********** Chapter 4 **********

Traci’s hand was fumbling around my crotch and thighs, searching for the hardness she wanted but could not find. It wasn’t that I didn’t have a hard-on, but I had adjusted myself so that my dick was pointing up and lying against my upper crotch, behind the fly of my shorts with the head trapped by the waistband.

I lifted my head off of her breast for a moment as I guided her hand to the treasure she so eagerly sought and gently pressed her palm against me. “It’s right here honey. Is this what you want?”

She didn’t say anything, rather she let her fingers do the talking and began to squeeze and fondle me as she tried to wrap her hand around my enclosed shaft. The tip of my dick was poking above my waistband as her hand moved up and down the outside of my shorts and it was only a moment before she touched the exposed end. She encircled the head with her thumb and forefinger and began to slowly rub up and down on what little bit was uncovered. I had returned my oral attention to her titties after steering her hand to my dick and heard her softly moan when she touched the hard flesh of a man’s cock for the first time in her life.

Using her left hand she steered my head back to her face and mashed her lips against mine. She speared my lips with her tongue to force them open and we began the most passionate kissing session I had had in a long time. Our tongues stabbed at each others while they danced together, only occasionally breaking apart to touch our lips together or lick each others face.

I had started rubbing my hand up and down her pussy when she grabbed my dick, and gently pressed my fuck finger into her slit as I lightly stroked her clit with my thumb. I could feel the heat of her arousal emanating from her thighs and was surprised to feel how wet she was as I sandwiched my finger between her puffy lips.

Traci’s hips were gyrating slightly as I cupped her juicy slit in my hand and I ever so gently began to trace my finger from the bottom to the top, being sure to just barely touch her little hole and then dragging her dew to her clit and massaging it with my thumb and finger. She pumped her hips upward as she felt the intrusion of my finger in her virgin folds and reached down with her left hand, placing it on top mine and pressing it harder against her.

“Oh God, Daddy,” she groaned. “Play with my pussy. I want your finger in me. I feel like I’m on fire.”

While I was playing with her, she certainly had not been ignoring me. As she had been rubbing up and down my shaft with her encircled thumb and forefinger the bottom of her hand had been working my shorts down, and as more of my flesh became available to her the more fingers she had wrapped around it. My full dick was now out of my shorts and she had her whole hand wrapped around it as she squeezed and stroked me.

We continued our mutual masturbation when I felt her hand tighten around my cock and she started heaving her hips upwards, as if she was trying to impale herself on the full length of my finger. I sensed she was on the verge of climaxing and started easing my finger past her outer lips and into the warm, wet depths of her inner pussy until I had about an inch buried in her fuck hole. I didn’t want to go too far into her and bust her hymen just yet, I wanted to reserve that pleasure for the head of my dick.

I was fucking my finger in and out of her while I rubbed her clit with my other hand when I felt her begin to shudder. She slammed her legs together suddenly and thrust her hips upwards, trapping my hand in her pussy, as a powerful climax wracked her body. I felt her pussy release its’ juices as she shoved her mound harder against my entrapped finger, trying to force more of it into her hole.

“Daddeee…” she cried. “I’m cummming! Oh, shit. I’m cummmminnggg!!!”

As suddenly as she had raised herself up, she abruptly went limp and fell back onto the couch. With her butt resting on the cushions again her legs relaxed, allowing me to pull my finger out of her sopping hole. I was almost overwhelmed by the near violence of her orgasm and sat back on my haunches and gazed at her in wonder. She appeared to be covered in a light coating of sweat and her nipples looked as if they had turned to stone as her little titties rapidly rose and fell while she gasped for breath. As I traversed my eyes down her body I focused on her young, wet slash. The lips were slightly inflamed and puckered outward as a small rivulet of her juice trickled from the bottom of her slit and down between her thighs.

My attention was drawn away from her pussy as I felt her hand once again encircling my hard dick. “That was Great, Daddy. It was absolutely the best cum I have ever had. Now it’s time for me to make you feel good too,” and she started to beat me off. Although the sensation of her jacking me was wonderful it was a bit agonizing, since my balls were still enclosed in my shorts and the elastic waistband was pressing against them.

“Traci,” I mutter to her between kisses, “I love what we’re doing but I have to stop for a moment. I want to take my shorts off.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes. Please. I want to see you naked. I want to see your whole body and your big wonderful dick. I want to play with you all over.”

To say the least I was sorry to remove my hands and raise myself away from my new found love toy, but I really needed to release the strain against my balls. I was looking directly into Traci’s eyes as I stood up and noticed her gaze was focused directly on my crotch. After removing my shorts I started to kneel down again but Traci stopped me.

“Daddy, don’t kneel back down, just move closer.”

I moved forward the couple of steps that separated us feeling kind of weird but wonderful, standing there with my hard dick jutting straight out in front of my naked body while I looked down at the equally naked body of my 13 year old daughter. I didn’t know what she was up to nor did I really care at that point. My body was being controlled by my lust for her and I would have jumped through hoops or done handstands if she had asked.

As I stood next to the couch with my dick bobbing up and down over her, Traci rolled about a quarter turn on her right side and reached up both of her hands to my genitals, wrapping the fingers of one hand around my cock and cupping my balls with the other. A look of pure desire seemed to envelop her as she tenderly kneaded my balls and stroked my turgid cock.

“This is what I want, Daddy, your big hard dick. I’ve waited so long to see it and feel it. Every time I masturbate I dream that it is your dick that is slipping into my wet pussy and fucking me instead of my finger, invading me for the first time and taking my cherry.”

I was set-back to find out that all the time I had been lusting after Traci and feeling guilt, she had secretly been lusting after me as well. I didn’t know what to say, probably couldn’t have said anything if I wanted to, and if I did it probably wouldn’t have been any more intelligent than a “Duh, huh?”

“Daddy, you’ve got a pretty dumb look right now,” she grinned briefly at me. But her look of passion quickly returned. “Please, you don’t need to say anything. I don’t want you to say anything. I just want you to stand there and let me play with your cock and balls.”

She pulled me forward by my dick and to keep my balance I stretched my right hand to the back of the couch and leaned my left hand unto the arm. When I looked down between my arms at her it seemed that she was teaching herself the finer points of male anatomy. Her gaze appeared to be totally transfixed as she felt my balls through the sack and gazed at the movement of the skin along my shaft while she pumped it back and forth.

I felt incredible but didn’t really know what most was causing it – the sight of this naked, nubile young teen playing with my dick or the actual sensations I was feeling from her jacking me and squeezing my nuts. Regardless of those feelings though, what she did next caught me totally by surprise and caused me to groan and exhale every bit of air I had in me and sent shivers erupting over my entire body.

Traci had lifted my dick up by the head and buried her face between my thighs. She stuck out her tongue and placed it on the bottom of my ball sack then slowly pulled her head back, tracing a line wet with her saliva from the bottom of my ball sack, over the front of it and then slowly licking up the tender underside of my cock. When her lips got to the head she gave it a quick lick, removing the juice that was seeping from my love eye, and then playfully nipping the knob with her teeth and giving it a swift wet kiss.

I’m certain that she felt me shudder since she bent her head back to look me in the eyes, grinned and smooched her lips at me in a silent kiss. She had released her hold on my dick when she bent back to look at me and it was bouncing up and down when she returned her attention to it and picked-up right where she left off. She held my hardness straight in front of her and once again extended her tongue, placing it on the underside of the knob and slowly licking up and over my piss slit then down the length of the top, not stopping until her tongue entwined itself in my pubic hair.

I shivered again as she finished and bent her head back again to look up at me. “I hope you liked that as much as I did, Daddy. You taste delicious. I especially liked that drop of juice on the end of your prick. It was kind of sticky and tasted really different, kind of sweet or sour or salty or whatever. I really can’t describe it, I just know that I liked it. Please, make me some more.” And with that she opened her mouth, guided my prick into it and enveloped it with her lips.

She grabbed the base of my dick with her left hand and cupped my balls with her right as she started slowly bobbing her head. I couldn’t believe it as I looked down and saw my dick disappearing and reappearing as she bobbed her head back and forth, seemingly sucking more in with each down stroke. I watched in amazement as I saw the sides of her cheeks puffing in and out as she sucked, adding additional sensations to the feeling of her tender lips sliding up and down my stiff dick. I had no idea where she may have learned to give such a good blow job nor did I care, all I cared about then was the phenomenonal feeling of having my dick in her sweet warm mouth.

I could feel my dick beginning to throb with pleasure as she twirled her tongue around the head while she sucked me. After all of the unexpected sexual pleasures I had enjoyed from Traci that afternoon I really didn’t know how much of her oral pleasures I could endure before blasting off and drowning her with a flood of my cum. I could feel my orgasm building as she sucked-and-bobbed, sucked–and-bobbed and knew it was only be a matter of moments before I came.

“Traci, get ready honey. I’m about to cum and give you more of my man juice that you want.” I knew she wanted to eat my cum but I didn’t want her to be caught totally by surprise when I blasted off and shot my load into her mouth and down her throat.

She mumbled an “Mmph” around my dick and seemed to suck harder, almost as if she was trying to suck the jism right out of the end of my prick.

“Oh, God” I thought, “Oh, God. Here it comes.” I felt the sperm shooting down the length of my shaft and couldn’t help myself from grabbing Traci’s head in my hands and fucking her face as I began to unload my spunk into the hot warm cavity of her mouth. I must have shot 4 or 5 loads into her and could feel the contractions of her throat on the end of my dick as she tried to swallow the spurts. She continued sucking and swallowing even after I was emptied and I had to reached out and grab the back of the couch to keep myself from collapsing on top of her.

We seemed to separate at the same time. I pushed myself back away from the couch at the same time she lowered her head back to the cushions and my dick plopped out of her mouth. I had to recompose myself for a moment and slowly lowered myself to the floor and leaned my back against the couch. I rested there looking down at my semi-erect prick covered in a mixture of my cum and Traci’s spittle and felt her drape her right arm across my shoulder so that her hand was hanging down by my chest. I tenderly wrapped her fingers in my hand and gave them a firm squeeze while I laid back and reveled in my post-orgasmic ecstasy.

After a few minutes I turned to my right to gaze at this wonderful young girl who had just given me one of the most wonderful sexual experiences I had in quite a while. She had a look of pure contentment on her face as she laid there with her eyes half closed and her face still flushed from sexual excitement. She had a small trail of cum leaking from the corner of her mouth and while I watched she scooped it with her finger and rubbed it into her lips.

She noticed me gazing at her and gave me a bewitching smile. “Oh, Daddy that was wonderful. I never knew that a man could cum so much, and I loved every drop. And I love your dick. That was better than any dream I ever imagined. Was it good for you too? Did I do okay?”

“Yes, Traci,” I smiled, “that was wonderful indeed. You were absolutely marvelous.”

“I want to do it again.”

“Oh, we will, honey we will. That and much, much more. But for now come with me.” I stood up and extended my hand to help her off the couch.

“Where are we going?”

“Well, I thought we could both use a shower, and then I figured we would go to my room and see what kind of fun we could stir up in my bed. What do you think?”

“Ohh, Daddy that sounds marvelous. But….” she stooped in mid-sentence.

I stood there waiting for her to finish, but she just laid there seemingly caught up in her thoughts.

“Okay,” she chirped and ignoring my hand raised herself off of the couch, “let’s go.” Without waiting for me she turned and started to lightly glide out of the room.

As I followed her out my gaze was centered on her golden ass cheeks as I watched them bounce and jiggle away from me. I have always enjoyed the sight of a nude female body in motion and Traci certainly did not disappoint me. Her body smoothly flared out from her waist to her hips in her blossoming growth into womanhood, and the undulations of her developing hips caused the cheeks of her young butt to roll and jiggle sensually as she swayed down the hall. My loins ached with cravings for her young body and my dick throbbed itself erect again.

My reverie was broken though when I noticed her turning into my bedroom rather than continuing to the bathroom. I followed her in and was going to ask her what she was up to, but stopped dead in my tracks. She was lying on my bed with her head propped up on her left hand while her right hand stoked her pussy.

“Traci, I…”

“I don’t want to take a shower, Daddy. What I want right now is your dick in my pussy. I’m all wet, see” she held out her hand to show me her fingers covered with her juices, “and your cock is hard and I want you. Please, put it in me. Teach me how to fuck. I can’t wait to feel my Daddy’s big pole in my little girl hole. Fuck me!”

I moved towards her without hesitation. It was time to satisfy both of our desires.


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These are one of the greatest stories I have read so far.

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I wish my daddy would fuck me!!!!! My juices and his juices would be so yummy. I try to give him the hint but he dosent get it. I saw his cock before but he dosent know it. I sucked him in his sleep. He fucked me and he didn't know it. I'm a naughty girl. Tonight I will suck fuck and eat his cock tonight in his sleep

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