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Kathy, the 14 year old art student has her education broadened
"You know my daughter is besotted with you," said Frances.
She was sitting on Jack's sofa where she had been for almost all of the last three hours. She was lying back, totally naked, her legs spread wide, all her femininity exposed.
In her 35 years she had never contemplated being so uninhibited. Now with a man 12 years her junior, who totally dominated her, she wanted for nothing else.

This was one of Jack's "Worship the body of Frances evenings". It was justtified. Although 35, Frances had a body the envy of most 16 year olds. Jack marvelled in every inch of her.
The evening had started with his massaging her. Every inch. She revelled in his delicate touch, her muscles were singing.
And, she discovered, just about every part of her body, from forehead to toes, was an erogenous zone. The massage had brought her to the height of sexual need.

He had never left her body alone for those three hours. Sometimes he had brought to orgasm with his fingers. Her clitoris or G spot. Sometimes his lips and tongue delighted her breasts then shifted to bring an abrupt and shuddering orgasm..
He had probed her anus with his tongue. God, two months ago she couldn't even talk about anal sex without a shudder of disgust. Now her anus was still twiching with delight after his last bullocking entry. His semen was still oozing from her ass.

"Yes ," said Jack., her art tutor and sex tutor "Kathy is a talented artist, so so beautiful, like her mother, and charming. I would love to fuck her. But two problems. She is a 14 year old virgin, and, I don't want her mother to be jealous."

"Jack would you like to kiss my breasts as I talk?" He neede no second invitation, his mouth sucking her dark aureole, her hardened nipple.
"First me. It would be my fondest dream come true for you to have both of us. But that's your choice. If you leave me for my daughter, I will be devastated, but I will be happy for her."
Leaving Frances was not part of his game plan, but he saw no reason to give her that reassurance. Instead he gently nibbled her left nipple, enjoying the wriggle of her hips.

"Any decision about her body is Kathy's. She won't take any notice of me anyway. But she is only 14, so here is her mother's opinion."
"I was a virgin until I married. It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.The consequence of that was my passionless sex-life until now.
"Anyway, I have seen Kathy with boys, and I doubt she will wait. I don't want her first to be when she's so pissed she can't resist, or with a pimply kid who knows nothing about sex, or with some lout who has no concern for her needs or feelings.

"I know you don't like to talk about it, but I know you get as much satisfaction from my orgasms as your own. You are such a giving, generous lover, as well as so, so exciting. Who better for my daughter's first time?"
"One other thing, Jack. When our gynaecologist examined her two months ago, she removed Kathy's hymen to help with her period."

Jack said nothing and enjoyed the delights of Frances intoxicating mammaries.

"But Master, please," she hesitated, she knew she was on dangerous ground. "You won't put her through that Dogs Bollocks routine or beat her will you?."

Jack sat up.
"How much have you told Kathy about us?"
"Nothing, but she told me the other day she knew we were bonking. She said she could tell by the way we looked at each other, how we talked, how we touched so much.
"She wouldn't accept my denials. But I have told her absolutely nothing."
"So she knows nothing about the discipline and nothing really about sex?"
"Not a thing."

"Thank you Frances." He paused for some time, stroking his chin. Then he seemed to be reach his decision, put an end to Frances' wait.
"Next Thursday at 7 at The Dogs Bollocks," Frances looked in anguish, but said nothing. "I want her to wear that satiny green blouse with buttons all the way down the front, and that light green mini skirt. You know the one which isn't too tight.
"And you Frances that yellow blouse of yours and the skirt you wore here tonight.."

Jack's face became grave. "Frances you know you must not tell me what to do when it comes to sex." She nodded, she had been expecting this. "Don't ever tell me how to treat your daughter. You know what to do.."
Nervously she went to the kitchen. She knew she could safely leave his apartment, if she wished, but she never would, even though the imminent pain frightened her.
She gave him the spatula, then knelt on the floor, knees together,her shoulders flat to the carpet, her bum almost pointing to the ceiling.
She still found the position humiliating, she knew the pain would be excrutiating, but in a strange way accepted it as part of her relationship with Jack.

"One, he said. She braced herself.
The whack of the spatula sounded like a rifle shot. The pain was unbearable and brought tears to Frances's eyes. It took all her self restraint not to sob.

"I'm so sorry Jack," she choked. " It is not my role to tell you how to treat my daughter. Please do to her as you wish. I know she will love you for it"

He kissed her tasting the salt from her tears, he explored her mouth, her lips, sucking her tongue, nibbling her lips. She pushed her tongue so far into his throat it hurt. She groaned as his hands massaged her breasts and he nibbled her ears. He gently massaged the welt on her bum.
She rolled over onto her back and he entered her. Frances enveloped him with her arms and with her legs around his waist. They moved slowly at first, luxuriating in the stimulation from of each other's erotic, intimate parts.

Francis moved her legs even higher up Jack's back. She wanted to feel his cock bang her cervix.
"Fuck me, Abuse my cunt" hissed Frances.
Jack lost control. he pumped, aware only of the demands of his cock. He pounded her cervix and her G spot. Frances squealed as her orgasm overwhelmed her
Jack withdrew and ejaculated over her face.

As he massaged his cum into her cheeks, "I know you won't warn Kathy. Tomorrow we'll meet discuss what each of us says."
"Yes Master." She showered and left, a terrible sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Was she taking a huge risk with her 14 year old daughter?

They chattered together at the Dogs Bollocks, a rowdy student pub, as they waited for an alcove to come free. Frances, for once, was happy to see her daughter finish a glass of wine quickly.
Kathy was dressed as requested, looking absolutely gorgeous. Her face was shining, her eyes were bright with excitement. She was the epitome of fresh innocent 14 year old beauty. .

She was excited and Jack could tell that she was a willing participant, although how far he didn't know.
It was "Jack its so nice to be here with you and Mummy." "Jack, I just love that painting you are working on" "Jack you are looking so drop dead hunky."
She had hugged him when he arrived. A full body hug with breasts and hips.

Time to get her out of her comfort zone.
An alcove came free. Jack sat with his back to the wall, the girls side by side with their backs to the entrance. There were high walls on either side. No-one could see over.

"Frances told me you worked out that she and I are lovers."
Kathy's eyes glowed. "Yes, the main way I could tell was that she is so, so happy and the way she looks at you and calls you Master.
"I am so happy for my Mummy, I'm so glad she met you Jack. You are so, so wonderful" She held his hand between both of hers and wouldn't let go
Frances took over. "You know that Jack thinks you are a very talented artist."
"Yes," eyes glowing, Jack's hand held tighter.
"You know he thinks you are very, very beautiful."
"Oh do you Jack? I'm so glad. I always try to look my best to please you."
"He has told me how much he enjoys your company, chatting with you, laughing with you?."
"I thought he did. That's lovely Jack, to make you happy.
Her face shone, her eyes sparkled.
Frances paused. This was the biggest hurdle coming up. She put her hands on top of Kathy's hands which were on top of Jack's.
"And darling daughter. How do you feel about Jack?"

It was a very personal question and Kathy was suddenly aware of the direction of the conversation.
She withdrew her hands. She paused deep in thought, a frown on her brow. Then she looked straight into Jack's eyes, her face still serious, a little nervous.
"I love Jack so, so so, so much."
"Beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous Kathy." Jack lent across and stroked her cheek. She put up her hand and held it there.
Frances said "I must go to the Ladies." She hugged her daughter, kissed her on the mouth and whispered in her ear, "I'm so happy for you darling daughter.
Jack moved to Frances's chair beside Kathy, put her arm around her and she threw her mouth at his.

Frances returned, Jack disentangled himself and went back to his seat opposite. Frances had had one more question about whether Kathy want to make Jack happy in another way. But her daughter was already ahead of her.
She looked gravely at her mother. "But Mummy, won't you be sad when Jack starts bonking me?"
Jack stroked her breast, then her mother's. "You will be sharing me with your mother."
Kathy was delighted and again hugged and kissed Frances. She then quickly grabbed Jack's hand and put it back to her breast. Not to be outdone, Frances did the same with his other hand.
It was a little awkward across the table, but Jack enjoyed savouring both the Barrington beauties' breasts.
As he did so, "I can see that my Barrington beauties are going to be more than a handful." The girls giggled.

Then he sat back and nodded at Frances.

"Kathy, Jack's a wonderful lover. But he has to be in control." Frances poked her tongue out at Jack. "When he tells you to do something you must do it without question. Believe me he is very, very serious about this."
Kathy smiled, "Then, am I allowed to call you Master, too?" Jack nodded. Kathy looked at him. "So I will be your sex slave, Master?"
"In a way I suppose, yes."

"Oh Mummy this is so exciting."
"Don't be too confident young lady. I've done this too, and some of his demands may seem very strange at first. Sometimes I found it difficult to obey."
But Kathy's enthusiasm wasn't upset.
"What happens when you don't do what he says?"
"He punishes me?"
"Does it hurt?"
Kathy was fascinated. "Will you punish me also Master?"
"When you deserve it."
Frances ignored the excitement in Kathy's eyes.

"Jack has somethings he wants you to do here. It's a little test."
"Here?" a worried frown.
"Kathy, Jack wants you you to go to the rest rooms and take off your bra and knickers."
"But Jack knows I'm not wearing a bra," she poked her tongue at him. He started to laugh. "But, the knickers, sure, no problems."
And with a swirl of her mini skirt she departed. Jack kept laughing.
"Somehow, Mrs Barrington, I don't think your daughter will find this test hard at all."
"The little hussy."
Kathy returned, sat down. She stared at Jack intently. "Next?"
"Frances show your daughter how to sit, please."
Frances half stood up, still protected by the back of her chair, lifted the back of her skirt and sat bare bottomed on the seat.
"Mummy, what a hussy you are!" hissed Kathy and immediately did the same. "Mmm that leather feels nice."
"You are right about this test, Master," Frances sighed.
"Jack wants you to keep your knees 18 inches apart."
"Like yours are Mummy. Only 18 inches, Master? Mummy get out of the way." At this stage she was protected by the table and the front of her skirt from Jack's view

"Unbutton your blouse, daughter."
This did unphase her a little. "I'll do it for Jack, but I don't want anyone to see."
Nor do I, my lovely Kathy," soothed Jack. "Just make sure you keep your back to the entrance."
She looked down, undid every button, opened her blouse wide. She then looked up with an almost pleading gaze.
"I hope I am beautiful enough, Master."
Indeed she was. Her breasts were the same size as her mother's, slightly plumper, but firm jutting and proud. Where Frances' aureoles were brown, hers were bright pink."
"My beautiful beautiful Kathy, how you take my breath away." Briefly and tenderly he stroked her aureoles. She lifted one of his hands, kissed it, then placed it back on her breast."
"Whenever you want Master. Only for you."
Frances felt a surge of pride and emotion; at her daughter's beauty, at Kathy's delight in pleasing Jack, at his tender delight with her daughter.

Her breasts remained exposed, she looked into Jack's face, enjoying the affection she saw.
"Mummy, when are you going to ask me to do something that feels strange?"
Frances sighed and hissed "Hussy."
Jack took over.
"Lovely Kathy, do this in sequence. Push your chair back two feet."
She did.
"Part your legs as before."
She did.
"Put your bottom right at the front of the chair and lean back."
She did.
"Now, lift the front of your skirt well above your waist."

At last, this was a test for her. Kathy's confident smile vanished. She looked vulnerable, suddenly younger than her 14 years.
"Mummy. I'm dirty down there. I don't want offend our Master."
Frances' face hardened. "Be obedient child. You are certainly not dirty, you seem to have 10 showers a day. Our Master decides what offends him. At the moment I'm sure it is your disobedience. I'm ashamed of you."

Kathy's face showed more indecision, more little girl vulnerabity. Jack thought Frances had been magnificent. To show Kathy that right now she was alone in the world, he turned away, studied a menu and ignored her. Frances also ignored her.
They heard a little sob. Jack and Frances took no notice and studied the menu together.

"Master," a quivering voice. "Here I am"
Jack turned back.
Kathy's face was pleading. Tears ran down her cheeks.
Her upper thighs were beautifully firm and lightly muscled. Her pubescent pubic patch was sparse, revealing her labia, her clitoral hood.
Jack went to her side of the table. She tilted her head up to be kissed.
"You are a young Goddess, you exquisite child."
Her tears stopped. "I'm sorry Jack. I didn't understand properly. I cannot quite understand why you like me there, but I saw your pleasure. Whenever you want."
They kissed again. Jack let her shift her seat in closer and sit up straight. Kathy recovered her composure, relaxed, indeed proud that her breasts were still open to Jack's view.

Jack turned to face Frances. His face black with rage.
"Frances! Why are you dressed like that. You know your dress code when you are with me here. Does it take your 14 year old daughter to show you good manners!"
"Mummy, I so ashamed," Kathy hissed and glared at her mother, determined to return the tongue lashing she had received. "Think of our family name, woman."

All three burst into laughter, Kathy's breasts jiggling for Jack's delight as she laughed. When she recovered, Frances undid her blouse, lifted her skirt, moved her chair back and lay almost fully exposed to Jack. She was relaxed totally. She put her hands behind her head and closed her eyes. Jack moved to her side of the table, kissed her, discreetly, fondled her nipples, then shifted back. Frances didn't move and kept her eyes closed, a tranquil smile.

"Mummy," said Kathy.
"Have you been sitting here all evening with no underwear?"

"You see who you owe your beauty to Kathy."
Kathy studied her mother.
"Oh Mummy, you are so beautiful. Isn't she lovely Jack. Do you love her body Master?"
"The first time I saw her, I was in awe of her beauty. Yet each time I see her my excitement and fascination grow." Frances, her eyes still closed, luxuriated in his words."
Kathy looked Jack and saw traces of tears in his eyes as he gazed at her mother.

"Jack, Mummy doesn't have any hair down there. Has she had a Brazilian?"
"Yes. Frances will arrange for yours."
Kathy's hand gently touched her mother's skin over her pubic bone.
"It looks so nice and feels so nice."
She peered more closely. "Mummy looks very sexy and lovely down there. I think I understand you more now, Master."
"Child, lie back like your mother, please."
This time without hesitation, she moved her chair backand lay back. Like her mother she put her hands behind her head and closed her eyes."
Jack stared in awe. Heaven couldn't match this, surely.
"My bounteous booty. My brace of brazen Barringtons."
His women giggled, their breasts jiggled.
He asked them to sit up and went out for more wine.

While he was away the women talked.
"Mummy, this is my dream come true."
"You'll find when he takes you to his apartment, that there is another world far beyond your dreams."
"He spoke so beautifully about you, it was lovely."
And you too child. Jack's language is so erotic, but also so sincere."
"You don't think he will mind that I haven't got my Brazilian yet."
"Of course not, I watched his face as he looked at you."
"Mummy we are so lucky, aren't we?"
They hugged again and kissed again.

Jack returned.
"One business matter please. I doubt its an issue anyway, but please never, ever ask me to compare you two. Don't ask who has the most beautiful breasts for example."
The girls nodded.
"Another thing," said Frances "Kathy, we hadn't told, so don't worry. Jack has a very strict language policy on some subjects. You mentioned "bonking" and "down there". Our Master prefers," she hestitated, "Fuck and cunt ."

Kathy was shocked by her mother's words. She sat and thought for a moment, then smiled, a mischievous smile. Jack knew something was coming.
"Master, do you like fucking my Mummy's cunt with your cock?"
Everyone laughed. Four breasts bounced
Frances put her hand on her daughters thigh. "Exactly darling Kathy. Jack has a cock. Though often when I feel it, I think it's a magic wand."

They spent about ten more minutes there. Chatting and laughing. From time to time one of the Barringtons would lean back to expose her femininity.
Frances rose. "I must leave you two."
Before she dressed properly she went to Jack who suckled each nipple.
She made herself fully decent, kissed her daughter.
"Do everything he says, my darling girl," and left.

They walked the five minutes to Jack's apartment hand in hand. Kathy chattered and sometimes skipped as she walked.
He led her inside, but immediately stopped her and pointed to the floor.
"See this lighter floorboard. You must never wear any clothes or jewelry past here."
She took off her two garments and shoes and gave them and her earings to him.
His apartment was modest, but he was fond of the high ceilings, the polished wood floors and the huge windows leading to the balcony
"Oh Jack, this is lovely. And those paintings are your work, I can tell. May I look at them?" forgetting her nudity..

"Sure." he settled in the sofa pretending to read a magazine. But he couldn't take his eyes off Kathy.
She was pubescent feminine perfection. Her shoulder length brown hair bounced as she walked. Her face, uplifted to look at his work, shone with enthusiasm. Her wide brown eyes, her chisled nose, her strong cheek bones, her generous full-lipped mouth and firm chin, her perfect, smooth skin which seemed to glow.
She was a gymnast, he knew, and the benefits showed. Not a trace of puppy fat, hints of muscle tone already in her arms, her abs and long, elegantly long legs.
Her firm, pink tipped breasts were uplifted and jutting.
Her rounded buttocks were firm, and when she faced him, her scimpy pubic patch. He felt a touch of nostalgia as he realised this would be the last night he saw it.
His erection was so hard it was hurting as it strained against his boxers.

"Kathy, please get me some white wine from the fridge."
"May I have some too?"
"No, you're only 14. Frances will never forgive me if I get you pissed."
She giggled, breasts jiggled.

As she walked to him with the wine, she became aware of his gaze and stopped.
"Am I really beautiful ?"
"Kathy, it would take a poet to describe you. You are Botticelli's Venus, Rodin's Eternal Idol, a youthful Venus de Milo. No, more than that,. It is as if God selected the most perfect from each and created you."
"Your beauty brings tears to my eyes." And she saw that this was true.

She stood for a moment, came and kissed him briefly, then knelt down in front of him.
"Your wine master."
He took a sip. "Kathy, my Venus, listen carefully. Go into the bedroom, choose some nice music and put in on quietly, light an incense stick, dim the lights, but not too low. Then lie face down on the sheets."

She kissed his lips, ran her fingers through has hair and went. Jack took his time to finish his wine, then stripped to his boxers..

The bedroom was as requested. She lay face down, her head on one side, eyes closed, her hair spread on the pillow.
He knelt with one leg on either side of her back, not touching her, poured a little massage oil.

For the next half hour he provided a tantalising, exquisite sensual massage over almost every inch of her body.
His fingers were like a pianist on a piano, but the instrument was her body. Not a word was spoken. Kathy lay enchanted by the mood, the music, the incense, but most of all by his touch. Her skin still sung when his hands had been, and where they were now was so delicious, sometimes her toes curled.
He started with her fingers, moved up her arms to her shoulders, then neck. Every inch, every muscle on her back, down to her buttocks.
His fingers traced her spine from her neck to her coccyx and slightly beyond. Again her toes curled. He moved to her feet and toes.
"Part your beautiful legs, Kathy."
She did.
"Quite a bit more, please."
She did, aware her labia were open to his view.
He was kneeling between her legs. Almost too slowly he delighted her calves then to her left thigh. Kathy's toes curled again and her breathing deepened. Up her moved on the outside to her buttocks. Then the inside. To the top.
Her marvelled at the firmness. She marvelled at his erotic touch. His fingers did not touch her labia directly, but the back of his knuckles did repeatedly.
Kathy groaned, her hips writhed a little.
The same on her right thigh. Kathy's breathing changed to a pant as his knuckles again brushed her labia.
She was rewarding the the shallowest, briefest of invasions of her inner labia. He was pleased how moist they were.
"Roll over."

She did opened her eyes and held arms open for him. They kissed tenderly and deeply, but soon he pulled back. Fleetingly he kissed each eyelid, the tip of her nose, her chin, Adam's apple, each clavicle.
Each nipple received as kiss, a suck and a gentle nibble. Her toes curled, her hips twitched. Then her navel, then a peck on her pubic mound.
Kathy was in two minds. She loved every moment of each touch, but could he please hurry back to her cunt. She forced herself to relax as he massaged her arms, her face, her throat. Naturally he stayed on her breasts, massaging, tickling tweaking. Her hips moved, her breathing raspened.
Across her abdomen, her stomach turned to jelly under his touch, she seemed to lose control of her hips. He stopped at her pubic mound, just above her clitoral hood.
"Oh God NO," her mind shrieked. But she knew to part her legs wantonly as he moved to her feet,
At last he was at the top of her thighs again, at last his knuckles were on her labia. She panted wanting to scream.
"Pull your feet back towards your bum."
She did so and the exploration of her outer genitalia started. His beautiful fingers worked their wonders around the outside of her labia, across her perineum, then all to briefly, fondled her inner labia and her outer vaginal wall.

"Lift your bum Kathy," and he placed two pillows underneath.
Before she realised, his face was buried in her pussy.
"Jack, no, I'm dirty."
"Shhh !" and a tap on her buttock.
She felt him open her labia. His tongue greedily entered her vagina, then his nose for heaven's sake.
He looked up. "Kathy, your cunt cunts tastes, and smells so femininely, so deliciously, so erotically, so delicately SEXY."
His fingers gently eased back her clitoral hood
Partially reassured she relaxed, but then her doubts were overwhelmed as this warmth, this incredible feeling started to emerge from her clitoris under his tongue and lips.
"Oh Jack that is wonderful."
The warmth, the sensation seemed to spread from through her loins as it became more intense. She lost control of her haunches as they writhed and she came to the first shuddering orgasm of her 14 years..

For then next fifteen minutes he stayed there, licking and kissing everywhere fom her pubic bone to perineum. She lost count of her climaxes, they seemed to merge. Sometimes he was quick, sometimes he cruelly kept her hovering on the brink before taking her to ecstacy.
Sometimes she gasped and groaned, sometimes she squealed uncontrollably, sometimes she sighed deeply and whispered, "My beautiful Jack."

They lay in each other's arms. Her haunches still spasmed from time to to time. All she could say was "Darling, darling, darling Jack."

She removed his boxers, earnestly studied his engorged cock and stroked it inexpertly.
Jack could wait no more.
"On you back, my Goddess."
She opened her arms, lifted her knees and opened them. He entered her.

Ever so slowly, ever so tenderly, until he nudged her cervix. Then still agonisingly slowly commenced his rhythm, savouring every exquisite sensation from his engorged penis.

Kathy was in heaven. First the romance, then her delight at feeling his strength, his hardness inside her. Then these beautiful, intoxicating feelings from all through her vagina. Her hips gently moved, she kissed Jack with more passion, hugged him more tightly.

Jack was in no hurry. He varied his rhythm, his depth, his angle. His knob found her G spot and Kathy became aware of a more powerful pleasure.
He concentrated there, building his pressure and speed. Kathy lost awareness of all else in the world except for the glorious pleasure building up to overwhelm her. Her hips, her whole body writhed, she grunted and sighed, and then her loins seemed to explode.
Jack now satisfied himself thrusting deeply and harshly to her deepest recess. His orgasm came charging through his loins, his spunk exploded from his knob."
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck."

They lay entwined and kissing for half an hour, his flaccid member still inside her.
There was a knock on the front door.
"Its me," called Frances. "I'm sorry, but its time to take Kathy home."
"Come in Frances," Jack called back.

Still naked, hand in hand they went to the living room where Frances had dutifully stripped."
Kathy rushed into her arms.
"Mummy, I am so so happy. I love Jack even more."
Frances smiled at Jack.
"Mummy!" Kathy was indignant and reproaching.
"Why didn't you tell me about orgasms before. I had so many, each one better than the last and Jack didn't mind all the noise I made."
Frances hesitated then said, "The reason darling daughter, is because I didn't know what they were till I met Jack."
"Poor Mummy, that is so sad."

"Was she obedient, Master?"
"She was absolutely wonderful Frances. Except for one small thing."
Kathy's smile vanished.
"I know Master. I should not have tried to stop you kissing my cunt." And remembering the joy she had later received, "It was disobedient and very stupid."

"Come Kathy, I will show you what you must do." Her mother's face was tender, but her mouth was firm. She took her daughter to the kitchen.
"Take this spatula to our Master."
With increasing fear Kathy did so.
"Now kneel here," said Frances pointing to the spot where she had knelt three days before. "Shoulders on the floor, knees together, bottom pointing as high as you can."
"And Kathy, prepare yourself. This will hurt more than you ever imagined.

Kathy shrieked and remained kneeling as sobs shook her body. Jack restrained Frances from comforting her. Kathy stood up, tears streaming down her cheeks, looking at them imploringly, her face looking like vulnerable 10 year old's.
"OK Frances." And Frances drew Kathy to her lap, hugging and kissing, stroking away her tears.
When Kathy had partially recovered.
"Go to our Master and apologise." And Kathy went to Jack's lap.
"Oh Jack, I'm sorry. I will try to learn fast. I know I deserved your punishment."
"Hush child." And they kissed even more deeply than before and when her passion mounted Jack brought her to orgasm with his fingers in her vagina.

Kathy went to shower and Frances replaced her on Jack's knee.
"Frances, I want you to teach Kathy all your skills with sucking cocks. That will take some time, I know, you are such an oral artist."
"It will be my pleasure."
And as a reward, her brought her to orgasm, the same way as her daughter just two minutes before.

Once across that lighter floorboard, the Barrington women dressed and Fances drove her daughter home.

To be continued.

There was a knock on the door and he let Frances in. Dutifully she was already naked.
"Mummy," shrieked Kathy and rushed into her arms.
"I've had such a lovely time with Jack. He is the most generous lovely lover. He took me to a new world. I had so many many lovely orgasms."
"I knew you would. I'm so glad. But I see you have disobeyed him."
"I was so stupid, I am so ashamed. I deserved to be beaten more by our master."

Jack joined them and standing the three embraced. Jack's kisses alternated between the two his two beauties. Frances hand dropped inside his boxers.
"Mummy that's not fair, I haven't touched his willy yet."
"Give me your hand Kathy, be very gentle." Jack felt Kathy's tentative touch. "May I talk to her a little Jack?"
He nodded.
"First, this is Jack's cock, not his willy. Willies are what your teenage boyfriends have. A cock is what a man, an artist has."
"Second, I think you know what Jack can do with his hands, his lips and tonge and teeth."
Kathy nodded enthusiastically.
"If you deserve it you will find that Jack's cock has even more magic than his hands and mouth. You will come to worship it as I do. I used to think of penises as a blunt instrument. Now I see it as Jack's gift to me and hopefully you."
Jack felt Kathy's hand move a little more confidently.

"Jack we have to go or must husband will refuse to let come to class. May Kathy see your cock quickly?"
He nodded and lowered his boxers.
They both saw the perplexed look, mingled with fear on her face.
"Don't worry, your mummy used to feel the same. Kiss it quickly, then take your clothes and wait outside for Frances."
"Kiss it?"
"Just a little one."
She closed her eyes and gave a quick peck.
Then she put her arms around his neck, kissed him passionately. "I love you master.."

After Kath's naked back had departed through the door Frances said.
"Jack. Now that you have sampled the daughter are you still interested in the mother."
"Suck my cock please Fances."
Frances knelt in front of Jack. From someone who refused to suck cock only two weeks before she was now an expert mistress of the art. Jack's orgasm came quickly in her throat. As usual she swallowed every drop.
They stood and embraced. His hand went to her vagina.
She parted her legs a little. She knew what was coming. She had no control, he was in charge as his fingers caressed her G spot. Her shuddering orgasm came as quickly as his had.

"I want you to teach Kathy how to suck cock like that."
He could still see the fear of rejection on France's face.
"And have no fear my beautifully breasted Mrs Barrington, my fantastic fuck Frances, our saga together has hardly started"

To be continued


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Quite a story really sort of hard to believe this could actually happen in your fantasy what the hell but that master crap was what it really was sorta ticked me off.


2006-11-28 22:51:55
Hey boldman
I know u can't write because I've read your stuff. But you can't read as well. u say Kathy was 2 easy
Jack's known Kathy for over 2 months, she has a teenage crush for her art teacher, and has been interested in him from the start.
In your "classic" you commit incest with your daughter within a day having not seen her for five years.
Is that really realistic?
Why Frances calls Jack master is explained half way through body art 2
I can see why you get confused easily. If u had one more brain cell it would be lonely


2006-11-28 13:13:27
Good detail, nice erotic deions, but the daughter is just too willing and "easy", and in previous stories the mother started calling him "master" without any prompting. Its just not believable. There are also passages that are very confusing and the scene in the pub with them exposing themselves just doesn't work - the dialog between mother and daughter is just bad.


2006-11-15 15:03:51
Again, my apolgies to readers.
If you have read this far, you will have seen two endings. The story should have stopped at the first "To be continued"
What followed was an earlier draft which I left in by mistake. I am trying to have it removed

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