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William picks his priestesses
Wild Willie chapter 2

William Barnes was a menacing figure of six foot four inches standing up on the stage. He controlled the people in the gigantic tent much like a sheep dog controls his flock. ‘That’s right he thought, even Christ thought of his followers as sheep.’ They were nothing more than mindless sheep to him, and William was the neighborhood sheepherder and butcher. He continued his rant, informing his followers how they would spend eternity in a burning hell unless they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and did as the church and Barnes instructed.

The people had no more brains than the cartoon character, “sponge bob”, and sucked in everything William had to say. He was relentless and after an hour of ludicrous exaggerations, he gave the signal to “pass the baskets”, and make a collection. With over a thousand people in the tent, the twenty-five baskets came back full. William’s prayers were answered. In the near future, he would be rich.

He then did something many religious leaders do not do. William stepped down off the stage and walked among the people. He was expounding on the necessity of having young female virgin icons like the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome for the church.

“When God observes we hold the virgins sacred, he will forgive us of our many sins. The virgins will be selected from the families of very good backgrounds, education, and refinement at an age from thirteen to sixteen. At the age of eighteen the virgins may wed if they so wish or go on to college. Their families will be the receivers of God’s grace and bounty beyond their earthly dreams.

There will be four virgins selected and they will live under the guidance of the church and Christ, one night a week for two solar years. At that time a new young virgin will replace them. They will be taught by the church and will hold the office of special female priestess. As this is the design of God, I will be their personal chaperone and responsible for them while they are under God’s roof. An examination of their virginity, by a doctor will be made before the ceremony and on completion of their duties.”

William knew that the chances of finding a virgin, between thirteen and sixteen were very low. Statistics show more than half the girls in the Unites States were no longer virgins after the age of thirteen. If there virginity was still intact, most of them had preformed fellatio on several young boys at “rainbow” parties and on dates. William was elated as fellatio, it seems was not considered the same as sexual intercourse to teen-age girls.

William called for the ushers to single out all of the girls between thirteen and sixteen. They were guided to the stage where William joined them. There were nine girls. Two were Afro-American, one was Japanese, two were Latin and the other four were Caucasian. William picked four of the most beautiful girls out of the nine. He felt like Hugh Hefner, picking the playmates of the month for PLAYBOY magazine.

The others were allowed to return to their families. When they walked off the stage it was observed that two of them were crying.

William walked in front of each girl examining them from their heads to their toes. They had been spaced five feet apart. He stopped in front of the first girl, an Afro-American. She was beautiful and resembled Halle Berry, down to her perfect teeth and deep brown eyes. William whispered,

“God has told me of your activities. He said you were no longer a virgin and that you have had sex in the past year. If this is the truth, blink your eyes twice, but only once for no.”

The sixteen year-old blinked once then looked at William, smiled and blinked again. She then took a step to walk away from the stage, when William told her to stand still. She looked at him with a strange expression on her face. William laid the palm of his hand on her forehead lifted his face toward the top of the tent and whispered,

“Once again you are a virgin. Remain where you are.”

William then took several steps to the right and stood in front of a short blonde who was about thirteen. He whispered,

“You are a virgin… aren’t you? Blink your eyes twice for yes, once for no.”

The gorgeous little blonde blinked twice then gave William a halfhearted smile.

“When was the last time you gave a boy a blowjob? Do not say it loud, just whisper. Remember God has told me everything.”

“Two weeks … Brother William …Two weeks ago in the back seat of his car,” she said looking down at the floor in total embarrassment.

“Do you enjoy doing it?” asked William in a soothing voice smiling. The girl’s head snapped up as though she had been slapped in the face, and then smiled broadly and said,

“Oh yes ... very much.”

“God has confirmed you are telling the truth. Stay where you are little one.”

William placed his hand on her forehead, and then moved to the Japanese girl who was about sixteen. He stood there looking into her slightly slanted eyes and smiled. Before he could even open his mouth the girl from Tokyo said in a quite voice with a thick accent,

“No I’m not a virgin and yes I have sucked off several boys and two men. I have jacked off eight boys and sold several of my dirty cum filled panties to old men who wanted them to sniff. I am not ashamed of what I have done, as I love doing it.” She looked at William and licked her full lips, making a slurping sound. “Do you want me to leave now?”

“No stand where you are.”

William talked to the other girl for a few minutes then turned to the crowd and said,

“Meet your new ‘special female priestesses.”

The crowd stood to their feet and began, clapping, hooting and singing hallelujah.

When William waived to the girls, they all waived back and smiled at him.

He thought, ‘this is much too easy.’

William stood up in front of the microphone and the crowd became quiet. He said,

“When our children were young, we saw the power of God in their eyes and Jesus Christ in their souls as they grew. Now through the love of the lord, these four beautiful girls are the new priestesses of the church. They will perform their sacred duties and each will earn a golden key to the kingdom of heaven, for themselves and their entire families. God wants all of his children to be happy and will do everything possible to guide me so I can guide you.

William nodded to his assistants that were all built like wrestlers who had taken to many steroids. Two of them took some papers for the girls to fill out. They were told to bring them back the next time they were scheduled to return. When the thirteen year old girl ask what the duties would be, she was told,

“Nothing that you can’t handle.”

The Japanese girl was told that she would be the first priestess to come to the church. Their duties would begin at sunset and end at sunrise. No girl would ever be deprived of a day in school. Dinner and Breakfast would be provided by the church along with their transportation. Monday after school all of the girls would be transported to the clinic for an examination. It was strange, however the medical clinic was funded partially by the church and Dr. Arthur Hurley who had worked with William at Atlanta General Hospital, and he was an old drinking buddy. Arthur always liked William as he would get to fuck the girls William did not have time for. He owed William a lot and was now in a position to re-pay him.

One by one the girls were brought into the examination room by the nurse on duty, under the general external appearance of being examined for a pelvic exam and STD tests. A rush was put on Yoshimi’s tests as she was scheduled to report the next day on Tuesday. They were told one at a time to disrobe and put on a long white t-shirt, which just covered their butts and pubic area. Yoshimi was assisted up on the Clinton 9940 Epic Series Manual Exam Table and her feet placed in the sturrips.

Arthur always thought it was funny that a table built to examine a woman’s vagina was named after Clinton. The girl was assisted in getting comfortable on the table, her feet in the sturrips, and her legs spread wide. Dr. Art as everyone called him, looked at the girl and began to get an erection. The nurse Ms. Evanston who had lost her nurse’s credential, due to many nights in the local lock up for drunk and disorderly conduct, was told that she would not be needed during the examinations. She knew if she wanted to keep working she had to go along with Dr. Art.

“Ms. Evanston, please lock the door as you leave.”

“Yes Doctor.”

“Dr. Art sat on a small stool with wheels. He put on rubber gloves and said,

“OK … Just be still and I won’t hurt you.”

“Yes Doctor.”

Dr. Art then sat next to the table and moved his right arm under Yoshimi’s leg and grazed her butt. She giggled as he moved closer and slowly inserted his index finger into her vagina.

“How does that feel,” he asked.

“Really wonderful. I haven’t been around a boy or a man in several months. Push your finger deeper please. Check me out everywhere Doctor.”

Dr. Art then began to slide his finger in and out of Yoshimi’s pussy. As he finger fucked her she moaned and said, adjust the table Doctor and stand up here. He continued moving his finger faster and faster as he stood up. She quickly untied his scrubs and they dropped to the floor. Yoshimi reached over and took hold of his penis, pulling him closer to her. As she moaned louder from his finger, she took his hardening cock and slowly guided it into her mouth.

“MMmmmm,” she said as she began to suck.

Yoshimi sucked for about ten minutes and then the good Doctor started to squirt cum in her mouth. Doubling his efforts he moved his hand causing her to squirt her little girl juice all over his hand. She laid her head back, closed her eyes and said,

“I really needed that. Tell me doctor do you have any condoms?”

“Yes, I have a bunch in the drawer.”

“Well I’m all ready in position … do you want to fuck me?”

The doctor just nodded his head and walked over to the drawer with his pants around his ankles. He took a condom out and unwrapped it. After rolling it on his cock he moved between Yoshimi’s legs and moved in very close. When he touched his penis to Yoshimi’s slit, she groaned and told him to shove it in deep. Dr. Art took hold of her hips and began fucking her hard. In the next fifteen minutes, Yoshimi came three times, and then the Doctor came hard once.

“Thank you doctor I think that was just what I needed to make me feel better. Is working at the church going to be a wonderful experience like this?”

“It will be if you want it too.”

“Ooooo yes.”

Dr. Art then removed the condom and dropped it in the toxic waste disposal container. She lay back and smiled, satisfied. She had been having sex since she was twelve in Japan, and she loved it. She said,

“Dr. Art my mother told me she and my father were pleased that I was a still a virgin, and happy that I could serve the church as a priestess. Do you know of my duties?”

“Yes basically, you will arrive at the church at sundown, have a dinner and sacramental wine with Brother William, watch some DVDs displaying Gods bounty for his children, then retire to rest in bed with Brother William. As the sun comes up, a wonderful breakfast will be served and you will be transported home, so you can attend school. Do you believe that will be acceptable to you?”

“Oh yes … Doctor.”

“One other thing there will be no sex with other men, or women while you are a priestess.”

“I don’t know Dr. Art, twice a month doesn’t seem like enough times for me.”

“Well you may, if you wish masturbate, or in an extreme emergency call me here and come by for a special exam similar to what you have had today.”

“Thank you Doctor, you are very considerate.”

It cost the church nine hundred dollars for vaginal smears and blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases, which included an HIV test, as Brother William wanted them by nine the next morning.
When the reports were delivered by special courier, brother William read them with delight and was looking forward to his first night with a priestess. As everything went on Brother William became more and more pleased with the habits of sheep. He was especially pleased by the ones in his own congregation.

To Be Continued …

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2011-01-06 20:31:26
LOL, A girl just can't trust which head will command a man's morality, the one on his shoulders or the one between his legs; even when he's in the medical profession or ministry!

HA HA HA, this chapter had me cracking up!


2006-11-02 23:55:11
omfg og i need more! more! more!


2006-10-31 03:08:37
always, always love your stories...well written and wonderful


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Just what was ordered! Good 'un. Tex


2006-10-30 11:46:57
First let me say I love your work. I didn’t know when I was younger that there were sites with stories such as yours. This story made me feel young again and I remembered how wonderful it was to have a man inside of me. I came three times during this one story. Thank you. More please. Dena

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