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Me and my classmate

I am a to be computer engineer in a few months. It has been 4 yrs since I first come to this university. I am moderately tall, wheaty color and very handsome ;) I was attracted to a girl since I was a freshman at the university. Now I call my sweetheart Neemo (I like to call her by this name " "This is not her actual name, so i think there is no harm in using the name only she and i know. Moderators: Please remove the sentence in the inverted commas""). She appeared to be very shy and decent girl. She was fair color and a lovely small body. I just thinking about her but could not do anything first yr of our studies. First yr was very tough regarding studies as well, so I also don’t do anything. Then came the 2nd yr, I learned programming a lot, all this time when I learned programming, how it would help me with my sweetheart. However the real success was that I got her email address and made me very happy. I added her on msn messenger. I chatted with her for hrs and hrs. We had delicious chats. Third year the chats continued. Well I never told her that I was interested in her but the actual story happened in our final and fourth yr. Following is the actual story, a few weeks ago it happened:

I have had just attended my annual dinner function. The function was in a tent because our auditorium was small. It was pretty congested and very hot as well. I in final yr of the university, since this our last yr in the university, so all of our classmates. Well she was also there. I crazy after her but the things never went ahead. Neemo was looking incredibly sexy. Well I was just looking at her. Her lovely hair and her blue dress, she was looking absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes her face everything in the body was looking lovely. When the dinner started, she went towards the dining table as everyone did the same. I thought this the final yr of my university so If I don’t do anything now, then when will I make my move. So courageously, I went close to her. I had always fantasized about her in my dreams, I wanted to rub my hard cock into her ass. I fantasized sex with her many times. Luckily, I got a great chance. A girl happened to pass at my back at the exact time, so in order to give her place (The place was very congested, This function was being held in a tent and the tent was small for all the guests), I had to move forward and accidentally ;) touched neemo. To my amazement, she smiled back. I didn’t know what to do. It was like a dream. She never used to talk much in the class, however I am sure she must have realized in these four years that i was crazy after her since i had helped her a lot in her programming project as well. (We have a final yr project. She very weak in programming, so i offered her my help and she accepted because i am the best programmer of the class :) ) .I just said hi to her and told her I am waiting for her behind the tent. I went behind this tent in which the function was going on. I thought I would receive one real good slap for what I had said but I couldn’t believe it. She came behind the tent. That’s when I realized she had the same feelings for me. That time I found out that there was a lot sexual tension between us. I then wasted no moment, started kissing her wildly. Her lips tasted great. She was an amazing kisser as well. She played with my tongue. Then she started to fondle my cock that was waiting to get outside. My cock was still in my pants. I was breathing heavily and was afraid as well that anyone can walk on us any moment. She was the one who was active. She unzipped my pants and took out my 9 inch cock. She also said “Wow, that’s huge”. I felt like a man. She encircled my cock with her wet lips and starting moving it up and down. This made me crazy, I wanted to scream with pleasure but since everyone in the tent just a 50 meters away from us, so I had to keep myself mouth shut. She gave me a real fast oral. Meanwhile I undressed her tops. She was wearing a very low cut black bra. I started to fondle her breasts. Her breasts were really huge and juicy. Her tits were hard. They were pinkish and sexy. This all felt like heaven. The way she was handling my cock was not like an amateur. She was applying so much pressure to my foreskin which making me very crazy. It was the first time my cock was being handled by a girl and i was touching a girls breasts. I cant describe the lovely big boobs of hers. I came so hard that I fell on the ground. Her face was covered with cum, she swallowed some of it. She then cleaned my cock with a tissue that she took out from the purse. The amazing thing about this all she never panicked, I was the one who was frightened. Before going back into the tent, she gave me a evil smile. I knew she loved my cock’s taste.

Although we didn’t have sex there, Nevertheless It was my best experience with a girl that I really love. Now exams are very near, so no time for me and her as well. We both studying hard to get good marks. I chat to her however daily for sometime. Now she has also turned quite frank in chatting. I am sure we go much forward than that in the time to come. I am sure one day, I marry her and then make children.

Do tell me what you think about my story. Has anyone of u had same thing like I have. Thanks. By Real Ugly Kid .


2006-11-06 02:39:34
englih is too broken up. get a proofreader.


2006-11-04 03:04:40
phooy, waste of time


2006-11-02 16:35:13
gay like a pimp who needs mo dro' yo fasho im from idaho and i gotta ho you know but i gotta get mo dough so i sells my ho down at the ho' sto' fasho


2006-11-02 10:29:36
Sounds like she is pretty experienced. She just might be a hard girl to keep home after you marry. She sure sounds sexy though. Good luck. Good story.

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