloppy wet. She started to shake and tremble, her knees seemed to be turning into jelly. "Ahhhh, you're

making it hot inside your baby girl's belly. Her hips rocked. She reached down with one of her hands and played with her

clitoris while my fullness was inside her. "Ram it in your baby girl, fuck your baby girl harder," she pleaded as her finger

moved faster on her divine scar.

"I can't believe my baby girl's cunt is a sperm sucker." I rammed and rammed the battering-piece in her tight twat. "Ahhhh my

baby girl feels so good." I slammed my body into her.

"Fill your baby girl with hot cum; fill my belly with your hot cum." Candy rubbed on her cunt faster. I can feel her vagina

clamping down my cock.

My cock swelled like it never did before; it was stretching her. "My baby girl is a cunt. Ohhhhh! Candy." A gusher erupted

deep into her belly. Hot jets of semen filled her womb. She worked her muscles and milked my throbbing cock of everything

there was to milk. We both collapsed down on the floor next to each other. I put my finger on one of her tits and made a

swirl around it. "You're still my little girl," I said.

Candy kissed me softly. "I know."

Sweet Candy came through. I had made up my mind to be her sugar daddy.

The End.


2006-12-26 03:18:41
SPACING!Mind your spacing!it ruined this damn mother-fucking fuck fuck fucker hell of a lame silly story!Tell me, do you have brains?


2006-12-06 15:56:50
why in the hell wouldn't he go with Sandra? wtf


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shit head person-- shithead story


2006-12-03 11:17:46
As the author of this story I have submitted two previous stories without this formatting problem. I submitted this the same as I did the two previous stories. Why the formatting came out screwed up is just as much a mystery as it is to the readers complaining about it


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What the fuck was that? Godamn spacing you retard, Didn't make any sense on what the hell they were doing, No...Bad, Very bad.

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