I feel this is the best Vickie training story yet. Enjoy.
Sleeping quietly, sweet little Vickie was exhausted. She had gone from being a sexually curious, precocious, virgin 10 year old girl to having her brains fucked out three times in the last two days. This was the deep, peaceful sleep satisfied and freshly fucked women fall into. She had been given a sexual sleeping pill. And she was a mess! Half dried cum on her mouth and her face, on her back, all over her butt and sperm was still slowly running from her heavily fucked little asshole. These were gifts from her hero, her best friend, her Dad.

A naked Vickie awoke with her Dad carrying her to the bathroom. The shower was already running creating steam in the room. He needed to clean her up. She needed a shower. But first Vickie had to pee. Dad sat her on the john and left. She reached down spreading her pussy lips as she always did so she wouldn’t pee all over her self. With a big girl clit and tight, full pussy lips for such a young one, this had always been a problem. Her mother had shown how to use her fingers to open that little cunt when she had to go. It worked well and was just an automatic action for her now. She winced a bit. Her pussy was still sensitive from the big pink vibrator she had held down between her legs for so long.

As she finished peeing her father walked back in naked. He stepped into the warm shower. Not sure exactly what to do and still half asleep she started to leave the bathroom for the bedroom. Her Dad looked around the shower curtain and said “Vickie, you-are-a –mess young lady! Come on. Get in the shower.”

Yawning, eyes half closed Vickie did a sleepwalking 180 and stepped into the shower with her Father. He was standing with his back to the warm water. Vickie was facing him lazily opening her eyes. Her sweet face was just inches away from his half hard cock. My God it was a big, thick, beautiful thing. It seemed to her to literally pulse with energy. Her Dad was still soft but very firm in his early state of arousal. He leaned back allowing the water to come over his shoulders showering Vickie with its warmth. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around her father the fingers of her hands meeting deep in the crack of his ass. One of his hands slid down to the small of her back and the other cupping the back of her head he gently pulled her forward to get the full flow of the warm water on her young body. Eyes still closed she felt her face being buried in his thick pubic hair. Her father pushed his cock forward against her. That cock she loved and was so anxious to please rested against the side of her face. She could feel his balls under her chin. Vickie breathed deeply taking in the wonderful wet sent of him; the smell and touch of his powerful sex on her face. Her little pussy was getting slippery wet again. She wiggled her fingers deeper massaging his hairy asshole. He moaned quietly. She smiled.

Opening her eyes she pulled her head back gazing lovingly at that penis. She kissed it just where is joined his body in the thick of his hair. And then kissed again and again all the way down it’s length until she finally used her tongue in an open mouth kiss on the head of his cock. His head went back as she began licking and gently sucking the tip to see if he would give her any of his pre cum. Not yet.

She wanted to taste him again. To feel him get suddenly thicker and very hard, to hear his panting and his whispering grunts…squirting in her mouth while holding her head roughly down on his sex so she had no choice but to take it all; to swallow it all. With her head held tightly in place she couldn’t get that cock out her mouth even if she wanted to….and she didn’t. She was thrilled thinking about that feeling of being forced to eat as that big dick jerked over and over and over again, sperm filling her mouth, running down her throat until she had to swallow. She was ready to fuck for him and suck him off again. To do anything he wanted her to.

Just then he reached down grabbing his cock and said, “Open up little girl.” Vickie opened her mouth wide as he plugged his thick member into her baby face again. The very size of it stretching, almost tearing the corners of her mouth, beautifully distorting her cheeks, watering her eyes. But this time something felt different. This time he pushed it hard all the way to the back of her throat and then he pushed even more. Harder. Suddenly Vickie realized she couldn’t breath and began struggling to free herself from this massive sperm feeding tube forcing it’s way down her throat. For the first time she was kind of scared. No way his cock was going to fit down her throat!

Just then, still holding her head tightly he arched his ass away from her pulling his cock from her throat. She just had time to catch a big breath when he suddenly thrust forward again forcing her head down on his cock. Those big sweet eyes bulged, she almost gagged but then suddenly she couldn’t even do that…. it was down in her! Her Daddy’s cock had forced it’s way past her open mouth, down her throat into her esophagus now felt like it was half way to her belly.

Vickie was helpless. At the mercy of the cock. Her Father began stroking it in and out of her throat. Fucking her throat in long, slow, deep motions, hunching his ass as he fucked into her. Pushing himself all the way down and then for even more pleasure holding it there fucking her esophagus with tiny little, short strokes. Heaven. Two big fists full of hair controlled her head. But Vickie was beyond struggling. She didn’t know if she was going to drowned in the shower or pass out with his cock down her throat. But just as things were going all white spots in her little world Dad would pull he cock out of her mouth just long enough for her to get a breath or two. That thick slim from their bellies, the good stuff women use to deep throat their men dripped from the month of this little girl. It was an involuntary happening. Something the female body produced to help pleasure their men.

With another powerful thrust forward his erection was back down her throat now completely belly slim slippery and open. Over and over he did this to her. Fucking her mouth. Vickie lost track of how many times. She was delirious. She just wanted him to cum. She needed for him to cum now. If this is what pleasured him she was his willing child sex slave. But she was also tired, exhausted. She just wanted him to finish, to please cum for her. Cum in her throat, her mouth. Just feed her his sperm again and again. She hung on to consciousness. If she was going to work this hard for it she was going to enjoy his climax when he emptied those big balls into her. Soon, please soon.

My God he thought, she was so physically small, tiny but working so hard, doing so well! This was complete and total submission to his cock. 10 years old, being forced fucked in her throat by a grown man. Every big inch of him was in her mouth now. Dad was sexing Vickie as hard as he had ever worked any adult woman this way. Many of them started crying or blacked out. Or both. This was every man’s dream of sex with a little girl. She wanted it. She initiated it. She begged for him to finish for her. In her. On her. All over her. Just cover her inside and out with his sperm…cum big time for her. That’s when she’d know she had been a good girl. That her Daddy really loved her. And she loved him so much. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and picked her up again stepping out of the shower. He had a great idea!

Her Dad wasn’t through with her. Not by a long shot. She wanted to fuck? OK, fuck she would until he could hold out no longer and shot his wad into her little body. No, he wouldn’t let himself cum. Not yet. He had something truly nasty to do with her…to her. And she could watch while he did it!

She was soaking wet and half out of it as he carried his little slut back to the bedroom. The closet doors were mirrored and looking at the big bed. He sat down with Vickie on his lap facing the mirrors. She looked at herself. She was very little against his 6’3” frame. Then she noticed his cock sticking up from between her legs, rock hard and wedged up against her cunt lips. So this is what is felt like and looked like to have a penis! Her Father had the bottle of Astroglide in his hand. She remembered it from her first anal sex with her Dad. As he coated her baby asshole inside and out with the slippery stuff she knew what was going to happen! She was excited and scared. Each time he fucked her ass it hurt a little at first but then she felt so full, so good, so grownup. He was big in her ass and she just couldn’t move. It was like she was paralyzed. He was just fucking away back there and it was almost like she was tied up or something. Anyway, he loved doing it to her in that position. You should have heard him cooing, cursing, talking to her, encouraging he and holding her by her little hips. His hands were bigger than her butt. She assumed that was about to happen again.

She was looking at their image in the mirror as her Dad hooked his arms under her pretty legs, the crook of his arms under her knees. He pulled her legs up, back and apart opening her little sex holes completely. Then he raised her up high sliding his full erect penis into her asshole with a slow steady motion. Once his cock was full planted in her butt, his forearms still under her knees her Dad pulled her legs still higher clasping his hands and lacing his finger behind her neck!! Her feet were flopping on either side of her face! Even for a very young, flexible girl this position was a strain. A kind of erotic torture. He then proceeded to fuck his dick in and then almost all the way out of her asshole…her head unable to move but her feet and legs bouncing uncontrollably. When she could open her eyes from the strain, Vickie could watch everything. She was literally being yanked up and down on his rock hard cock. To the hilt. She was so tied in a knot her mouth hung open and even her tiny hot pink cunt was gaping open sympathetically trying to help her asshole take that entire penis. It was like a movie, like watching another little girl get butt fucked. She was watching this very advanced sexual position being preformed on a beautiful little girl child in the mirror. But it was her bobbing up and down helplessly. Her feet flopping in mid air. Her face a bright red. It was hard to breath in this awesome position. Her normally tiny asshole visibly stretched wide and open to accommodate the cock. And her Dad could wait no longer. His balls were so far up in his sack she couldn’t see them at all below his dick. That always meant the same thing. He was about to shoot his sperm all over her. And he did, way, way up into her asshole. He grunted and shuddered and grunted some more. He told her how much he loved her. What an incredible little fuck slut she was. Her Daddy was out of breath and very happy….his cock softening in her cum filled butt.

It was almost time for a happy Vickie to fall sleep again but she still had one thing left to do. Taking her Father into her mouth she cleaned his cum coated cock straight from her sore asshole and she did a good job of licking his wet ball clean too.

Vickie was learning to be a very good girl.

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