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the inflential prisoner turns his attentions to the judge and his new wife
Cesar Mendez his countries greatest drug lord took another sip of fine wine as he sliced his roasted chicken in two. His cell was the finest imaginable with all the comforts of home including his own personal chef; but in the end it was still a cell.

“My friend,” he coughed between great mouthfuls of flesh,” I have a new assignment for you.”

The Hawaiian shirted thug rocked back in his chair smirking. He was Cesar’s fix it man, one of the few of his people not incarcerated.

“Off course Don,” he said solemnly.

His last assignment the hot brunette lawyer had please his boss very much. Since her sudden flight out of the country the prosecution has become fractured and now all that was needed was for the judge to abort this fiasco of a trial.

Cesar wiped his brow the humidity still apparent even with his air-conditioned cell.

“Judge Nemeth has shown either true bravery or stupidity in taking this case and persevering. He has adjourned until a new prosecution lawyer can be found but he insists on continuing.”

“Kill him.” The Hawaiian man said calmly and with typical Columbian clarity of purpose.

“Steady my friend,” laughed Cesar washing his throat with claret. ”We need an acquittal not a yet another new trial.“

His eyes then narrow pleasantries over with. “I have been here two fucking years now, I don’t intend to spend two more before a verdict!”

The Hawaiian man froze allowing the storm to pass. The drug lord calmed himself standing up patting his man on the shoulder. ”We need a leverage to get him to help us.”

“A bribe?” his fix it man asked; then added, “he’s already very rich.”

Cesar nodded in agreement. “Hmm yes incredibly rich, a major land owner of Columbia. But maybe we could negotiate with him on other non financial matters?”

The drug lord then tossed a magazine to his seated aide. It was the Hello celebrity paper. “Our associates have already made the first move with Judge Nemeth and it appears he IS open to negotiation. Now I want you to demonstrate we mean business.”

The Hawaiian shirt nodded as he flipped through the magazine. As he came to pics of a celebrity ball Mendez stabbed his finger onto the paper. The page had photos of two women tall and elegant, both in thigh splitting white dresses. Each was sexy slim with perfect wax legs down to designer heels. They had beaming movie star smiles as they stood arm in arm for paparazzi photographers.

“That is Calista Nemeth.” Cesar grunted pointing to the older woman. His aide admired her cascade of straight brunette hair with those big lips and full bosom figure. “She used to be a TV actress in the states a while back until she lost it all in a celeb v network law case.”

The Don allowed his aide to study the picture before adding. “She’s been married to the judge for two years and has a created reputation for feistiness from the press and Columbian officialdom.” He then smiled.” A woman after my own heart.”

The Hawaiian shook his head the magazine said the woman was reputedly 48 but on the photo she looked about thirty. “Mama mia he is one lucky judge.”

Mendez corrected, ”You mean one lucky millionaire land owner judge do you not?” And the Hawaiian nodded and grinned getting his point. He then turned his attention at the younger woman-standing arm in arm with this aging soap star. ”And this is…?”

Mendez finished his sentence. “That is her Australian daughter Emily just finish college on vacation in Columbia for the summer.”

The beautiful young woman on her arm had the same figure of long legs and well filled brassiere her golden hair in a long ponytail her face with high cheekbone like her mother; but with blue eyes piercing like ice fire. She was like a Greek goddess, Helen of Troy or something similar and the Hawaiian grunted in admiration at the elite sexy starlet.

“It says here a modelling career beckons.”

“I’ve no doubt,” Cesar replied a little annoyed with the small talk.

“I do not believe she was happy with her mother marriage. ” He added drawing the man away from his bewitching magazine. “After all it is her fourth and Emily’s opinion has been discussed over and over by the press. This is no doubt some show of unity while she has to endure her summer here.”

“And how do these beauties relate to what you have in mind?” The Hawaiian asked taking a sip of his ice tea.

Suddenly there was a knock at the cell door and a hesitant prison guard entered.

“Yes take the tray,” Cesar said gruffly,” I have finished my meal.”

The prison guard didn’t look at the pics or at either man. Instead he collected his plates and quickly left. “Close the door,” the Don barked and the guard did as he was asked,

“Now,” Cesar said bending to the smirking thugs ear, “I will explain.”


On the sun drench veranda of her husband’s villa Calista rubbed her legs together in a slow sensuous manner adjusting her position on the sun lounger. Her lips glistened as she sipped her cocktail her big shades hiding the annoyed look in her eyes.

Calista was in her late forties, few knew exactly how late, if it even was forties anymore. A B-movie actress when young she had kept her beauty and with some cosmetic help her figure and had lived the high life until those backstabbers and media freaks had bankrupted her. But that was back in Hollywood and a new career playing a Columbian soap bitch was already in the pipeline.

She adjusted her long mane of straight hair her wide lips impassive as she watched her daughter. The little darling her only off spring from her second marriage was being as difficult as always. Raised the other side of the world the antipodean princess now studied in the States.

“Emily, she sighed looking over the tops of the shades fixing her daughter with a matriarchal stare, “Isn’t it about time you started making an effort?”

Emily grinned then sat up from her own lounger curling her ponytail into a bun on the top of her head her outstanding busty figure aching to escape her bikini.

“No mother I don’t think it is.”

She then rolled onto her tummy long legs exercising up and down like she was splashing on the beach. “You married the jerk, not me.“ Then pointing a finger doing a 360 rotation of all the exquisite garden views from her seat she added, “and I can see why.”

Emily’s star was in the ascendance. At nineteen she was the socialite teen queen of New York’s Upper East Side. These days she was starting to get more magazine cover than her mom. She felt this attempt at a family get together was nothing but a crass attempt by her mother to get press attention for her Mickey mouse TV show here in the shit hole of the world. But Emily liked this game. She loved making her new stepfather squirm and she just knew how he looked at her

“Maybe I’d be more pleasant if your darling husband didn’t undress me with his eyes every time he sees me.” She had heard of the Judges past reputation for the younger woman. “Maybe your past your sell by date already?” She mused trying to inflame her mother’s temper.

“Her mother didn’t rise to the challenge instead stood as she saw her latest husband approaching. Judge Nemeth was 20 years older than her and he looked it in dressing gown and slippers.

“Darling,” she purred Emily is so enjoying her stay, she’s even thinking of moving down here to your lovely country.” Calista then allowed herself a smile as she saw her daughter stiffen in annoyance.

Judge Nemeth shrugged his shoulders, “of course dear anything for you.”

He then strolled on looking to the sky thinking, “please not that little bitch all the time.” Emily had been making his life hell and she just loved to flaunt herself at him. He saw a lot of her mother in her and he had come to realise in the last two years that looks like that cost on many levels.

He stopped Calista’s voice high and commanding.

“Did you cancel your trip next week? Remember I need you here with me not playing silly games like a load of schoolboys.”

Nemeth nodded without looking back grumbling to himself. “Yes and I was looking forward to that fishing weekend.”

As he walked off Calista looked smug at her daughter. “You see he’s such a sweet dear.”

Emily stood up long legs accentuated by six-inch heels and a cut away swimsuit. As she walked to the shade of the house ass buns moving up and down like pistons she replied with her own thoughts “You’ve got the sad old fool eating out of your hand. I don’t know who’s more pathetic; him or you for marrying him.”

Calista reclined on her sun chair pushing her shade back into position. That question didn’t even need to be asked.


Judge Nemeth was inside looking through the papers on his office desk when the high pitch ring of the gatehouse phone called out. He flicked the com and spoke to the armed police who always protected his regal villa.


“Sir we have two men here says they have come to mow the lawns.”

At the gate the cops looked over their meagre vehicle with one cutting machine and a couple of rakes.

“I don’t think there going to be finished soon sir,” The cop added down the phone with a grin.

Nemeth sighed, “not another gardener.” Calista’s reputation for arrogance was getting out of hand. How many people had she sacked or resigned on him this year?

The cop continued, “they’re clean sir just a bits of gardening gear.”

The cop put down the receiver and looked back at the two shabby unshaven men.

“Go on through,” he grunted stroking his machine pistol for affect.

The Hawaiian shirted man nodded and smiled before getting back into his flat bed truck.

The road wound up through decorative jungle inspired gardens until the canopy gave way to lush lawns, a large fountain central drive and the beautiful 19th century villa.
As they circled the water feature and parked in front of the house doors Judge Nemeth came out to meet them. He strolled over still in his slippers and dressing gown rubbing his head. The Hawaiian shirt stepped down holding his hat in his hand in reverence.

Senior Judge many apologise, your wife says I…


The other mans hand slammed into Nemeth’s back the old man collapsing to the dirt. Instantly both men had his arms dragging him inside the judge groaning the thugs rushing him to his office closing the door behind them.

They flung him across his desk and the Hawaiian took the judges fountain pen and as his aide pinned the man’s head, he pointed the sharp tip towards his terrified eye.

“One sharp thrust with my palm and I’ll chisel your eyeball out. Two thrusts and it will be your brain.”

Back at the gate the cops drew their guns to hip height again as an immaculate delivery trucked pulled up. The machine was bright red emblazoned with the logo of the finest store in Bogotá. The man stepped down in his impressive black uniform handing a docket of delivery.

Suddenly there was a call from the house. It was Judge Nemeth again.

“Has a delivery truck arrived yet?”

The cop confirmed

“Well let it through”

The cop replied calmly and professionally, ”we’re just going to search it first sir. Its not on our schedule for today.”

The voice became more panicky. “That’s because my wife didn’t tell me untill five minutes ago. That is Mrs Nemeths winter collection, put a dirty finger on it and she’ll have your head and mine!”

The cops shrugged their shoulders amused at his worried tone, “very well sir we wouldn’t want to upset Mrs Nemeth.” The delivery driver smiled trying to get in on their private joke. “Sounds like a real bitch.”

The cops frowned back and thrust his papers back at him. “Just get on with your delivery and mind your fucking tongue up there.”As the driver climbed back in the cab they failed to notice his sweating brow. He took a slight gulp and watched the gates open. One of these days his big mouth would be the death of him.

In the house Emily put down her pitcher after pouring another cocktail from the kitchen cooler. She strained her neck to listen down the palatial corridor of this fabulous mansion. Was the old fool on the phone or just muttering to himself like usual? She sauntered down the marble floored hall her heel clicking as she went. She reached his office door and smiled planning on cock teasing him some more. Then she heard the delivery truck pull up at front of the house and stared out at the unexpected visitors.

Suddenly there was hand around her mouth a sharp object at her neck!

She wriggled but the Hawaiian man was strong the sharp object pressing at her jugular. “Be still Miss,” he hissed as he moved from the office.

She could see two men jumping down from the truck weapons in there hands. They burst into the hall. Out of the corner of her eye in the study she could see Nemeth roped to a high back chair still in his dressing gown.

Another man was with him and he flipped the chair back and then pulled it along like a cart, out of the study following the wriggling Emily and her captor into the large plush living room. From this room double French doors opened out over the drive and Emily could see the logo of her mother favourite store on the side of the park truck.

The judge was moaning to himself and Emily finally pulled away guns now pointing at her. “Who, what’s going… is it a robbery?”

The judge was rocking on his chair like a bedlam fool groaning to no one in particular. “Oh no, oh no, please oh mercy no.”

Emily didn’t understand his reaction.

“Show a bit of backbone you old jerk,” she barked standing erect like a high-heeled statue.

Then there were swearing and a tussle as the two van driver dragged her sun bathing mother kicking and screaming into the room. She was thrown unceremoniously on the floor as one man stood at the door weapon in hand the other headed back to the truck.

“Do you know who your robbing?” Emily shouted. “He’s a fucking judge you fucking worms; you’re in so much trouble.”

“Oh God be quiet you silly bitch,” her mother cried realising who these men were.

The Hawaiian man ignored both women and looked to the rocking dribbling Nemeth.

“Judge we are here on business,” he said calmly, “my boss says you know what he wants you to do; I am here to demonstrate we mean business.” The man groaned but nodded in pitiful acceptance.

Emily looked confused at her mother then to the judge then to the delivery van as it crunched gears going into reverse slowly backing up to the French doors. His men opened the double height doors the trucks rear almost reversing into the room.

“Oh God they going to kidnap us,” Calista screamed, Emily backing away towards the thug blocked door.

“No miss,” The Hawaiian man replied, “we want to show you what power we have over those who challenge us.” He then nodded to his aid who began to unlocked then punch the van roller shutter up to show a hold crammed full of near naked men.

“Were going to give you your lesson right here in your own home while your police stand guard at the gate.”

Emily’s heart began to crank up a notch in beats Calista chest also starting to bounce with horror as the thirty or so greasy sweating bodies began jumping down into the ornate sumptuous room.

The men were all ages some young muscled bucks other pot bellied unshaven old thug types. All wore nothing but the smallest of briefs their balls and cocks bulging around the fabric. A couple had already tugged the gussets to one side hooking their balls exposing their limp fat maggots. The men’s bodies were glistening with sweat the hold humid and over powering with musk after a few hot crammed hours.

The Hawaiian man folded his arms with an impassive face, his three guards taking up positions at the wall machine pistols at ready. This rampant group of male specimens were from an unusual source. Many hadn’t seen a woman in years. The Don had requested a favour from the prison governor and like everyone else he obviously felt obliged to deliver. “Thirty women hungry inmates, “Cesar had told the Hawaiian man. “But make sure you return 30 or the governor has told me you will be filling the cells in their absence.”

Calista groaned on her knees as men surrounded. Her daughter had backed against the wall her hands pressed flat trying to find a route through solid brick. As the men neared she hit out a big longhaired thug catching her wrist easily twisting her arm, pulling her towards him. “Awww!”

“You have forty five minutes!” The Hawaiian man shouted above the laughs and squeals.

The judge’s hot wife looked in awe as hands gripped her bikini ripping it from her
She was a refined elegant witch no match for these big muscled brutes. Her expensive tits sprung out with age defying rigidity; her ass bucking at admiring slaps. She shook her head in disgust then looked to her husband his pale face quickly masked by surrounding greasy hairy bodies. She felt her fine brunette mane tugged back her mouth opening in a forced gasp. The men groaned in delight her big flared lashes showing contempt but disbelief too. “This can’t be happening!”

Emily cried out; “Mother help!” But her mom couldn’t respond now emitting choking retches as she struggled to swallow the first cons rock stiff erection. Emily could see her long finger pushing other cocks away her body twisting trying to get up. But the men were all over her hands everywhere groping, pressing, delving into her private spaces. Now the teen babe was more aware of her surrounding menace the sounds of her mother telling her that this was no joke.

“Oh shit no you can’t be doing… nooooo!”

The tall blonde girl was pushed against the wall the men ripping her swimsuit to shreds in seconds. Her breasts were golden with thick pink nipples her young body not needing a surgeons hand to create such enviable cleavage She looked down over her fruit hard tits at the men’s erections. Two more had hands under her thighs lifting her legs up and out. She screamed but it was useless the first man guiding his tip towards her shaft. Another con pushed his mouth onto a nipple his hand gripping her dome like a squeeze stress toy, kneading her globe angrily.

“What a beautiful young bitch,” a third thug sneered his hands mauling her other tit in delight. As her eyes opened wide she felt the cock at her entrance. She opened her mouth but a finger pressed on her lips.” SsssssssssssssH” Then she gasped and heads nodded seeing the realisation in her face as the first cock slid up her tight tunnel.

Emily gave a groan of humiliation her expression frozen feeling his cock rising up inside her. He fucked forward her shoulder pressed on the wall her hands pushing him back. Three or four other men were lifting her into place spare hands on tits, fingers in her mouth others pressing at her tight ass hole

“Yes she feels soo tight. What an angel!” The man gasped. Another agreed his finger already inside her anus wriggling like a worm. “Like warm bread dough.”

“No no ugghh noooooooooo!”

Emily shrieked in desperation but it was pointless. Her head banged against the wall the man in a world of his own drool dripping from his mouth his nostrils flaring. He was in heaven the girls legs locked rigid in her heels to steady herself his cock hitting at her limit her face looking like her eyes would pop from her head. All the men had seen many pin ups of the women before today. Cesar had made sure his inmates would be in no doubts about what delights were in store. “Let the dogs smell the rabbits.” He had quipped.

Now inside this amazing girl who had decorated his cell wall the first man was coming and he pushed her thighs wide apart getting all his cock as far up into her as possible. She felt him unload like the fountain on her stepfathers drive his length flopping from her tight chute the come in strands like an umbilical cord from his eyehole.

She shrieked in horror feeling the wetness drip from her the men humiliating in their comments. Already another younger more athletic man had taken his place pulling her from the wall making her hook her legs around him other men twisting her arms behind her back as she bounced up and down on the standing man two more were spanking her ass like she was some cantering racehorse urging it to go faster.

“Ride him bitch; ride!”

“No no no stop awwwwwwwwww!” Cried Emily her ponytail whipping her own perfect shoulders.

Nearby on her knees her mother Calista had four cocks vying for her mouth. As she sucked one another edge closer then as she spat one from her disgusted tongue another filled the void. Her eyes crossed as two dirty heads entered her wide lips at once both cheeks bulging like a she was a cartoon squirrel carrying it nuts.

Quickly her mouth began to fill and she coughed and retched. Both cocks were unloading watery deposits of slime and she gulped to breathe. Her lips foamed semen and as the men’s spent logs pulled from her mouth the next waiting two rammed home squeezing the come from the sides of her lips like jam out of a bitten sandwich.

One man gripped the back of her head pulling her mouth deeper onto him the other pulling out wanking his tip at her chiselled nose. The next ejaculation filled her eye socket and criss-crossed her cheek and chin; the con bellowing in orgasmic delight. The other pulled the cock from her mouth as she desperately tried to hold on with her teeth. She didn’t want another face paint.

“Errrrr!” She squealed as her eyelids were caked in slime her lashes flicking semen away the cock spurts like spattering white paint.

Inside her daughter the young buck was coming bouncing the leg hooked babe up and down on his cock. He was stiff as steel and she felt like he was hammering her onto a fence post. The young woman made strange mewing noises like a pleading cat her nipples rubbing aggressively against his firm barrel chest. As he erupted inside her he spat in her mouth Emily gasping her lips an oval of pink horror.

As he let her drop from his hips more of the men began to get involved a gang of five pushing furniture aside to create a space. There was a high back ornate golden chair left on it own. And Emily was man handled over the backrest.

“Lift that ass up bitch,” they shouted as the woman still in heels bent all the way over her hands gripping the seat her long legs just allowing her tummy to rest on the backrest. She yelped as hard slaps rained down on her perfect ass hands pinning her shoulders down other hands jerking eager cocks.

Her fingers reached back in panic as she felt hands open her cheeks. Her long nails touched her own anus trying to push the seeping head away but it was pointless


The stiff member slid into his ass like a stinging injection Emily pursing her lips together in a sensation filled pouting kiss. “OooooooooooHHH!”

She could see her mother knelt doggie a massive hairy bastard pounding up her from behind. As he came in her ass three others dragged her from his spunking cock impatiently; the man howling with frustration his come belching on her slapped butt.
She screamed as they rolled her onto her back, she was confused, men pinning her shoulders other pulling her kness up the pushing them to her tits. She didn’t understand.

Calista gasped and grunted her weight on her shoulder blades her ass high in an almost trussed position. A plastic funnel was in a man’s hand and as she screamed as he pushed the tapered head into her upturned ass.

As Emily thrust forward her ass screaming at each angry rear ruts she shook her head in horror. She had a grandstand view of her mother and the men. Men many men were pissing into her mother anal funnel the urine filling to the brim. She could see it gulping down the nozzle her mother ass void filling with hot convict piss. As the funnel was pulled out her ass spitting yellow rain yet another cock thrust at the entrance to her bowels.

The judge watched with a glazed expression over his face. At his feet his wife was moaning in revolt as her ass spewed piss the ejaculating cock pumping her empty. More were pissing in her face while others pushed their filthy dicks at her beautiful big lips; while over in the corner a mass of bodies fucked his arrogant stepdaughter for dear life. Emily by now was taking cocks in every hole. Sat on the lap of a con she groaned as he made her bounce on his ass buried cock. Another was standing in front of her holding her fantastic thighs apart as he fucked her hole like he was steam train. And finally at her face two more fought to push their cocks into her mouth one after the other.

The trussed Judge could see cocks erupting over her tummy; Emily’s hands covered in semen her tits in drool. Men were crying in ecstasy as they hosed inside her ass and pussy, others slapped her face making her eyes blaze in anger and fear. Between his legs Nemeth’s cock was as hard as his marble floor.

The Hawaiian man looked at his watch then pointed to his guards to follow as Emily and a crazed mass of men flowed into the kitchen. The leggy babe was fighting but it was pointless. She was flung back onto kitchen the table men pulling her catwalk thighs apart other gripping her tits, neck, shoulders and wrists.

“Now sweetheart,” an older con said pulling tins from cupboards looking for a mixing jug, “We’re going to feed you.” As men pinned her glistening body he began heating things in the microwave while mixing other foods in a bowl. He held up a small silver scoop maybe for ice cream or roast chestnuts. He scooped the warm contents from the bowl syrup making the silver glisten with lubrication.

She wriggled in horror men holding her jaw wide but as the chef neared the scoop hand dropped between her thighs. She strained her neck her world closing in the cold scoop with its warm load trying to open her pussy. Fingers were prising her labia apart the barrel shaped device like a shovel about to fill a railway trains boiler with hot coals.

“Oh God Ooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

By the time her mother had been dragged into the room the come dripping from her chin the men had her daughter how they wanted. Emily was moaning and thrashing legs in a wide split her mound bloated. Her pink lips were prised open in an amazing yawn her pussy stuffed full of warm food. The men had rammed banana, nuts and butter and other filling into her tight twat. More still was been pressed into her anus. Plumbs, frankfurter sausages, squeeze sauce. She was shouting in revolt the men stuffing hard with their fingers, others trying to kiss her lips, others groping and licking her tits.

Her mother went as stiff as the dead shaking her head in denial as they made her drop between her daughter thighs. Her mouth was open in a stunned yawn as they pressed her face onto her daughter’s hot oven slit.

“Eat her out you beautiful bitch “they laughed.

Calista’s mouth tasted nuts and come as she nibbled in detached obedience. The men were delighted and as she feasted one then another then another fucked her in the ass as she knelt. Emily was struggling to breathe as men spurted come and piss into her mouth. Many men held her head back and shoulders flat fingers prising her mouth wide. She could feel her mother’s mouth on her sore stuffed tunnel, but she had more urgent problems as come and piss bubbled out of her own mouth and down her chin. Others were jerking impressive spatters of deposit on her big globe tits. All the while her mothers face was bobbing between her legs covered in slime and mashed food her hair matted with semen.

A chef wasn’t satisfied and as Emily tried in vane to hold him away he used a big wooden spoon to scoop mass after mass of mix out of her pussy. Forcing the big wide spoon into her mother mouth like feeding a baby.

Emily was dripping with viscous slime. As she writhed on the table the wooden spoon emptied first her pussy then started on her ass. But she struggled to see through come and piss spray. Her nose snorted bubbles through the semen bath her tummy like a zebra striped costume. Her ass was popping item after item as she tried to empty herself of their amusing deposits before the spoon did. Her mother was grunting like a hog gripping the table her head up now yet another con siring her sore come filled ass.

The spoon con had another idea and as he pulled the siring man away he explained by pushing the spoon with Emily’s precious contents up her mother ass.

Judge Nemeth stood with his embarrassed erection the thugs having man handled him into the room. His robe was gone and he looked frail but potent dressed only in knee socks. He groaned as he watched four men unload on his wife as she knelt eyes closed mouth open in obedience. She just wanted to get it over with now. Her soap star high cheek boned features were dripping in come her great looks now awash with male juice.

The Hawaiian pulled his pistol and gripping Calista’s hair made her swallow the barrel the woman choking and wriggling in horror.

“Judge fuck your step daughter now or I’ll paint the kitchen with her brains.”

Nemeth looked at the sprawling leggy girl many hands now releasing her. She rolled off the table screaming pushing exhausted satisfied man away from her. Calista was shaking her head but the judge nodded.

“You fucking bastard!” His stepdaughter screamed. The old man shook his head nearing and she struggled he gripped her wrist like a vice.

“I have no choice,” he choked as she though of his other hand. He looked unhinged.

“Let him up inside you bitch,” The Hawaiian shouted, “Do it for your mother.”

She was shaking her head but men pushed her into a kneeling position, Nemeth down behind her quickly his cock trying to find her hole.

“In her ass!” Came the order as both Calista and Emily shook their heads in desperation.

The hoard of men watched in almost silence as the couple fucked. The sounds echoed around the room. Grunts of the old judge as he vigorously pumped into her tight wobbling ass. Groans of Emily cursing and wailing in disgust and humiliation the man like a stabbing maniac inside her. The sounds of slapping wet flesh, her ass squelching to the food mixed lubricant. And over it all the lamenting gags of her mother as she watched, pistol barrel deep in her come filled mouth.

When the judge came his cock filling his bitch stepdaughter with hot copious spunk Emily threw up the men cheered and her mother feinted.


It was uncommonly cold the morning only a few weeks later when the prison gates closed on Don Cesar Mendez. Flanked by his overweight compadres he shrugged off the chill getting into the big black SUV. As he raised the smoked glass and the bullet proof jeep pulled away he embraced his released friends then reached forward to slap the driver on the shoulder

“I am out at last.” He laughed. The Hawaiian nodded with an accepting smile as he steered the vehicle out onto the city streets. He had been given the honour of collecting the victorious Don. The main prison gate was surrounded by a media scrum as the world awaited his extraordinary release. But like normal the Hawaiian had done his job exiting through a service entrance.

The Don closet friend and prison confidant also patted the accomplished thug in admiration.

“Your demonstration to the Judge was very effective.” He laughed, “well done”

The Hawaiian nodded again handing the latest newspaper to his appreciative passengers.

Cesar grinned at the headline.

“Judge acquits Mendez”

“They are saying his grief has clouded his judgement.” Mendez laughed scanning the columns of print. He read out a passage aloud.

“Ever since his wife returned to the states after fears for her safety he has shown true loyalty to his country remaining here to deliberate on the trial. It has cost him dear his wife refusing to return, outraged by his public show of defiance in seeing the trial to its conclusion.”

The Hawaiian added. “There are only rumours to what happened that day in the villa. She has threatened to sue any paper that prints them. For us it is irrelevant if she can keep her afternoon with the convicts secret. Either way she has vowed never to return here.”

Mendez nodded solemnly. “The judge clearly understood we meant business.”

The SUV left the city and as the sun rose the vehicle snaked higher into the hills.

“Where to Don,” the Hawaiian asked. The gruff gangster took a puff from his cigar still looking in amusement at the newspaper articles.

“Your home is nearby I’ll be your guest for the evening.”

The Hawaiian smiled a little surprised. “It would be an honour Don Mendez.”

Cesar looked silently at his trusted General sat next to him the big man impassive but like a coiled snake. The Hawaiian wouldn’t know till the last moments that they knew his secret. That they’d known for a long time. He was the traitor, the viper in their nest. The disloyal thug was armed but by the time he realised it would be useless to resist. Cesar’s men had been at the traitor’s villa for hours.

The Hawaiian looked nervous as he helped Mendez from the jeep. It seemed a little quiet. It was a remote hilltop home but there were many cars here unexpectedly. “It looks like my welcoming party is already here,” the Don said with a grin

“I would have thought Maria and Esmerelda would be eager to see you,” the Hawaiian said apologetic. The Don waved his hand. “Such beautiful daughters my friend I am proud they call me uncle.”

The treacherous man would realise too late. As he entered his house the sounds of grunts and groans so recognisable to the deviant henchman abounded. He realised too late the judge was there. He had fulfilled his agreement to acquit as long as the Don rid him of that domineering wife. That had been the deal. The Hawaiian and the cons were Cesars way of doing it. Fucking his own stepdaughter had been an unexpected present and well the Don had found his secret passion for the deflowering younger woman. Something a domineering celeb wife had extinguished over the last two years.

Fucking the Hawaiian mans two daughters while armed men watched had exhausted him and now he lay limp on the chair as both young women fucked ass to ass on their knees the Dons Yankee baseball bat impaled in either’s young tight pussies.

Maria groaned in disbelief her hot haven full of bat head, her insides impossible stretched. Her sister felt the ribbed grip banging against her cervix. “Why was this happening to them?”

As the three men entered the room the Cesar knew in moments the traitor would see it all and know the past and future. He’d know the dirty old Nemeth had ridden them raw and how they’d have groaned and gasped like the lawyer bitch as the bat was oiled and forced into them. The Don also knew the Hawaiian man would see the distant future; his daughters years as fuck slaves in some sordid cartel den. And he also knew he’d realise the near future the gun to his temple and the few moments to take it all in before a bullet sent him to deserved oblivion.

The End

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I'm a little bit confused, what act of betrayal was done by the hawaiian dude to the don? Pls explain

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2012-01-24 02:31:20
I'm a little bit confused, what act of betrayal was done by the hawaiian dude to the don? Pls explain

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2010-07-25 12:43:58
As always FINC, great piece.!.I'm wondering though, when are you going to write something new.?. I've read all of your work and I love them all. The best by far however would have to be Dr Noooooo! I LOVE IT.!.


2007-08-14 13:59:11


2006-11-06 11:40:37
you get what it says on the tin with my stories. if easily shocked or you dissaprove of the content why read? You are right about colombia spelling my mistake but surley not worth getting so upset about either? This isn,t actualy violent. No one apart from the traitor dies and no one gets tortured. To my fans thanks for the response to others Emily was lucky she didn,t get a whistling kettle spout up her pussy

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