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"W... wh... what are you doing here? Leonie sputtered, her face
reddening as she glanced nervously back and forth between Lientjie and her
wide-eyed husband.

"Well, in case you've forgotten, I happen to live here," Lientjie
giggled, stepping up to the fucking couple on the couch.

Leonie's cheeks grew even redder with embarrassment and guilt as she
realized her position. Caught red-handed, so to speak, in Lientjie'
living room, with her husband, George's cock, buried to the hilt in her cunt.

"Do you like my husband's cock, Leonie?", Lientjie purred. Shamelessly, she
stroked Leonie's asscheeks, making the blonde shudder as she dipped
her hand lower, feeling where George's cock disappeared in Leonie's gooey
cunt. "Mmmmmmmm, that's in tight! He sure does have a big one, doesn't
he? I guess I can't blame you for fucking my husband while you waited for me
to get home. What was it you wanted to see me about, Leonie?"

Leonie was too shocked and frightened to answer, but she squealed as
Lientjie suddenly knelt to spread her asscheeks apart, exposing Leonie's
pink, puckered shitter.

"My, my, my!" Lientjie purred, glancing over at Pieter. "Your wife
certainly does have a pretty little asshole. doesn't she? Tell me, Pieter,
honey, which do you like fucking better, your wife's asshole or your
wife's cunt?"

"Why, how dare you!" Leonie sputtered. her cheeks flushing crimson.
"How on earth can you say such a terrible thing about Pieter and..."

"Because Pieter told me," Lientjie purred. "I made him tell me, Leonie. I
picked Pieter up on his way home from work today. I wouldn't let him fuck
me until he told me all about you. But I would have figured it out
eventually. I had an awfully strong suspicion that you were really a
horny bitch underneath."

Leonie looked at Pieter, and the look on her husband's face told her it was
true. He had told Lientjie everything. Oh, this is awful! Leonie thought

Without waiting for a reply, Lientjie suddenly lowered her head to
Leonie's naked ass, making her shriek as she felt something hot and moist
on her asshole. It was Lientjie's tongue! Helplessly, Leonie wiggled on
George's prick, trying to pull away from the hot, wet tongue lapping at
her rubbery, anal sphincter.

"Noooo, stop it!" she squealed. But her wriggling motions just made
her pussy suck more juicily around George's cock. "How can you do this?
Don't lick my asshole... noooo!"

"There!.... Now it's nice and wet!" Lientjie lifted her head, licking
her lips, seeming to enjoy the taste of Leonie's asshole on her tongue.
"You can fuck your wife's asshole now, Pieter. Go ahead, honey. You've
told me yourself how much your wife loves a big, hard cock up-her ass!"

Leonie squealed in dismay, looking desperately at her husband. Then
she saw that Pieter had already stripped off all his clothes. The man's
huge prick throbbed before him as he crossed the the room, grinning
lewdly at the thought of invading his wife's tight, hot asshole in front
of Lientjie and George. Leonie just stared at her husband with disbelief as Pieter
held his cock in his fist, aiming the fat, swollen tip at his wife's
lewdly-exposed asshole.

"No, Pieter!" Leonie whispered, trying to meet his eyes. "No, don't fuck
my asshole like this... not here... not with everyone watching."

"Come on, Leonie! You're gonna love it," Pieter whispered. "Twist her
around, George!"

George moved beneath the naked blonde, and lay sprawled on his back
length-wise along the couch, his huge cock still buried in her cunt.
Then, with a big grin he reached around and grasped Leonie's asscheeks,
spreading them wide for his friend. Pieter joined them on the sofa,
mounting his wife's ass, pressing the tip of his cock onto her
tightly-puckered little shitter.

"Unnggghhhh! Oh, Pieter! Please, not while they're watching! Please
don't fuck my asshole now, honey! Oh, Pieter . . . unnggghhh . . . oh,
fuck, Pieter . . . unnnggghhh!"

Pieter was already screwing his cock into his wife's tight anal grip,
grunting as he plowed inch after inch of his prick into her hot, rubbery
hole. Lientjie stood beside the couch and rapidly stripped off her clothes,
moaning with excitement as she watched Pieter shove
his huge cock deep into his wife's squirming, resisting ass.

Leonie moaned and whimpered, grinding her pussy down onto George's
cock. Pieter's hard-on was halfway up her asshole now. God, she couldn't
believe it was actually happening... she was taking two big, stiff pricks
at the same time! Suddenly Leonie felt herself succumbing to the most
intense pleasure of her life. Their cocks felt so hug... so long... so
GOOD!. Only a thin, fleshy membrane separated the cock in her pussy from
the cock in her asshole, and now that membrane felt stretched to bursting
by the combined size and thickness of their hard pricks.

Her pussy was sucking and contracting around George's prick, and now
her puckered little asshole was throbbing too, lewdly gripping her own
husband's cock. Despite her previous objections, Leonie had never felt such
intense pleasure in all her life!

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Lientjie whispered. The brunette wife was now
squatting on the floor beside them, excitedly fingering her own pussy as
she watched Leonie getting double-fucked. "Yeahhhh, that's it! Ram that
big cock up your wife's asshole, Pieter! Fuck her, hard, baby! I bet your
wife loves getting her asshole fucked REAL hard!"

"I do! I dooooo!" Leonie squealed.

Suddenly she started humping furiously on the two deeply impaled
cocks, grinding her pussy down onto George's with one stroke, then
thrusting her itchy-asshole back onto Pieter's the next.

"Uhhhhhhh, yeahhhh! Fuck my asshole, Pieter!" she groaned. "Yes,
yes, fuck it in deep, baby! Ooohhhh, God, I can't staaaand it! All the
way up my asshole, Pieter! Come on, George, keep fucking my cunt!"

But George didn't move. Instead, Lientjie's husband lay still, giving his
friend a chance to drive his huge cock all the way into her tightly
clinging rectal sheath. Leonie moaned in intense pleasure as her husband
fucked her asshole brutally, slamming his prick into her so hard
that George's cock was almost forced out of her cunt.

"Ohhhh, Jesus! Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole!" Leonie's face was
contorted with passion, her gorgeous, naked body writhing in a frenzy of
lust. "Yesssss! Both of you, fuck me... fuck meeee! Oh, shit, I'm gonna
cum so hard!"

Pieter commenced a long, deep pounding rhythm, grunting loudly with the
effort as he speared his huge cock in and out of Leonie's ass. He was
extremely excited.... fucking his own wife in front of Lientjie was such
a turn-on, and double-fucking her with George was totally wild! It was
actually a bit painful at first, because his wife's tight clinging asshole
was ungreased. However the harder he pushed the more excited he got and
soon, the pre-cum oozing heavily from the tip of his cock lubed up his
wife's asshole with spunk, making it easy for him to ram his huge cock in
and out of her tightly-clasping anus.

"Oh, shit, that's good!" George panted. He started fucking her too,
matching Pieter's rhythm stroke for stroke, stuffing Leonie's cunt every
time Pieter rammed into her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck!" Leonie groaned. She felt helpless now as the two
men fucked into her body, writhing and bucking with
pleasure as her pussy and asshole spasmed around their twin stroking
pricks. "It's so good! I can't believe how good it feels! Fuck me harder!
Oooooooooooh come on, both of you, fuck me as hard as you can!"

George picked up the pace first, ramming his huge cock furiously in and
out of Leonie's bouncing pussy. Pieter soon caught up with his friend's
rhythm, grunting as he hammered his throbbing prick into his wife's
tightly-stretched little asshole. Now Leonie's whole body ached in
anticipation of her rapidly-approaching orgasm. She squealed and writhed,
whipping her asscheeks up and down... back and forth... fucking the men
as hard as she could.

"Fuck my cunt, fuck my horny cunt!" she cried. "Fuck my asshole,
Pieter! Harder, baby, I need it! Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cumm now! Fuck
me! Ouuuuuuuuhhhhh, God, fuck me! I'm cummmmmmmmmmiiinnngg!"

It was the most intense climax that Leonie had ever had in her entire
life. For over a minute the powerful spasms throbbed through her naked
body, causing her pussy to contract wildly around George's deeply plowing
prick. Her asshole squeezed Pieter's cock like a fist, trying to him dry as
her horny husband kept on fucking her ass like a demon.

Dots of color flashed before Leonie's eyes as she hovered on the edge
of unconsciousness. She slumped on top of George, feeling his hard
cock still bucking and jerking inside her cunt as Pieter emptied his balls
up her ass. Finally the ecstasy subsided, and Leonie lay still,
sandwiched by the two horny, panting men.

"All right," Lientjie moaned, taking her hand from her dripping pussy.
"Now it's my turn!"

Pieter pulled his cock out of his wife's asshole, his massive prick
dripping milky cock-juice from the tip. Exhausted but satisfied, Leonie
rolled off George's cock and slid to the floor. Lientjie stepped over
Leonie, staring greedily at her husband's cock. George's glistening prick
looked stiffer than ever, throbbing over his flat, muscled belly, soaked
with the tasty juice that had oozed out of Leonie's cunt.

"Oooooooh darling, your cock looks so delicious!" Lientjie purred,
leaning over her husband. "I just has to give it a little suck first!"

Leonie and Pieter watched as Lientjie sucked her husdand hard-on, slurping
feverishly on the swollen stiffness of his cockshaft. George just groaned
with pleasure, his erection swelling even bigger in his wife's
cock-sucking mouth. Lientjie was always eager to swallow her husband's jism,
but she knew she didn't want him to shoot off in her mouth this time. She
popped her lips off his prick, then climbed onto the couch to mount him,
planting her knees on the cushions either side of George's hips.

"Come on! Fuck me, George," she moaned, reaching between her thighs to
grasp his rigid prick. "Fuck your wife... "

Her words faded to a wanton moan as Lientjie rubbed her husband's cockhead
up and down her wet, hairy cuntslit, then popped it into her gooey
fuckhole. She had become so aroused watching the men double-fuck Leonie
that she was going to go crazy if she didn't cum soon. Lientjie leaned
forward, her big firm tits, jiggling lewdly over her husband's face as she
braced her hands on his chest. Then Lientjie eagerly started wiggling and
humping, groaning as she slid her tight, creamy pussy down onto the
satisfying stiffness of her husband's huge prick.

"Ohhhhh, George, it's so big and hard!" she gasped. "It's going all the
way in, honey. Ummmm, darling, do you still love my pussy? Is my cunt as
nice to fuck as Leonie's? Am I just as tight, baby!???"

George nodded eagerly, lifting his hips up and moaning as his wife's
hot, clasping twat slid all the way down over his prick. Lientjie sprawled
forward, crushing her tits on George's hairless chest, at the same
time shamelessly grinding her cunt down onto her husband's deeply-impaling
cock. With a smile of pure pleasure on her pretty face, Lientjie turned her
head, staring eagerly at Pieter's prick.

George knew what his wife wanted. He reached behind her and grasped
her gorgeous ass-cheeks, spreading them wide, opening his wife's
asshole for his friend's stiff cock.

"Fuck my asshole, Pieter!" Lientjie pleaded, bouncing her pussy up and
down on George's prick. "It's all swollen and horny for you. Come on,
Pieter, fuck my asshole just like you fucked your wife's! Hurry, Pieter!"

Pieter climbed back onto the couch, almost falling over himself in his
eagerness to fuck two hot, clinging assholes in a row. Sprawled on the
floor, Leonie felt her pussy beginning to itch again as she watched her
husband getting ready to fuck another woman up the ass. She could hardly
believe all this was happening. Getting double-fucked by George and Pieter,
then watching as another woman helped herself to her husband's prick. It was
all to much!

"Come on, Pieter! Fuck my asshole, baby!" Lientjie cried impatiently.

Pieter mounted the naked wife, pressing his cum-oozing cockhead onto her
rubbery, puckered shit-opening. Lientjie shuddered with intense pleasure as
her asshole stretched open to receive his cock. In and in and in, he
pushed, stuffing the woman's tender asshole to bursting around the long,
hard thickness of his cock.

Suddenly George's cock felt twice as huge in her pussy, throbbing all
the way up to her womb. It felt so good, that Lientjie started humping up
and down on her husband's erection before Pieter even had half of his prick
inside her ass.

"Fuck me, you horny bastards! " she squealed. Her asscheeks
gyrated faster and faster, trying to make both of their huge cocks pound
into her body at the same time. "Oh, shit, George, ram that gorgeous big
cock up my pussy!.... Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh! God! Harder, Pieter! Fuck my
asshole! Your cock feels so good up my ass, honey! Oh, my God, you two
are really gonna make me cum!!"

George grunted as he worked his ass in a circle, screwing deeper and
deeper into the tight clasping wetness of his wife's insatiable pussy.
Double-fucking Leonie had been great, but doing the same to his
gorgeous wife was fuckin' unbelievable!

Pieter lay still for several seconds, gasping as Lientjie's ass-muscles
quivered juicily around his cock. Then he flexed his asscheeks and
started fucking her tight little shithole forcefully, slamming his eager
prick in and out between Lientjie's blushing buns.

"Uhhhhhh yes, Pieter! Shove that big fucker up my asshole!" Lientjie
gasped, her face contorted with raw lust. Not even her first torrid fuck
with her husband had been as intensely arousing as this. "You to, George, keep
fucking my pussy, baby!.. God, I love this!!!"

Lientjie was humping as fast as she could, hungrily trying to make her
twin fuck-holes swallow both the cocks at the same time. Pieter
fucked faster, moaning loudly as the horny woman's tight, clinging
asshole repeatedly sucked and squeezed his prick.

Shuddering beneath her as the cum-load built in his balls, George
started fucking his wife's pussy as fast as he could too, and it wasn't
long before both men were fucking Lientjie as fast as they could, moving
in and out, ramming their huge cocks up her pussy and asshole at the same

"Unnnghhhh! Shit! Fuck my cunt... fuck my asshole!" Lientjie screamed,
her slender frame shuddering under the powerful blows.

Her whole body seemed to throb in unison with her cunt and ass, her
twin fuck-holes spasming uncontrollably, around the two deeply pounding
pricks. Her face was very red, flushed almost crimson. The sweat poured
off Lientjie's nakedness as she humped and bucked and fucked her two lovers as fast as she could.

"Yessss, fuck the slut! Fuck her good!" Leonie whispered. She was
sprawled on the floor, feverishly finger-fucking herself as she watched
George and her husband double-fuck Lientjie on the couch. Her eyes were on the
other woman's tightly-stretched holes as the men's huge cocks pounded
Lientjie's juicy cunt and asshole into a frothy mess.

"Ummmmmmmmmm!! I'm gonna cummmmmm!" Lientjie gasped. "Faster, faster,
faster! I'm gonna cum now! Oh, shit, fuck me faster! Fuck me haaaard!"

Pieter and George started ramming into Lientjie's shuddering body even
harder, making the couch casters skitter obscenely on the floor with the
fury of their rhythm. Lientjie shut her eyes, fighting not to pass out as
she came in a series of spasms that wracked her slender naked body with
incredible force. Her tightly-stretched pussy contracted rhythmically
around her husband's cock, squeezing him like a vice, even as her asshole
sucked and clenched around Pieter's deeply-pounding prick.

"I'm cummmmmmmming" she cried. "Oh, Jesus... fuck me! Fuck me, I'm...
Ohhh! Ooohh! Ooooooh, ohhh, ohhhhh, Godddddddddddd! Unnnghhhhhhhh!!!!"

The intense climax pounded through every inch of Lientjie's body, making
her pussy ripple around her husband's cock, and her asshole grip the driving
stiffness of Pieter's deeply plowing pole. Both boys kept fucking her
wildly, fighting to keep the cum pent up in their balls. For nearly a
minute straight, Lientjie humped and writhed in the throes of orgasm, until
the intense pleasure finally faded from her loins.

"No! Don't you dare cum in her!" a voice said from the door.

Leonie was the first to turn her head to look. The door was open, and
standing there, grinning broadly, was Vanessa and her husband, Willem.

"Having fun?", Vanessa asked.

Leonie and Lientjie shared a long, fearful glance as Vanessa walked calmly
across the living-room to stand beside the couch. She glanced back at
Willem, who still stood in the doorway with his mouth hanging open, unable
to comprehend the sight before him. Vanessa giggled again and wagged her
finger accusingly at Lientjie.

"You know, Lientjie," Vanessa laughed, "you really should pay your tutoring
bill on time, if you don't want people barging in on you when you're
having an orgy. It's been at least five weeks since you sent me a cheque
for all those lessons I've given George. Willem and I were on our way home
from the supermarket and I decided that I'd better drop in and get you to
pay up. Of course, I had no way of knowing I'd catch the four of you
doing something like this!"

Vanessa smiled.

"Oh, don't be silly, Leonie! Why would I tell on you when it would be
so much more fun to join in?", grinned Vanessa, leering at them. "Now boys,
don't you dare shoot your cum in her. I want you to save that little
present for me.... Just like your wifes, I've never been double-fucked
before, but I've been simply dying to see what it's like!"

A slow, leering grin spread across Pieter's face. Holy, Shit! Three in
one day! There really WAS a god, he thought. He rose from the couch
pulling his still-erect cock out of Lientjie's twitching asshole. Vanessa
licked her lips as she stared at Pieter's enormous cock. Then she threw a
torrid glance over her shoulder at Willem.

"What're you waiting for, baby?" Vanessa purred. "You don't think I am
going to have all this fun without letting you join in too, do you?"

Willem grinned and started to strip, eager to fuck his gorgeous wife
again, no matter who else was present. Lientjie rolled off her husband's cock
with a wet slurp, joining Leonie on the floor. Then squealed in surprise
as Leonie suddenly pushed her onto her back, moving down to push her head
eagerly between Lientjie's legs.

Leonie had never sucked another woman's pussy before, but this seemed
as good a time as any to try. All her guilt and shame seemed to have
evaporated. Leonie just knew that she wanted to keep on sucking and
fucking all day and all night.

"Ooooh, George, baaaaaby!" Vanessa mewled, stepping closer to the couch.
"Your cock looks so big today!"

Then Vanessa started stripping too. A minute later the petite, freckled
redhead was naked, her full, round tits jiggling as she joined George on
the couch. Standing behind them, Pieter stroked his huge cock in
anticipation of invading his third tight juicy asshole in a row. By then
Willem was naked too.

"Let's see if it feels as big as it looks, George!"

Planting her knees on the cushions to either side of his hips, Vanessa
reached between her slender thighs to grasp George's huge prick. She
moaned as she rubbed his cockhead up and down her wet, curly-haired slit,
finally popping George's cockhead unceremoniously into her cunt. With a
cry of lust, Vanessa started wiggling and humping her hips, sliding her wet,
gooey pussy down onto George's huge erection until the man's long,
gleaming shaft was buried fully in her horny twat.

"Lick my pussy, you horny cunt-sucking bitch!" Lientjie demanded,
forcing Leonie's head into her open crotch.

Lientjie was sprawled flat on her back on the floor, her large tits
quivering excitedly as she humped her ass up off the carpet, fucking
Leonie's face with her curly-haired cunt. As Leonie thrust her tongue
into Lientjie's pussy, Lientjie watched George's cock disappearing into Vanessa's
creamy pussy. It was so intensely exciting to watch her husband fuck another
woman's cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, George, it's going in deep!" Vanessa cried. Wildly, the
redheaded wife wiggled and humped, grinding her drooling pussy onto the
fat root of George's cock until it filled her fully. "Now, Pieter! Fuck my
asshole!" she hissed, looking at Leonie's husband over her shoulder. "Hurry,
baby! I want your cock up my ass!"

Vanessa leaned forward, keeping George's cock deep inside her pussy as she
sprawled flat on his chest. George reached around to grasp her plump
little asscheeks, spreading them wide to expose her pink little asshole
to Pieter's cock. Pieter's long hard prick was wet and glistening from
fucking two tight, hot assholes in a row. He climbed back onto the couch,
aiming his oozing cockhead at the rubbery entrance of Vanessa's horny

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck," Vanessa cried, gasping with pleasure as Pieter's huge
prick plowed deep into her bowels. "Jesus, that feels good!"

Instantly, the naked redhead started moving her slender, girlish hips,
fucking her hot, clasping pussy onto George's more-than-eager hard-on, thrusting her stretched asshole onto Pieter's cock.

"Fuck my asshole, Pieter! Ummmmmm, your big cock feels good up there!
Deeper, baby, deeper! Fuck the shit out of my horny little ass!"

Pieter grunted, hunching his muscular body against the gorgeous
red-haired young wife, forcing his stiff prick further and further into
the rubbery, sucking tightness of Vanessa's asshole. Finally his cock was
all the way up her shitter, buried to the balls in the clenching,
spasming tightness of her bowels. Vanessa started humping like a bitch in
heat, trying to fuck both of their cocks at the same time.

"Ohhhhhhhh, God, that feels good! I love it.. love it!", she squealed.
Her pussy and asshole burned uncontrollably, stuffed to bursting by the
pulsing stiffness of their cocks. "Fuck my pussy, George! Fuck my asshole,
Pieter! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm really gonna cum!"

"Lick my pussy!" Lientjie told Leonie, holding the blonde's head with
both hands as they lay on the floor. "I'm gonna cum too!"

George and Pieter both started fucking Vanessa fast and hard, impatient to
shoot their loads in the horny wife's tightly-sucking pussy and ass. Then
Willem stepped up to his double-fucked wife on the couch, his enormous
cock twitching in front of her face. Vanessa immediately opened her mouth as
wide as she could, whimpering with pleasure as she wrapped her lips
tightly around her husband's huge throbbing erection.

"I'm cumming," Lientjie gasped, fucking her ass off the floor. "Uuuhhh!
Suck my cunt!.. suck my cuuunnt!! Jesus, I'm cummmmmiiiingggg!"

Leonie hungrily kept licking and sucking Lientjie's hairy, cumming cunt,
guiding her through the full force of her orgasm. Finally Lientjie let her
asscheeks drift back to the carpet. Leonie never took her lips from
Lientjie's pussy. Instead, the blonde just twisted around so that her knees
were on the rug on either side of Lientjie's ears. Lientjie giggled, knowing
what Leonie wanted. Leonie kept licking Lientjie's pussy, dropping her ass
to grind her gooey cunt over Lientjie's sucking mouth. Soon, the two naked
wifes were lost in the intense pleasure of a lesbian sixty-nine.

"Harder!" Vanessa gasped, popping her husband's cock out of her mouth long
enough to shout the word. "Fuck me harder!"

Pieter and George immediately picked up the pace of their fucking,
ramming into Vanessa's tenderly-sucking pussy and asshole as hard as they
could. Vanessa popped her husband's throbbing cock back into her mouth, sucking
it in until she nearly choked on his cockshaft. The triple-fuck lasted
only a few minutes longer. The pleasure of the two huge cocks ramming
into her cunt and ass was unbearably intense. Vanessa sucked feverishly on
Willem's hard-on as her whole body began to climax. She couldn't scream,
she was too busy sucking on her husband's stiff prick. But Pieter and George
sure knew that they were making the horny red-haired wife cum. Her pussy
and asshole contracted sharply, rippling and spasming around the driving
stiffness of their cocks.

Pieter was the first to shoot his wad. The long pent-up load of sperm
blasted up Vanessa's ravished ass like a fire-hose, deluging her tight
little shithole with jet after jet of hot cum. Vanessa wiggled
happily, slurping at Willem's stiff prick, then groaning on it as George's
prick started squirting too. Both of their huge cocks shot out jizz at
the same time, one load spurting into her pussy, the other pumping her
tender asshole full of cum.

Pieter pulled out of her first, sighing happily as he slid his
still-twitching cock out of her ass. Vanessa lifted herself off George's
rapidly-wilting organ and giggled as his cock slurped noisily of her
well-fucked cunt. She knelt on the floor in front of her naked husband,
looking up into Willem's eyes as she feverishly jerked on her husband's
massively-erect prick.

"I want you to cum now, Willem," she panted. "All over my face."

Ramming her husband's cock down her throat, Vanessa shamelessly sucked
Willem's prick as hard as she could. Pieter and George sprawled back on the
couch, watching, their virile pricks quivering stiffly over their
muscular bellies. By then Leonie had already disengaged herself
from the lesbian sixty-nine with Lientjie. She loved sucking Lientjie's
pussy, but she wanted her own husband's cock even more. Leonie knelt in
front of Pieter, tightly gripping his firm prick. She didn't care
that he'd just fucked three assholes in a row. She just wanted to suck
her husband's cock.

Leonie buried her face in his crotch, stuffing Pieter's prick as far
down her throat as she could. She didn't notice when Lientjie started
sucking George's cock too, or even when Willem shot cum all over his
wife's face. All Leonie knew was how desperately she craved the taste
of her husband's prick. Not even double-fucking could rival the shameless
pleasure she derived in slurping on Pieter's cock, or swallowing his hot,
spurting prick-juice when she made him cum.

As Leonie sucked her husband to orgasm, her mind was on the events of the
past few hours. She didn't know where all this lewd behavior would lead,
but one thing was for certain.... she would obviously have to share her
husband with Vanessa and Lientjie. At first she wasn't happy with that thought,
but then, Leonie smiled (as best she could around Pieter's eager
cock). She had just realized something. She hadn't lost a husband.....
she'd just gained two more!!!!!!
The End.


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