************ Chapter 3 ****************

When I woke up in the morning I found that I must have shot off again while sleeping, I know I had dreamed it but didn’t know until then that it had been real.

I decided I better get into the shower and clean up so I headed to the bathroom. While I was walking down the hall Traci came out of the bathroom with only a small towel wrapped around her. Her small cleavage was visible over the top of the towel and the bottom barely covered her ass, leaving the bottom of her cheeks and the crease below them showing.

“Good morning Daddy. Did you have a good night?” she asked with an impish grin as we passed.

“Good morning,” I replied, “It was real nice.” I felt a bit guilty over what I had done the previous evening and wondered if she had referred to that event or had just been polite, truly caring if I had a good nights sleep. I looked over my shoulder after her to see if she was going to say anything else and my eyes were drawn to the two jiggling globes escaping from the bottom of her towel.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Traci and our petting session while I showered and changed my sheets that morning. I was totally consumed with thoughts about her and how I would like to throw caution to the wind and ravish her young teen body; kissing and playing with her soft titties and stuffing my hard dick up her juicy young cunt until she screamed in orgasmic pleasure. I needed relief so I grabbed one of my favorite teen porn magazines, it had a picture layouts of older men supposedly seducing their young daughters, and headed to the bathroom to jerk off.

I used some lube while jacking off; pretending it was Traci’s pussy juices while ogling the pictures of teens fucking older men. In what seemed to be just seconds I collapsed against the back of the toilet with a thud while I blasted a stream of cum across the room. I didn’t even try to aim into the toilet. Just then there was a knock at the door and Traci asked “Are you okay, Daddy?”

I was too out of it to answer and all of a sudden the door opened and there stood Traci. When she saw me resting on the toilet with my hard cock in one hand and a teen porn magazine in the other, with an obvious stream of cum across the floor, she stood stone still. She was standing there in her small bra and panties, having been interrupted while changing, and was near speechless. “Daddy, are you okay?” she muttered kind of hoarsely. “I’m so sorry to bother you, but I heard you call my name and thought you might be hurt.” I had evidently cried out “Traci” in my passion and had startled her.

She was a sight to behold! Even though her swimsuit had been more revealing than her bra and panties, there was something about seeing her in her underwear that was sexually stimulating. I could make out the dark aureoles of her nipples through her bra and imagined I could see her pussy lips and slit through her panties. She seemed to be as equally mesmerized. Her lips had formed a kind of “Oh” and her gaze was fixed directly and intently toward my hard dick. When she realized what was going on she stammered “I’m…I’m…I’m…so sorry to interrupt you.” She took in the sight a couple of more seconds then turned and fled the room.

I was devastated. I had been caught by the object of my desire, my 13 year old daughter, jacking off to a porn mag and crying her name in my orgasm. How much more humiliated could I have been. Whatever the situation was I knew I had to compose myself and clean up my ejaculate from the bathroom floor. When done I took a deep breath before opening the door, hoping I wouldn’t have to face my daughter immediately. I didn’t see Traci until later that evening, she had gone over to visit one of her friends and was gone by the time I got composed.

I knew I wouldn’t get much work done that day so I called in to the office and used one of my sick days. After all, it was a sick thing for a father to be lusting after his daughter, wasn’t it? And then to actually begin making out with her? Anyway, I knew I would probably dwell on it all day and not get be very productive so I’d do just as well to stay home and sort my thoughts.

I really didn’t get much of anything done or figured out that day. Was I taking advantage of Traci, an attractive young girl who was going through puberty and beginning to feel her sexuality? Was it simple innocence when she pranced around the house wearing next to nothing or was she truly teasing me and have another motive in mind? Was she aware of what had happened the previous night when she pressed her tits to me and allowed me to press my dick against her and hump her without her objecting? Was I just lusting for her young tender body or did I truly love her and want her a as man wants a woman? I did know one thing for sure, I wanted her. I wanted to hold her, caress her, fondle her and teach her the joys of making love. But, damn it, Traci was my daughter and a normal father shouldn’t even have to worry about these thoughts.

When Traci returned I knew I had to some explaining to do so I sucked-it-up and called her into where I was watching TV. I told her I needed to have a serious talk with her and asked her to sit down for a moment. It was a tense time for both of us. I knew it was going to be difficult to keep my mind on the task because when I saw her I right away had my lascivious thoughts again, she was dressed in tight jean shorts with a loose fitting halter type top.

“Traci, I just don’t know what to tell you about what you saw me doing early today,” I began. “I’m so sorry that I subjected you to my weakness, you shouldn’t have been exposed to that type of conduct from me. I shouldn’t have even included you in my perverted fantasies. I’m sorry about molesting you last night…please don’t hate me for being weak… And this morning I was so pent up I needed to relieve myself in an effort to stop from fondling you again…” I was rambling, letting my heart out and trying to apologize and make things right between us.

“Daddy, please stop,” Traci softly interrupted. “I love you. You’re my Daddy and I will always love you. I don’t think you’re a pervert and you didn’t molest me last night. That was my fault. I know you were looking at my breasts when you came into my room. I’m growing, Daddy, and I’m proud of my body. I had planned for you to notice me. I couldn’t help myself from being a show off. I know I was teasing you, but knowing that I could affect a man like you, my father, made me feel kind of funny and made me act boldly.”

“I’m the one that should be apologizing to you” she continued. “I’m sorry I teased you. I’m sorry I didn’t think about how it might affect you, since you and Mommy stopped sleeping together. I was being playful but when you slipped and your hand fell on my breast it was me who lost control. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t restrain from pushing my tit against your hand and against rubbing your hardness. I feel so safe and secure when you’re around me and I love you more than I think I should and I was sorry I made you mad about my new swim suit and I thought that rubbing you would make you like me again and…Please, love me, Daddy, don’t hate me for being bad.”

Traci looked at me with redden eyes and small tears rolling down her cheeks. She was asking for forgiveness from me, blaming herself for my flaws and lecherous thoughts and deeds. Even though I was somewhat relieved to know that my conduct over the last 24 hours wasn’t entirely due to my defects I still felt like a guilty shit for putting my daughter in this predicament.

I was flooded with emotions and went over and sat beside her on the couch. I gently put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. “Oh, Traci, Traci, Traci,” I softly said. “I love you and I always will. I don’t think you were bad and I certainly don’t hate you.”

This seemed to comfort her and she held me and snuggled into my chest, wrapping her arms around me and nestling the left side of her head on the right side of my chest. I could feel her trembling as she quietly sobbed and sniffled. She felt so soft, and as I looked down at her I was reminded that even though she was a voluptuous young teen she was still my daughter and a helpless young girl who needed her father. She needed me to feel safe and secure and for someone to come to for advice and approval, not sexual gratification.

She must have felt me looking at her for she shifted her position and turned her head to look up at me. I supported her head and shoulders with my right hand and put my left hand on the side of her face and gently stroked her neck and under her chin.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“No, baby, thank you. You helped me more than you know. I still feel guilty about touching you like I did last night, that was entirely wrong and there is no way for me to justify it. I just hope I can make it up to you.”

“But Daddy, I told you…”

“No, just be quiet, I need to finish what I started without rambling on like I did. You are such a beautiful girl, Traci, and I hate to admit it but I also find you desirable. The fact is though that you are my daughter and regardless of how I feel I need to keep my feelings under control. So I must accept full responsibility for last night.”

“This morning, well this morning is another story entirely. Since your Mom and I started sleeping in separate rooms it’s been a long time since I have been intimate with a woman. I still have the same urges and feelings that I did when we shared a bed, but since I don’t have her as an outlet anymore I occasionally masturbate. After seeing you and touching you last night I was so highly strung that I just had to relieve myself. Then for me to be so loud that you had to come into the room and see me naked and masturbating, it made me feel like a pervert to be exposing myself to you.” I felt good being able to get this out, but Traci slightly giggled and it stopped me dead.

When I looked at her she was grinning and brought up her hand and placed it over my mouth.

“Okay, now it’s your turn to be quiet and listen.” Her grin faded and she got more serious. “I can’t let you take full responsibility for last night, it was mostly my fault. If you recall I’m the one who called you into my room to begin with. Do you really think I needed help to pull up a sheet? I’m also the one who moved so that your hand would come down on my breast. After the way I saw how my breasts affected you I wanted to give you a thrill, and me as well -that’s what I meant about being bold. I also saw you looking up my pajama bottoms at my vagina. I didn’t do that on purpose but it made me feel excited to have you see my most private parts. I could have put my legs together but for some reason I didn’t want to, mostly because I knew you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. When you fell on me I kind of lost control. It felt so wonderful to have you squeezing my titty, and when I felt your hardness against me and you started rubbing on me I got so excited that I guess it was just an automatic response for me to rub you back. It made me feel squishy to think that a man, especially my own father, would be aroused by me.”

“What the fuck,” I thought. I could not believe what Traci was telling me. I tried to peel her hand away from my mouth so I could say something, but she sensed this and pressed it harder against me.

“As far as this morning goes, I know about masturbation, Daddy. In fact, after you left my room last I also needed relief so I masturbated too. We learned a little about it in sex-ed at school and I know that it’s natural for men and women to sometimes do it when they don’t have a partner for sex. And since you and Mom don’t sleep together anymore I had already figured you did it every once in a while. So this morning wasn’t a complete surprise to me. What shocked me was when I … I saw your penis in your hand. It’s the first time I had ever seen one, other than pictures at school, and I didn’t know how big they were for real.”

I couldn’t let this go too much further, I certainly wasn’t ready to get into a ‘birds-and-bees conversation with her, so I pulled her hand off of my mouth and told her I thought we had both had our piece to say so there wasn’t any point in carrying on.

“All right, but can I have a kiss?” She leaned upward while pulling me head down so that our lips met in a soft kiss.

The touch of her lips was exhilarating. Her lips were so tender and warm that I didn’t want to break our kiss and let it linger for a few extra seconds. She must have sensed that I enjoyed our kiss for she hugged me a bit tighter and increased the pressure of her lips against mine. I caught a light scent of her strawberry lip gloss and although I knew I shouldn’t I just had to taste it. I parted my lips and licked across her lips faintly while removing my mouth from hers.

“Oh, that tickled,” she smiled at me. “Do you like my strawberry lips? Would you like another quick taste?”

“Yes and yes, but don’t get any ideas.”

I bent down, intending to simply lick her lips. I pulled her head closer and opened my mouth a little so I could use my tongue to taste her strawberry lips but she evidently thought I was going to kiss her and surprised me by bringing her lips fully in contact with mine. When my tongue met her lips she opened her mouth and before I knew it the tip of her tongue was dancing with mine. She had turned my quick little peck into a full blown lovers kiss and I couldn’t help myself but to pull her a little tighter against me. She apparently felt the same and moved so that both of her arms were around my neck while we mashed and ground our lips together in a passionate kiss.

When she put her arms around me she had moved so that she was lying on my lap on her left side and my left hand had slipped from her cheek so that it was now on her chest just below her neck and between the straps of her halter. I hadn’t stopped my caresses though, but now instead of her cheek I was caressing her bare flesh just above her breasts. She felt so warm and tasted so luscious that I soon found my hand making small circle downward until it slipped under her halter top and my fingers tips were brushing the edge of her brassiere.

I knew I was going too far but her soft moans while we were kissing urged me past caution and I let my hand drift onto her tit and gently knead it through her bra. Her small breast filled my hand and as soon as I began squeezing it she broke our kiss and exhaled a long subdued sigh. She moved her right hand from around from neck and placed it on top of mine, pressing her little tittie tighter into my palm. I could feel her hard little nipple pressing into my palm like a pebble and she moaned when I circled my hand over it. “Oohhh, Daddy that feels so good. Please rub my nipple and squeeze my tit.”

“Rub my nipple and squeeze my tit” that phrase made me realize just what I was doing and to whom I was doing it. I pulled my hand away as if burned and broke our kiss and embrace.
Traci looked at me with wonder and asked what was wrong, why had I stopped.

“Traci,” I explained, “I don’t know what I am doing or why I am doing this. This wasn’t what I had in mind when I said I needed to see you. You’re my daughter for crying out loud. I can’t be molesting you like this. We’ve got to stop this before it goes any further!”

“But what if I want it to go further Daddy?’ she asked. “I’m still excited over last night and seeing you masturbating this morning. I wouldn’t object if you picked up where you stopped. Kiss me, Daddy, and feel me up. Squeeze my titty. Play with my body.” With that she took my hand and guided it back to her breast.

Sensing she now didn’t have to force me into playing with her breast she put her hand back on my neck and pulled my head down to exchange another tongue swapping kiss. She was right, between the passionate kisses and her urging me to feel her tits I didn’t need any encouragement and let my hand freely roam back and forth over them both. Her little titties felt so soft and supple through her bra I just had to feel them and slipped my hand inside to cup one. It felt like half of an orange in my hand as I massaged it and her nipple seemed to stiffen even more. I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger and Traci let out a small grunt and seemed to catch her breath.

Having her lying on my lap while I fondled her was a bit awkward so I put both of my hands under her to hold her and stood up. I turned around and laid her on her back on the couch and knelt down beside her so I could have freer access to her young body. She looked up at me with a bit of wonder as I had stood up but when I laid her down she realized what I was doing and opened her arms to pull my face down to hers. I could now use both of my hands to discover the wonders of this nubile 13 year old before me.

I wasted no time in returning my hand to her wonderful little titties, but this time I ran right up under her bra without hesitation. Her brassiere was restraining the freedom I wanted so I raised her and reached behind her back to unhook the strap and allow me to remove the cumbersome garment. She smiled at me and raised her arm above her head so I could remove her bra and halter.

“Does Daddy like his little daughters’ titties? Does Daddy want to feel them some more?”

I didn’t need her wise ass comments and shut her up by grinding my lips against hers and stabbing my tongue back into her mouth. While massaging her beautiful mounds and tweaking her hard nipples I withdrew my tongue from her mouth, broke our kissing and began to slowly lick my way down her face and neck and into the valley between her breasts. I kissed the sides of her titties and drew circles around them with my tongue and occasionally suckled her nipple and tweaked it. Her nipples were so hard they felt like peas in my mouth and the tip of my tongue sensed tiny goose bumps surrounding them. My sucking caused her to groan out loud and arch her back and try to stuff her entire breast into my mouth.

While paying homage to her magnificent mounds my right hand was gently stroking her bare stomach and working down toward her shorts. As my hand softly caressed her bare midriff I could feel her breathing in short gasps of arousal, and I would never have imagined how excited I could have become simply by caressing her warm supple flesh.

It started to become a bit uncomfortable keeping my mouth on her tits while slowly working my fingers down her body, so I slowly separated my mouth from her tender mounds. I began to slowly lick and kiss my way down between her tits and unto her torso until I reached her navel. I had heard that this was an erogenous zone for some women and was delighted to find this to be true of Traci when I started to gently kiss around her navel and occasionally stab my tongue into it. I had let my right hand continue its’ journey while kissing my way down her body until I had it resting on top of her pubic mound. While continuing to pay loving attention to her navel I started to lightly stroke my fingers across her crotch, while at the same time bringing my left hand up to her titties and flicking and rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

Traci seemed to like this multiple attention to the sensitive parts of her body as she let out a long sigh. She arched her back a little and dropped her right arm and leg so that they dangled off of the edge of the sofa. Since her entire crotch was now freely accessible I moved my hand to cover it and began firmly rubbing her pussy through her shorts. She started gyrating her hips against my hand as I rubbed and I could feel the heat radiating through her shorts.

“Oh, Daddy,” she groaned. “I love it. Play with me. Rub my pussy and make me feel good.”

I wasn’t about to argue, if she wants me to play - then play I will, and moved my hand up and started unbuttoning her shorts so I could get my fingers into her tight young hole. I had been kissing my way down her stomach while unbuttoning her shorts and at about the same time I started sliding my hand between her shorts and her panties my lips reached her waist line. My nose was almost directly over her crotch when I opened the front of her shorts and as my hand slipped down over her damp panties I hungrily inhaled the aroma of the heady juices produced by the sexual arousal of her young fresh body.

Her shorts were so tight that it was kind of restrictive to get to her pussy like I wanted to so I started to slide them off her butt. She obviously knew what I wanted to do because she suddenly put both of her legs together and raised them in the air, and lifted her ass up off of the cushions. I started pulling her shorts off when she unexpectedly stopped me.

“Daddy, why don’t you take my panties off too? I know you want to and I want you to also, and then we won’t have to stop to do it later.” I couldn’t really argue the point because I did have every intention of stripping her entirely naked before long, and since it was her suggestion…..

I stood up, grasped her shorts and panties in my hands and peeled them off of her. I went slowly, not out of any concern of frightening her – she certainly knew what was happening by this time - or of trying not to seem too over-eager, but simply to enjoy the moment as her luscious young body was revealed to me a little at a time. I wasn’t disappointed. As I removed the garments from around her feet she rested her butt back on the sofa, dropped her right leg back onto the floor and bent her left leg and rested it against the back of the sofa.

So her she was. My daughter. My beautiful, naked 13 year old daughter Traci. I just stood there for a moment in awe and stared. She was absolutely gorgeous. Small tittie mounds capped with eraser hard nipples leading to a slender, indented waist and then widening to her rounded hips and tapering down her teen legs; and nestled in the midst of it all her unflawed, virgin pussy. She had a slight scattering of pubic hair, about what I expected from what I had seen before and what one would expect for someone her age, and I could see the tip of her clitoris poking out from under its’ hood at the top of her slit. With her legs splayed as they were it pulled her pussy lips apart to reveal the pink of her inner flesh, and looking past the moist folds I could just make out darker opening of her fuck hole. Her gaping wetness looked so inviting that I was tempted to crawl on top of her and slide myself inside, but I held off because I knew I would have her before we were through and wanted to prolong this moment as much as possible.

As my gaze traveled up her to her face I could not believe that this was my little girl lying before me. Her eyes were half closed and she had enigmatic smile on her face as she traced her tongue over her lips and reached her arms up towards me and wriggled her fingers.

“Come here, Daddy. Kiss me. I want your lips on mine and your tongue in my mouth.”

As I knelt down beside her and lowered my face towards hers she wrapped her arms around me and pulled my head down sharply until our lips mashed together. I barely had time to realize what was happening before I felt her stabbing her tongue into my mouth. I tried to hold her head steady with my left hand as I brought my right hand up to mold and stroke her right breast and tweak her nipple. She moaned as I moved my lips off of hers and began to suckle her left tit while moving my right hand slowly and caressingly down her torso until it reached the top of her pussy mound. I slid my hand down until my extended fingers covered her slit and my thumb was resting on her clit.

I couldn’t believe how warm and wet she felt as I caressed her tender pussy, but the next feeling I had was unexpected and indescribable. Traci had lifted her dangling right hand and started fumbling around the outside of my shorts, feeling for and trying to get a grip on my cock.

“I want to feel your dick, Daddy. I know it’s there. Please help me find it so I can play with you and make you feel good too.”

(More coming [cumming?] soon.)

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