My name is Tim Evans and this is a story of incest between me, a 39 year old father, and my 13 year old daughter, Traci. I should probably be ashamed of myself for fucking my own kid but to the contrary I am rather proud that my daughter would choose, almost beg me, to take her cherry and be her lover.

I always thought that there was something special about a Daddy/daughter relationship, a certain bond between the two – but not one that included sex. After all, that’s incest. It’s taboo, against the law, against human morals and so on. Those used to be my thoughts, but that all changed a few short weeks ago.

Traci and I have always been close, but not what I feel is any closer than other dads and daughters. She is our only child and, to use an old phrase, is as cute as a bugs’ ear. My wife had a difficult pregnancy and her delivery of Traci was so difficult she had to remain in the hospital for 3 weeks to recover. Her doctor recommended that we not have any additional children, because of the health risks, so while she was still in the hospital Laureen had an operation to tie her tubes to avoid any further pregnancies.

Although Laureen fully recovered physically when she came home from the hospital she felt that she was somewhat less of a woman because at the age of 21 her child bearing years were over. She had 3 siblings and thought that that was a good number of kids for a family. I tried to reassure her that she was still my first and only love, I considered her the sexiest woman I knew, and so what if we only had 1 child. I was serious about her sexiness. I didn’t let up in my desire for her curvy, petite body and continued to fuck her and enjoy her whenever possible. Our lovemaking was nothing out of the ordinary - straight, oral, some anal – just pretty much routine for a married couple, and we had sex 3-4 times per week.

Life went on and Traci blossomed as a small child. Friendly, loving and out-going. By 8 or 9 years old she was staring to become the image of her mother, a petite beauty with silky brunette hair and light grey colored eyes. Laureen never totally recovered from her feelings of failure and felt guilty that Traci didn’t have any brothers or sisters to play with and share things while growing up. Traci wasn’t bothered by this and in fact I think she enjoyed being an only child; she didn’t have to compete with anyone for attention and got just about everything she wanted. Spoiled might even describe how we treated her.

While Traci blossomed, Laureen wilted. I think she couldn’t handle the attention Traci was receiving. Laureen was beginning to become depressed over her false feelings of inadequacy in child bearing; all of her friends had 3-4 kids each. No one cared but her, but she cared overly much and became obsessed with this. Her attitude went to hell and she began to let her appearance go, along with our sex life. We were now fucking only about once or twice every couple of weeks. She said it didn’t matter because there wasn’t any point to it if she couldn’t get pregnant.

Quite to the contrary I still needed to hug and cuddle with a warm body, not to mention getting my rocks off. The cuddling part was solved when Laureen also began withdrawing from Traci; again it was the guilt thing but Traci was concerned that she had done something to offend her mom.

Traci had just turned 12, a time when little girls really begin to rely on a close relationship with their mothers to help the through adolescence and puberty, and I had noticed her breasts were budding and she was transitioning from baby fat to girlish curves. Her legs were no longer little sticks and her butt was beginning to fill and firm. One night she told me she needed to talk to me about something and asked if we could have some time alone. After dinner that night I told Laureen that Traci and I were going out for ice cream and invited to come along, knowing full well that she would decline the offer.

We went to a local drive in, got a couple of cones and since I was a warm night sat a one of the picnic tables. I was wearing loose fitting knock around shorts and a tee shirt and Traci was also dressed for the season. I couldn’t help but notice what a little cutie she was becoming and her body was beginning to form and show it. She was wearing a small kiddy halter top and I could notice the small bumps of her newly growing breasts, and the small short fashionable tight shorts she was wearing molded to her ass and showed her firm ass cheeks. We sat side-by-side and joked around while I admired her young body, and when her bare leg would touch mine I felt some fairly unfatherly feelings. Whoa, I told myself, you better get down to business here and stop thinking like a pervert.

“Okay, sweet stuff,” I said to Traci, “what’s up?”

“Well, Dad,” she said “It’s Mom. I can’t describe it but it seems like I did something to make her mad at me.”

“How’s that, honey?” I asked, “I don’t understand.”

Traci kind of grimaced her face and told me that lately Laureen seemed to be withdrawn from her. “It seems that whenever I need to talk to Mom about anything she doesn’t have time for me. It’s almost like I’m a bother to her. There are times I really need to talk to her about girl things but she won’t give me the time of day. I’m growing, Daddy, and I need Mom’s help. Who can I talk to? Did I do something to make her mad at me?”

I immediately knew the problem and decided Traci was old enough to know the whole story. I took a big breath, gently took her hand in mine and began. As I told her everything, I was looking into her tender, young face and lovely eyes. I could see her eyes beginning to water while she listened. I told her that I was getting the same treatment and was experiencing the same feelings she was and that there were a lot of times I felt alone too.

“Oh, Dad,” she softly said. “That’s wrong. I love Mom, but right now I don’t think she loves me.”

“Yes, she does, honey,” I assured her. I knew what I had told Traci was a lot for her to consider and I felt I needed to lighten things up so I gave her a gentle poke in her ribs. “But not as much as your old man does,” and began to tickle her. God, she was so soft and smooth. She giggled and began twisting to avoid my hand, causing my right thumb and forefinger to pass across her small tit. She didn’t have on a bra of any sort and while her tit was so small it almost wasn’t there, I knew it was and had felt it. She didn’t seem to notice or care and continued squirming, causing her breast to move under my hand a couple of more times. Even though this was my daughter and she was a kid it excited me to feel female flesh again. Although I wanted to continue the horse play in hopes of getting a couple of more feels I knew I had to stop.

I got somber and asked Traci if this had helped her understand things. She smiled slightly. “Thanks, Daddy,” she said. “But if Mom won’t talk to me who do I see about ‘girl’ things. In case you haven’t noticed I’m growing and need some help with my body and its’ changes. I know about periods and all that from school but there is still other stuff.”

“Such as?” I asked.

“You know. Things like boys and dating and….just stuff.”

“Well,” I told her, “I can help with some of it, possibly about your changing body. And we can ask your Aunt Jennie to maybe clue you in on the other stuff.” After the feels I just had of her small titties I was perversely looking forward to discussing and possibly seeing and touching, her again. “We’ll just take it as it comes.”

When we stood up to leave she gave me a big tight hug and a kiss on my cheek. “Thanks, Daddy. I knew I could count on you.” I could feel her hard titty buds pressing against my chest through our thin shirts. Her pointy breast bumps felt stiff against my chest and I was having thoughts I shouldn’t have had. I hugged her back and let my hands slip down her back and give her ass cheeks a firm squeeze, hoping she would think of it as just a tight hug. She didn’t say a thing.

In the car on the way home Traci said she was tired and asked if she could lean against me for support. I readily agreed and she slid over and rested her head on my right side. I draped my arm around her shoulders and it fell down to the exposed part of her torso between her tits and waist. I let my fingers slightly caress the bare skin and was again aroused at how smooth and soft it felt. I was tempted to try to fondle her titty bumps again and began to work my thumb in small circles upward until it stroked under the small nub. I thought if I played it right I might be able to slip my hand under her halter and put my hand over her entire tit and nipple for a good feel. After a few strokes on the bottom of her nub I realized I was trying to fondle my own child and with twisted emotions forced myself to stop. I wasn’t right that I wanted to feel her and I really didn’t feel much guilt over my thoughts, and she hadn’t objected to any of my casual caresses over the past couple of hours, but I let it go for then. Besides, if I was going to have a chance of loving her I didn’t want to start something in the front seta of my car.

“Thanks for everything, Daddy,” Traci told me when we got home. She gave me a sweet smile and a wet kiss on the cheek and got out of the car. I couldn’t help myself but to stare at her ass while she walked into the house. Her cheeks rolled a bit and I could only imagine what they would look like and feel outside of her shorts. I was certain they would be firm but soft and make two nice handfuls. My imagination ran away and before I knew it I had conjured a complete image of my daughter standing naked in front of me. Her skin was smooth and covered with light hair, small little titties with tiny puckered nipples, and a firm smooth butt leading to her puffy young pussy with a few wispy hairs. I knew this was obscene. I can’t think of my own child like this. Yet I couldn’t stop and my thoughts relayed the image to my quickly hardening prick. Damn! I need some relief.

Laureen and I were no longer having sex or even sleeping in the same room; anytime I even began to touch her she had rejected me. She was totally caught up in the thought that she was less of a woman for not having more children and the idea of having sex just deepened these feelings of inadequacy. She moved into our guest room to stay away from my “groping hands” so I knew there wasn’t any chance of me getting any relief with her.

Although I had never done anything like it before, I went to my study and began searching the internet for pictures of young teens and small girls. I found a couple of sites of preteen and young girls and downloaded pictures and movies. Goddamn, were these sites ever hot! Small budding breasts, sweet wispy pussies, puffy bald pussies, smooth firm asses, everything I could imagine and more. I fantasized some of them as Traci and began jacking off. It didn’t take long until I had an intense orgasm and blasted my cum all over. I felt a little guilty afterward, having thoughts like this about my own kid, but I sure felt relieved.

I don’t know what happened but this first trip to these pictures did something to me. I couldn’t get over the couple of quick feels I had copped of Traci and kept visualizing what she would look like lying naked on my bed. Open and inviting me to lay with her, caress her soft flesh and play with her young body. I began to turn to the internet and masturbation more and more. It was kind of hard to go to my study to jack off in the open all the time so I ordered some teen porn magazines that I could take into the bathroom and beat off in privacy.

During this time Traci had also changed. She was now 13 years old and had continued to grow and fill out to a definitely womanly shape. Her breasts had gone from the stage of buds to cones to small mounds and her nipples had become more noticeable. She had developed curves form her chest to her waist, and her ass had become more firm and full and had a nice roll and jiggle when she walked. She was into the current teen fashions of tight, skimpy clothes and didn’t mind to show her body. This was fine with me. I still had thoughts and hard-ons over her and welcomed any glimpse of her body that I could get.

I think she was aware of my efforts and actually encouraged me. She seemed to thrill in walking around in her skimpy outfits. She also took to wandering around in the evenings in her almost see-thru pajamas, these were always a two piece that hung loosely over her growing breasts and barely covered her ass cheeks. She never seemed to run out of reasons to bend over in front of me, sometimes giving me a glimpse down her top at her titties and at other times thrusting her tightly, skimpily clad ass toward me. As hard as I tried I never did get a look at her pussy, but I imagined it to be transitioning from the little girl puffiness to a pretty little slit with fine wispy pubic hairs.

One evening I was heading to the bathroom to wash up for dinner and as I past her room I saw her door was about half way open. I glanced in to see if Traci was there and got a sight that stopped me dead. She was changing her clothes and was bent over with her ass pointing directly at the door. She was wearing almost see through bikini type panties that were stretched tightly across her cheeks and I could clearly see the spread open crack of her ass with its nestled puckered brown hole.

I stood transfixed for a moment staring at this awesome sight as she straightened and turned sideways to walk to her dresser. It was the first time I had seen her totally naked breasts and part of my fantasies were fulfilled; they were the perfect little titties I had imagined, about the size of ½ a tennis ball with small pebble-like nipples. I was treated to another thrill when she reached around and placed her hands on her ass cheeks and started to massage them. She then arched herself backward, pointing her perfect tit mounds toward the ceiling, and let out a soft sigh while continuing to knead her butt. Traci then straightened up and brought her hands up and began massaging her tiny breasts. She had her hands flat against her chest with her forefingers under the bottoms and her thumbs across the top while she gently squeezed them. After a moment she started flicking her nipples with her thumbs and they instantly hardened into little points.

She started moaning while playing with her tits and her right hand began to slowly drift down over her smooth velvety stomach towards her panties. I held my breath in anticipation when her fingers started playing over her crotch. She continued to play with her left tit while her right fingers stroked her pussy slit through her panties. Her breathing got harder as she played with her panty clad cunt and her thumb stroked her bare flesh under the right leg band. While her thumb was obviously brushing around the rim of her pussy her fingers worked over the crotch, pressing against the front of her panties and pushing the material inside of her crack, clearly outlining the small lips of her little sex.

She switched hands, moving her right hand back to her tits and her left hand slowly down toward her pussy, gently caressing herself on the way. I continued to stare, waiting for her to start rubbing herself through the crotch of her panties again. I caught my breath when she slipped her fingers underneath the top and placed her entire hand into the crotch over her cunt, rubbing and sliding her hand up and down over her slit. She must have been getting pretty excited by now because her moans were louder and I could smell the distinct odor of pussy juice. My cock was rock hard and throbbing in my hand while I wondered how long she would continue and if I would be able to last as long as her.

She evidently wanted more as her hand moved outward, pulling her panties out and down to allow her room to start rubbing the tip of her fingers over her slit and gently playing with the inside of her pussy lips. She suddenly moved her hand and pulled her panties further outward and downward and moved her right hand from her tit mounds, where she hand been flicking and pinching her nipples, and placed it on her pussy. She was now standing with her left hand pulling her panties out to give her right hand lots of room to play. And play she did! She was using the fuck-finger of her right to rub up and down inside of her slit and after about every fifth or sixth rub gently pushed it in past her outer pussy lips to toy with her inner lips. She started to rub and finger herself a little harder and suddenly let out a quick gasp and buckled at her knees. She had obviously found her little clitoris. She abruptly stopped playing and I thought the show to be over but she wasn’t done.

She stepped out of her panties and spread her legs apart to give her hand better access to her pussy and joy button. I was in a daze. My beautiful 13 year-old daughter Traci was standing in front of me totally nude and paying with herself. I could see from her facial expression and body contortions that she was in a state of intense arousal. What little nipples she had were hard and distended and her pussy was moist. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from her wonderful little gash with its puffy little lips and wispy pubic hair. Her entire pussy mound was wet and her smell dominated the room. I found it hard to restrain myself and keep from rushing in and ravishing her.

She flicked her clit a couple of more times and had to reach out her hand to the dresser to steady herself. Probably afraid of losing her balance in her ecstatic state she wobbled over to her bed, keeping herself impaled on the tip of her finger. What a sight to behold; Traci, my beautiful 13 year old daughter, totally naked and in the throes of ecstasy. Her firm tits with their nipples erect and sticking straight out, her finger in her pussy and her beautiful soft ass cheeks rolling while she walked. She sat on the edge of her bed and stopped playing with her slit for a moment, returning her hands to her breasts and again squeezing them and pinching her nipples. I was mesmerized. Her legs were spread and her pussy pulled wide apart. I could see past her inflamed sex lips and right into her pink gash. Her pussy hole was well exposed and leaking juice and her little clit was extended and poking through its hood, almost as if it was begging to be kissed and sucked. She moved both of her hands back to her cuntal area and used one hand to caress its’ outer lips while using the fingers of her other hand to play with its’ inner hole. She was juicing, moaning and squirming like mad, as if she was getting ready to orgasm.

As much as I was enjoying watching her play with herself I wanted her to stop. I felt that if she was this much in love with playing with herself, maybe if I played it right I would be able to get her to allow me to join her fun. If I could I would bring her to an orgasm she wouldn’t forget, and maybe even follow things through to the extreme – slipping my hard cock up her hot, juicy young pussy and taking her cherry.

I tore myself away from the view and backed down the hall. I made a couple of loud steps and called her name. “Traci, are you here?” I took my time while clumping down the hall to allow her a moment to compose herself. I didn’t want her to have the slightest idea that I had been anywhere in the area while she was playing with herself.

I heard her quickly shut her door and reply “I’m in my room changing, Daddy. What do you want?”

What do I want? Oh, boy, if she only knew! But I wanted to be sure to break up her reverie so I knocked on her door. “Can I come in, honey? Are you dressed?”

“Sure, come on in. I’m decent.”

When I opened her door I was surprised at how quickly she had recovered. She was lying on her bed fully clothed with her knees propped up and a magazine resting against them, as if she had been reading. She was still a bit flushed, her little nipples were still hard and poking against her top and her room was filled with the overpowering scent of pussy juice.

I smiled and pretended not to notice but thought I’d play with the situation a bit. “You look radiant Traci. Are you using a new type of make-up or blush?”

“It’s just something new I’m trying. Do you really like it, Daddy? If you do I think I might try it again.” She smiled sweetly.

Was this intended to sound like an innocent reply, or had she know I’d seen her and intended this as an innuendo? Regardless, I played along. “If it’s something you like I can’t see any reason why you should stop. Anyway, dinner is going to be ready soon so you might want to wash up.”

When she came to dinner I was stirring the gravy mixings and damn near dropped the ladle when I saw her. She was wearing a small tube top that showed her still hard nipples and tight short-shorts that clearly outlined her pussy lips and accented her firm ass cheeks. She asked if she could help and I told her she could take the rolls from the bottom oven.

She seemed to make a production of such a small chore and I glanced over to see if she was having a problem. She was bent over the open oven with her small firm butt pointing at me, the material was stretched to the max and the bottoms of her cheeks were exposed. She was looking over her shoulder and asked, “What about these buns, Daddy? Do they look good enough for you? Are you ready for them?”

“Damn her” I thought to myself. “Does she know what she’s doing to me?” Of course they looked good enough for me. I wanted to rush over, tear the material away and stick my hard dick into whatever hole it would go into. I managed to restrain myself and not ravish her right in the kitchen and told her to take them into the dining room.

Needless to say all the things that had been happening over the last hour or so caused me to have a raging hard on that tented my shorts. I was afraid she might notice, if she hadn’t already, and held the platter with the roast over my groin while I carried it to the table. There wasn’t any real way to hide my erection when I set the platter down though.

“Oh, Daddy,” she cooed, looking directly at my bulge, “that meat looks absolutely delicious.”

As hard as it was I decided not to play her game, if indeed she was playing a game, and let her possibly draw me into something that, even though I may be tempted, I would surely regret. Dinner went by without a hitch, although I did occasionally steal a quick look at those little titties and nipples poking at me from across the table. I didn’t want to give her any possible chance to continue with her games so when she offered to help me clean up I refused.

She went to her room while I did the dishes but my thoughts were on what I had seen earlier and what I could only think of as her obvious sexual invitations to me in the kitchen. I imagined her getting naked in her room and playing with herself again and stopped myself from trying to spy on her to see if I could get another show. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle a repeat and, instead, got out one of my videos and masturbated when I went to bed. I couldn’t help but imagine the images on the video were of Traci and me and, combined with the effects of seeing her naked and playing with her pussy earlier, it was only a few minutes before I was cumming all over myself.

***** CHAPTER 2 *******

The next afternoon I was sitting on the patio having a cocktail when Traci came home. She had been swimming with her friends and I damn near came in my pants when I saw her in her suit. I didn’t think it appropriate for a 13 year old to be wearing, or maybe it’s not wearing, what she had on but I didn’t complain. It was the triangle style, with two small ones to cover her budding breasts and two more over her pussy and ass that were joined together by strings at her waist. She saw me staring and I noticed her get a small smile.

“Hi, Daddy, I didn’t know you were home. How do you like my new swim suit?” she grinned. “You don’t think it’s too revealing do you?”

“Hi sweetie,” I managed to stammer. “You look great. But yeah, I do think it might be a bit skimpy.”

“Oh, Daddy, how do you think I can attract any boys if I’m all covered up? They’d look at all the other girls and ignore me. Besides, in case you haven’t noticed my body is growing and I want to show off a bit.” As she said this she raised her hands in the air and twirled around like a ballerina, causing the top to pull tight over her titty mounds; she must have been swimming in cold water because her nipples were hard and pointing through the material. With her hands over her head it also pulled the suit bottom tight across her pussy and ass and the material poked itself slightly into both of her cracks.

“Well? What do you think, Daddy?” she said with a sly grin. “Am I growing up to your satisfaction?”

“Yes you are. But I still think that suit is a bit skimpy,” I grinned back.

“Well,” she retorted “the way you are looking at me seems to be saying something different. Anyway, I gotta go change. See ya’ ”

I wanted to stand up to hug and kiss her but the hard on I had sprouted told me it wouldn’t be a good move. Why, oh why is she affecting me like this? I didn’t dwell on that as I watched her walking away, her tight, firm 13 year old ass rolling and swaying. Oh how I wanted her, with all my heart and cock, even if it was illegal incest with my own daughter.

That night when I was getting ready to get in to bed I heard her calling for me from her bedroom down the hall. She normally didn’t bother anyone after she went to bed so this was a bit unusual. Thinking she might be sick or something I went to her room to see what was wrong.

When I got to her room I saw she was lying on top of the bed with the sheet still thrown back. She was wearing her usual skimpy pajamas and since she was flat on her back her tits were sticking straight up and oh so noticeable. I could barely keep my eyes off of them and as I neared her bed I could see her nipples tight against her pajamas.

“What is it honey,” I asked. “Are you okay? You’re not sick are you?”

“No. I feel fine, Daddy,” she said with an enigmatic smile. “I was just wondering if you would tuck me in tonight like you used to do. Remember? You used to sit on the side of my bed, tuck me in and then we would talk for a little while. Then you’d give me a kiss before you left and turned out my light. It’s been so long since you’ve done that and I always liked seeing your face as the last thing before I closed my eyes at night.”

“No honey. I don’t mind at all. I enjoy seeing your face as one of the last things at night too. It’s just that since you started growing into a young lady I didn’t want to offend you by treating you like a little girl anymore.”

“Daddy,” she retorted. “I’ll always be your little girl, no matter how old I am. And I would never be mad at you if you did call me your ‘little girl’ because it makes me feel special.”

“Okay, cupcake. How can I argue with that logic?” Besides, it would give me a chance to get a closer look at her breasts, and possibly even at her little pussy slit as I pulled up the covers. I sat on the side of her bed a couple of minutes and we chatted about a couple of nonsensical things.

While we chatted I stared at her face and into her eyes, managing to keep from ogling her tittie mounds. It had been a while since I really looked at her features and I was stunned at how much of a beautiful young girl she had become. Her skin was soft and smooth and her deep brown hair shimmered around her face, accenting her light gray eyes and making them look like pools of some exotic liquid mineral.

“Thanks, Daddy,” she said after a couple of minutes. “I think I’m ready now,” and stretched her arms above her head so I could pull the sheet up. This pulled her pajama top tight across her breasts and forced her nipples to become even more prominently displayed. It naturally drew my attention but I wrested my gaze away as I stood up and reached down to grab the sheet and pull it up. But I wasn’t ready for what greeted my sight as I got toward the end of her bed. She had her legs spread open and I could see right up the loose fitting leg opening of her pajama bottoms to her pussy. I pretended to fumble with the sheet while keeping my eyes fixed between her legs. Her pussy was just about as I had imagined. Its’ lips had lost their prepubescent puffiness and were beginning to form into more a womanly-like labia. They were surrounded by a small amount of wispy hair, and I could slightly make out her pink gash with its little hooded clit at the top. Her entire pubic area looked moist and as I bent to get a hold of the sheet I swear I could detect a slight scent of her feminine aroma.

“Damn it!” I thought. “What is this?” I hadn’t planned to ogle my daughter. Did she plan this or was it an accident that I was exaggerating? I collected myself and decided I would give her kiss and get the heck out of her room. I pulled the sheet to her stomach and reached down to smooth out the blanket then turned to give her a final kiss.

When I got back to the head of her bed she had the sheet pulled snuggly under her breasts, accentuating the mounds – her nipples were still easily visible and I tried to avoid the sight. As I bent to kiss her I reached out my left arm to the right side of her head to steady myself when she suddenly moved. Instead of the mattress I got a handful of her breast as she pulled my head straight down to her lips. She squirmed around some more and ground her breast into my hand and I couldn’t help but to respond and give it a couple of squeezes. Oh, God, was it ever nice. Before I knew it I lost my balance and was all of a sudden lying on top of her.

She didn’t seem to mind this and kept kissing me and pressing her breast into my hand. I must admit that I didn’t mind it too much either and kept caressing her lips with mine and fondling her tender young tit. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me harder. I had been centered on Traci’s tittie mound and the pleasure I got form squeezing it when I felt that she was also grinding her pussy against me. My dick had become hard from all of this and I knew she must have been able to feel my hard cock through the thin sheet and her pajamas. I couldn’t help but hump back a few times before regaining my senses.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I chastised myself. “You’re humping your 13 year old daughter and feeling her up.” I knew I had to stop this whole sexual interaction between us and disentangled myself from her tender grasp and stepped back a couple of paces. I could see in her that she must have known and enjoyed what had happened, her eyes were closed and her breathing was shallow, and I knew that had I persisted I would probably have wound up fucking her right there in her bed.

She opened her eyes a couple of seconds later and while I gazed into those liquid pools of lust I knew it wouldn’t take much to make me melt and pick-up where we just left off. I didn’t know what to really say after this encounter. I opted for a lame “Goodnight honey, thanks for the hug and the kiss,” and turned to go to my bedroom.

“Goodnight, Daddy,” she replied softly. “I love you. Hug me anytime you like.”

When I got into my room I had an enormous erection. I laid on my bed with my eyes closed and a mental image of a naked Traci lying in my arms. Given the erotic fondling session we just had it didn’t take long before I was shooting arcs of cum into the air. I went to sleep with thoughts of her and had a fitful night full of wet dreams.

(Chapter 3 being written)

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I did this with my daughter Holly and her friend Kayla
It was Saturday night and Holly had her friend Kayla over. I'm a single father, 29 actually. Holly is 12 as for Kayla is 11. I know it might be wrong but it's worth it.
Kayla was in Hollys room while Holly was showering. I was watching teen porn online and was masturbating. I heard a Moan behind me and I turned around to see Kayla with her legs wide open on my floor in my room. I was in my dirty mode so I ran to Kayla and started playing with her virgin pussy. She moaned and quickly cummed all over my fingers. I stuck my cock in her with no hesitation. I fucked her while kissing her soft lips. "MR T I LOVE YOU!! I ALWAYS HAD!!" she said screaming her heart out. I went back and forth fast. My 8'' cock bursted in her 5 times before my daughter came in and we all had illegal sex all night. Everytime Holly feels like it, we fuck,suck, and masturbate. When Holly turned 15 we had birthday sex and I ended up getting her
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I did this with my daughter Holly and her friend Kayla
It was Saturday night and Holly had her friend Kayla over. I'm a single father, 29 actually. Holly is 12 as for Kayla is 11. I know it might be wrong but it's worth it.
Kayla was in Hollys room while Holly was showering. I was watching teen porn online and was masturbating. I heard a Moan behind me and I turned around to see Kayla with her legs wide open on my floor in my room. I was in my dirty mode so I ran to Kayla and started playing with her virgin pussy. She moaned and quickly cummed all over my fingers. I stuck my cock in her with no hesitation. I fucked her while kissing her soft lips. "MR T I LOVE YOU!! I ALWAYS HAD!!" she said screaming her heart out. I went back and forth fast. My 8'' cock bursted in her 5 times before my daughter came in and we all had illegal sex all night. Everytime Holly feels like it, we fuck,suck, and masturbate. When Holly turned 15 we had birthday sex and I ended up getting her
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