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It was late afternoon and they lay sleeping in each other's arms, exhausted by their frantic sex earlier.
The warm breeze from the open balcony had dried the sweat from their bodies, dried the fluid which Jia had ejacalated in her umpteenth orgasm, dried his semen which had oozed from her bum.

David woke first and looked at the oriental godess beside him. At 22 she was younger than his daughter. Two days ago she had been a chaste and sexually repressed orgasmic virgin. .

In two days she had opened like a rose in spring. Her first orgasm had astonished her, the dozens which had followed had taken her to another world, a world beyond her imagination and dreams. And she had responded by taking him to experiences his other lovers had never taken him before.

She relished his touch and relished toucing him. He knew he could ask anything of her and she would do it without hesitation.

As lightly as a feather he traced his finger tips over the exquisite beauty of her face: her wide brow, her closed almond shaped eyes, the high cheek bones with the perfect skin. Down her strong thin nose, across her wide mouth and generous lips.

Jia awoke, but didn't stir, keeping her eyes closed.

Down her long elegant throat to her perfect breasts. Not small, not large, just perfect he thought, soft enough to give him comfort when he buried his face, firm enough for her not to need a bra. Her large brown aureoles and at their centre, the slightly darker nipples, where his fingers lingered long enough to cause them to harden.

He traced the outline of her just visible abs and down to her newly shaven vulva. Her legs were spread apart and he traced over the soft flesh covering her pubic bone, the clitoral hood, down to the plump outer labia.

Jia put her arms around him tightly and whispered urgently in his ear.
"Please fuck my cunt right now as hard as you can. Come in my cunt with your great fucking cock."
Usually David took care and time to give her multiple orgasms before he rewarded himself. This time was different. He flipped her over to her knees and pushed her shoulders into the mattress. From behind he entered her roughly.

Her vagina was moist from his pleasuring her. His cock was rigid..
Jia grunted as she felt his knob bang into her cervix. This aroused him more as he grasped her hips. Her buttocks were flattened as his loins thrust at her
In a few powerful thrusts he came, groaning as he rammed his hips into her buttocks, his cock into her inner-most depths.

"Did you like that ride, cowboy?" she asked.
"Wow, sure did. I'm sorry you didn't come, though."
She licked his penis, then holding it in her hand said, "Darling Godfather you have given me countless lovely orgasms. And," squeezing his penis," I know there will be hundreds more.
"There are times when I just want you to use and abuse my body for yourself."

"Godfather" was term she had used when she first became his platonic flatmate. He taught her to drive, helped her find a job, helped with immigration. It had taken nine months before she had let him help with her sexuality.
It was going to be a beautiful evening and they decided to have a barbecue in the resort hotel's park like grounds. After they had showered Jia said she wanted to send some emails and send a postcard to her parents so David went alone to check out the barbecue.

It was perfect. The smell of freshly mown lawn, overhanging trees, birds flying between, a brick barbecue with tables and chairs. Floodlights for when it became dark.

There were two young men about Jia's age sitting at one of the tables drinking beer.
David went to them and started talking. Their names were Michael and Tom, they were friendly and laughed a lot. David asked if he might share the barbecue.
"Sure thing Old Timer. Here, wrap yourself around a beer, we can't have you dying of thirst."
They had come to the resort town for the weekend because they fancied their chances with tourists.
"Girls always seem more free with it away from home."
"We didn't have much luck last night though. We met a couple of stunners who were really friendly, spent a fortune on drinks for them, then their boyfriends turned up. Built like gorillas, both of them."
"We're going into town later, after our barbecue, to knock a couple off."

"Hell's teeth," whistled Tom, "I wouldn't mind knocking that one off."
There was Jia, about 50 metres away, walking to the hotel lobby to post her card. She hadn't noticed them.
"She is something!" agreed Michael.
Indeed she was. Beautiful long slim legs under a mini skirt and the shape of her slim waist, flat stomach and firm breasts obvious under a tight singlet.
"Perhaps she will come back this way after she's been to the lobby. You young studs can show an old timer how to chat up a girl," said David.

But when she returned, still not noticing them, the young studs' confidence seemed to have deserted them.
"Here lads, let an Old Timer show you something." David walked over to Jia who didn't see him until he was close. He gestured to her to not put her arms out for a hug and they started talking.

"Why would someone like that want to talk to that old bastard?"
Jia was laughing and smiling but the young men couldn't hear the conversation.
"Just as well he tried it. I didn't see you charging over. Look, it seems like he's having some success." David was pointing at Michael and Tom and Jia was looking at them, smiling and nodding.

As she walked over to them with David the young men saw that she was even more stunning the closer she came.
"Jia, please meet Michael." The delicate contact with a handshake and and wide innocent smile left Michael speechless.
"And Jia, this is Tom." Again the devastating effect of touch and smile.
"I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself to any of you. My name is Minge, Warrington Minge," said David.
As Jia shook David's hand, her eyes laughing, she said, "Wallington is a hard name for we Chinese to pronounce. I shall call you Mingey."
And then as an after-thought, "You're not stingey are you Mingey?"
They all laughed and the lads started to relax.

Jia looked at the two younger men. "Mingey, you didn't tell me how handsome your friends are."
"This could be the start of something great," thought Tom.
"Jia, have a beer, we don't want you dying of thirst," Michael offered.
Jia didn't like beer, but took a small sip out of politeness.
"And such gentlemen too."
"She's obviously keener on us than the Old Timer," Michael said to himself, already forming a plan.

"Why have you come to Rotorua, Tom?" she asked.
He couldn't say the truth which was "To bonk young chicks like you."
"Ah, we've come to see the beauty spots."
"And you Mingey, have you seen anything of beauty here?"
"Jia," he said, his eyes lingering over her, "I have seen sights so beautiful I hadn't dreamed possible."
She looked at him dreamily, and seemed to purse her lips.
David explained how he had brought his god-daughter to Rotorua for a treat, but she had been such a spoiled brat, he was punishing her by leaving her in her bedroom that evening. Out of the sight of Michael and Tom, Jia poked her tongue at him.

Her white lie was bigger. She was here with friends, but hadn't felt well enough to go into town with them. But no, she felt fine now.
"Perhaps we can take you when we go there later."
"Michael, you are such a gentleman." He only noticed the delicate pat on his hand, not the ambiguous answer.

Tom and Michael relaxed, perhaps it was the beer, The good natured conversation and laughter flowed.
Tom took David aside.
"I could swear she's not wearing a bra, what do you think?" Tom whispered.
"Hmm I not sure." Then David turned and stared at Jia's chest intently.
"Don't stare like that Old Timer, she'll think you are a disgusting old pervert."
"I understand that bras are outlawed in some parts of China," David said. "I'll ask her."
"Don't be a fool, don't scare her away by being so crass," hissed Tom.

But David took no notice and went to Jia.
"Jia is it true that in some parts of China women aren't allowed to wear bras?"
To the lads' surprise she answered in matter of fact way.
"Yes Mingey, that's the case in Shing Sheng province. The authorities there believe that brassieres make women too shapely and distract the men."
"What part of China do you come from Jia?" Michael asked breathlessly.
"I come from Shing Sheng province," she said looking at him without any expression.
"This is going to be my lucky night," Michael exulted to himself.

Jia said she had to get changed and David excused himself to get his food and wine. They left in different directions but arrived back at their room at the same time. Jia stripped completely to change, but then lingered, apparantly going through her clothes to decide what to wear. But in truth she was aware of David's admiring gaze and luxuriated in his adoration. She went to him and held his face to her breast.
"You won't be too unkind to them, will you?" she asked
"They won't feel a thing." he promised gently massaging the other breast.

He went to the refrigerator to get his food and wine, gave Jia a pat on her buttock.
"Don't be too long exquisite Jia. Three admiring men await you." And went to join Tom and Michael.

"You took your time Old Timer."
"Sorry guys, Jia insisted on taking off her clothes in front me."
"In your dreams Old Timer, in your dreams," Tom gave him a friendly pat on the back.
"You heard how she is coming into town with us later."
Jia followed soon. The sight of her made Michael and Tom just stop and gawk.
She was wearing a satiny black boob tube, tight enough to show she was following the traditions of Shing Sheng province. Below her bare midriff she wore a white skirt which came almost to her knees.
But it was even more alluring than the mini skirt she was wearing before. The flowing material was light and as she walked seemed to cling to her thighs. The floodlights were now on and as the material momentarily clung, the shape of her thighs could be seen and a hint of skin colour.
No-one was in any hurry and so they continued to chat and laugh.
Jia turned to Tom. "Have you ever had a Chinese girlfriend Tom?"
"Unfortunately not."
"Why not. You aren't racist are you," Jia frowned angrily.
"Oh no certainly not. It's just that I haven't met any as beautiful as you."
"Tom you are such a gentleman," and he was rewarded with a smile and a pat on his arm."
"And you Michael?"
"I'm sorry to say no also, Jia. But having met you, I will change that."
As she patted his arm sending a thrill through his loins, he thought "With you, you gorgeous stunner."
"Mingey," Jia looked at David with a concentrated stare, "have you ever known a Chinese lady?"
"I once had that pleasure."

"Was this Chinese lady beautiful?"
He looked at Jia's face with a dreamy expression. "I felt I had been blessed with a young goddess.
"Her face was exotic, oriental perfection. Her brown almond-shaped eyes, her wide forehead, high cheek bones,her perfect complexion which seemed to glow, her wide mouth with lovely red lips.
"And her smile Jia, a mixture of innocence and sensuality, of openess, yet somehow a hint of things to come."

"And her body, so slender, with just hints of muscle tone. Her long elegant legs," he lowered his gaze, "lightly muscled and so shapely."
Michael and Tom listened silently in awe.
David raised his gaze.
"Her midriff was slim her stomach was flat, and her breasts . ."
"That's enough detail, I'm sure," Jia interrupted.
"So the only feeling you had for her was lust?"

"No we were enchanted with each other's company, we could talk and chatter and laugh together for hours.
Suddenly David frowned.
"She did have two very serious problems."
Jia frowned also. "Surely not"
"First, she couldn't cook steak. She destroyed more prime meat than mad cow's disease."
Still frowning Jia hissed, "I think the problem was your unsophisticated taste. And the other problem."
"She was so bossy."
There was a silence. Jia's eyes bored into David's face. Finally she spoke.
"I think perhaps you are a man who needs guidance from time to time, Mingey."
Tom refilled the wine glasses.

"Was this Chinese lady sexy?"
David was shocked. "Jia, what a terrible question. You know a gentleman never tells."
"Was she sexy?" there was rasp to her voice.
"Jia, I'm a gentleman. I can't discuss this."

"Was . . she . . sexy?" Jia's voice was measured and loud. Tom and Michael looked at her in surprise.
David relented.
"Unfortunately Jia, like you she came from Shing Sheng province," he turned to Tom and Michael to explain. "Women from Shing Sheng are famous for being sexually repressed."
Jia's face was angry.
"It took me nine months to bed her. Nine wasted months." It was his turn to frown.
"But then," he looked into her eyes, "We found paradise. Our love making was sometimes tender, sometimes passionate, sometimes physical lust. On occassions our lovemaking would last for hours, on others a couple of frantic minutes.
"We explored every inch of each other, every orifice, we delighted in each other's body and its responses.
"There wasn't a thing I wouldn't do for her. And she was totally uninhibited in meeting my desires and fantasies."

There was a long silence.

"So, she was a good fuck then," said Jia, smiling into David's eyes.
The lads couldn't believe their ears.

Not wishing to risk their steak to a Chinese cook, Michael and Tom volunteered to do the barbecue. David and Jia wandered together to the edge of the floodlit area. It was now pitch dark beyond.

"Was that smart letting them go together?" asked Tom.
"Don't worry mate. He's past it. And didn't you see her pat my hand."
"What are they doing over there?"
"I can't see much, he's got his back to us and I can hardly see her behind him."

"Oh Godfather, you spoke so beautifully. I just wanted to touch you." And she opened his fly and fondled his penis. She had a twinkle in her eye. David knew some mischief was coming.

"Your honor," she sounded like a lawyer addressing a court.
"Your honour this is the evidence you see before you," tapping his knob.
"This large blunt instrument was used to batter my vagina by this cunt fucker.

"What the hell's so funny over there?"
"I can't see her hands."
"Her hands? Why are you worried about seeing her hands? I want to see her tits."

"Furthermore your honor, this same large blunt instrument was used to batter my throat by this mouth fucker.
"What's the joke? I'm going over there."
"Don't be stupid mate, it would be years since he last had a hard."
"Where the hell are her hands?"

"And finally, your honor, this same large blunt instrument was to batter my rectum by this ass fucker."
After they had stopped laughing.
"Oh Godfather, please make me come." and she lifted up the front of her skirt and parted her legs a little. As she wore no knickers he easily uncovered her clitoris with a saliva covered finger. Then she was able to lift her skirt at the back and part her buttocks for another moistened finger to enter her anus.

"Where the hell are his hands now."
"Don't worry, the steaks are done. Call them over."
"Food's ready, " yelled Tom
"Coming," groaned Jia in reply. But she couldn't keep control, and squealed as her climax shuddered her loins.

"What's that? That old bastard isn't groping her is he?"
"No, here they come and she looks very happy."

The lads had prepared a fine meal and the conversation was relaxed as yet more wine flowed.

"Seems like you had an interesting conversation over there," said Tom.
"Poor Mingey has been accused of some very serious crimes," Jia looked grave.
"Why were you laughing if it was so serious?"
"If I didn't laugh I would cry."
"Do you think you will get off?"
"Unfortunately," said Jia gravely,"Mingey is a repeat offender. There's some crazy impulse to commit these terrible physical acts."
"I'm starting to feel really sorry for you Old Timer. First you can't put a tent pole in your boxers, now it looks like a prison term." Michael put his arm around David's shoulder.
"Jia believes I will soon be doing a long stretch in a dark place," said David.
"Don't worry about the dark, mate. They never turn off the security lights in prison."

After the meal the lads set up the sound system and had the excitement of dancing with Jia. Her body writhed to the music, when she swirled her skirt would flare showing her satiny thighs.
After one dance she sat on Tom's lap. He 'accidentally' rested a hand half way up her thigh and was excited when she said and did nothing.
"Home base in sight," he thought.
But when he 'accidentally' slipped his hand higher, she grasped it and stood up.
"Tom, and I thought you were a gentleman." But she did give a tiny squeeze.
Similarly when Michael's hand 'slipped' her from her back to beside her breast, she took it away but gave it a squeeze.
"Manners, Michael"

"Excuse me I have to go to the rest room," said Tom.
"I'll come too mate," said Michael. He knew he would have to go soon and didn't want to leave Tom with her. Not after that last hand squeeze.
"Why don't you give the Old Timer a thrill and sit on his lap?" They laughed as walked away.

"Well Old Timer would you like a thrill?"
"Be careful, I don't want a heart attack."
"Godfather, I've had a bit too much to drink. I'm afraid I might fall off your lap."
"I understand, you need some sort of pole to hold onto. Where would be the best to moor it to?"
They studied the angles of the reclining chair."
"Brown I think," said Jia, reaching into her handbag for lubricating oil.

Tom and Michael walked back.
"Ok, time for mucking round is over. Let's take her into town and get her away from the Old Timer."
"Sure, he's a nice enough guy, but it's as plain as a rifle barrel he hasn't got a rifle barrel."
"Yes, look at him now. Beautiful girl on his lap and he hasn't even got his arms around her."
"Fuck, he's gone to sleep. Look."

It was an odd sight. David was reclining in the chair, his back at about 45 degrees, his hands behind his head, eyes closed. Jia was sitting on his lap facing forward, one leg on either side of his. However the lads could see that her skirt was in place, both front and back came almost to her knees.
She had her elbows on her knees and was leaning forward, chin on hands.

However David was not asleep, he was feeling the erotic sensations from his cock as Jia sqeezed her anal muscle around it. Her skirt conveniently had buttons down the back, two of which were undone. And as she wore no knickers his discreet passage to her bum was easy.
Jia was relaxed and comfortable, just rocking slightly. Not really sexually excited, just loving the feeling of her ass being filled by the man she adored.
"Hey you two, we are going into town. We'll just finish this wine. Jia, would you like some."
"Thank you Tom," she held out out her glass.
It was then she made a serious mistake. To make sure she didn't spill her wine she sat upright as she sipped. This caused David's rock hard member to invade more deeply than it ever had before.
She felt three things, pleasure, pain and surprise,

"Fucking hell," she muttered.
Tom and Michael looked at her. Her eyes were staring wide, she was having difficulty keeping her mouth closed.
Tom said to Michael, "That wine must be off."
They sniffed it. "Great, great bouquet."
They held it up to the light. "Brilliant colour."
They tasted it, swilling it around in their mouths, looking at each other in concentration.
"No, it's a great wine. Hints of gooseberry and asparagus."
They were puzzled at Jia's reaction to a Gold Medal winning vintage.

In the meantime Jia had managed to lean forward again and recover her composure. David was showing her a picture in a travel brochure.
"Jia, we are going to town now. We'd love to take you if you would like to come." They held out their hands.
"Michael and Tom, I'm very flattered but as Mingey said, girls from Shing Sheng are a bit repressed. Mingey has promised to take me sight seeing tomorrow.
"Oh Mingey, are you going to show me something like that?" It was a picture of a geyser spouting into the air.
"Are you really sure?" asked Tom.
"Yes somehow I've become a bit attached to Mingey," she smiled as she squeezed her sphyncter.
Without sitting up, she gave each a lingering kiss.

They drove into town.
"What an absolutely stunning woman. What a shame she wouldn't come."
"I agree a classic beauty. But she should be careful with booze. That was a very odd reaction she had to that last glass."

Back at the barbecue park, safely behind a tree in the dark, both were naked. David was on his back, Jia was kneeling between his legs, licking his rigid penis.

"Oh large blunt instrument, oh mighty pole. Your strength and masculinity enthrall me. But I am not afraid. I can make you disappear. Where shall you disappear first?"
And giggling went down on his cock so far that her nose was tickled by his pubic hair.


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