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First Lesson in Sex
Chat Doom - Chapter 1

Mom wanted me to go to bed, but I had just received this new computer, with internet! Internet on my own computer, I was going to have so much fun. "Yes Mommy, I am going to sleep right away!".

Yeah right!!! I want to chat for the first time in my life. My friend Molly told me about a website where she chatted with other kids our age from all over the world. Well as a matter of fact it was for teens from the age thirteen to nineteen and I was just twelve years old. Whatever! I logged in, under the nick PrincessAmy. Once I was in the room I was pretty shocked by the language. They spoke about girls’ pussy and boys’ penises and I was very new to this. Coming from a very conservative catholic family I was sheltered from anything obscene. I was as innocent as innocence could ever be.

Three minutes from when I logged in plenty of windows start popping with questions about my age, or my location, which I ignored because I wasn't so sure if that was the right place to be. Yet one window had a different message in it: "Ignore them all I am the one you came here for." I felt intrigued to know who that boy was. "Hi" I replied, as I noticed his nickname was kindda weird. Master4YngCunt asked me where I was from, my age, and my sex.

PrincessAmy: Thirteen (I lied) Girl in Atlanta, what about you?
Master4YngCunt: none of your business cunt. You will listen to what I will say that's all, and if you close this page you will regret it for the rest of your life. I will make you the happiest girl in the world if you only agree to listen to me.

I agreed, as he started to ask me questions about my body, my boobs, and was happy to know how petite I was and that I haven't really developed much in the upper parts! But then he asked if I ever masturbated. I would never done anything so gross and I made sure he knew it. He started sending me links and asked me to watch them all and then comment. They were pictures of naked men with teen girls doing things I never even suspected existed.

Master4YngCunt: Does it make you horny Amy? Tell me what u feel!
Princess Amy: What's Horny? I feel like I have plenty of butterflies in my chest, I can't breath good, and i wet myself. I got to go clean up.
Master4YngCunt: Don't clean up. This is good. What is happening is good, U need to be wet like that to masturbate FOR ME.

I didn't know what he was talking about but by the next picture link he sent me I knew exactly what that was.

PrincessAmy: I won't do that. I am a good girl. Bye.
Master4YngCunt: Listen here to me little girl do u know how old I am? I had no clue he was forty-eight.
Master4YngCunt: Yes forty-eight as old as your daddy, maybe even older so u will be a good girl and listen to what I say, and do as you are told.

Although I knew that all it takes was to log off, I took him very seriously. For some reason I couldn't even move away from that chat. I felt the need to listen to this older man. He knows a lot of things, I thought, judging from the pictures and I wanted to know more about this. "I'll do as you want."

Master4YngCunt: Good girl. Are your parents asleep?
PrincessAmy: Yes.
Master4YngCunt: Take off every piece of cloth, and Remember that you are doing it for Me. Whatever you will do you will do it for Me, because if you ever do it for some other reason it will make you sick.

Gullible me bought it. He started explaining to me how I could enjoy my pussy, under his commands I started pinching my hard nipples, my hands then ran over my virgin body to reach my clit. I kept reading the words "Rub it for Me" and rubbing my clit as if my life depended on it. I occasionally stopped to tell him how good it felt, and sometimes he would ask me to thank him for it. "Thank you for showing me how to be happy," I would reply. He had me insert a finger, then another into my soaking wet, tight pussy.

Master4YngCunt:: Now listen carefully. You will use both your hands. One to rub your clit, the other to fuck your pussy with three fingers now. You will do it until you feel really really good. So good your body will be filled with “happiness.” This is what is called Cumming. And once you have this feeling you will tell the truth to yourself, as well as to me. You will answer one question by yes or no. Now go ahead.

I frantically started to finger fuck my hole, as I rubbed harder and faster on my clit. My breath became harder, and I knew I was close to having this new feeling he called Cumming, when he asked: "DO YOU BELONG TO ME?".

I was having the best feeling running through my spine, concentrating between my legs, my whole mind was blown with ecstasy I answered: "Yes"

Master4YngCunt: Good. This is enough for tonight. You will not try to repeat this by yourself. You will not let anyone know of this or I tell you parents what a slut you are -which I believed and wouldn’t want-. You will come back here tomorrow at the same time. You will come back here every night from now on.

Oh yes I will!!!!!


2007-08-15 17:21:49
Need more. That got me so horny!


2006-12-21 07:01:19
brill 10/10 part 2 soon please


2006-11-17 16:35:05
fantastic story 10/10 if only i knew which chat room it was, me and the wife would be there all day.


2006-11-05 13:30:46
please write your second story soon ;) :P


2006-11-04 06:56:37
That's not only new but well written also. Theamatically it's genuine with a soft touch. Well done, carry on.

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