True Sex story
Travelling with my younger sister

By Sanjay

Hi readers! I am new to this site. I have read so many stories of incest on this site. Now I have planned to share my sexual experiences with you.

First I should introduce me and my sister. I am 26 year old boy working in a public limited company at Delhi. My amily lives in Chandigarh. I stay in a rented accomodation at Delhi provided by my company. My sister, Kamal, is younger to me about 22 years old and is doing MCA at Chandigarh. She has very attractive body. Her figure is marvelous with 32-21-24. She used to wear western clothes like jeans, top or skirt-top. She is very open and frank and does not believe in concealing anything. Sometimes she used to come to Delhi and stay with me. Till last year everything was usual between us but on one day evrything has changed. It happened like this:

Last year in the month of December (i.e. 2005) I had gone to Chandigarh to meet my family. After staying there for two days I had to come back to Delhi. My sister told me that she has got some work in Delhi and she will accompany me to Delhi. I remember, it was 15 December. She packed her bag and we left for Delhi in my Car at about 4.30 pm. It was a 5 hours long drive. She was wearing a tight jeans-Top. She was looking very sexy. For the first time I realized that my younger sister has grown a real MODEL. Moreover, she has every quality of being a model. I started feeling bad about my sister but I kept restraint being her elder brother. I was on driving seat and she sat beside me.

Finally we left Chandigarh and were on the way to Delhi. Sexual ideas about my sister were brimming in my mind. Till we reached Ambala we used to talk on routine matters. As we left Ambala I changed the topic. I started asking her about her friends and so, which finally led us to real thing.

"How is Rajesh, I have not seen her for long", I asked her about her class mate, who was very close to her.

"He is fine. Now he is planning to go to Canada", She told.

"And what about Deepali, how is she", I asked about her another class mate. I would like to mention is that Deeplai is also a very sexy girl.

"Don't ask about her. She is a big flirt." Kamal replied.

"What happened? She was good friend of you", I inquired.

"She is flirting with boys one after the other. She is not sincere to anybody. Last month she started flirting with Rajesh", Kamal complained.

Kamal likes Rajesh very much and I knew this fact.

"So that is why you are angry with her", I commented.

"Means?", She asked.

"Simply, you like Rajesh and now he is with Deepali" I explained.

"No, that is not the issue." She replied.

"So you mean Rajesh does not like her", I inquired further.

"Yes, he is still a good friend of mine", she replied in confidence.

Then I changed the direction of our discussion and asked her, " what you mean by good friend if he is flirting with her? What kind of relationship you have?"

"We.... we are just friends and nothing more", She replied hesitently.

I knew that she was not telling complete truth. So I asked, "what you mean by nothing more?"

"Nothing....we are just friends", she said reluctantly but her voice was explaning more.

"You know, we are also like friends, don't hesitate to tell me the truth. Are you having serious relationship with him. Trust me, I will not tell anybody", I persuaded Kamal.

"Oh Sanjay, how can I tell you, after all we are brother sister", She tried to avoid the question.

"We are brother sister at home, here we are friends. Don't hesitate tell me the truth, perhaps I can help you", I persuaded Kamal.

"You know everything, we had gone far ahead", She told. As she was telling me her face got red, perhaps because of fear being admonished.

I placed my left hand on her right thigh and told her to relax and then asked, "you mean physical relationship".

She got bright red on her face and said in trembling voice, "Yes", and further pleaded, "please don't tell anybody at home".

"Don't worry, it is normal. It is your life, why one should interfere", I consoled her. Then I asked further, "how many times you had sex with him".

"On three occasions, but please don't tell anybody", she was pleading time and again.

"Why should I tell anybody. You are enjoying your life. You know that I also have had sex with many girls, with Deepali also. It is really enjoying, don't you feel it", I proceeded further placing my hand on her right thigh while consoling her and winning her confidence.

"Yes, I like it", she said innocently and then asked, "when did you have sex with Deepali?"

"Once she came to Delhi and stayed with me, we drank and had sex. She is very sexy girl", Coming closer to the point I played a card.

"She drank with you, I can't imagine", Kamal replied.

"Why not, she is your friend, you also drink", I questioned.

"That's right. But I don't drink with strangers", Kamal explained.

"Am I stranger? I am your brother. If you can drink with me and Rajesh. Why she can't do the same with me. Morover, you have had sex with Rajesh and she enjoyed sex with me, what's the problem in it", I went ahead.

"That's right, but she is.....Ok, I agree", she finally surrendered.

Talking like that we crossed Karnal. Between talks I used to intentionally place my hand on thigh of my sister. Now she was feeling quite normal and was talking frankly as we are not brother sister. I was getting arroused. It was the right time to switch over to more serious discussion. With that intention I asked her, "Kamal one personal question, if you won't mind".

"Oh no Sanjay, I won't mind. Ask", Kamal replied.

"How do you differentiate sex after drinks from sex without drinks", I asked the real question.

First she hesitated then told, "sex after drinks is more enjoying".

I went further and asked, "have you ever performed fellatio?"

"Fellatio!...what is fellatio", she asked innocently.

"Fellatio means sucking boy's penis", I dared to explain.

"Oh Sanjay! what are you asking", she shyed.

"I was just asking. Don't mind if you don't want to answer", I tried to bring her to normalcy while again placing my hand on her right thigh. This time, as I plced my hand on thigh she closed her legs, which indicated that she was also excited.

"Yes, Rajesh like it", She replied ultimately. Her reply made me more excited and my penis was getting harder and harder in my pants.

"Does he licks your pussy", ultimately I asked the question which broke all the barriers of brother-sister relationship.

"Ye..yes, he does and I like it", she told and said further, "Sanjay, you are making me excited. It is difficult for me to control the passion". Saying so she started moving her hands on her thighs.

"It is normal. I am also getting excited. I know that you need Rajesh at this point of time", I said.

"But what should I do......I am..", She stopped in between.

"What I am..", I asked her to complete her sentence.

" are my brother", she said.

"I told you we are brother-sister at home. Here we are friends, tell me everything", I persuaded Kamal to say what she was not saying.

"Sanjay!..I am wet and want Rajesh. You have switched on urge", she explained.

"I also hard. But what can we do now. Had we been at my flat, we could have masturbated", I told and said further, "it is only for you that I am not masturbating here, otherwise I would have done it in Car itself".

"Sanjay, that is great idea. Why can't we do it right now, after all, as you said we are friends", she said, this she placing her hand on my thigh.

It was quite dark outside now and nothing was visible inside the car in winter nights. So I got the idea and told her to wait for some time. Let me arrange for whisky. Meantime in the midway a wine shop appeard. I stopped the car and brought a bottle of whisky and mineral water. Glasses were already in my car. I came back in car and poured two pegs and we both gulped the same. We tookm pegs each. She was now under intoxication and more confidant.

"Sanjay, nothing is visible inside. If you don't mind, can I masturbate", Kamal asked under the influence of alcohal.

"I also want to. But it is more exciting if some body else masturbates", I said mischivously.

"Deepali is not coming to masturbate you......If you don't mind, I can handle it for you", Kamal offered her services, which further excited me.

"I have no objection, if you like it", I replied.

", you have to do the same to me", Kamal said excitedly.

Saying so, Kamal placed her and on my fully engorged penis and said it is very hard. I drove the car and after finding some lone place I parked the car on the side way away from the main road, where no body can look at. She was continuously rubbing my hard cock. I held her hand and pulled toward myself. I took her into my arms and kissed on her lips. Thereafter I poured one more peg for both of us and we gulped. We came on the rear seat of the car and started kissing each other on lips. Shortly after our tongues were rolling into each others mouths. We forgot that we were brother-sisters. I started rubbing her boobs and then all of sudden my one hand went down to her pussy area. I opened her jeans and put my hand inside her panties. She was wet there. As my finger started massaging her clit she started moaning. Her kisses turned into bites. Then she pulled out my hard cock and started masturbating.

We forgot about ourselves and indulged into a pohibitted activity. It was difficult to control the passion for me. I pulled her to sit on my lap. Kamal did not hesitated and straightway sat on my hard cock, which was poking into her buttocks. With no time my cock disapeared in Kamal's wet pussy. After a while we both cumm. At that time we realized that we done which was not expected from us. Thereafter till we reached Delhi we did not talk to each other.

At about 11 pm we reached at my flat. As we went inside, Kamal said, "Sanjay, don't worry about what has happened today between us. After all we are boy and girl and this sort of attraction and relationship is normal".

Her saying so gave me confidence and I poured more whisky for both of us. We oput off our clothes and lied on bed nude. Again we were engaged in sex. We enjoyed sex very much. It is a great experience to have a sexy sister and then having sex with her.

Kamal stayed with me for three days and during this period we enjoyed sex very much. Thereafter, she again returned to delhi to celebrate new year eve with me. On that ocassion we again had sex. Since then we are in constant relationship. Not only this, she has also introduced me with few other sexy friends.

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