my mom
well it all happened one day my mom called me out and today was strange cause she was wearing this mini skirt and and a tube and man she was really hot and sexy. Soo i followed my mom she drove to this shophouse. We got out and we went to the top floor and we went in there there was 3 guy waiting and there was some chairs there and my mom told me too sit there and she entered a curtained room with the 3 guys and as they entered i saw one of the guys touch her ass and my moms was just walking and welll after a while i could hear my mom screaming aaaaaah aaaaaaaah harder harder and then a guys voice was like ure really good sexy bitch and she was screaming like that for about 40 minutes after that i could hear her saying ahhh that was good i got to go guys ive got to go to that huse and satisfy that bloody old mans well i knew she had sex there.

5 minutes later my mom came out and she was still wearing the tube and mini skirt her hair was alll messy and her body was full of sweat she was like sweating like mad and man her body was all sweaty and oily it wasss soooo sexy i felt like licking her all over. Well we then walked down and went to the stairs and to the car well my mom was all quiet in the car and then she said 'after this we are going to a friends house and im sure u know i had sex in the room before this and this is all part of growing up and after this u see and learn how the uncel there have sex " and i was like ok.

Well we reached the friends house and before getting down my mom took out her panties and put it on the car seat and we walked to the house there this old guy opened the foor and asked us to come in he then took us to a room and there was 4 old man on the chair and my mom then clossed the doar and then she stood in front of the men and i just stood in the corner there the old man then asked my mom to face the wall and put her hands up then after that the old man then looked at me and said 'im giving u the honour to undress your mom start undressing her slowly'

well i then went to my mom her ass was facing the men and her hands all up and i stood beside her and slowly unzipped her tube i did it from the side sooo the men could see her body wow after unzipping her tube i could see her back nude from the waist up and it was soooo sexy and horny. i then put my on her skirt zipp and started pulling the zipp down slowly after that i slowly pulled the skirt down and as i pull the skirt down i put my face at her ass and man it felt sooo nice i then took out the skirt and stood up and there i could see my moms ass and her back it was sooo sexy the men were like nice asss nice asss.

Then the old man asked me to go out and take 4 bottel of oil in the next room and i went when i came back i saw one of the old man hitting my moms ass with his cock my mom was still facing the wall and her hands were up leaning on the wall after a while the old man went and sat down and he then told me " take the oil bottel and rub it all over your mothers body start from behind and then put her frontfrom behind at last"

And soooo i started i took the oil and poured on my hand and then i rubbed it on her back first and then i took some more oil and poured it on her legs and ass and back and neck and then i started spreading the oil all over her leg first then i went to her ass ahhhh it was soo nice then i went and rubbed it on her neck and back and then i poured the oil on my hand and from behind i rubbed her breast and her front all while doing that i put my ass closer to my moms ass i felt like fucking her there . Well then irubbes her legs with oil and her vagina. after finishing i got up and stood beside my mom and i could see her oily body it wass sooo sexy and nice.

Then one old man walked to my mom and took his pennis put it on her ass and started licking her neck and pushing her on the wall and my mom was like i cant wait for u to fuck me then the old man pulled her and asked her to lick his cock ans as she licked his cock the man asked me to come and hold my moms head and push it towards his cock harder and soo i took my moms neck and pushed her head closer to the mans head after like 3 minutes the man ask my mom to get up and he told her doggy style and my mom went to thr floor and stood like a dog and he then took his pennis and putit in between her ass and started fucking her after like 3 minutes he called me and asked me to hold her asss tight and sooo i was holding my moms ass and the guy fucked her and after that the 4 guys took turn to fuck my mom and after the man started drinking beer and fucking my mom .

Well after like 30 minutes they stopped fucking her and they went and sat on the chair and my mom got up and just stood there and then the man called her and asked her to sit beside him and soo she sat beside him and he gave her a can of beer and she drank it and after that the gut took the balance of the beer and poured it on her and then one of the guys went out of the room and he came back shortly later with a camera and there they started taking picture with my mom nude and she was giving different poses with them and hugging them and they took a lot of pictures and after i thought it was all over this really huge fat guy entered the room and the 4 men who were there told that fat guy shes all yours john and they all walked out of the room

And john started looking at my moms body and he was like nice body and he then asked me who are u and i told him im the son and john told me with such a mother im sure u fuck her everyday. Well he then sat on the stool and asked my mom to sit beside him and he started touching her nippels and he then then asked me to take the remaining oil bottel and i gave it to him. He opened the bottel and poured the oil all over her her front and her back and he started rubbing it all over her body john then asked her to suck his dick and my mom was there sucking it and john then went and slept on the floor and my mom went on top of him and put his cock in her vagina and she started going up and down and screaming aaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah and i could see her breast and ass moving up and down it wasss soonice seeing my mom being fucked. after like ten minutes they stopped and he got up and this time john pulled her up and started hugging her and rubbing her ass after that he started hitting her ass hard and my mom was likeee ah aaaaah still and then he sat down on the chair and my mom went and sat on him and again she put his cock in her vagina and started moving up and down again and they were like that for like 20 minutes and after that my he stood up and asked my mom to kneel down and he started spraying his cum all over her face man it was a lot of cum her hair and face was like full of cum and after that john put his clothes and went out and my mom put her clothes on and we weny out on the way back she said "i enjoyed it and tommorow ive got a suprise for you" [b]

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2012-08-13 19:39:15
I Hope You Write A Part 2!

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2012-08-13 19:33:29
That Was A Good Stroy!

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2009-09-24 13:38:11
Really an illiterate fuck!

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2009-09-13 02:02:50
Disregard the insults, but learn more about language, grammar and spelling. Your story reads like a cry for help from the depths of functional illiteracy. You won't do well in life unless you go back and finish school and learn more. Good luck.


2007-04-25 12:47:27

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