All three of us were curled on the couch watching some cheesy HBO skin flick. I was in the middle, leaning against my boyfriend, Shawn, and his best friend, Alex, was leaning against the far side of the couch. Shawn turned his head to us and made the off hand comment he wouldn't mind doing that. I stared blankly at the TV and watched as a woman had her way with two men. Alex shifted a bit on the couch. "Yeah, looks like fun." I said just staring at the screen and chuckled.

The next thing I knew Shawn began running his hands along my sides and reached for the bottom of my shirt, tugging it up. Alex scooted a bit closer and began to rub my leg as he gazed into my eyes. I felt my entire body leap without moving. Shawn sat me up and pulled off my shirt, my breasts resting in my black lacy bra, nipples hard and pushing against the fabric, then pressed his body against mine, wrapping his arms around my back and with a flick of his wrist my breasts were released. Shawn began to suck on my tits as Alex slid his hands up to the button of my shorts.

I felt myself moisten as Alex undid my shorts, tugged them past my hips and down my legs. To his surprise I wasn't wearing any panties. Alex licked his lips and brought his face to my wet pussy. I gasped as I felt his tongue penetrate my lips and stroke my clit, causing Shawn to suck on my nipples harder, slipping his hands to his pants and began to work to get them off. I spread my legs further apart giving Alex easier access; my heart began to race as what was happening began to set in.

As Alex licked hungrily at my sopping wet pussy, he removed his pants then reluctantly pulled away to pull his shirt over his head. Alex then began to tug at my hips, pulling my ass to the edge of the couch, he rose to his hips and I saw his hard, throbbing cock just before he pressed it against my lips, rubbing it the length of my swollen clit. As Shawn stood up, he removed his shirt and tossed it aside, and then climbed up onto the couch, his cock inches from my face, he stepped over my legs with one of his. I moaned as Alex pushed his cock into my pussy, filling me completely, instinctively I squeezed tightly around the shaft.

I slipped my tongue from my mouth and flicked the tip of Shawn's large cock, tilted my head forward and wrapped my lips around the swollen head. Shawn braced himself with one hand against the wall and slipped the fingers from the other into my hair, gently guiding my head as I sucked his cock. Alex ran his hands up and down my sides and grabbed at my hips, holding me still as he fucked me. My moans were lost in theirs; I began to rock my hips against Alex's plunging his throbbing cock deeper into my tight wet pussy. I began to trace along the inside of Shawn's thigh, bringing my hand to his full balls I began to gently massage them, letting them rolls in my little hand. I moaned again, my mouth full of Shawn's cock; I could feel the head of his dick touch the back of my throat, the taste of precum on my tongue.

Shawn pulled back, his cock still throbbing from my hard sucking, and stepped down from the couch, taking my hand in his. I sat up and Alex pulled his cock out of my aching pussy. Shawn led me to the bedroom, sat down on the bed, grabbed my slender hips and turned me around. Alex stood in front of me, stroking his hard cock as Shawn pulled my ass cheeks apart. Alex then grabbed my hips and helped balance me as climbed up onto Shawn's cock and the bed. My knees were pressed against my breasts as I felt Shawn's wet cock press against my tight ass, I moaned as his cock slowly penetrated my hole.

Alex pushed my upper body back and slid his cock back into my pussy. Leaning back, with my arms supporting me, my ass and pussy filled with cock I moaned loudly and bit my lower lip. The pain and pleasure coming from double penetration was almost too much to handle. Shawn slid his eight-inch cock all the way into my ass, filling it completely then began to rock his hips; his hands around my chest massaging my large erect breasts. Alex pumped furiously into my hot, wet pussy, his breathing becoming labored, and his hands on my hips holding me in place.

I squeezed tightly around both of their cocks, feeling my own climax begin to build. Shawn's cock swelled inside my ass as I squeezed and he started to fuck me faster, moaning as he did so. Alex closed his eyes, and began to feel that familiar warmth rise in his cock as he steadily pumped it into my pussy. I was moaning with almost each breath, wanting so badly to feel them explode inside me, I squeezed harder. Shawn's body began to shudder underneath me as his cock exploded filling my ass with his thick cum, his moans mixing with Alex's and mine, he wrapped his arms around my chest tightly as his climax peaked, pumping his spurting cock in and out of my tight ass. As Shawn came into my ass I felt my own climax begin causing my body to tense and my pussy to spasm around Alex's cum filled cock.

I started to rock my hips in rhythm with Alex's motions, wanting to cum around his cock. I tossed my head back and was moaning so loudly almost screaming as I came, a cock in each hole. Alex's couldn't hold back any longer, let loose with his and filled my pussy with his jetting cum. Both of us quivering, our strokes becoming slower, and our moans softening, fell our climaxes subside. Alex leaned forward, kissed me softly, and smiled as he pulled his cock out of my pussy and helped me up off the bed. Shawn quickly sat up, stood behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. He said in a chuckle, "Yeah, looks like fun, indeed."

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2008-07-03 20:15:11
I fingered myself through the whole story. So hot


2004-05-30 18:50:25
that was good it got me wet


2004-05-12 15:12:47
was a fucking fantastic story


2004-05-06 01:21:19
Made Old Fucker's cock hard. And, I'm going to stroke off now.
Women are built to accomodate, serve and enjoy multiple partners--that's why this story was hot and rings so naturally true.


2004-05-02 18:09:48
made me want to have 2 guys alll @ once...:)

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