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She learns the error of her ways.
There it was, the flashing signal on his computer screen: "Urgent email"
Mike clicked on it and wearily saw "Urgent email from The Chief Executive's P.A." Not using her name. Kate Harrington was wallowing in the self granted status of her position.

"The report Mr John Field, CEO, requested from you is now overdue. I was present when he instructed you as to its urgency."
Interestingly John Field placed no value on his status and position. His own talent and people skills meant that Mike and the other executives were loyal and would work their guts for him.

Wearily he typed. "John is aware that the information we needed from New York was two days late. I emailed him last night saying I would be a couple of hours late."

"Kindly follow my previous instruction to you and copy me with your emails to the CEO."
He didn't bother to reply. She was not his boss and could give no instruction.
Later that afternoon John Field came to Mike's work station.
"Security tells me you were here until midnight last night. Thanks Mike, let's have a beer after work on Friday."
"Cheers John, I'll be there"

11 o'clock next morning. "Urgent email from The Chief Executive's P.A.."
"Mr John Field has found serious errors in your report. Come to his office immediately. This is a very serious matter!"

Taking his copy with him Mike walked the corridor. Kate had a large office outside John's which doubtless added to her sense of status.
And there she was. "The dragon in the angel's body" as she was known around the office. At 21 she was a couple of years younger than Mike.
She could have been a model. Tall, almost 5 foot 10 and as slim as an eel. Her golden hair in cascading curls came well past her shoulders. In contrast her face was pale.

Those who did not know her would have thought her beautiful face showed a youthful naivety; that is until they saw her large green eyes: strong, confident and seldom blinking.
Her choice of tops conformed to a pattern, never showing an inch of flesh, but always tight. Her breasts, perhaps slightly larger than a model's would be, always seemed to be testing the fabric of her clothes. In contrast her choice of skirt almost always revealed her legs to half way up her thighs.
"And so she should," thought Mike. Her legs were the most magnificent he had seen. Long and slim, lightly muscled and perfectly shaped. He wished the day had been hotter and she could have tantalised him more by not wearing panty hose.

"John Field is not ready for you yet. Wait here." Her attention returned to her computer.
Mike walked to the window and looked out. There was her brand new convertible Porsche was in the car park. A wedding present from her husband.
"New wheels going OK, Kate?" he asked.
She paused. "I believe I passed you in your old banger on the motorway this morning."
Indeed she had, golden hair flowing, designer sunglasses glinting.

Mike had put up with this for almost two years. He was now immune to it.
"I'm surprised you noticed."
After fifteen minutes John Field came out.
"Ah Mike, you are earlier than I expected. Can you help me? Your airfreight figures are higher than our initial projections. Why is that?"
"The new fuel surcharge, John. I believe I put a reference note and appended Courrier Fast's email."
John studied the report. "Indeed you did. Sorry Mike, I shouldn't have doubted you. Remember that beer on Friday" He returned to his office.

"Serious error! Very serious matter! Get a life Kate."
She studied her finger nails.
"And Kate, you caused me to waste 20 minutes. I was here till midnight the other night.
"You may have the most fabulous legs I have seen, but Kate, don't, don't go wasting my time."

She didn't talk for a moment. "I don't welcome comments about my legs from someone like you. I am considering a sexual harassment complaint."
Mike stormed out.

At three in the afternoon he was at his work station when he became aware of a presence beside him. He swivelled in his chair. He knew from the perfume that it was Kate.
"Slumming it, Mrs Harrington? To what do we owe this pleasure?" His eyes, when sitting were almost level with her breasts. He lingered before looking up.
"John Field has asked me to compile some information which he needs on his desk first thing tomorrow. They tell me you are the expert on the Flintlock project. You must assist me immediately."

"Mrs Harrington. I also have important work. I may consider helping you at 5.30, provide you say please."
"Please Mike, but I can't stay that late. David is taking me to dinner."
"Interesting choice for you Kate; which is your highest priority: your husband or your job? But because you said please I will be here at 5.30."

She was there at 5.30 sitting in a chair beside Mike. Sitting down caused her mini skirt to ride up a fraction. Mike feasted his eyes. She was aware of his gaze and futilely tried to pull the hem down.
As expected she assumed charge, taking over the keyboard and mouse. After a couple of minutes Mike had had enough.
"Kate, I'm not going to stay here until midnight just to train you about my filing system, and I'm not going to have you wreaking my data."
He grasped her hand which held the mouse. She refused to let go and he had to use both hands to pry her fingers loose. Was that a lingering touch from her? Surely not, her green eyes were flashing.

Their talk was confined to the project. Kate was arrogant but by no means stupid.She quickly appreciated his knowledge and business expertise and was happy to be guided by him. Sharing one computer screen meant they were close. Once her hair flowed and wafted against his face, a couple of times their shoulders touched and when she moved her chair her thigh brushed his knee. He said nothing and didn't react

By 8 o'clock she had the data she required.
"I need a summary Mike."
"Please?" he looked at her.
"Please," there was a hint of a smile.
For ten minutes he typed away, then hit the print button.
"I suppose this will have to do." She gathered all the other papers, stood and started to walk away.
"Thanks Mike," he called.
She stopped and turned. "Thanks Mike, I really mean it'"
"Enjoy your dinner."
"He's gone without me."

It was Friday evening and Mike was in the pub with his boss John Field.
"Tell me Mike, what's your assessment of Kate?"
Mike said nothing.
"Please be honest with me, Mike. I know she can be a pain in the ass."
"She is bright, should could have got a degree, she's well organised and a great organiser."
"But she is so arrogant She thinks because she is your P.A., because she is so beautiful, she can treat people with contempt."
"I know and I know she is worse with you than anyone else. There is a reason, which she may tell you one day. I haven't said anything because I wanted to see if you could cope. You have done so, brilliantly."
John added. "I've met her husband, a hugely wealthy stock broker. Apart from his money, I couldn't see the attraction: he's twice her age, fat and pompous. He treats her like a trophy. I was disappointed for her. It just shows how much she values money and showing off her perception of status."

"Any way, the reason for this chat is that I want you and her to work together on the Flintlock project. You'll be surprised to learn I couldn't stop her going on about how brilliant you were when you helped her the other night."
"Really," said Mike remembering the "I suppose this will have to do."
"Really, in the end I told her to shut up. There will be a lot of overtime. She's OK'd it with her husband, although I doubt he is happy"
"Will I be team leader?'
"Yes, but with Kate you'll have to earn it. I'm setting up her office as a project base and suggest you work in there each day from 4pm."
Was that a twinkle in John Field's eye?

At 4 on Monday Mike shifted his Flintlock files to Kate's office.
Kate greeted him warmly. It was a hot day and her legs were bare below her skirt.
"I was so angry with John. He told you how much I enjoyed working with you didn't he?"
"I enjoyed working with you too Kate, you are very smart. Arrogant but smart."
She said nothing. They set out their plan to meet John Field's requests and sat at their own computers, talking business talk when necessary.
John still had visitors whom Kate attended to, some of Mike's younger colleagues winked at him when they saw him.
At 6 pm John wished them goodnight. There were still other employees in the outer office but they had the Directors' suite to themselves.
Their conduct was totally professional and hard working.
Sometimes Kate would call Mike over to look at her screen. He wheeled his chair to her and sitting close it was seemed inevitable that their shoulders would brush, their thighs would contact.
Was it inevitable? Mike somehow doubted he would brush John Field's thigh in a similar situation.

At 10 pm the building was deserted but for them.
Mike said, "You've done brilliantly Kate. Let's not burn ourselves out." Apart from eating sushi at their desks at 8 they had worked without a break.
"John said we could have some of his wine anytime after 10." He nodded, she went to the fridge. Malborough Sauvignon Blanc?"
"Great." He sat in an arm chair, she in another opposite. She crossed her thighs.
"God, how far did those legs go up?" he thought. She saw his gaze but did nothing.
They continued chatting. She seemed nervous and Mike noticed she was knocking the drinks back.
Suddenly she stood up and moved in front of him. Her look was earnest.
"Did you mean it when you said my legs were the best you have ever seen?"
"By a country mile, but I haven't seen all of them all the way up."
"Would you like to see?"
"I think I should."

Staring at him earnestly, clearly seeking his approval, she undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor.
She was wearing the briefest of black knickers. Indeed her upper thighs, firm and shapely were more than a match for the rest.
"Best by two county miles."
He was surprised at how grateful her smile was, how she blushed a little.

"Can I sit on your lap?" She moved to him. He held her face in both his hands.
"Kate my beauty."
They kissed. He was surprised, and delighted, at her ardour. Their tongues fought their duel, their lips moved hungrily.
Mike stroked her lovely golden locks, her throat he stroked with his finger tips. She gasped when he reached her breast and kissed him even more urgently.

She pulled back, holding his hand to her breast. He was amazed to see tears in her eyes.
"Mike," she said. "I think I have made a terrible mistake."
"Come on Kate, this is just fooling around. Not that bad. Yet."
"Do you know why I have been so nasty to you?"
"I wish I did."
"I have loved you almost from the first time I saw you."
"You've had a strange way of showing it."
"I'm so sorry, but I was engaged, now married, to David. Being like this makes me realize I have never loved him. Its getting worse, working with you."

"John said David is a fat pompous ass. He's twice your age."
"And his friends are worse. At dinner parties all they do is talk about their brilliant deals. Their trophy wives listen in awe and only talk horses and fashion."
"Why did you choose him over me?"

"This sounds terrible, but I'm sure it was the money."
Mike's hand strayed to her knickers and covered her pubic mound. She put her hand on top.
"Please don't go inside darling. You see, I loved the corporate boxes, the first class travel, unlimited expense on clothes. Does that sound terrible?"
"Yes Kate, it sure does."

She sipped her wine and thought for some time.

"Mike, are my breasts the best you have seen? By a county mile?"
"You are silly Kate, I haven't seen them."
"Do you think you should?"
"I think I should."

She stood in front of him, again with that earnest, enquiring expression. She lifted her blouse over her head. The bra was quickly unclipped.
"34 C," confirmed Mike and, oh so beautiful. Her breasts had a pearly white lustre, her aureoles and nipples a bright blushing pink. Youthful, firm and jutting.

"Best by ten country miles." She wilted him with her proud smile.

When she came to him he buried his face in her mamaries. he massaged, he tweaked and sucked and nibbled.
"Shit, two years missing out on this," he thought angrily and sucked harder, knowing it was hurting her
"Harder Mike, harder till I scream in pain."
He moved his hand down under her knickers. A fleeting touch of her trimmed pubes before she drew his hand away.
"No Mike darling. I need time to think."
When Mike reflected later he marvelled at his self control, resisting the urge to spank her ass.

She sat back and placed her hand on his on the outside of her knickers. He could feel the dampness. "At least she is suffering like me," he thought.
"What's your sex life like with him."
"Horrible. I hate his fat body. Fortunately, at least in one way, he gets pissed most nights and just snores. I cant imagine how I ever let him touch me."
"Well Kate. He doesn't seem to have a lot going for him," nibbling her right nipple.
She groaned and her hips moved.
"But," she said.
"I know," he continued. "You have a pre-nuptual agreement."
"Yes, if I leave I get nothing."

Mike stood up.
"Kate, I don't know what to say. I think in some ways you deserve to be in this position."
"Mike, don't be angry with me. I couldn't bear it."

He walked out leaving her to get dressed and tidy up.

The next evening, was pretty much a repeat. again Kate was down to her brief, green this time, knickers, her body and passion driving Mike wild. Again she stopped him before her knickers were off, before the carnal step.
When he had regained control.
"Kate I am flesh and blood also. I can't stand this. The next time you take off your clothes, it will be for fucking. If you don't want to fuck, don't strip."
"I understand Mike. I know I am not being fair. I'm trying to decide."

The next two days passed affectionately, but without passion. At ten Kate tidied up, kissed Mike lingeringly and tenderly and left, her clothing intact.

On Friday at six John Field stopped to chat.
"Coming to the pub you two?"
"No thanks very much John. We can finish stage 2 tonight."
"Great. I really appreciate the effort you are putting in. Kate's restocked the wine I see. Have a good night."
"You too boss."

Everyone one else had left the office. Mike noticed a beautifully parcelled box on his desk.
"We don't have to finish stage 2 tonight do we?"
"No, I can do it tomorrow."
"Aren't you going to open your present?"
She had brought out some wine and was sitting in an arm chair.
Carefully he unwrapped the present. It was what he hoped. Her black knickers

"Is my cunt the best you have seen. By a country mile?"
He turned to look. She was lying back in the arm chair, her left leg over the left arm, her right leg splayed against the other arm.
Her sparse golden pubes did not hide the beautiful vertical smile.
"Great so far, but I need to see more."
"With her fingers she first parted her outer labia, then the inner. Her glistening cunt seemed to beckon him.

He hoped John Field wouln't mind, or better still, wouldn't find out. But the thick Persian carpet and the pillows from his sofa in his office were ideal.

He wanted Kate to take him first in her mouth and he wanted to have his cock right down her throat. Kate needed a little instruction but now was ideally poised.
She was kneeling astride him, her head towards his feet, his cock deep in her mouth.
Her cunt was directly over Mike's face.
In this position her throat was straightened , easing his passage past her tonsils.
At first she had gagged a couple of times, but she warmed to her duties.
She loved the feel of this enormous rigid invader, she loved feeling his reactions, his writhing at her ministrations, she was proud to be able to open her throat to him.
Mike's hips bucked in ecstacy as she moved up and down, sometimes sucking vigorously, sometime lapping him with her tongue and lips.He started to thrust and she adjusted to meet his rhythm.
The hand she was using to cup his balls felt them tighten, Mikes groans increased, he felt the surge start from his loins then surge through his cock to her throat. She awallowed every drop of his cum.

Afterwards she concentrated on his knob as he has requested. But oh, so tenderly. After ejaculation he was painfully, exquisitely sensitive there.

Soon he pulled her hips down. She kept his cock in her mouth, but did nothing. It was her turn.
It was a combination of his fingers, his lips, his tongue, his ever so careful teeth. It was a combination of her clitoris, her G spot, her cervix, her rectum. All were probed and delighted. She had to spit out his cock for fear she would bite it.
Her orgasms hit her in waves. She lost all awareness of the universe apart from that area from her ass to her belly. She lost control of her heaving haunches.

She wailed the plaintive wail of a woman denied ecstacy for too long.

She was aware she squirted her ejaculant over his face, but this seemed only to arouse him more.

He shifted his position and she was aware of two fingers up her ass. At first they stretched her, but gently he pushed her sphyncter from side to side. He felt that muscle relax and his two fingers plumbed her intestine.

Mike rolled out from underneath. "Please stay in that position, my darling little fucker."
She saw he was covering his cock with lubricant.
"Be gentle MIke, my ass is a virgin for you," she whispered.
She need not have worried. His fingers had relaxed her anal muscle, he was well lubricated and took time and care.
After a few minutes her ass was so relaxed he was able to withdraw completely and re-enter her anus with no resistance from her guardian muscle.
She juddered with pleasure and he repeated, again and again, each time exploring deeper, each time thrusting harder. Each time full thrusts from his tip to his pubic bone.
Her pleasure grunts mounted.

When he was fully in, thrusting his loins to her buttocks, he gripped her hip with one hand and found her clitoris with the other.
God, she felt so full, she loved the size of his cock, the sensations from her smooth rectum.
"Fill my ass, you ass fucking bastard," she hissed.
His pounding started, her delighted grunts. She could feel him push ever deeper. His fingers on her clitoris doubled her pleasure. She squeezed her bum to heighten her sensations, pushed her buttocks back hard and heard him grunt in repsponse.
She squeezed again. He groaned again. And again and again.

Mike came. Kate came in both cunt and ass.

"You had better lick this clean before I put it in your cunt.
She did so then lay on her back, arms and legs uplifted in invitation.
Having come twice so soon, Mike was far slower in her vagina. This time their lovemaking was slow and tender. Sometimes they even talked as the savoured the sensation of each other's genitals.

Mike found Kate's G spot with his knob and slowly gently took her to her peak. Five minutes later, she felt his thrust to her cervix and heard Mike's soft groan.

They lay in each other's arms, their legs entwined, kissing, giggling, chatting, intimately touching and exploring for an hour. From time to time Kate would venture down and suck his knob.

The next day Kate left David and shifted to a motel near work. Mike finished stage 2 of the report. John Field was very impressed.
"Head Office in New York are grateful to you. There's a job there whenever you want it."

In gratitude the company decided the Flintlock project needed some overseas research
and sent Mike and Kate First Class to a luxury resort in Bali. It really was a waste of money as they never left their hotel room or dressed for two weeks.

On the way back home he told her he was taking the position in New York. Kate cried the rest of the flight.

A year later, he visted John Field.
"Did you know that Kate went back to David, Mike? You were right to not get too involved with her I think."
"And I had to sack your successor, I'm afraid. He wasn't any good really, but the final straw came when I found him bonking a clerk on my Persian rug."

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2009-03-01 01:39:11
"I have loved you almost from the first time I saw you." -- are you kidding? Are you in 3rd grade?
Everything about this -- from the cliche details to the 8th-rate dialogue to the stupid and predicatable plot to the glossed-over, boring, and nonerotic details about sex -- is crap. 0/10.


2007-03-03 04:07:31
Mostly good construction. Mostly good grammar. Outstanding story line for so short a story. Hated the end because I like Disney world conclusions with everyone living happily ever after. I am an older hetero man and still like happy endings.


2006-11-09 10:16:32
I thought the story was great. Sounds like something I did many years ago, but I maried her.


2006-11-09 05:10:57
I thought the story was very, very mediocre. I can't believe anybody would think of this piece as being a "great sexy story." Give me a break. The Dick Slapper gives this a 4/10.


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Hey Reader, message 5 if you ever come back'
I thought my ending was good, but I need yout help,man or woman. Whay was so bad?

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