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The continuing saga of Mary, an all-too-willing prisoner of a sex cult.

It’s showtime again. I’m in the theater, with a big crowd, dressed to kill. I’m wearing a short, black spaghetti-strap party dress that fits tightly on top but is loose from my waist down. The dress is very low cut, revealing my breasts almost down to my nipples. Nobody knows what the show will be like, but we’ve been led to expect something out of the ordinary, and that the star is a young girl that has been brought in from Mexico for the occasion.

I’ve already been invited to sit with a man, someone I haven’t been with or seen before. We’re sitting there making small talk, sipping glasses of a full-bodied red wine, and I’m enjoying myself immensely. He’s a very cultured and well-traveled man, from Barcelona, he tells me. His name is Carlos, and he speaks English with a refined Castillian accent, like Ricardo Montalban. I can tell he‘s well-educated and undoubtedly very wealthy. His cologne is absolutely heavenly. As he talks about places he’s been, I listen with rapt attention. I’m thinking this is the first and only time I’ve ever had an extended conversation with a male member of The Order in which his cock wasn’t buried deep inside me. It’s kind of nice, for a change. I know it won’t last, though -- and I don’t mind that thought, either. He'll be a nice fuck.

Anyway, after a few minutes, an announcement is made that the lights will go off in two minutes. I’m not sure why they tell us that, but sure enough, in a couple of minutes the room becomes dark. It takes awhile for my eyes to adjust so that I begin to make anything out in the room. In a moment, though, the voice returns over the PA system.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to offer you a special show we have imported from Mexico City, where, as some of you may know, it’s a traditional form of entertainment in the more upscale private clubs. To enhance your enjoyment, we have been lucky enough to obtain a supply of premium hashish, which will be available to you before and during the show. Please enjoy yourselves.”

In a few moments, small brass pipes are passed along the rows of the theater in the darkness. The man I’m with takes a long drag, filling his lungs with the acrid smoke, and then passes the pipe to me. I suck on it, watching as the coals grow redly. I’m not exactly a stranger to drugs, but it’s clear from the start that this is some very smooth and powerful stuff. Carlos and I pass it back and forth a few times, smoking in silence, and I feel a warm, pleasant euphoria enveloping me. My senses are becoming dulled, and I feel very passive and accepting. And yet, paradoxically, it seems as if I can feel every single nerve ending in my body, and every one of them is electrically-charged. My nipples stiffen. My pussy, especially, feels warm, wet, alive. I want to touch myself, or have someone else touch me. I want someone’s fingers in me. Anyone’s.

By the time we’ve taken a few more drags on the pipe, I want to fuck more than I ever have in my life. My pussy is dripping wet, and my clit is sending eager, almost frantic messages to my brain. In the darkness, I sneak my hand down, pulling up the hem of my dress and gently stroking myself through my lacy black panties. I desperately want to make myself come, but part of me wants to enjoy the feeling of being so deeply aroused by the drug, and to take my time and savor the intense sensations.

Carlos turns to me in the darkness, and I hear a change in his refined baritone voice. “I must tell are so beautiful…so very lovely…”. I lift my face as his lips touch mine, kissing me softly. He raises his hand and it encloses my jaw, holding my face as my lips part, and our tongues touch, then intertwine. I moan softly, deep in my throat, as our kiss deepens, and the insistent yearning in my pussy builds even more. I’ve never been kissed this way, never. I think I might come, just from this. His big hand moves down my slim neck and squeezes my breast gently, and I shudder with pleasure. My nipple is stiff against his palm, and my panties feel sopping wet, clinging to my bare cleft. My clit is throbbing. My hand is on his thigh, and as we kiss, I slide it slowly upward, seeking his cock, finding it. My fingertips caress the tip of it through his slacks. It’s big and very hard. I want it in me so badly, I can almost taste it.

After a few centuries of this deliciously gentle, erotic play, he breaks our kiss, gazes into my eyes for a moment, and says, very softly: “Soon, my dear. Very soon.“ And then he slowly sits back in his chair, his right arm around my shoulders, and focuses on the stage, where the lights are coming up. I snuggle against him, my fingers still toying with the head of his erect cock. He picks up the pipe and guides it to my mouth, and I fill my lungs again with the potent drug.

On the stage is a replica of a bedroom, with a bed, a dresser, an end table, and a door. There is a young girl sitting in a chair in front of the mirror, brushing her long, dark hair. She is perhaps 17 years old, very innocent looking, but her body is well-developed, with large, firm breasts. She’s lovely, but has a melancholy look on her face that reflects a deep loneliness.

As we watch, fascinated, Carlos has slid his fingers beneath the material of my dress, and is gently toying with my right nipple, which is stiff and sensitive. Each touch is positively electric, as if my nipple is alive with a billion nerve endings, all being stimulated at once. I reach over and work to unfasten his slacks, finally succeeding in undoing the clasp and sliding the zipper down. I can’t wait to feel his cock. Sensing my urgency, he lets go of me and raises his hips, helping me get his pants and his shorts down. When they’re around his ankles, he sits back down, and my fingers slide around his rampant, uncircumcized penis. Sensing that he wants to proceed slowly, I begin to stroke it lightly, caressing it with just the tips of my fingers, enjoying it’s smooth, supple texture. He groans softly, and leans over and whispers in my ear, as his fingers squeeze my nipple. “I will love making exquisite love to you, mi hija. Be patient, and watch.”

My fingers give his cock a fleeting squeeze. “I can’t wait!” I whisper.

Once again he turns to me, bends down and captures my lips with his, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth. I suck on it hungrily, almost desperately, as his hand eases down between my legs, and his fingers insinuate themselves inside the rim of my panties. They delve gently into my drenched folds, and fondle my throbbing clit as I shudder against him, whimpering into his mouth. My body feels like the voltage has been turned all the way up, so excited that I think I’m going to explode. And then, so gently I barely know what hit me, he takes me over the edge, achingly, mewling as he kisses me hard and I come on his fingers, my body rigid as it convulses violently in a delicious, pulsating frenzy!

Our kiss breaks and I fall back, trembling and gasping as I stare up at Carlos in the darkness, tears streaming down my face as the intense waves of orgasm wash over me. He continues to massage my clit as I shake violently next to him, gently descending from my shattering climax. Oh, God, to come like that every time!

After awhile, I calm myself, and Carlos eases his fingers away. He leans over and whispers in my ear. “I love the way you come, mi querida, mi corazon.” He kisses me there, his tongue flicking inside, his breath tickling me like a hot summer wind on the high plains of Spain. I shiver, still in the waning throes of my tumultuous climax. I know I will do anything this man wants.

He relights the pipe and I inhale the smoke deeply again. I’m in my own little world, just me, my pussy, Carlos’s cock, and the girl on the stage, all merging into an erotic dream. I’m torn between wanting to see the show and wanting Carlos to take me somewhere and fuck me slowly to death.

My attention is drawn back to the stage. The girl picks up a picture from the dressing table, looks longingly at it for a moment, and then presses it tenderly to her full breasts., outlined clearly beneath the revealing black dress she’s wearing. She places the photograph on her pillow and begins to undress.

She slips the long gown slowly upwards, exposing the high-set calves, then the full, well-rounded thighs. The black of her long silk stockings, held in place by a dainty, lace-trimmed garter belt, contrast sharply with the creamy ivory of her exposed flesh.

I can hear sounds of approval from the men as the dress snakes its way up over the girl’s head and her beautifully-rounded torso emerges. Her bra falls to the floor with a flick of her fingers, and the full beauty of her firm, white breasts are freed, drawing everyone’s gaze. They stand high and proud in the stage light, and their quivering, turgid nipples stand out on the luscious half-spheres, pulled higher as the girl raises her arms high over her head, pulling her long, black hair up and then releasing it to cascade softly over her alluring shoulders.

She is almost naked, now, in just high heels, long , black hose, the garter belt, and the thin wisp of sheer panties. She turns and bends over slowly, her back to the audience, an draws the silk panties tantalizingly down over her curved hips and buttocks -- brushing them sensuously against her smooth thighs and calves, and discarding them at her feet by the dress. She stretches languidly and turns teasingly to the front. All her delicious nudity is exposed now, from the high rounded breasts to the soft dark triangle of her womanhood.

The girl lies back on the bed now, the picture of her absent lover in her hands, looking at it with a deep longing that can mean only one thing: she is aroused and needed release!

“We should free ourselves of our clothing,” murmurs Carlos somewhere out of the fog. “I want nothing between us.” I couldn’t agree more. He helps me with the zipper of my dress, and I slowly ease it down over my hips. Stepping out of it, I bend down and pick it up, draping it over the seat to my right. I leave my panties on for now, and my pumps, and concentrate on helping Carlos out of his clothes. His body is powerfully-built, muscular, without an ounce of fat. Naked now, he sits back down, his cock achingly hard, jutting upward invitingly.

I can’t help myself -- I bend down and slowly engulf it in my mouth. He moans softly as my mouth envelops him, sucking him hungrily, deeply, as my fingers tease his taut balls. He allows it for a few moments, and then reaches down and urges me upward. “Mi hija,” he murmurs. “As much as I adore what you’re doing, I would not want you to miss the show, or to bring an end my own pleasure so soon.”

I raise my head, trailing tendrils of saliva, smile at him in the darkness, and turn again toward the stage. My hand returns to its slow stroking of his rampant cock, now wet and slippery. And then I almost gasp aloud -- on the bed, the girl’s free hand begins to massage her own breasts in tiny teasing circles, tweaking her soft nipples into sudden throbbing hardness.. Her legs scissor open and closed slowly, exposing the thin slit of her pussy, nestled in the soft dark hair between her thighs. Her feet are pointed directly toward the audience, every member of which is watching the girl slowly work herself into a burning, seething passion. Her buttocks twist against the mattress as though she’s trying to bury herself in it. Sheer, wanton desire is reflected in her eyes. It seems so real, I can’t understand how the girl can act out such a part unless she really feels it. And I am feeling exactly what she’s feeling.

Carlos suddenly leans toward me and whispers in my ear. I nod, eager to comply with his wishes. Without a word of reply, I move over and straddle him, bent over at the waist, my hands gripping on the railing in front of our seats. My legs are straight and spread apart, and my glistening pussy, covered by my flimsy black panties, beckons to him. He reaches out and slides my panties slowly down over my ass, exposing me to his gaze. Leaving my panties stretched between my thighs. His hands move to my ass cheeks, spreading them and causing my labia to part. He leans forward and licks the length of my cleft, his thick tongue slithering up and down from my yearning clit to my tightly-puckered asshole. I shudder with pleasure, gasping, on the brink of another intense climax, as he presses his face into me and spears his stiffened tongue inside me. I groan as his tongue fucks slowly in and out of my pussy. And then, as his tongue slips out and his lips fasten around the bud of my clit, I feel my body explode in an orgasm the like of which I’ve never experienced in my life. I want to scream, but my voice is caught in my throat, and I can only whimper in anguish as the fierce waves of pleasure crash through me.

Finally, I begin to emerge from my orgasmic haze, and I feel Carlos’ hands on my hips, guiding me lower. I bend my knees and descend onto his lap, moaning softly as the he guides the tip of his cock to my sopping cleft. I want his cock inside me so bad I can taste it, and I gasp with pleasure as I slide down his stiff pole, impaling myself at last on his marvelous prick. In a moment, he’s deep inside me, and I wriggle happily on his embedded cock. He reaches up and pulls me back against him, and I relax, my head resting on his shoulder. His big hands fondle my breasts, his fingers toying with my erect nipples as I gently squirm on him. I sense he still wants to go slow. And I want to stay just like this forever, his cock imprisoned within me.

It seems an eternity since I’ve last looked at the stage, but it’s only a few moments. The sweet, pungent hashish has warped my time sense. The girl on the bed writhes more lasciviously now as though being attacked by some unseen lover. She has placed the picture on the bedside table and both her hands are running over her body as though out of control, her fingertips dancing over her flat, ivory tummy and coming to rest together at the vee of her down-covered pussy. She groans on the stage at the sudden contact of her hands with the moist slit between her thighs, and she pulls her knees up, her toes on the edge of the mattress. Then, she straightens her legs like two beautifully-carved ivory columns above the bed, and with a deeper groan, she lets them fall wide apart, exposing to the excited onlookers the moist, glistening furrow between. Her fingers crawl to the soft, hair-covered lips and spread them slowly apart, until the wet pinkness is fully visible and the mouth-like orifice opened hungrily. The half-moons of her rounded buttocks shine in the stage lights, divided by the hot, avid crevice between them. Her tiny anus nestles mysterious and inviting below her swollen labia.

The girl slowly inserts a middle finger into the glistening pink, stroking her tiny, bud-like clitoris. I am transfixed by the sensuous movements of the girl on the bed, as her probing fingers work themselves inside the pink edges of her contracting cunt, slowly parting her labia. She slips her index finger in and out smoothly between the slippery lips. Her legs jackknife back, her knees against her breasts, and her soft, round buttocks rise and fall in response to her inquiring finger. The girl’s facial muscles tighten as she joins two more fingers with the first and, clenching her teeth, pushes all three into the hungry, pink folds. They disappear with a soft, sucking noise and a soft moan of pleasure emanates from the girl’s lips.

Carlos’ hands have moved down from my breasts, and his fingers are now between my legs, patiently stroking my clit. I turn and kiss his ear, whispering obscene words of endearment. I tell him I love his cock. I tell him I don’t want him to ever stop touching me like this, fucking me like this. I tell him I want him to take me away from here, and to make me his concubine, his whore, his sex slave. He quiets me, and whispers back. “Mary, your pussy is like the finest silk as it grasps my cock so deliciously. Watch, now…you will see the girl get her wish now, just as you will get yours.”

The girl on the bed has become possessed.. Her eyes are closed, her teeth clenched, as she writhes beneath her own driving fingers in uncontrollable lust. The rapid rhythm drives grunts of pleasure from deep in her throat as her fingers sink into the tight, pink opening, making moist, sucking sounds as she withdraws them, only to push them in again, fucking herself. Her face is red, straining for her climax. She groans in frustration as her fingers thrust harder and deeper. They are not enough. Her head rolls from side to side on the pillow, her long dark hair flying in frustration at her inability to bring herself to orgasm.

Suddenly, a giant St. Bernard dog runs onto the stage and jumps up on the bed. The crowd gasps in unison. The girl’s eyes widen in terror and she jerks the back of her hand to her mouth to keep from screaming. She moves to lower her legs and roll from the bed, but the dog stands and growls viciously in warning. The young girl freezes in her position -- her thighs spread and with her knees still drawn up to her chest. She doesn’t dare move as the huge dog growls menacingly over her, his great, panting head just over her defenseless, upturned pussy.

“My god,” I whisper, my voice quivering. “What is he going to do to her?” My vaginal muscles spasm tightly around the rigid shaft of his cock. As soon as I ask, I realize that I already know the answer.

“You will see,” murmured Carlos, with a grin visible in the dim light. “But do not frighten. He is trained well.”

The helplessness of the girl lying there, shaking with fear beneath the snarling dog, somehow sadistically fascinates me. I can’t look away. The lewd thought of this monstrous dog raping the naked and defenseless girl quaking on the bed makes my pussy flood with wetness and anticipation.

The giant St. Bernard lowers his head to the helpless girl’s soft, hair-fringed pussy and sniffs at it. His tail wags and trembles, as though he has found a bitch in heat. The girl moans in terror as the cold nose suddenly makes contact with her tiny, puckered anus. She tenses as his tongue snakes out and licks wetly up and down the crevice around it, the tip burrowing slightly into her tight anal ring.

Galvanized into action by the dog‘s obscene licking of her asshole, she tries to squirm away, but the dog raises his head and growls again, and then begins greedily lapping at the narrow pink slit between her thighs. He runs his tongue wetly along the full length of it, from the tightly-closed little pucker of her ass, up over the fluted, pink edges of her pussy and over her tiny, sensitive clit. His great tongue spreads through her soft, hair-fringed cleft like a knife through soft butter. It flicks relentlessly between the girl’s widespread legs, stopping sporadically to curl it’s way deep inside her. She squirms under the St. Bernard as he laps and sniffles wetly at her loins.

I moan softly as I watch, utterly fascinated. It’s as if I’m the one on the stage, under the bright lights, feeling what this girl is feeling, wanting what she‘s wanting. A change has come over the writhing young girl on the bed. The frightened moans that had come from the girl’s terror-contorted face have changed to soft mews of involuntary pleasure.-- pleasure that she seemingly did not want and had set her mind against, but that the slithering, thick tongue licking at her has forced her to enjoy. She raises her hands, holding them in indecision for a moment above her squirming body, then drops them to grasp the dog’s ears. She has surrendered.

With a deep animal sound, she kicks her legs back over her head and pulls his nose forward, into her glistening, dripping wet vulva. His giant tongue thrusts up the moist passageway like an attacking lizard, ravishing her upthrust cunt without mercy. Wild, incoherent shrieks stream from her lips, pleading and encouraging the dumb animal salivating between her writhing, upturned ass cheeks. He works like the savage beast he is, the rutting lust of the wild driving him onward.

Suddenly, the dog raises his head from the pleading girl’s pussy to nose her over onto her stomach in servile surrender, her resistance gone under the maddening tongue which has so mercilessly lapped her cunt. She is enslaved by the huge beast panting over her, her quivering body spread-eagled, face down on the bed. The huge head lowers again, the thick tongue slithering in the exposed crevice between the moaning girl’s ass cheeks.

She twists them back toward him lasciviously, reaching back to spread the ivory globes and give him full access to her tiny, puckered asshole. His tongue lashes her for another long avid moment, as I watch, utterly transfixed, helpless, my will shattered by my own unbridled lust. I’m only dimly aware of Carlos rising to his feet, pushing me forward, his cock still deep inside my vagina. I once again grasp the railing in front of me, bent forward at the waste, as Carlos stands behind me. I sense he is watching the girl and the dog with as much fascination as I am. “Now, querida, now I will fuck you the way you crave to be fucked. Imagine that you are on-stage, with everyone watching you. Imagine the dog. Let your thoughts run wild.”

The St. Bernard is now nuzzling under the lust-paralyzed girl’s pussy, pushing his massive head between her pelvis and the mattress. I watch in amazed disbelief as the head lifts, raising the girl’s hips. What he wants is plain -- and the girl obediently kneels, elevating her spread ass cheeks, bending before the huge animal in abject surrender. The relentless tongue has lashed her to servile defeat, crushing her resistance.

The girl is on all fours and the huge dog mounts her, with his paws on her back. I see, for the first time, that white fur mitts have been lashed to the dog’s forefeet to prevent his claws from wounding her. His glistening, scarlet penis slips from its huge sheath, dripping. The tip of his penis slips and dances in her hot, wet crevice as the animal trembles and jerks, trying to bury the tapered point and the thick shaft in her body.

Sobbing, the girl looks back, shifting her lush ass to try to capture the lengthening shaft. Like a bitch in heat, she strives to sheath the long, scarlet organ in her voracious, grasping cunt. The pointed tip misses, sliding up to find her momentarily relaxed anus, attempting to enter. With a cry, the girl tenses, fearfully evading the dog’s cock. But the dog returns immediately to the attack, having tasted success. Mindlessly, he thrusts forward, the tip of his cock sliding unsuccessfully beneath her entrance, rubbing against her clit. The hot scarlet of his jabbing penis contrasts vividly with the fevered pink of the girl’s passion-inflamed cunt, spreading her lips wider as his still-exposed shaft rubs between them. I hold my breath with the other spectators who have stopped to watch the huge dog, bucking madly behind the moaning girl, attempting to skewer her on the still-lengthening taper of his huge, dripping penis. The dog growls in frustration as the girl, in desperation, reaches back and, grasping the slippery organ, guides the tip of it into her drooling orifice, spreading it wider and wider with each forward thrust of the dog’s hips. I’ve never seen anything so perversely obscene! As I watch one of the close-up cameras, I am one with the girl. I can feel what she feels!

Groans of disbelief fill the room as the giant St. Bernard jerks forward and buries his huge cock deep inside the squirming girl’s drenched, grasping hole. And at the same instant, Carlos’s thick cock, which had been resting at the very entrance of my own dripping-wet cunt, suddenly rams forward and sinks into my depths, hard! As his hips slam into mine, jerking me forward, in my mind, it’s ME being fucked by the monstrous animal on the stage. And I want it, want it more than anything else in the world.

The dog’s massive cock slithers forward with a wet rush until it’s sunk to the thick knot near the base, the dog’s hairy balls taut against the base. A moan of relief comes from her contorted lips as she begins to move rhythmically backwards to meet the thrusts of the panting, salivating dog. As his forelegs trap her waist, she begins to undulate her body, moving her ass in lewd circles, utterly abandoning herself to the delicious animal fucking she’s receiving from behind. Her face turns sideways toward the excited audience, and they can see fully the effect that it’s having. Her face is contorted in rapture from the obscene fucking the dog is giving her. Her taut breasts bob beneath her writhing torso, moving in time to the skewering cock of the dog as it slides deep into her from behind, a relentless, hot poker of glistening flesh burying itself in her belly.

I feel my body explode in yet another unholy orgasm, followed quickly by another, and another, as Carlos relentlessly saws his cock in and out of me, and I push back to meet him. His heavy balls slap against my clit with each vicious thrust. I work with him, wanting his come, wanting him to flood me, to soothe me, to possess me utterly, to answer to his own rutting, animal lust and fill me with his sperm.

My mind strays back to the obscenely swaying body of the girl kneeling before the hunching St. Bernard on the stage. Like me, she’s completely out of her mind with lust now, and is shouting lewd encouragement to the dumb beast through her clenched teeth. She’s begging him in Spanish to fuck her harder and faster and to spew his come up her cunt. She wants to be filled with the animal’s sperm, and that’s all that matters to her now. The girl is no longer human, but a quivering mass of sweating, lust-deranged flesh, begging to be subjugated. She is reveling in humilation at being screwed by this panting beast in front of the crowd of people, and is grinding her ass back against the dog’s hairy, jerking body like another animal.

I sense that Carlos, too, is approaching his long-delayed orgasm, and wants to erupt inside me at the same time the dog unleashes his torrent of dog-come into the helpless, lust-crazed girl. Suddenly there is a loud cry from the stage. The girl is twisting her head from side to side wildly, her long dark hair flying. She’s in the beginning throes of her orgasm. The giant animal’s tongue hangs from his mouth as he fucks into the girl’s welcoming cunt from behind. Saliva drips from it, mingling with the sweat glistening on her back. She screams suddenly and rams back against the dog wildly just as he jerks forward and his embedded cock begins spitting it’s sperm in hard, thick spurts deep inside her clasping vagina. I watch in rapt fascination as the girls round ass cheeks begin contracting uncontrollably, her pussy milking the copious dog come from his balls. And at the same time, I hear Carlos’ strangled groan, and I feel his cock swell and throb violently in my pussy. And then he’s pumping a huge quantity of semen into my welcoming cunt, spurt after spurt of it. I feel every flourish of his cock, the hashish accentuating every sensation, and then I’m coming again, hard, wrenchingly hard, ohGodyes, so hard, so fucking hard, my body erupting, exploding, OHYES! I’m going to DIE!! OhGODYES!!!YESSS!!!YESSS!!!UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Through the fog of my shattering come, my eyes open again, and I watch as thick, white fluid oozes from the girl’s tight pussy squeezing the dog’s cock, and thick trails of it flow down her ivory thighs. Exhausted, she pitches forward on her face, seeming to be unconscious. The rapidly deflating cock of the St. Bernard slips from her well-fucked pussy with a sucking sound that echoes through the stunned silence of the theater. The girl is out cold, and the dog stands above her, wagging his tail in obvious appreciation. In a last act of obscene depravity, he drops his head to her widespread pussy, and licks at the white, gooey fluid oozing from her still quivering cunt. He gulps at it hungrily until at last there is no more, and then lies down contentedly between her open legs, his giant head nuzzled into the soft vee of her ravished pelvis.

I’m still shaking with ecstasy as the house lights come up, Carlos’ hugs cock still deeply embedded in my oozing cunt. My mind is swirling in a drug-induced haze. The crowd cheers lustily, those that aren’t still fucking. Carlos finally eases his spent cock from me and falls back into his seat, breathing hard. To show my gratitude, I move down to my knees between his legs and immediately suck his dripping cock into my mouth. My eyes are locked on his as I suck him, loving the taste of his sperm, mingled with my own honey. He watches me, letting me patiently clean him up, lapping up the stray droplets of semen. I’d love it if he became hard enough to fuck me some more.

Mi hija…” he murmurs. “Never have a met a girl in The Order who pleases me so much. If it is your wish, I will arrange with the Directors to have you stay with me for a time in my villa on the Costa Brava, where we can become much better acquainted. It is a privilege some of us have, who have contributed much to The Order. Would this please you?”

I release his cock, and let my tongue slither around the deflating head. Then I kiss the tip and smile up at him. I imagine myself lounging by the pool in my bikini, gazing out over the Mediterrenean, going sailing…and of course, fucking. Fucking Carlos, fucking his friends, whoever he wants me to, whenever he wants me to. “Yes, that would please me.” I think suddenly of Rachel. “May I take a girlfriend along?”

“Yes, of course. If she is anything like you, I’m sure we’ll enjoy ourselves thoroughly. Bueno. I will make the necessary arrangements.”

I slide up and capture his mouth with my wet, spermy lips. Our lips part and our tongues intertwine. I find myself wondering if Carlos has a dog.

roxan brownReport

2017-09-11 01:57:05
Living in Spain for 6 months a year bestiality Girl animal is a lot more common than you would think In Barcelona castellon and valencia I have been to clubs like this even getting on stage on more than one occasion.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-14 15:23:15
i am far from lesbian but i would gladly join and do as told just to have so many men with big cocks to fuck

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2012-12-14 12:08:03
Let me preface this by saying no offence is intended by the following. But something's changed here...the vocabulary's varied, laced with more languid 'flourish'. If I didn't have more respect for the writer, I'd prematurely adjudge the style- dare I say, the story in parts- plagiarized...for now, I'll just chalk it up to internal evolution of such masterful talent, if perhaps externally inspired . Awaiting more of the same...


2007-03-01 16:05:50
The Queen is back on her throne and issuing her wonderful stories. I love the "Order" series, always gets my old cock up, as do all of your stories..

Welcome home - now get down to work!


2007-01-05 01:29:51
I prefer stories with more, well, story, but this is still excellent. 9 of 10.

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