Enchanting Encounter With Another Woman.

I sat, tears sparkling in the corners of my eyes reflecting and refracting the bright sunlight streaming around me, dazzled by the brilliance of the morning light, loath to strike them away, although they obscured everything around me, content to see the dancing auras of everything, so alive!, after spending such a long, long time in a dark and dangerous place.

The streets and buildings around me, I knew from before my imprisonment; their novel way of seeming, through the salt-water filter, enchanted me and brought a smile to my lips where none had lit for a long and weary time.

The weight of sadness and dispossession I had become used to lifted from me and I sat back and revelled in the joy that flooded my heart and lent it new vision as the tears gave my eyes new sight.

The waitress, suddenly beside me, asking for my order, startled me back to the real world, and I wiped the slight moisture away as I turned to her with a small squeak of surprise.

'Are you okay?', she asked gently, her smile uncertain, concern in her brilliant green eyes.

My smile stayed as I looked up at her, not wanting to go back into the shadows it had suddenly found itself freed from. 'Oh, I'm fine.' Impulsive honesty in the face of unexpected intimacy between strangers, 'I haven't been, but I truly think today I can say, 'I'm fine', and I think I might be 'well' tomorrow and perhaps 'great' by this time next week.'

Her hand rested on my shoulder for a fleeting moment, her reaching perhaps surprising her as much as my words had me, the gentle pressure comforting and encouraging.

Just as quickly we recovered, became waitress and customer again, bashful and a little shy. 'I'd like a latte, please. As milky as you can make it without compromising the espresso.' Smiles again as she walked gracefully away; returning with a coffee the perfect colour and, as it met my mouth, the pefect balance of milk and strong, full flavour.

'Aaaah...', I breathed, 'perfect.' And she left me to the aroma and taste, the warmth of it suffusing me and restoring the dreamy state I'd been enjoying before her interruption; although that, too, I had enjoyed, in an altogether different kind of way.

Of course, she lived next door to the small studio I'd found in the lovely, leafy street 2 blocks form the cafe. The day after I'd moved in we met on the stairs and smiled to see each other. A few days later a card under the door invited me in for a coffee.

I sat with her tabby on my lap in an armchair you could drown in, if you chose to sink so deep, drinking a perfect coffee, happier again than my last happy moment.

The shadows of the relationship I had struggled, flailing and flapping in my fight to escape from, receded further still and the face I wore before it was damaged so badly I thought it never would fit me again, returned to me and shone just like it used to shine.

I think I'm going to say something that might sound odd, and that I don't think I could dare say to anyone but you anytime but now...

She waited with her quizzical head-turn, waiting for me to find the words...

I feel like I was drowned, close to drifting away, without strength to raise my head above the water, and you are the hand that has pulled back into the air.

Smiling through a smatter of tears to take the pathos away, the smile slowly, with wonder, stretching and opening against her mouth and lips as she came and drew me to her with her hands in my hair, turning into a kiss as our tongues touched and twined and we shared the breathing of two melding, each into the other, to become just one wildly beating heart.

Slowly, we parted, nothing shy nor bashful between us now and I stood as she withdrew as if pulled to my feet by the bonding of us.

Embracing, lips now ahunger, urgent with desire and the fire blazing between us. With the contact of our hands traveling, exploring, finding nothing unfamiliar where they had never before touched, spreading the flames so that we had to shed our clothes, our very skins to save them from singeing.

Then, naked, now subsiding into cushions and soft spaces to stroke, stoking still the sparkings of the scintillating tingling as we travelled, touched and tasted: drank and toasted each the other with no doubt to drive between us - perfect us in perfect balance.

I took her nipple in my mouth, teasing and tonguing as I drew it in with deep, suckling draughts as she twined her hands in my long, curling hair and arched up against me and reached down to cup my breast, to squeeze and roll it, fingertips tugging at the rockhard nubbins stretching up for her attention, growing harder yet underneath her twisting fingertips.

Her smooth skin stretched taut over ribs under my lips as I moved down to her belly, one hand still on her wonderfully full breast as the other traced the fat, full lips of her pinkly puffed-up cunt.

I tickled down the frill of the sealed inner lips, protectively encasing the satin, silk-smooth rose-flesh of her moist, slick slit. A cry, escaped from lips half parted as her head falls back against the soft sofa arm and her hand closes on the one of mine remaining loyal to her right breast.

Her other hand strokes my face and forehead and her fingers follow the flowing, curling tresses of my long, dark hair a-tumble as it falls and frames my face as I lick and suck her cunt flesh, splitting cuntlips open, sliding down the salted-strawberry tasting softness to tickle at her wet hole. Then, flick quickly up the same path to suck and lick and tongue-tip flick her clit, erect and peeking from the folded lip-flesh hooding of her perfectly formed cunt lips.

Her moans coame hard and faster and her hips rolled and bucked beneath me as her sweet cunt gushed sweet juices, set like honey on my tongue.

I sucked her, chewed her, ate her slit and hole and clit flesh as I fucked her with smooth strokings with my gently probing fingers. She clasped my face tight to her, held it deep inside her darkness as she shuddered and trembled with the waves of electrifying passion that engulfed her and then washed her away in an orgasmic burst of pleasure; then released as she released me and eased into stillness.

I turned my face to lay my cheek to rest on her smoothly curving pubis and we both lay spent and silent in the stillness of the moment.

Then she stirred, and rose above me, disentangled legs from arms and pillows, swung away to stand and watch me - 'Now, you, stretch along the sofa.'

Whispered soft, yet still a command; my small protest quickly silenced as I floated in the pleasure that her hands and mouth laid on me. I stroked her hair as she took my small manly nipple in her mouth n sucked and bit with her teeth. This trigered an erection in my groin.

When her sharp teeth niped my nipples I felt a sharp electric current flash down through my blazing belly to wake an echo of sensation in my throbbing, blooming cock-rose. It swelled and blossomed, bursting, set me almost screaming with the its hunger when her searching fingers found it nestled on it.

Stroking it between thumbtip and fingers, she jacked it off like a horsecock, my hips following the rhythm, no command from me to tell them. Still jerking me gently off, raising her head to watch me.

Touch yourself, she whispered. Show me how you like your cock pumped while i bite ur tits..

Watching avidly as I watched her watching while I squeezed and rolled my balls and then, matching her strokes on my ecstatic cock I tugged and pinched and pulled at my nipples, squeezing hard then gently jerking so the two sensations felt like one huge blanket of pleasure enveloping me.

Eyes locked on mine, she lowered her mouth to me, my hips thrusting up to meet her. I watched her as she licked me, as she parted my engorged lips with her fingers and gave my gushing cock a fucking with her tongue that took me over the edge of pleasure into mind- exploding climax.

I screamed in agonised pleasure, but she continued on, relentless, lips moving up to the hilt of my cock, while wedged my fingers filled her fuckhole and then stretched and probed her tight asshole, squeezing through the tight virgin sphincter to slide deep into her ass and stoke the wall joining vagina and rectum so it felt like there was no barrier and she was just full of me.

Pumping faster, harder, deeper so I came again, again, more screaming and then panting, moaning, No, oh, stop, no don't.. stop, don't - I can't stand it, ah.. no.. harder.. stop! No, faster!

In a flood, my cock erupted, hot juice streaming over her hands and face as she placed her lips over the splashing cockeyehole and drank all that I could give her 'til I nearly passed out from the pleasure, and fireworks exploded behind my eyes.

I drew her up to lie beside me, and we kissed, still gently stroking, the fire quenched, for the moment, soft feathered touches sent us smoothly into slumber, deep and peaceful as an ocean - sweet dreams lapping softly on the shores of peaceful sleep.



Lil DemonReport

2009-04-02 04:42:22
i think it was beautiful and very well done .. very awsome .. thank you .. please keep it up.


2006-11-08 09:22:05
for what was was good. not great, good.

more words, more comments, more expression would be nice...but it was good....keep writing

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