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how i first got to play with my daughter
I know everyone has, at sometime, thought about fucking their daughter. Most people don’t act out the thought but keep it in their head as a fantasy to be used as and when they feel.
Unfortunately I am one of those who can’t keep his prick in his pants and because of this I have lost not only a very sexy wife, a loving daughter, a home, a well paid job but also the respect of the community where I lived.

This is how it all began.
I am 40 yrs. old, 6ft. tall, slim build with short blonde hair and a 7.5 in. uncut prick. My wife, Susan, is 38 yrs. old, 5ft.5in tall size 12/14 with short brown hair cut in a bob style, 36b tits and a neatly trimmed pussy. We have been married for 20 yrs. My daughter, Karen, is a little taller than her mum at 5ft.7in, a nice slim size 10, long auburn hair which is free flowing, 32c tits and, as I was to find out, a shaven pussy.
The Sunday after Karen’s 18th birthday, Susan was out trimming the front hedge while I mowed the back lawn. As with most things Susan did, she always found time to stop and chat. This time it was with the couple who ran the local shop. Their son went to school with Karen and I think he had a crush on her but that ended when he went to college and Karen found work as a waitress at one of the hotels in town. I left Susan happily chatting away and went inside to fix us all a cool drink. As I went indoors I heard Karen’s voice from upstairs, she was chatting with mum and the other couple. She obviously didn’t hear me walk into the house but the sight I saw will live with me forever.

Karen was leaning out of the landing window, she had on a top and short skirt, but as she was leaning out you could clearly see that she was not wearing any panties. I started to climb the stairs with the clear intention of telling her off but by the time I had got to the top my nerve had gone and I made out that I was going into our bedroom, but as I did I brushed my hand over Karen’s ass and gave it a gentle squeeze. I was answered by Karen gently pushing her ass back onto my hand as she furtively opened her legs a bit wider than they were.
I was rooted to the spot, the knowledge that I had just felt up my daughter’s ass and she wanted more, froze me for a few seconds. I then found myself sliding my hand back over Karen’s ass but I let my fingers wander until they made contact with Karen’s warm and slightly wet pussy. Karen moaned and whispered “that is nice dad but if you stay there mum might see you.”

I quickly ducked down and had an idea. I slowly opened Karen’s legs a bit further and I sat on the floor with my head between Karen’s legs. I told her not to let on what was happening I then lifted my face so I could lick Karen’s pussy. I started licking her like there was no tomorrow, burying my tongue deep into Karen’s wet folds. She tasted very sweet, I knew we didn’t have long so I hurriedly found Karen’s clit with my fingers and started rubbing it very quickly while I was licking her. After a couple of minutes I felt Karen tense up then all of a sudden her pussy spasmed as she orgasmed and her sweet juices flowed into my mouth and over my face.
When Karen had recovered she whispered “thanks dad, now you stand here and be good, it’s my turn.” Karen and I swapped places and I felt my trousers being undone and gently lowered and as Karen’s fingers reached inside my boxers and pulled out my semi-hard prick she exclaimed “wow dad you are bigger than any of my boyfriends.” I felt myself blush with embarrassment yet I felt proud that my daughter did not think her dad was too small.

Under Karen’s skilled fingers my prick soon became fully erect and, as I was basking with pride, I suddenly felt Karen’s mouth around the head of my prick and her tongue licking all round. Then with slow deliberate movements Karen began to work her mouth down the length of my prick, going forwards an inch then back, then forwards more then back, licking around the head each time she went back.
Karen’s mouth felt so good on my prick that I didn’t realise Susan had called up to me. It was only when I heard loud laughter that I knew I had missed her question. I joined in the joke that I was a bit deaf and called down to her to repeat what she had asked. She wanted to know where Karen had gone, I told her “Karen is sorting out her uniform for tonight and she asked me to iron her blouse which I have done,” to which Susan gushed her thanks and said that she would be finished in about 15 minutes and could I run Karen up to the hotel as she wanted to have a nice long relaxing soak in the bath.
While all this was going on Karen continued to take more of my prick into her mouth, then as Susan was asking me to drive Karen to work I stiffened as I felt Karen’s nose touch my skin and I realised that Karen had taken my full length into her mouth and I could feel the head of my prick nudging her throat. I looked down at the sight of my daughter’s head going backwards and forwards with my prick in her mouth and I thought I must have been in heaven as what was happening felt so good.

I gently tapped Karen on the shoulder and told her mum would be finished in 10 minutes, to which Karen replied “ Shit I am enjoying this…Bollocks I had better get you to cum quickly so that mum doesn’t catch us.” So she got her mouth around the head of my prick and with her hand she began to quickly wank me.
With this change of plan it took only a couple of minutes before I was ready to cum, I warned Karen that I was ready to cum, she took her mouth away and whispered “cum in my mouth dad I want to taste you like you tasted me,” then she put her mouth back over the head of my prick and began wanking me again.
It only took about another 15 strokes of Karen’s hand on my prick for me to start to cum I quickly whispered “Karen, I’m Cumming.” just in case she changed her mind. But Karen kept my prick in her mouth as jet after jet of warm cum spurted from my prick into her waiting mouth, Karen continued to wank me while I was cumming.
All in all I spurted about 6 jets of warm cum into Karen’s mouth, when Karen was sure she had got all my cum, she stood up and showed me the cum in her mouth, then she closed her mouth, smiled at me and swallowed my cum. She then gave me a small peck on the cheek, turned and went into her bedroom to get ready for work.

I quickly put my prick back into my boxers and had just finished doing up my trousers when Susan walked into the house. Hoping not to cause any suspicion I knocked on Karen’s door and told her to be ready in 5 minutes so I could drive her to work. I went downstairs, greeted Susan with a kiss and said “I will start your bath running darling.”
Karen then came downstairs, kissed her mum and said “see you later.” and then went out to wait by the car.
I went to Susan to let her know that her bath was running and kissed her, then I went outside, opened the car for Karen and we drove off to Karen’s work. When we got there I kissed Karen goodbye but as she was leaving the car Karen turned to me and whispered “your cum tastes nice dad, but next time I want it in me.” I looked disbelievingly at her as she said “yes dad next time I want you to fuck me.”

The first time that Karen and I had a chance to fuck was about 2 months later. You could say that circumstances put us all in the right place at the right time. Susan had started night school doing an I.T. course, as I got home from work on what could only be described as a boring Tuesday, Susan said that she would be home later than the usual 10pm as it was the last week before half term and everyone was going for a drink after the lesson to generally wind down and also have a chance to discuss any problems people may have had on the course so far.
Karen was already home from doing a breakfast/lunch shift and Susan told me that the hotel had given Karen “tomorrow off, as they have a busy weekend and need her for some extra shifts.”

I jumped into the bath to freshen up while Susan got all her course work together. I asked “where is Karen?” and Susan said “she is upstairs in her room resting and watching T.V.” I got myself something to eat and kissed Susan goodbye as she left.
I had finished my meal and was flicking through the T.V. channels when Karen came into the living room dressed in only a short, flimsy nightie, which only just covered her pussy, also you could see her nipples were erect. Karen sat down beside me on our leather sofa, and as I caught the delicate smell of her perfume, I could feel myself becoming aroused.
I couldn’t help myself but, with Karen sat next to me smelling so good, and wearing only her nightie, I got very horny and I leant over to kiss Karen, while I started stroking her leg. It was only meant to be a fatherly kiss but as I touched her lips with mine I instinctively opened my mouth and allowed my tongue to brush over her lips. Karen responded by allowing my tongue into her mouth and we touched tongues. My hand began stroking Karen’s leg going higher and higher until I reached the top of her thigh, then I moved my hand across until my fingers made contact with her pussy. I then started to stroke Karen’s pussy with my index and 2nd. Finger, and as I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter, I began to go deeper into her pussy with my fingers.
I could feel myself losing control and with my other hand I started to undo my trousers. Karen seemed to sense this as she broke off the kiss and whispered “lets go up to my room where we will be more comfortable.”

It seemed as if I floated up the stairs behind Karen and into her room. Once there Karen sat on her bed and helped me undress, when I was completely naked I joined her on the bed and we started kissing again. This time I used some of the wetness from her pussy, which I collected on my fingers, and used it to coat her nipples. Then I started sucking each nipple in turn until they were erect. Karen reached down and skilfully played with my prick until I was fully hard.
After a couple of minutes teasing each other, I felt the time was right to give in to my desires and fuck my daughter. Karen must have felt this way as well because as I began to move across her body, she started to spread her legs open allowing me room to position myself between them. As I led on top of Karen, I propped myself up and looked down onto her smiling face, I kissed her and whispered to her “are you sure this is what you want,” to which Karen replied “yes dad please fuck me.” I asked Karen to guide me in and I felt her hand grasp my erect prick, and as I pushed forwards she guided the head of my prick into the opening of her pussy.

I knew that Karen was not a virgin but her pussy was incredibly tight and it took patience and about 10-15 thrusts, each time I pushed forward I went a little deeper then I pulled back a little, then in again until I had got my prick fully into Karen’s tight pussy. I rested and checked that Karen was o.k. she said “yes dad, my pussy has never felt to full, it’s so good.” I slowly pulled back until half my prick was in her then I pushed forwards burying my full length deep in her. Her pussy felt so tight and warm. I knew it was wrong but the feelings of shear pleasure I was having made it seem o.k.
I tried pulling all the way back until only the head of my prick was in Karen’s pussy then pushing forwards until I was fully inside her without stopping, Karen responded to this with a moan of pleasure and “yes dad, that’s it, don’t stop, fuck me dad, fuck me.” So I started fucking Karen with long hard thrusts, each time I pulled back leaving only the head of my prick in her, then pushing my self forwards until my full length was buried in her. I could now lie and say that I fucked Karen for ages but in reality it was only after about 5 minutes of fucking Karen like this when I felt myself getting close to cumming, so I quickened up my thrusts and started fucking Karen hard.

After a couple of minutes of hard fucking I whispered to Karen that I would soon be cumming and where did she want me to cum. She all of a sudden snapped out of her dreamy state and said “Shit dad I’ve forgot to take my pill today, please don’t cum in my pussy.” I said to her “where shall I cum?” I could see that Karen was thinking about something, then she surprised me by saying “put it in my ass dad, I want you to cum in my ass.” I said “o.k. if you are sure, but we had better be quick”. Karen said “yes I’m sure,” so I quickly pulled out of her pussy and moved back to allow Karen to get on all 4’s. I then got behind her and started licking her cute and sexy asshole, trying to get as much of my spit there as possible to act as a lube. I gently pushed my middle finger into her asshole to start to loosen up her ass. I then added my index finger and began to fuck her asshole with them. I dribbled some more spit onto her ass as I quickly added my thumb and began to widen her asshole.

I knew that if I didn’t soon put my prick into her ass I would be cumming outside her and that was not what either of us wanted, so I quickly positioned myself behind Karen, and as I pulled my fingers out of her ass I put the head of my prick up against her hole and pushed in. Karen screamed “ouch, shit, fucking hell dad, it hurts” but as I was so close to cumming I kept going, forcing my prick all the way into Karen’s ass. When I was fully in Karen’s ass I pulled back a bit then pushed forwards fucking her quicker and quicker. Karen had now started crying and was saying “no more, no more, dad it hurt’s too much, please stop,” but as I was so close to cumming I couldn’t stop even if I had wanted to. Then with a couple more quick thrusts, the last one getting me deep inside Karen’s ass, I started cumming.
Jet after jet of cum spurted from my prick and into Karen’s ass, all in all about 8 jets of cum spurted into Karen’s ass before my balls were empty. My prick quickly softened and as I pulled out of Karen’s ass, I leant over her and cuddled her, checked to see if she was o.k. Karen said “yes I’m fine, I just didn’t realise it would hurt so much the first time.” Then it struck me, I had taken my daughter’s anal virginity. I hugged her and said “thank-you,” and reassured her that with practice the pain gets less and a lot of people love doing it. Karen replied “mmmmmm I hope so as I want to do it with you again sometime.” I gave Karen another hug and kiss, and got off her bed to find my clothes. I was in need of freshening up before Susan got home, so with my clothes over my arm I leant down and kissed Karen goodnight, as I was leaving her room I said “I love you Karen” and I heard her reply “I love you to dad, and I cant wait for you to fuck me again, I hope it’s soon.”

I had myself a quick bath to freshen up, and watched T.V. for a bit, but found I couldn’t concentrate, so I read a book for a while. Susan rang to say that she would be home about 11-30, which gave me just over an hour to sit and reflect on what I had done, and to work out how to deal with any problems that arose because of my actions, also how to cope with the fact that I had not only fucked my daughter but she wanted me to fuck her again.
When Susan got home and walked into the house looking all smart and sexy in her knee length skirt, tight blouse and heels, the perverted mind inside me said “I wonder what it be like to have Susan and Karen together in the same bed.” Susan must have noticed the look I had on my face as she walked in because she asked “what are you thinking about?” I couldn’t tell her, could I??????


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Oh Daddy come in her cunt


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eat my pussy and take me up the ass please!!!!


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canada sucks


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that was a great story. keep em cumin :)

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