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The School Teacher

I met Betty a school gym teacher when I was a senior in high school. In my senior year I was getting extra credit working in the library after school. One late afternoon I was delivering some books to the girl’s gym. I entered the office but no one was there so I laid the books on the gym coach’s desk and as I was leaving I heard some giggling coming from the locker room. I heard someone say, “god that feels good, you’re making me cum.” I sneaked into the locker room and heard some more giggling by the showers. On a bench outside the showers was this girl lying on a table. She was completely naked. She was on her back with her knees up and spread wide open. Right in front of her and bent over eating the girl was the gym teacher Betty Longshore, who every one called miss Betty. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Miss Betty had those legs spread wide apart and was running her tongue in and out of the girl’s pussy and at the same time she had two fingers in the girl’s ass. She would suck on her clit and at the same time shove her fingers in and out of her ass. Miss Betty had a real talent for running her tongue first on the clit and then would insert her tongue back into her pussy and lick away the girl’s juices. The girl was moaning and almost whimpering as she enjoyed multiple climaxes.

I realized the girl was an eleventh grader I had seen around school. She was a real looker with nice firm tits. Miss Betty was stark naked and bent over like she was I could see her ass and her pussy which was wet and dripping with cum. Miss Betty had long athletic legs, tapering to slender ankles, but what an ass. She had two beautiful mounds that formed a deep crack in the middle. The girl was telling the teacher she couldn’t stand much more of it she was so hot. I got so turned on that I undid my pants and began to stroke my cock. Finally I could not stand it any longer; I walked up behind the teacher and grabbed her around the waist, and lifted her off her feet. I shoved my seven inch cock deep into her pussy. She freaked out and said, “Shit, what’s going on, who is it?” she cried. I didn’t say a word. I tucked my chin into her neck and plunged my red hot cock in and out of her pussy. She stopped struggling after a short time and began to push back at me. I could feel her cum and her cunt was dripping pussy juice all over her leg, my leg and the floor. At the same time the girl had sat up and the look on her face was sheer fright. I increased my tempo in and out of the teacher’s pussy faster and faster I pumped. I looked up at the girl and slowed my strokes down and I told her to lye back down and enjoy her teachers tongue. She did and the teacher began to eat her just as if I wasn’t there. I made sure I didn’t ram her too hard so her teeth wouldn’t hurt the girl’s pussy and clit. I fucked her for about eight minuets and I swear that teacher must have cum ten times she was so hot. Finally I grabbed her waist and plunged my hot cock as deep into her as I could get and came. I could feel the teacher’s ass quiver as she came with me. As I pulled out of the teacher the girl sat up and looked at my cock and said, “Oh my god, I have never seen one that big”. “I have got to have some of that,” I said. why don’t you change positions with Miss Betty and eat her beautiful cunt. “Oh I want to and you can fuck me at the same time, right?” she panted. I said, “Well Miss Longshore what do you think? She said your Jason aren’t you? I nodded. She then said I think that sounds wonderful but just call me Betty.

Betty laid down on the table and the girl began to lick her cunt and she turned her head and said “I can taste your cum and it’s nice. By the way my name is Gloria. She went back to kissing and massaging Betty’s pussy with her tongue. Betty began to moan and I looked at Gloria’s young ass and got hard again. I parted her legs and tried to insert my wet cock into her pussy. It would only go in about three inches because of my girth and I couldn’t get it in any further. She was game because she kept trying to push as hard as she could against my cock but it wouldn’t budge. I pulled out and she said where are you going? You are going to fuck me aren’t you? I said just a minuet I said and I went to the shower room and grabbed a bar of soap. I began to massage her pussy with the soap and I inserted two fingers and began to finger fuck her. Her pussy relaxed a little and I was able to insert two fingers. I also inserted my little finger into her ass and she began to rock back and fourth against my fingers.

Betty was now Cuming like a fountain and Gloria was sucking up her juices as fast as Betty would cum. Finally I soaped my cock real good and re-inserted it into her pussy. This time with the combination of the soap and her own juices I was able to shove about six inches into her. She grunted but kept right on eating Betty’s pussy. I began to move in and out of that real tight pussy. She came and her pussy relaxed a little more, so I buried my cock deep into her stomach. I could feel her cervix as I slammed her hard. She let out a soft whimper but kept on eating. I really began to thrust my cock in and out of her. She was pushing back at me, and I could feel my balls slapping at the under part of her pussy. Just then Betty grabbed Gloria’s head and forced her face tight against her cunt and I could tell she had one of those big climaxes and she shot her liquid all over Gloria’s face and tits. Gloria was choking and spitting out the liquid. She screamed, “you peed on my face” Miss Bettie said, “it’s not pee its water and cum. I was really turned on now and I reached around and began to massage Gloria’s tits. I squeezed her nipples and Gloria let out a soft moan as I drove my cock deep inside her. I began to fuck her in earnest now, shoving my cock in and out of her; in and out always increasing my tempo until I was fucking her in frenzy. I felt my balls fill and I grabbed her tits and shoved my cock as deep and as hard as I could inside her pussy and came directly into her cervix. Gloria said, “Wow, I have never been fucked like that before. I may never go back to my boy friend. Betty also echoed Gloria saying she hadn’t been fucked that good in a long time either. It sure made me feel good.

That is how I met Betty. I fucked Gloria every day until summer vacation started. She was not as good at sucking my cock as the Betty the teacher but she had a wonderful sweet pussy and those lovely tits made up for it. Unfortuantely Gloria moved away that summer. I started seeing and fucking Betty as often as I could. I was still fucking her four years after I graduated. One evening after dinner at her house she said I have to tell you what happened two weeks ago. You aren’t going to believe this. I stopped by this friend of mind who teaches English at school. I was going to see if she wanted to go to a special seminar for teachers with me. Her doorbell wasn’t working but I new she was home because her car was in the driveway and the TV was on, so I tried the door. It was open and I went in. The TV was a little loud but I heard this moan coming from her bedroom. I walked into the hall and Jason you could never guess in a million years what I saw. There was my friend (she never would tell me her name) with this great big dog humping her. He seemed to be hung up inside her and every time that dog would hump into her she would moan and I could see her push against the dog.

I said for gods sake what are you doing? My friend tried to get up but that dog just held her in that position. When she finally was able to get that dogs dick out of her I saw it had a great big knot in it and that was what seemed to have kept her from moving while it was inside her. My friend started crying and caring on something awful. She said “Oh Betty please don’t tell anyone about this my reputation would be shot and I think I would just kill my self.” I said, “When did all this start.” She told me how she had done a favor for one of her neighbor friends when they had a chance to go to the Far East about four months ago. She said the friend had an Afghan. A thoroughbred afghan is a huge dog. She said she agreed to take care of it for her. She said she kept it in the back yard but left the slider open so the dog could come in and out at night. She said she came home after school one afternoon and it had been a trying day. She said she started to draw a bath, and stripped and laid down on the bed and dozed off while waiting for the tub to fill. She said the next thing she new she felt this warm feeling between her legs and she had a climax as she woke up. She said there was the Afghan licking her pussy. She said, “That dog had the longest tongue, he penetrated about three inches into my vagina and had made me cum within a minute of my sitting on the bed..

I jumped up and pushed him away but tripped over my shoes and fell flat on my face as I had tried to stand. I got into a kneeling position to get up and that dammed dog mounted me and stuck his dick into me and began to fuck me like a rabbit. His dick swelled up and filled my cunt like it had never been filled. Betty, I never felt anything like it when that dog shot his cum inside me. With every thrust I could feel him shooting into me. I began to cum like I have never cum before. I couldn’t stop Cuming. I must have cum a dozen times without stopping. It was then that I realized I had started my period and that’s what must have triggered the dog to do what he did. The dogs knot began to reduce and I remembered my bathwater was running. I jumped up and ran into the bathroom and turned it off. I was sure glad for the relief drain or it would have been overflowing. I felt so ashamed of myself. I showered twice and took two douches.

About four that morning I woke up thinking about what had happened and how turned on I got from that dog fucking me. I began to rub my pussy and I climaxed almost immediately. Betty, I couldn’t help myself I let that dog come back into the house and I took out my Kotex to see what the dog would do. Sure enough he started licking me. I spread my legs and lifted them up and I swear that dogs tongue went in me a good three inches and it licked and licked and I came and the dog licked even harder. I got down on all fours and it mounted me again. His dick almost went up my ass but I pulled back and guided him into my pussy. Like before he fucked me rapid fire until its dick swelled up again. That knot again filled the whole inside of my pussy and I began to feel him shoot its sperm into my vagina. I was Cuming again like a fountain over and over with each spurt of his cum. What a feeling. I didn’t go to work for the next five days. I called in sick and said I had the flu. Betty I let that dog fuck me every few hours for the next three days. I hardly slept. I couldn’t get enough. The dog started getting a little weak and so I fed him a lot of milk and yogurt as well as his regular dog food; and spaced out the time to about every five hours between fucks. He stopped fucking me as soon as my period stopped. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get it to fuck me after that.

When my friends came home and took the dog back I was devastated, she continued. I couldn’t get that dog out of my mind. a couple of weeks later I saw an add in the paper about a couple who were moving back East and were looking for someone to take their Great Dane and give it a good home. What timing, I called and asked to see the dog. When I got there the owners were a nice young couple that had bought a Townhouse in New York and they didn’t allow pets. The Dog was two and a half years old, not quite fully grown. It weighed about one hundred and twenty pounds and stood as high as my waste. They told me he might gain another twenty pounds and grow a little bigger. They said he was a thoroughbred and I could with the papers they would give me breed him and get all the cost back and then some. They were asking $500.00 for him. I told them on a teacher’s salary I just couldn’t afford that much money. The women asked me about the place I lived in. I told them about my home and the big back yard I had. They said what do you think you can afford? I said about $300.00 was the best I could do. They countered and said we will accept the $300.00 on the condition that if you breed the dog you will send us the other $200.00. I agreed and they signed the papers giving the dog named General to me.

I could hardly wait for my period to start. Finally ten days later I started. Just like the other dog he started licking my vagina; his tongue is not as long as the other one but is much fatter and stronger and General would put that wide tongue about two inches inside me and make me cum in minuets. At first when I got on all fours he didn’t know what to do, he just kept licking me. Betty it was hard to stop him from just licking he is so big, but I managed to get him on top of me and I began to jack him off. He started humping and I guided his dick into my vagina. General is not quite as long as the other but much bigger around. She said, when General swells it is even bigger than the afghan. He was about five and a half inches from the tip to the knot. When the knot grows too the size of a tennis ball it totals around nine inches.

When I felt that huge knot inside me I came even more than before. I remembered about how the dog would quit fucking when my period was over so I bought a bunch of condoms. And filled them with my blood and put them in the freezer. I always had a heavy flow during my period, and as long as I space out the time in between bouts with him, around six hours, I can get General to fuck me any time I wanted. I just defrost one of the condoms and put the blood on my pussy and General does the rest.

Jason I was shocked but fascinated. She asked me if I would like to fuck him. I think she thought if I would then she was safe. I said no I don’t think so but do you think you could get him to do it again; I’d like to watch. She said sure but we would have to wait about an hour. We went in and had coffee and I told her about the seminar and she agreed to go. We went back into the bedroom and she took off her pad and I could see she was flowing pretty good. General went right to work and began to lick that blood off her pussy. I watched as his tongue went in and out of her in a big scooping motion. I started to get hot. She got down on all fours and rested her head on the bed and that dog jumped up on top of her and began to hump her like a rabbit. I could tell when that knot was inside, because she would rock back and forth from the motion of the dog inside her. I could see her eyes were rolled back in her head and all you could see were the whites of her eyes. I got so excited I lifted her head and shoved my pussy into her face I was just starting my period but My friend didn’t hesitate a second, she began to lick my pussy and suck on my clit. Jason it took me about thirty seconds before I came all over her. She continued to lick all the juices in my pussy and made me cum again in about another minute. I must admit I was real curious but was afraid that I might get hooked like she was. I am glad I didn’t even though it made me hotter than hell. I said that’s pretty sick, but I might have gotten turned on myself if I’d been there. I was and I fucked her one more time before I left. She was real hot from telling the story and wanted me to fuck her doggy style. I bent her over her chair and fucked her long and hard. When I left she was as weak as a newborn calf. Her legs shook and she could hardly walk me to the door. She was completely drained, as I was pretty much shot myself.
(Continued) All rights reserved to the Author.

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2015-11-30 04:45:14
Awsome story keep writing

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2013-10-27 23:14:59
eww wat the fuck thiz shit ihs so dam nasty

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2013-06-10 22:25:07
Very poorly written. Misspelled words, poor sentence structure, improper capitalizations and failure to capitalize proper nouns. VERY difficult to determine just whose perspective this story is coming from. Should be edited by someone else and re-posted in legible form.

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2011-10-13 21:33:33
Iwas also a little confused about her gender but all in all it was a very hot story and me niece gave me a wonderful B.J. while I read to her. She loves dog fucking and I love reading about it. I will look for a follow up story. Thanks for sharing your story and aiding in our sex life. I'm the luckest guy ing world she is 18 and I'm 63. She loves this old fart for teaching her the facts of life and fucking. Did I say great story?

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2011-08-28 14:30:40
At first I though it was a boy that caught the teacher, then I think it's a girl, then it was a boy , I'm getting dizzy. The story had some hot stuff in it but I could never read it again as I was ag-fraid I might get dizzy again and puck.

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