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As Amie's birthday approached, she only had one wish. She wanted to lose her virginity. She had given oral before, but no one had ever returned the favor and given her the hard, stiff cock she ached for. She knew her friends knew of her desire, and hoped for her party tonight they found someone for her. She always thought the idea of them setting her up was extremely erotic, and hoped they didnt let her down. She could feel her sweet pussy moisten thinking about her party, and hopefully the sex that would follow.

Amie went to the mall on her birthday with her best friend and her moms credit card. They never knew what to buy her, so gave her money and let her go. Amie knew she wanted a hot sexy outfit for tonight to look as sexy as she could. They went in to Victoria's Secret and found her a sexy bustier and matching stockings and panties, all in a deep red color, making her body look amazing. Her breasts squeezed out of the edges, making them appear even more lucious than they were. Her friend smiled at her and said that her man would love this and that she almost couldn't resist her. Amie giggled and slid back out of it and went to look for the rest of her outfit.

Amie went home and jumped into the shower to get ready, sliding her shorts off and tossing her shirt aside, she stepped into the steamy shower and started lathering her young tender body. As she ran her hands up her legs to lather them she brushed against her clit, making her softly moan. As she finished soaping, she couldnt resist touching herself again. She laid down in the tub, the showerhead spraying down onto her like rain. She spread her legs and gently ran her fingers up and down her pussy, softly playing with her clit over and over. She ran the one finger she could fit in over and over, as fast as she could go. She closed her eyes and imagined it was her date tonight, hammering his rock hard cock into her virgin pussy. She hammered herself hard until she let out a small orgasm. It wasnt her best but would have to do. She had laid their longer than she thought and if she didnt hurry would be late for her party.

She jumped out and dried off and smiled at herself in the mirror. She grabbed the baby oil and rubbed it all over to make her skin glisten and beg to be kissed. As it dried she slid her bustier under her new sweater, and pulled a sexy leather skirt on over her new panties and stockings. She was making herself wet just thinking about having sex tonight. Her nipples showing through her bustier and sweater. She smiled and knew he wouldn't be able to resist her and ran down the stairs to jump in her car and head to the party.

She walked in and was instantly the star of the party. All her friends were complimenting her new outfit, making her blush. She smiled and gave them all hugs and asked who her man was. She loved her friends but tonight was all about losing her virginity. Her best friend smile and pointed to the corner. Amie's face lit up as she saw one of the guys she had always had a crush on in high school. He was the star of the basketball team and gorgeous. He was built perfectly but was sweet which is what had always drawn her to him. She had never seen it but from friends had heard his cock was amazing and that he was great in bed. He had given her best friend 5 orgasms the last time they slept together when they dated.

Amie walked up to him and put her arm around him. He smiled down at her and put his arm around her and handed her a drink. She opened it and started drinking, and out of the corner of her eye glanced down at his crotch, seeing it grow as he stared at her. She leaned in and layed her hand on his crotch, saying she wanted him now and couldn't wait until the party was over. He smiled and took her hand and led her upstairs and away from the party so they'd be alone. He led her in to a room that her friends had prepared, lighting candles and having music play softly, Amie kissed him and told him to get comfortable she would be right back. She stepped in to the bathroom and slid out of her skirt and sweater, adjusted her breasts to look their best and came back out to find him naked and awaiting her.

Amie walked over and crawled up over him. She was a virgin but had watched enough movies to get some ideas on her head. She told him she wanted to ride him and just let him enjoy it. He smiled and layed back, pulling her satin covered pussy over his cock, the two rubbing together making her moan gently, aching for it to enter her. He reached in and pulled her panties off her, letting her freshly saved moist pussy exposed to his cock as she rubbed back and forth on it to lube herself up well before she took him in.

She slid her pussy back and felt his cock hit her hole. She picked it up with her pussy and started working up and down, slowly stretching her pussy as she worked in it. She let out screams as it slid in, stretching her virgin pussy with his 8" rock hard cock pumping in her. She worked it halfway in and stopped to let it adjust, moaning loud all the time, enjoying his feel. He massaged her breasts as she did it, making her moan even more. All at once she dropped her pussy down over his rod, filling up her sweet hole. She let out a loud scream from the pain as she gasped for breath, then smiled as it expanded and felt great. She started sliding back and forth, hitting the perfect spot, she worked it harder with every motion.

He grabbed her by the hips, helping her slide back and forth easier and faster, her pussy now loosened up she was going fast and hard. He untied her bustier and threw it aside letting her breasts bounce and slap off her chest. She moaned and screamed in pleasure, loving every minute of her first ride. He worked his hips in motion with hers, their bodies joined together then fucked harder and harder. Her breasts were slapping hard off her chest as he groaned loud and blew his hot load into her virgin pussy making her scream from the hot feeling inside of her. She then felt it coming, her first orgasm from a cock. She arched her back and buried his cock in her, screaming and pinching her nipples as she felt it cum. Her pussy tightened on his cock and squirted sweet juices out as he pinched her nipples harder giving her the ultimate orgasm. She wiggled on his cock as her orgasm ended and collapsed beside him in pleasure. She gasped to catch her breath and then leaned over, telling him it was the best birthday present she would ever get, and couldn't wait for her next time, hoping to herself that it was with him.

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2012-07-21 07:21:19
How old is amie in this story


2007-01-24 04:50:45
Please do more work. I liked it :)


2006-11-05 13:53:11
A little short but OK. Needs a follow up


2006-11-04 18:19:49
too short, guy has no name?


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ok story

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