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Spence and Carly go shopping
Carly’s ride home from school was nerve wracked. She wasn’t sure where or IF Spencer was going to take her shopping. But when she walked in the door she was very surprised. Spencer had put out an outfit for her to ware, and left it right in the middle of the living room. It was all clothing that she owned but hadn’t worn for a while because they were tight in “all the right places.” He also left a note. “hurry and change, I’ll be home soon to take you out. “

The top fit so her young breast pushed tightly together and left a surprisingly sexy bit of cleavage. Her skirt was almost shorter than she felt comfortable with. And so snug that the seam ran up her ass crack forming a spectacular apple shape you would see on models in Cosmo or Glamour. She had just finished putting on her flip flops when Spencer walked in.
“Oh good, your ready. Lets go! We have an appointment”
He turned around and walked out. Carly locked the door and followed.

They drove in silence. Carly looking out the window as Spencer took her into Chinatown. She’d never been this far and started getting nervous when Spencer parked and got out. She started to open the door when he grabbed her arm stopping her.
“What’s wrong Spencer?”
“Nothing really. But listen. I’ve got to open your door for you. When you get out of the car, walk straight to the door over on your left with the gold writing on it and wait till I walk around you and open it for you. I’ll do the taking; just follow my lead. You’ll catch on; just go with it.” He got out and circled the car.

Carly did as she was told and waited. Spencer opened the door and bent slightly. did Spencer just bow to me? she walked in and was greeted by an elderly yet beautifull woman dressed head to toe in silk.
"May I help you young lady?"
Spencer rushed in and bowed again first to Carly and then to the woman. He then said something that surprised her. So much so that she almost giggled and tipped his hand.
“ We have an appointment. My Mistress wants to outfit her new apprentice. Black, red, lavender, and blue; all silk or satin if you please madam.”

The woman looked both of them over a rye smile on her face. She said to Spencer. “Wait over there” and pointed at a small wooden bench. And to Carly. "Please young lady, follow me". Three hours later Carly reappeared dressed in a black satin from head to toe accented with bits of pink. Spencer almost couldn’t contain himself. The shopkeeper was in close behind.
“The young lady has exquisite taste. She gave me the address where the rest of the items are to be delivered. We expect payment at delivery” She handed him the invoice and Carly walked to the door, stopped and waited. Spencer bowed to the shopkeeper and rushed for the door.

They walked to the car. Spencer behind and to Carly’s right. She stopped and waited while he let her in. She sat and he closed the door. Carly burst into fits of laughter as he got in and started to drive.
“What did you buy that cost $6,700?”
“You’ll just have to see”
“but this page doesn’t say anything. It’s got stock numbers and hash marks. And a total at the bottom”
Carly turned in her seat and looked at him. “ well I guess you didn’t notice, this seam ends at my hip.” Carly sat back and put her feet on the dash. Her feet were wrapped in black satin slippers. Thigh high stockings with a diamond pattern inlay held in place with a pink garter strap. Carly then flipped the hem of her skirt to show the garter all the way to the hip. Her other lace ringed thigh. Also showing that she had a pair of pink lace panties on. Spencer was now having trouble driving. One eye on the road and one on the open folds of Carly’s dress.

Carly continued her new game. She spread her feet on the dash. Keeping the one leg covered knee to ankle and pressed to the glass window. The other splay open revealing her panty’s to have an open gusset. Her young downy pubes glistening in the passing traffic lights. one elbow on the door sill and holding her dress. And the other slowly running up and down her thigh. She started playing with her stalking top and the strap of the garter.
“Spencer, I like my new outfit. What do you think?”
“It’s beautiful. And it fits you so well with your skin tone.” he was stopped at a red light and blatantly staring at Carly’s crotch. She was toying with him. Her free hand pulling at the seams and edges of her garments. Her fingers slowly started to creep into her mound. “What do you think Spence? Should I let my womanly fir fill in or should we shave it off?”

Her finger then pushed it’s way into the folds of her pussy. As she pushed it further she let out her breath audibly, then sighed. “Spencer, I’ve got something to tell you.” She paused and rubbed her hand roughly through her crotch. She pulled it away and covered up.
“The woman in the shop gave me 50% off.”
“what? . . . How? Why would she do that?”
“I let her touch me Spence. She asked me who my mistress was, wanted to know how old I was. And if you were my servant or not.”
Spencer was stunned. He stepped on the brakes roughly at the next light causing the car to lurch. Carly braced herself and turned to see him as he turned ashen. Slight fear mixed with anger on her face
“Carly are you crazy!?!? What did you tell her?”
“It’s ok Spencer. I told her I was 17. She obvously didn't beleave me but it's what I said. She was having trouble finding things that will fit me perfectly unless I had a massive growth spurt; as she put it. I also told her I was a virgin and just starting as the mistresses apprentice. But I wasn’t supposed to talk about her. Or reveal who she was”
“And then she touched you?”
“Well she was trying to play it cool. But I lead her. I wanted her to.”

Carly then went into her story. “ I had stripped completely then stood and waited. She found several bra and panty sets that would fit for now but can grow into. I chose thies pink ones without a crotch. She was rummaging around for stockings and throwing castoffs of larger sizes. After she found some and I finnnished putting on the foundation garments as she calls them She led me to a day bed and pushed me so I was laying back as I was pulling up the stocking. I was pulling it up, she was smoothing and showing me how to keep the seams straight allong the back of my leg that she held high and straight. Her hand stopped at the top of my thigh but I opened my legs wide and nudged her. Her hand slid down right into my pussy. I was soaking wet. You could smell my juces in the air I was so turned on by the cloths in the shop. And her hands on my body. She then tried to pull away but I held her there. She said she shouldn’t because I “belonged to someone.” So I told her that I needed the relief, and it would be alright as long as my hymen stay intact. And I wouldn’t tell. It was our little secret. Madam Chen, That’s her name by the way. Then started to rub my pussy gently. Her other hand started up the outside of my hip rubbing and tickling as she slowly moved higher. I had a bra on but she slipped her hand underneath and smoothly brushed my nipple. Spencer it felt incredible! I’ve given myself a few orgasms lately. And Sam gave me one in the girls room after lunch. But I had no idea…

Madam Chen’s hands felt like, well. . . I don’t know what. But the one was at my pussy and the other was pulling my nipples one at a time. She slid a finger inside me and asked if I found my G-spot yet. Her nail dragged across the top near my clit. But from the inside. She told me about the way it fills with blood and when pushed on just the right way I will squirt when I cum. She then bent over and started to lick me. She put her tongue on my clit and swirled it around while she pulled on my tit and rubbed my insides with her fingertip. It didn’t take me long to want to explode. But then she started to suck .. And I did! She was pushing and pulling and sucking. Then it just happened. I felt like I was going pee but my insides just turned to mush and I started to spasm like an epileptic. She pulled away from me and smiled as I shot her in the face with stuff… She then leaned back in and finished me off by sucking. OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING!! I stood up after what seemed like forever and she thanked me for being so kind to an old lady. And that she hadn’t tasted such a sweet slit in years. So as long as I let her eat me I can get half off whatever I buy. But I can’t tell my mistress. But that’s not an issue. I don’t really have one. . . Do I?”

He was stunned into silence. Spencer just kept driving for a bit longer. Ingesting what his 13 year old sister had just told him about her first sexual experiences. His hands and fingers white knuckling the wheel. It wasn’t just that she let some old woman eat her. That part he barely heard. What he focused on was that Carly let Sam make her cum. AT SCHOOL! What have I done to her? He was thinking. Here is this young woman who has come to me for help and I turned her onto all the freaky things I dream of. And SAM.. Sweet, delicious Sam is playing sex games with her at school.!?!?! How do I fix this? The rest of the ride went in quickly and quietly.

Back up stairs Sam was sitting on the couch watching TV when they entered. She was shocked at Carly’s new dress. She was jealous at how beautiful it was on Carly. She wanted one now too.
“Hi guys. Where have you been?
“Spencer took me shopping in Chinatown. What do you think?” Carly twirled slowly and posed for Sam as Spencer closed the door behind them. He was worried at what would happen if Freddy showed up like he usually does.
“I’ve got some other things too. Would you like to see?” Sam could only nod as Carly turned to her brother. “Spencer will you help me with this?”

Spencer was again shocked at Carly’s boldness for the whatever many time today. And was too stunned to even answer. His hands moved of their own accord as he stepped further into the room and reached for the pearl button and zipper that held her dress from the back. Sam could only watch in paralyzed awe at Carly too; as she held her hair up and away so Spencer could undo the dress. As he finished Carly stepped forward and dropped her hands then pulled at the top and sides as it slid down her body. No one was ready for what happened next,

Carly stepped out of the fabric bundle on the floor. Dressed now only in a lace and satin bra, lace panties and the garter belt. All pink. Fitting loose but well enough to hold in place. She turned and struck a very Betty Paige pose facing sideways between them both. An idea crept up on her as she did so. “Sam? Would you like to try on my new outfit?” She reached out for her friend and waited. Sam could only nod; Speechless. Carly pulled Sam to her feet.
Instead of moving toward the stairs she looked at Spencer and asked him to help her with their things. He also responded in silent, slow movement. As Carly reached for Sam.

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