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hope you in joy this part of the story

Part 10
Tania was sitting on Wendy’s bed, her hands in her lap and her head bowed, she was, again, quite naked.
“So, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?” I said seating myself beside her.
“I’m sorry daddy John, I know you’re not really angry with me, but mummy says that if I’m naughty I should be punished.” She looked up at me, “And you did say that I was naughty didn’t you?”
She had snuggled up to me while she was speaking and I found I had my arm around her shoulder. “Yes, I did. But you did help me downstairs didn’t you?” I could feel her nod her head, “You do know I feel awkward about this. Before I met you I’ve never though about striking a child . . . a certain woman perhaps, but never a kid.”
“That’s stupid daddy John.” Tania said pulling away from me. “It isn’t a matter of striking a child, it’s punishing a wayward child who knows they’ve done wrong. If there were no punishment then children would run amok, without punishment, they would be uncontrollable. Just think what would happen if that kept on?”
I did not have to imagine this; there is too much evidence around already. “So you’re telling me that I should punish you to preserve mankind.” She giggled at that, so I sighed, “Okay Tania, you have been very naughty. Now if I was to smack you do you think you’d be able to control your hands?”
She looked at me and slowly shook her head. “I don’t think so daddy John.” She said.
“Okay, now go and get your collar.” I said to her and she turned to go out of the room, before stopping and slowly turning back to me.
“Uh, daddy John. I’ve got something to confess.” She said softly
“I’m not a priest Tania, but you can tell me anything.” I said smiling.
She seemed to be close to tears, but she managed to control herself. “Daddy John, I lied to you earlier . . . I hadn’t, haven’t, lost the collar. I left it in your room.” She ran to me and hid her face in my chest. “I’m sorry daddy John.” She started to sob.
What could I do with her? I held her close and patted her back saying, “That’s alright Tania, I knew you hadn’t, you liked it too much to lose it. Now go on, run and get it because now I have another reason to punish you.”
She looked up at me and then shook her head. “Daddy John! You tricked me!” She accused me.
I put an expression of astonishment on my face. “I did? Really! Well I do not know! Now go and get your collar, you’ll be needing it!” I turned her around and sent her to the door with a swat on her backside.
I swear she gave a giggle as she ran away from me. She returned a few minutes later with her collar firmly placed around her neck. I nodded to her, pleased at the way she held herself — thinking about it, with the collar placed, as it was she could not help but keep her head upright.
“Now Tania, place yourself over my lap please.” I said to the girl, she did so and then looked back at me.
“Aren’t you going to tie my hands together?” She asked me.
“No! You’re going to promise not to move your hands while I’m spanking you!” I told her gently.
“But what if I do?” She asked me, “Will you punish me for that?”
I smiled, “No, I’ll stop tying you up!” And sharply brought my hand down on her behind. She gave a small gasp and then a sigh as I gently rubbed it for her; she started to push her bottom up into my hand
I quickly pulled back and delivered another two sharp smacks onto her flesh, before rubbing her again. She had started to move her hands but was able to stop herself before they progressed too far.
I bent down and whispered into her ear, “Well done Tania, I’m proud of you.”
“Thank you daddy.” She said softly
I started to alternate between hitting her and lightly stroking her, hearing her mew with pleasure. I lost count of the number of times I hit her, I eventually came back to my senses and stopped. Her backside was red and hot to the touch, but then so was my hand.
I stood her, unsteadily, to her feet and supported me. This time her hands did go to her backside and rub it. She looked at my trouser leg and blushed. I followed her glance and then touched the damp fabric. I brought my fingers up to my nose and smelt them.
“So, it got you excited did it.” I asked her rhetorically, she nodded her head slowly, keeping her eyes down.
“Did you really like it?” I asked her, I was truly curious about that.
She raised her head, her eyes were sparkling. “Oh yes daddy John, it was wonderful. Thank you, thank you so much.” And she wrapped her arms around my neck, covering my face with kisses.
I held onto her body, allowing her to continue, when she stopped to gather breath I gently disentangled her from me. “Why is it I think you like being punished?” I asked her.
“Oh daddy John . . . how could you say that?” She asked coyly smiling at me.
“I can’t imagine. Now get dressed, there’s still some more of the day left.” I told her, handing her a skirt and tee shirt. I then handed her the pair of knickers she had worn earlier, she held them between her thumb and forefinger and wrinkled her nose.
“Daddy John! I can’t wear these, they’re all . . . yucky and wet!” She complained, which was true, as she had worn them earlier . . . as a gag.
I contemplated her for a few minutes and then smiled, “Well I don’t think you would have worn them anyway.” At her smile, I held up a hand. “Just don’t make it obvious, just in case we have more visitors.”
“Of course not daddy John, I do understand.” She said slipping the tee shirt over her head and then stepping into her skirt. She twirled around when she was ‘dressed’, the skirt billowing up to reveal the naked skin beneath.
We returned back downstairs, taking the camera with us, ‘just in case’ as Tania said. We sat down again in the living room — the television had a rugby match showing. Tania turned to me and asked.
“What’s on the other satellite channels daddy John?”
I shook my head, “Sorry Tania, I don’t have the money to waste on satellite television.”
“Well, do we have to watch this, I mean where’s their padding? Where are the cheerleaders? And when does the special teams come on?” She was a mass of questions.
“First of all, No we don’t have to watch it. Rugby players don’t wear padding . . . except possibly in their jockstraps.” Causing her to laugh, “Cheerleaders are just starting to appear on the scene here. And the team plays with only a few substitutes, they mostly have to play for all of the game!”
“But that’s daft!” She said amazed.
“No . . . that’s Rugby.” I turned down the volume on the television and we started to watch the action in silence.
Finally, I could not stand the silence and started the CD playing again, I sat back in my chair, immediately Tania placed herself on my lap and snuggled back onto me. The music started to play, going into a quick beat.
“What’s that daddy John?” She asked me, “It sounds quiet good.” She added as she started rocking to the beat.
“Just some old group . . . I did have a tee-shirt of their once, but I let a young girl wear it!” I said trying to sound ironic.
“No way! Any group that you’ll have a tee-shirt for can’t be that good!” She said smiling up at me.
“If you want I’ll put on some Enya! See how you like her!” I jokingly said, at her look I added, “Maybe I’ll leave you tied up with a record of hers playing.”
“Daddy John! You wouldn’t dare!” She said, but her eyes were shining at the thought of being tied up again.
“Are you daring me young lady? Because I might point out that I’m a lot bigger and stronger than you!” I told her.
“Oh yes! I’m so scared!” She held up a steady hand. “Look how much I’m shaking!” She giggled away.
“Right then, if you’re going to laugh at me . . .” I said and suddenly dug my fingers into her sides causing her to squirm and giggle away. I wished she was my Wendy, just to be able to hear her laugh again . . . I stopped tickling Tania as my mood changed.
I felt her hand holding mine, “Don’t be sad daddy John, I’m sure something will happen and you will see your daughter again.” Her voice echoed my melancholy mood, matching the music of ‘loser gone wild’
I managed to smile at her, “You sound very sure of yourself, why?”
She studied me for a moment as the beat of the music changed as it went to the refrain. To be honest I had not realized how depressing the songs were on this album, I was going to change it, but to do so would have dislodged Tania from her perch, and to be honest I was beginning to like this sensation.
“I’ve told you daddy John, you’re a nice man, and you deserve help.” She said returning to her position of snuggling with me.
We stayed like that for a some time, until a thought struck me.
“Tania? What’s going to happen when your mother comes to pick you up?” But I received no reply, looking down at her I could see her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply.
I wondered to myself, ‘how did I get into this position?’
Part 11

The sound of ‘Rock and Roll is King’ was coming from the speakers, bringing us out of our nap. The rugby had finished and the news was on the television. Then a picture of Tania showed on the screen, I turned up the sound to hear what was being said.
“. . . was abducted from her home in America with the report Charlotte Mitchell.” The screen changed to show a woman standing outside a hotel in the town. “Tania Jones had been smuggled into England by Mr. John Anderton, who had been employed by her father who was divorced from Tania’s mother. She was brought to this Hotel where the two men met. Whilst here Tania managed to escape from them, she was able to contact a friend of the family who then contacted the police, In the meantime, by a strange twist of fate, her father David Jones was in the police station reporting Tania as missing, a subsequent check to the FBI revealed that a search for Tania, who had been made a ward of court in her home town, was underway. The two men were arrested on behalf of the FBI on a warrant of kidnap and contempt of court. Tania is reported as well and staying with the family friend under supervision of the American FBI. Both Mr. David Jones and Mr. John Anderton are now in custody pending an extradition hearing to be held some time next week. Back to the studio . . .” I turned the sound down and looked at the smiling girl.
“So I’m a friend of the family am I?” I asked her.
She nodded her head, “Of course you are daddy John, the best friend our family has!” and she hugged me again.
“Doesn’t it make you feel sad that your father in behind bars?” I asked her.
She shook her head, “Not really, he knew that I didn’t want to stay with him, but he wouldn’t listen to mummy or me which was why we asked for the town’s protection.” She looked puzzled for a moment, “I don’t know why they didn’t stop that man from taking me . . . they should have done.”
She stopped talking and looked at me, “What shall we do now daddy John?” She asked me.
I looked at the time and then said, “Well I think you need something to eat now, you are still a growing girl.” I said smiling.
She cocked her head onto one side and then a crafty thought seemed to pass her eyes, and she then lifted up her tee shirt to reveal her forming breasts. “Yes I am, aren’t I daddy John?” She said laughing.
I shook my head before grabbing hold of her and pulling her over my lap. “Young ladies do not uncover their chests in front of elder people.” I told her and gave her three smacks onto her backside, which was nicely uncovered for my attention.
She stood back up and smiled at me — she still had the cheek to smile! — “Alright daddy John, I’ll be careful of the oldsters!” She said and dodged backwards out of my reach.
“You know Tania, you’ll be the death of me!” I said also smiling.
“Will I daddy John? But I don’t want you to die.” She said, the smile fading from her face.
“I mean that after chasing you so much I’m going to have a heart attack.” I said smiling to show I was not serious.
She thought for a minute and then nodded her head, “Alright then daddy John, I’ll make sure I’ll walk instead of running away.” She smiled also then.
We went into the kitchen and I made some sandwiches and tea, yes I do drink it occasionally, Tania asked for, and got, a soda from the fridge — part of the care package that had been delivered.
Tania helped me again with the washing up and then sorted through the clothes that needed ironing — something that I have never got to grips with which I mentioned to Tania.
She shook her head in amazement and started sorting out the clean washing, before turning to me and asking me where I hid the ironing board and iron.
I bemusedly pointed them out and helped her set up the board to her height. She plugged in the iron, after moaning about how old it was. And then said, “I’ve forgotten something.” She ran out of the room, after ordering me to sit down at to stay where I was.
I waited for some time before she reappeared, dressed again — if dressed was the right word — in her loincloth and collar. “If I’m going to slave away with your ironing I might as well dress for it.” She said and then began pressing the clothes.
She was very expert in her work, a fact I commented on.
“It’s all mummy’s doing, she said I couldn’t rely on a maid to be on hand to do everything.” Tania explained, “And she also said that when I get older I might find it useful.”
I smiled, “Well you’ll always have something to fall back on then, and you do seem an expert on ironing.”
She nodded, “Oh yes, I could do this blindfolded.” She said as she started on another tee shirt.
I rubbed my chin, “What about with one arm tied behind your back?” I asked her.
She started to nod but then carefully put the iron down before turning back to face me. “Daddy John that’s stupid!” She said, “If my arm’s behind my back I couldn’t iron anything, how would I keep the clothes on the table?” She said watching me.
I nodded in defeat, but mentally made plans, Tania returned to the ironing, I could hear her starting to hum, I was surprised to make out the tune of ‘4 Little Diamonds’ it seems that something did stick.
Finally, she announced that she had finished the ironing and indeed there were two piles of clothes, she directed me to pick up my clothes and take them to my bedroom, while she took hers to Wendy’s room.
I quickly put the necessary items in the drawers and cupboards and left the room, I found Tania kneeling before my door, again her head was down and her arms extended behind her.
“Master, this slave requests that you tie her up as you did on the first day.” She said, just loud enough for me to hear her.
“I suppose you do deserve some reward for your arduous duties.” I said, she glanced up and I caught a smile on her face. “I suppose you also want to be suspended again.” I asked her.
“If my master doesn’t mind, I have managed to find some twine that my master may find useful.” She said, where she would have found twine I do not know, but I would go along with her.
“I might. Now go and prepare yourself slave, I suggest that you make use of the facilities before you wet yourself during the session.”
She giggled and quickly got up and ran to the bathroom, when Tania came out she was busy tying up the loincloth. I stopped her.
“Is there any point in doing that?” I asked her; she shook her head and released the leather in her hands, the loincloth fluttered to the ground. I tapped my foot. “Young lady, that is still an item of clothing, I suggest you retrieve it and hold onto it.” I directed her she blushed and quickly bent down to pick it up. She then followed me into Wendy’s bedroom.
The camera was positioned, focused on the bed, and the tape was running. I placed Tania near the bed, I had just thought of how I would tie this girl up, if she could stand it. I altered the camera so that she was completely in the frame.
“Tania I want to try something different.” I began, “How supple are you?” I asked her.
“Well at school we’ve been doing ballet and gymnastics, I’m able to do a backward bridge and hold it for 5 minutes. And I can bring my head down between my legs.” She blushed again when she said that as if there was another interpretation of her abilities.
“Are you able to see into the future?” I asked her, she seemed puzzled by this and shook her hear, “Pity with your contortionist ability you’d be able to foresee you own end!” she took a few moments before the joke
“That was terrible!” She groaned
“Don’t blame me, that’s from the Two Ronnie’s.” I told her and then had to explain that they were a pair of comedians — I wished I had not even started that!
“Okay then, bend your right leg back and hold it with your right hand.” I instructed her. She did that and I used the clip on her wrist strap to attach it to the ring on the ankle strap. I then tied her leg to her thigh so that it was immobilized. Holding her, I got her to do the same with her left leg and wrist.
I now had her on the bed, face down; I tied her left leg to match her right leg. This would have to be a short session, as I knew her muscles would start to ache after about 15 minutes.
I then found the twine that she had mentioned. I reached beneath her body and massaged her breasts to firm them up, and from her moans, she was enjoying my attention, ‘so much for not wanting to abuse this young girl’ the thought came into my mind but I ignored it.
I turned her over and showed her the twine, this I started to wind around one tit, and then crossed it over and started on the other. I could see the flesh start to change color as I did this.
“Does that feel okay?” I asked her concerned that I was hurting her.
“It tingles at the moment daddy John, but its okay.” She said, bravely I thought. With her breasts now tightly bound I worked with the larger rope, remembering her request I tied a couple of bands around her upper body, just below her armpits, then from the center of her back I brought one length of rope between her legs and up to the rope around her chest. I debated on whether to include the twine, but decided that she did not need more pressure on her forming breasts just yet. I looped the rope around her chest restraint and then back down between her legs before tying it off on her back.
I then tested the bonds by pulling her up at the back, her whole body raised up and she wriggled slightly as the rope worked its way deep between her legs and into her slit and ass-cheeks.
I then carried her like that to the door and hung her on the hook there — it had already held her once so I hoped it would still hold her again.
I moved the camera so that it had full view of Tania’s position. I tweaked her breasts noticing how red they had got. “Are you alright like that Tania?” I asked her.
“Oh yeesss daddy John, but there’s something I need you to do” She said and at her instructions I found myself rubbing her immature slit, working the two strands of rope deeper into her, and also teasing out her small clitoris to enable it to rub against the rope. She gave a gasp and a small shudder as an orgasm worked its way through her system.
She gave a small smile, “Thank you daddy John.”
“Don’t thank me just yet . . . now I’m going to have a shower. I’ll see you later.” I said closing the door behind me.
I left the bathroom some time later, feeling refreshed and relaxed. It is amazing how a shower can have that effect on people.
I slipped on a pair of trousers and a tee shirt and debated whether to check on Tania or to watch television for a bit, but a knocking on Wendy’s door aroused my interest. I gently opened it.
“Tania, are you alright?” I asked her.
“My legs are beginning to hurt me daddy John.” She said through clenched teeth, which show me that they must have been agonizing.
I didn’t bother with getting her down from the door, but quickly untied the ropes twisted around her legs, unclipping her arms from her ankles and then pulling her body away from the door to allow her legs to return to their normal position, but I had to pull them down causing Tania to gasp in pain.
I immediately began to massage each thigh, feeling the knots beneath my fingers, and then Tania crying as I managed to relax her muscles. “Thank you daddy John, I didn’t want to make a fuss but they were starting to hurt me.” She said when I was finished.
“I’m sorry Tania; I didn’t think about that, do you want me to let you down?” I asked her but she shook her head.
“Please don’t daddy John. I could hang here all night.” She said moving her body to agitate the ropes running down her torso. I decided to release her breasts though, as I did not want to cause her any more problems with them.
“Daddy John what are you doing, can’t you keep them tied up?” Tania asked me as she noticed what was happening.
“Not like this Tania, they have to have time to recover.” As I was speaking her, breasts started to feel the effects of the returning blood causing her to squeeze her eyes closed as the pain hit her.
“Oooohhhhhh! That hurts daddy John, please kiss it better.” She asked me bringing her hands to cover her chest. I could not help but I brought my mouth to her forming breasts and gently sucked on each one.
She started to shiver as I continued my oral assault on her breasts and began moving her hips. Then she stiffened completely as her senses were overwhelmed once more. I pulled away from her body and out of the camera’s view to allow her state to be filmed.
Finally, she looked languidly at me and gave a smile, “Oh daddy John that was so intense.” And she moved her hands to her loins.
“Oh no little one, you’re not going to do that!” I said and quickly took her hands and attached them to her collar.
“That’s not fair!” She complained, “I wanted to touch it and bring myself off again.”
I shook my head, “Sorry Tania, but you can’t use your hands.” I looked at her and smiled, “I’ll just leave you hanging around while I watch television. I looked to the lens on the camera, “If there’s any problem I’m sure someone will let me know”
I left the room, closing the door behind me. I heard the bang of a foot against the door as Tania tried to run herself to another orgasm, and I smiled, ‘she could stand that for another hour or so’ I thought to myself and went down the stairs to the living room.
Part 12

I fixed a light supper for the two of us, I also found out some lotions that had been left behind, I knew from the way she had been acting that Tania would be very sore between her legs.
I picked up a large towel and took it with me up the stairs to Wendy's room. I could hear a slight knocking on the door as Tania kept on moving her body, trying to achieve another orgasm from the ropes.
I knocked on the door, in out of respect for her privacy, but to warn her that I was going to open the door. I gently pushed the door open and entered the room.
Tania was, unsurprisingly, in the same position on the door. Her arms up by her neck and her legs hanging down . . . limply? I raised her up and away from the hook.
I placed her on the bed, her eyes were closed, and I checked her pulse. Strong but fast. She was all right. I moved away from the bed and repositioned the camera to give a good view of the bed and Tania 's reclined body. I then quickly untied the rope around her chest; this allowed the double ropes to loosen. Again I found that both had been tightly held inside her little slit.
Placing lotion on her skin, and my hands, I began to remove them. This time her state helped me as I quickly took out the top rope. As I had though, her pelvic area was greatly red from the chafing of the ropes.
The next problem was to retrieve the second piece of rope without hurting her. But I had to resort to near brute force, quickly pulling it away from her body, I heard her give a slight whimper as I did this. I took some lotion and covered her slit with it, I then allowed my fingers to shallowly enter her to massage the sore patched within, while I was doing this I noticed her hips began moving towards me as if encouraging me to go deeper, but I pulled away before I could hurt her.
Satisfied that I'd done everything possible to help her I turned her over, again the ropes had affected her here as well, I poured lotion into her ass-cheeks, she sighed again when I stopped my ministrations.
I then checked Tania 's body for any marks, except where the rope was tightly drawn into her body by the hooks, but these marks were faint and fading. But I started to work the lotion into her back before turning her over again.
Her eyes were open now and she was smiling at me. "That feels so nice daddy." She said, "Touch me again, please daddy." She asked me, grabbing hold of my hand and pulling closer to her body, she made it focus on her immature clit and slit, "Please daddy!" She begged.
I couldn't help myself, her pleas touched me somewhere, my hand passed over her clit and then my fingers entered her slit, I rubbed my thumb over the small raised bump of her clit.
I watched as her hips raised themselves up to meet me, her hands went down to keep mine in place as if she didn't want me ever to stop.
Three times, she shook and went rigid as her orgasms hit her. Then she weakly cried out "enough please no more." So I pulled my hand away from her, she again grabbed for it, this time she brought my hand to her mouth, kissing it and then sucking on it tasting her juices still on them.
She licked her lips and smiled again, "I do like that daddy John." She said weakly.
I smiled at her, "Well if you're ready I've got some food read downstairs, after that I thin you'd better have a shower to remove your sweat, then bed, alright?"
She pouted when I said bed, but then nodded her head, "Yes daddy John." She then got up from her back and then kissed me on my lips. "I love you daddy John." She told me.
She quickly ate her meal, as well as most of mine, she was so hungry after all that time . . . I was going to say 'just hanging there!' but of course she'd been doing a lot more than that!
She went upstairs without question and I heard the sound of the shower starting up, then I heard her call out. "DADDY JOHN! There's someone watching me!" I quickly ran up the stairs to where Tania was standing to the side of the window.
"Where are they honey?" I asked her, but then I caught the flash of a lens or something from the house across from me. I ran to Wendy's room and turned on the camera. "We've a peeping tom. They're at number 5, can you deal with them?" I felt stupid just talking to the camera, but was relieved when I was answered by a car horn.
I returned to the bathroom and closed the curtains tightly, taking a quick glance out of the window. I saw a young woman walking to the house opposite, a radio in her hands. Tania stayed beside the window, still scared.
"It's alright Tania; now carry on with your shower." I said gently taking her hand and leading her to the shower. I lifted her up and onto the floor of the shower.
"Please daddy John?" She asked me holding out the soap and pouting again.
I sighed; I could not resist her eyes. I took the soap and nodded; Tania smiled and stepped back into the flow of water. I started to soap up my hand and started to move them over her body.
She giggled as my hands passed over her ribs and stomach, there was nothing sexual in this, at least not on my part, but Tania started to push herself against my touch. "No Tania! I'm afraid we haven't got time." She tilted her head at that but allowed me to continue to clean her off.
When she was satisfied, I turned off the water and lifted her out of the shower, quickly drying her off and sending her to Wendy's room to dress. "Wear underwear this time, we're going to be facing some questions!" I told her, I had noticed the blue flashing lights pulling up earlier.
I quickly changed my clothes and went downstairs, I looked out of my living room window, a crowd had gathered around the police cars and the open door where an officer was standing. Beside him was a young woman in plain clothes.
Mrs. Wilson then appeared in the doorway along with a WPC and a camera. "Why are you treating me like this? It's HIM . . . that bastard over there . . . Diana told me about HIM!" Diana, that was my former wife's name. Thinking about it the Wilson's used to be friends of ours, but when my wife left they went cold on me . . . now I know why! "HE'S A PERVERT . . . HAVING A NAKED KID IN HIS HOUSE! WHY DIDN'T YOU ARREST HIM EARLIER WHEN I CALLED?"
So that was the answer for the caller I had earlier. The policewoman bundled Mrs. Wilson into the car along with the strange woman. I saw Sonja also leaving the house and I beckoned her over. She went to knock on the door but I opened it before she could do so.
"Thanks Sonja, I didn't know what to do." I said as she entered the house.
"You should have seen her room, stacks of books detailing your life. Did you know you had a stalker?" Sonja asked me as she closed the front door. She then placed her fingers under my jaw and closed my mouth for me. "I take it that's a no!" She said.
"But why?" I voiced my thoughts.
"We'll have to find that out later, when Jodie sits in on her interview." Sonja told me.
"Jodie was the one in the car." I asked.
"Yes, she said the action beforehand was quite good, she especially liked the way you soothed Tania afterwards."
I hung my head, "So when do you hand me over to the police?" I asked her.
"For what? I mean that's what my daddy did for me, and look where I am!" Sonja said smiling.
I am afraid my mouth was open again. Sonja laughed at my reaction. "You'll have to remember people are brought up differently in different places. Where I grew up people are stricter, but we know we're loved by our families."
I gave a small smile, "Yes, it's good to know you're loved." I said softly.
The look she gave me was a strange one, not pity exactly, but close enough. A noise from the stairs made us both look up. There was Tania in a skirt and blouse, white socks and, after I got a brief glimpse, pale blue knickers.
"Daddy John said I have to be dressed in case there were questions." Tania said to us both.
"15!" Was all Sonja said, at which Tania pouted again?
"It's only you and daddy John here! I made sure of that!" Tania argued.
I thought I knew what was meant, "But Tania, what if someone was listening?" I said to her gently
She looked at me and then back at Sonja, "I'm sorry, but I did check, honest!" She said.
Sonja nodded slightly. "Alright Tania, but try to be more careful, okay?"
Tania dropped her head and nodded, just then there was a knock on the front door, Tania looked at me in shock.
" Tania into the living room! Don't even open the door until either Sonja or I call you." She quickly obeyed me. I opened the front door; it was the same police officer who had accosted me earlier.
"Mr. Archer, do you mind if I come in?" He asked. "I have to ask you and Tania some questions regarding the problem across the way there." He said as I allowed him in and closed the door behind him.
We went into the living room where Tania was watching the television. The officer sat down on a chair, I sat on the sofa and Tania sat beside me. Sonja sat to the side of the officer and reached into her bag.
"Mr. Archer I have to ask you these questions, please understand I mean nothing by them." He produced a notebook and read from it. "Can you tell me why Tania was undressed when she entered that room?"
"That particular room happens to be a bathroom." I said evenly
"Yes, Daddy John told me to take a shower after my nap, he was downstairs and I didn't want to get my clothes wet, anyway when I'm at home I often run around naked . . . it's just this square won't allow me to here!" She added looking at me.
The officer looked up at her words but I stepped in. " Tania I've already told you, I'm not related to you and while you're under my roof I expect you to remain dressed!"
Tania thumped me on the arm and turned to the officer, "I mean how can I stay with him if all he does is make me stay dressed all the time?"
The officer started to stutter a reply when I looked at him, "If you want she can stay with you!" I said seriously, but he shook his head.
"No way . . . I've enough trouble with my two year old." He then gathered his thoughts. "We have a report that you entered the room while the young lady," Tania preened herself when she heard that, "was still in there naked. Any comments on that?"
Tania spoke up at that point, "I was about to get into the shower when there was a flicker of light from across the road. I could see somebody looking at me and I called for daddy John."
The officer's eyes looked up at her name for me, but I carried on from that point. "When I heard her call I immediately went to help her, what she was or wasn't wearing didn't register to me. I went to help her as I would anyone in trouble. As soon as she told me the problem I closed the curtain and contacted Sonja's partner."
"And then what?" The officer prompted.
"Well Tania took her shower and I went downstairs." I told him - well it was near the truth.
Sonja then broke in, "Officer I understand that this Mrs. Wilson made a statement in which she said she called the police earlier, may I ask if any action is being made by the police in regards to this malicious call?"
The officer shook his head, "I'm afraid I can't answer that at the moment, it will be up to my superintendent."
Sonja nodded her head and made a note on her pad, I had not noticed before but she also had a note of his questions and our answers, it seems that the officer also had not noticed that either.
"Was there anything else officer? Because it's quite late and I'd like Tania to go to bed now!" I asked.
"That's not fair!" Tania pouted, "When I'm at home on a Saturday I'm allowed to stay up late!"
I turned to her, "And your mother is coming here tomorrow to pick you up, she wants you to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when she arrives. Now bed!" I told her she looked to Sonja who held up her hands.
"I've told you already, don't bring me into your arguments." She said smiling.
The officer stood up as Tania did, she looked expectantly at him, "Hey, don't bring me into this." He turned to me, "No, Mr. Archer, that's all I had to ask. You may be called to give evidence, but to tell you the truth I don't think that'll happen."
Sonja shook her head, "Well officer, I afraid that Tania will be out of the country in a few days time."
"Well yes, so I understand, but Mr. Archer may be interested in what Mrs. Wilson has to say, that's if what she was shouting at the station is admissible." He added before reaching for the front door. "I'll see you later possibly, goodbye."
I wished him goodnight and went back to the living room, I looked at Tania and raised an eyebrow, and she glared at me. "I thought you were joking!" She exclaimed, I pointed to the door and she stomped out of the room and up the stairs.
"Did she have a nice shower?" Sonja asked me.
"I believe she did, she was smiling anyway." I said with a straight face.
"Did you lie to that policeman?" She asked me, I just kept quiet. "You're going to have to be careful about that!" She said and checked her watch, "I'd better be going as well . . . You wouldn't happen to have a spare key I could borrow, would you?"
I did not question her, but handed over a key from the mantelpiece, "Here you are, it hasn't been used for some time, but should still work." I told her, she smiled her thanks and left.
I remained downstairs, trying to watch a film on BBC1, but I just was not interested. I decided to call it a night.
I looked in to Wendy's room; Tania was in the bed, her back to me, I supposed she was still miffed at me. I crept in, kissed her goodnight, and heard a mumbled 'night'. Then I went to my own bedroom, undressed and went to bed.
I was woken by a crying noise coming from my doorway, I turned to face Tania, dressed in a nightdress and tears in her eyes, "Daddy John, I'm sorry . . . mummy told I had to do what you told me . . . and I was going to disobey you . . . I'm really sorry." She was sobbing as she said this.
I smiled, although she could not see it. "That's okay Tania, part of being you is arguing with adults, I did understand, now go back to bed."
"Daddy John . . . I'm scared, can I sleep with you?" She asked, it took me all of three seconds.
"Okay, but no funny stuff, understands." I said to her.
"Thanks Daddy!" She said and went to remove her nightdress, until I stopped her.
"Keep it on, it's a cold night." She did not answer but climbed into the bed with me. I made sure she was asleep before I could safely sleep myself.
Some time later, I was greeted with the sound of my bedroom door opening, and a female voice saying.


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OH= borring as hell-


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great installment fuck her in the next one


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im still wondering why its incest^^ the girl his daughter? Why wont he fuck her^^...i would


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what happened? WHAT HAPPENED? i want to know, please hurry with the next part(s)

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