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Doggy Story 2

I called Betty the teacher at school and told her I was in town. She said it was Friday and invited me over for dinner and said pick up a bottle of wine and then let me take your mind off things. She said she had bought a house in the hills and gave me the new address. The house was cute and set back from the road. I guessed it was on about a half acre. You can imagine my surprise when she let me in; there stood two of the biggest dogs I had ever seen. A Great Dane and you guessed it an Afghan. Betty blushed and turned red as a beat. I think it was at that moment she remembered telling me the story of her friend and the dogs. I didn’t say anything; I just gave her a kiss and huged her. We went into the living room where she had drinks prepared. We had dinner and she asked "will you stay the night?" I said yes, if you would like me too. I noticed that wherever she moved those two dogs would move behind her or to her side. She put the dogs outside and we went to bed.

She seemed a little nervous at first but as soon as we began frenching she loosened up and we fucked after eating each other. I noticed that her pussy was not quite as tight as I remember it being, but she still had good muscle control and milked my cock dry when I came. While I was eating her pussy I kept visualizing those dogs fucking her. Finally I couldn’t hold back any longer, I said, how long have you been fucking those dogs? She froze for a moment and then saw my grin and she giggled.

Well, she said, “I kept thinking about the look on my friends face when I saw that dog fucking her. Every time I thought about it my pussy would get all wet. I’m getting up there in age and don’t get those young studs making passes at me anymore. You arn't around that much any more either. Any way I finally went to my friends house when I new she was in her period. When I got there I had convinced myself that I just wanted to watch that dog fuck her again. After we had a couple of drinks I told her I was dying to watch her dog fuck her. She said, no way, only if you let one fuck you too. At first I said no, but when I saw she was not going relent I said well maybe. She asked me which I would prefer. I was shaking I think a little from anticipation and a little from fear, maybe the Great Dane. She said Ok. Are you having your period? Yes, I said, you know we always have it about the same time. She put the Dane in the kitchen and we both got undressed. There we were standing with nothing but the strings hanging out of our pussies. She pulled hers out and let the Afghan start to lick her pussy and said, “Ok now let him lick yours and see how it feels.

I couldn’t believe the sensation as his tongue began to lick my pussy. I still had the tampon in so I pulled it out and the dogs tongue went inside me just like she had mentioned about three inches. When its tongue swiped across my clitoris what a feeling, I couldn’t help myself I came right then. She then got down on all fours and let that dog mount her. I got down on all fours too and watched. That dog’s dick went in and out of her like a piston and I could see that knot begin to swell. The knot snapped in and out of her pussy until it wouldn’t come out anymore because of the size. The dog started shoving into her in sporadic jerks, and I knew it was Cuming inside her. I looked into at her face and I swear she was somewhere else. Her eyes were in the back of her lids and all you could see were the whites of her eyes and a pleasant smile. She was shuddering and Cuming with each spurt of that dogs sperm. The dog held her like that squirting his jizz for about fifteen minuets before he subsided and got off. She collapsed on the floor and the dog started licking her pussy again.

Her pussy was really flowing brought on I'm sure by the dogs fucking her, so I took her tampon and reinserted it into her vagina. Then that dog came over to me and started licking me while I was bent over. I became paralyzed and couldn’t move. Without realizing it my friend had gotten up and went into the kitchen and gotten the Great Dane. She put the Afghan away and the Dane began to lick me. I hadn’t turned around so I didn’t see her switch. I only new I could not move. That dogs tongue scooped out my vagina juices as I came and came and came. Suddenly thet Dane mounted me and its entire six-inch dick slammed into my pussy fucking me in a rapid motion. In and out, out and in as he hammered my pussy. I began to feel his knot start to swell and it started hurting because as it got bigger it was snapping in and out of my pussy. I was scared and excited all at once. Then his knot swelled up and stayed inside my pussy. Jason, I went crazy. He locked me so tight I could not move and I felt his dick jabbing at my insides and Squirting his sperm deep inside my vagina. Jason, I couldn’t stop Cuming. If it weren’t for the dog holding me in position I would have collapsed. When he finally dismounted me I was so weak I just laid there on the floor. My friend smiled down at me and said “now you know what I meant when I said it was a sensation like none you will ever have.

I must admit it made me hotter than hell, so I said how about a demonstration? She said I don’t know I'm afraid of what you will think of me. I said “You must know I won’t think anything negative about you, I’m just curious. So she went to the refrigerator and took out a rubber and put it into hot water until the blood defrosted. She then rubbed some blood over the lips of her vagina and let some run inside. She sat on the edge of the sofa and General began to lick her pussy. I watched the expression on her face as she closed her eyes and put her head back. I could tell she was really turning on from the dogs tonguing. She wiped more blood on her pussy and got down on all fours and that dog mounted her and began fucking her. I could hardly believe a dog could fuck that fast. The knot after about five minutes of pounding swelled up inside and he was holding her real tight but giving short little jabs into her. I new he was shooting his cum into her because she was shouting OHHHHHHHHHH god OHHHHHHHHH Jason, I’m Cummmmmming.

It made me so horny that I got on my knees and pulled my cock out and shoved it into Betty’s mouth. When I realized I was face to face with that dog and not wanting him to think I was a competitor and getting my face bit I leaned back and laid down allowing Betty to bend lower shoving her ass higher and letting the dog penetrate even deeper. Betty was sucking and licking my cock but the eyes were back in the sockets like she was out of it. There I was looking up at that dog as he shot his juices into her and I came into Betty’s mouth within minuets. I couldn’t believe something like that could arouse me so. I left after assuring Betty I did not think she was a sicko. She said she still like fucking me best, but I wondered.
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2012-07-24 07:13:13
That's a really great throey you've got there. It could very well be that the epic photos and videos we see may well be a social commentary on our changing views on sexuality.Well guys, I do love pic 6 and I feel that it's a fabulous piece of pornography it's very pretty and even a little arousing, but lacks that it factor that I'm so fond of. Clearly number 5 wins hands down. Actually, #4 has been the desktop background for the past few days.

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2012-02-07 20:34:51
Wow, this braeks my heart! What a sweet face. This mare won and placed second in a couple of stakes at Rillito last year! Why on earth don’t people take responsibility? She’ll have tons of prayers from me.


2008-01-29 20:48:26
Sis was six when Old Bo our shepherd big red tongue had his fir4st taste, She has her own animal today, She will have it no other way. Shas taught her girls this wonderful experience.


2007-10-27 23:55:52
I was house sitting for someone and they had a dog. I got horney and let the dog lick my pussy. It was so good. I cant wait to get my own dog so i can try some other things. ;)


2007-09-09 02:37:47
I remember when I was sixteen I took this girl to the county fair. She got all excited when she saw a horse with his dong hanging almost to the ground. I fucked her behind the building and then when we got home I got her to let my dog lick my cum out of her pussy, then he fucked her. What a sight, I've been turned on to dogs fucking women ever since. 9/10

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