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A piece of fiction I decided to try my hand at. Please let me know what you think. :-)
We had started out walking in the park. It was a beautiful night. The path we walked around the lake was old pavement, rough and cracked in places, not maintained. There weren't many people in the park, and only a few couples. The night air was warm and electric, the sound of birds from the island in the middle of the lake cutting sharply across the expanse. We held hands, then hips. Joined thus, we meandered lazily along the path.

Tristen was not tall by any means, but was a good fit for me. He being 5'8" and me 5"4", I found it easy to hold him and have his embrace returned to me on a level that made me feel wrapped up in him. My head could rest on his chest just beneath his chin and he could hold my whole body close to his. And I could lose myself in those eyes, those blue eyes that always comforted me, assuring me of his feelings.

I always felt attractive to Tristen. We both had the same sex drive - hyper drive! Neither of us ever said no to the other. The way he touched me when he was gentle would set my skin on fire, and when he was primal I knew I was his to do with what he would. His lust was for me, and I knew it.

Several times over the last few months we had expressed fantasies to each other that we would like fulfilled. We had the romantic fantasies of enamored lovers, and we also had the animalistic fantasies akin to instinctual beasts. The desires we shared and fulfilled with each other drew us ever closer. On a whim, we could go from romantic interludes to spontaneous outbursts of primal lust. There seemed to be no limit to the things we would do for and with each other.

This night was no different. As we walked the path around the lake, we found a tree to sit under and cuddled close. He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned into his chest. The sound of Tristen's heartbeat cajoled me and lulled me into a trance. His hand on my chin lifted my head and, before our eyes could meet, his lips were on mine. I got lost in his kiss and the strength of his embrace. His hand found its way to my breast and I moaned when he firmly took hold of it. I reached down to his pants and felt his cock, hard, through his jeans.

Unzipping his pants, I took his cock out, and broke our kiss. I stared him in the eyes as I lowered myself to his hardness. Taking hold of it, I slowly began licking his head, and then slipped my lips around it, rolling my tongue around it and moaning. He gasped and his member jumped in my mouth, pre-cum pushing its way out of his cock and onto my tongue. I began sliding up and down on him, feeling the heat of his cock as the blood made it swell in my mouth. I loved sucking him.

The warm evening air brushed across my face carrying the scent of the trees and grass. I felt his hand make its way down my back and over my ass, pulling up my skirt to bare my ass to the wind. I had no panties on and the wind revealed my wetness as it blew gently over my revealed cunt. His fingers found my pussy and I moaned as he inserted two inside me. I started going down further on him, sucking him in deeper. His head bumped my tonsils. I relaxed, opened my throat and took him back further. My pussy was dripping now and I could feel it running down my leg onto the grass beneath us. He lifted me up onto my knees then and pulled me around so my ass was next to his face as I sucked up and down on him.

His tongue pierced my cunt, then pulled out and licked my lips up and down. Gently, so tenderly, he licked me, holding onto my hips and pulling my pussy onto his tongue. My juices began running down my legs and he pushed my furthest leg out to spread my pussy open. I had heard rustling in the bushes behind the tree we were sitting under earlier, but I took no note then. When new hands were on my hips I realized immediately that we had been watched. Tristen reached under me and grabbed one of my breasts, massaging it firmly. He arched his hips and pushed his cock deeper in my mouth as I felt the hands on my hips pull me back. The head of a cock stroked my pussy lips and I moaned. It was inside me swiftly and deeply, pushing the air from me and forcing me to take Tristen's cock out of my mouth.

I gasped as 10 inches of cock pushed all the way inside me on his first thrust. The man began taking long slow strokes in and out of me. Tristen was only 7 inches, so this intrusion was more than I was used to. I reveled in the feeling of the cock inside me, and as I got more comfortable with it I leaned over to take Tristen back in my mouth. The strokes of the man in my pussy were so long and deep that when hey pushed inside me I was pushed down on Tristen. I easily swallowed his cock to the balls as I was fucked slowly from behind. Tristen got harder then and I held him all the way in my throat as he came. His head throbbed in my throat and the familiar gushing of his warm cum down my throat caused me to swallow.

Once Tristen came in my mouth he pulled out and moved away. I looked up to see him sitting to the side, watching me get fucked. I looked at him in between moans as the cock in my pussy found places Tristen's cock never could. My eyes half-closed in ecstasy, I turned to see the man behind me. He was a handsome man. I fucked back against him harder and faster now, feeling his cock swell inside me. And in between panting breaths as I gasped I felt another cock head pushing at my lips. Without even looking I opened my mouth and took it in. I started swallowing it in time with the man fucking my pussy. It was quickly as deep as Tristen was earlier, but it started pushing deeper. I opened my eyes then and I could see this cock was easily as long as the one in my pussy. I moaned as the man behind me continued to fuck me hard and fast. Then he held my hips tight, thrust himself all the way inside me and began to shoot his load deep in me. His head throbbed against my cervix as he came and I could not control the orgasm that washed over me then.

The man in my mouth held still when he saw the other one cumming in me. I moaned and let the orgasm take me. When the man pulled out I felt a longing for more. Then I felt Tristen insert the rod in my pussy. We had done this many times before, but never around anyone else. I loved the feeling of the rod inside me as it poked at my cervix, opening up the entry to my womb. It was smaller around than a finger, but when Tristen worked it around inside me he could open my cervix up about 6mm. He would then usually get behind me and fuck me deep, pouring his cum straight into my womb. I loved that feeling of cum splashing so deep inside me.

As Tristen worked my cervix open I sucked the cock in my mouth, taking it as deep as I could. Then the man held my head still and began fucking my mouth, taking long deep strokes like the man in my pussy had. When his head hit the back of my throat and met resistance, he held my head still and slowly pushed deeper. Then he pulled back and repeated the process. Over and over he pushed his way into my throat until I felt his balls hitting my chin. I could hear the men cheering him on, amazed that I could swallow so much. And when he could get it all the way in, he started fucking my throat all the way like the man in my pussy had. His head slid down my throat, then back again. I tasted his pre-cum and let it coat my throat. I could feel my throat engorged as he pushed deeply again and again. He told me to take a deep breath, and when I did he pushed all the way in, held himself all the way inside me and came. His load shot straight down my throat; I didn't even have to swallow he was so deep. I held my breath and felt the warm gush run down into my belly. He pulled out then and Tristen pulled the rod out of my pussy.

Another set of hands on my hips and a cock head poking at my pussy. The cock entered me and it was all I could do to hold myself up on my hands and knees. The cock was really thick, pushing at my insides, stretching me out. He was in about 8 inches all at once, and when he pulled out I leaned down and put my face in the grass, my ass up in the air for him. I was totally powerless now, no strength in my body to move. His cock intruded me again, this time deeper. I looked back between my legs and my eyes about popped out of my head. The man was about 5 inches around and almost 12 inches long. His large testicles hung far below him and when he entered me again he had 10 inches inside me. Those balls swung up and slapped my clit and I moaned. I had never had a cock so large. Then I felt him hold himself there, moving my hips around until he found it. I realized a little too late, and when his head pushed into the hole of my cervix that Tristen had made I grabbed the grass with all my might. The cock pushed at the opening, still a little too small to accommodate his girth, and he just pushed again and again until it forced its way into my womb.

He had had only about 8 inches in me when he finally found the hole of my cervix, and when he pushed through the other 4 inches skewered my womb. I screamed in pleasure and pain, and as he began fucking me I moaned in more pleasure than I had ever experienced. When he pulled back his head caught the inside wall of my cervix and pulled against me. I held still then and he pushed back in. He fucked me deeper and harder than I had ever been fucked. I pushed myself up on my hands when I finally found the strength and immediately had another cock pushed to my mouth. I relaxed and opened my mouth, allowing both cocks to penetrate me to their fullest. I loved the feeling of so much cock so deep in me. The cocks thrust in and out of me. I was their bitch and they were using me. I loved it.

Then the man in my pussy held my hips tight and shot his load in my womb. I felt it shoot deeper in me than anything I'd ever felt. The warm liquid rolled around inside me and the man's cock splashed around in it as he shot again and again inside me. He pulled out slowly and slid his head past my cervix, then out of my pussy. The man in my mouth was fucking me with fervor now and I soon felt the familiar hardening that indicated he was about to cum. In short order I was swallowing another load. The men all stood around and cheered as this last man came. Then, as quickly as they had arrived they were gone in the night. I leaned forward again then with my face in the grass, staring at Tristen and smiling. He had a curious grin on his face and all of a sudden I felt a tongue licking my pussy and asshole.

My ass was still in the air and the warm, rough tongue licked greedily at the juices intermingling in me. I moaned and closed my eyes as Tristen got up and came to my side. Then he tapped my back and I felt it mount me. It took me a moment to register what was happening, and by the time I realized it was too late. The dog's cock was poking at my pussy and found its way inside me with ease. I looked back between my legs again and realized its cock was as thick as the last man's but not as long. It leaned forward when its cock was inside me, its paws wrapping firmly around my waist, and it jumped closer, penetrating me fully. I moaned as it thrust in and out of me, harder and faster than any man ever had. I felt dirty and wicked, letting a dog fuck me like this. But its cock felt so good and I was quickly engrossed in the fucking it was giving me. I felt its hot breath on my back and it was drooling. I moaned and thrust back against it. The dog didn't move straight in and out, and its probing cock soon found the cervix hole that had already been opened. It thrust hard and fast, in and out of my womb. The dog grabbed me tighter then and pushed harder. I felt its knot push into my pussy and I moaned as it stretched me even further.

As my pussy closed around the dog's knot it held itself still inside me. Its hot cock was throbbing and it was panting hard on my back. Its knot swelled up a bit more then and I moaned as I was stretched further. All of a sudden I felt it squirting over and over. It wasn't like a man when it came. It shot hard against the inside of my womb and there was a lot more of it. Another orgasm overcame me and my pussy clamped down tight around the dog's cock. I groaned and pushed back against the dog as it truly made me its bitch. I looked up to see Tristen smiling at me. I smiled back and moaned as I breathed deeply.

It took a few minutes for the dog's knot to release from me, and when it did its cock pulled out and took with it the cum mixture in my pussy. I felt the cum in my womb still splashing around as my cervix began closing again and holding it inside me. I loved the feel of all that cum inside me. Tristen sat next to me then and I laid my head on his lap as I recovered. I never thought I could be so thoroughly fucked, but I loved what had happened that night and that I could have my man there with me through it all...

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2007-01-08 16:27:41
one word....uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
... made me sooo hornyy.


2006-12-10 03:49:16
Good story up until the dog part. The cervix thing was a bit weird, but interesting. The dog thing idn't seem to fit with the rest of the story.


2006-12-06 00:16:30
i couldnt stop laughin when the dog took the rally! in her place, i wud have laughed like mad! haha1 but it was a nice fuck! made me wet! good job! hope to see more like this!!!

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