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I met this guy Richard about 5 months ago through a friend of mine. I was working 2 jobs at the time and needed a little pick me up from time to time and well, he was the guy to go to for it. He was a great connect in more ways then one really. He was cheap and well, there was a reason for working 2 jobs so I needed cheap. He was not your normal connect in that he was no gang banger, shit head. He was a pretty cool down to earth guy who had a family of his own. And finally he lived just a few houses down so it was easy to go get it.

Well it wasn’t until about a month ago that I finally met his wife and mother to his 2 kids Bobbi. She was about my age, 30 or so, maybe 5 foot 2, long brown hair and killer eyes. She wasn’t fat or thin. In fact my best deion would be healthy. And the rack she had on her was killer. I have no idea as to their true size but the best guess would be DDD’s easy.

I woke up one day, about 3 ½ weeks ago, and thought I would go get something from Rich. I didn’t even bother to change out of my tank top and boxers. Just slipped on my sandals and out the door I went.

As I approached his place I could see the garage door half open. This normally meant he was in the garage playing on the computer. I bend down and go under the door like I normally do, when I suddenly hear a voice that was not Richards. It was a bit more feminine. “Oh shit, I’m sorry. I thought Richard was in here.” I explain.

“No, he went to go get more supplies. He should be back in 20 to 30 minutes. Who are you?” she asks. “I’m Dave”. “Oh the photographer guy a couple houses down. He’s told me about you. I’m his wife Bobbi”.

I reach out to shake her hand when all these little signals start going off in my head caused by her. The first thing that I caught my attention was her eyes. Wow. They are this deep, deep blue with a light blue ring around the edge. Second was when I shook her hand. Her skin was so smooth and soft. Then her chest. My god, they were big. And her nipples poked right on through.

“You can hang out here till her gets back if you want. I’m just trying to get this computer to work again”. She states. “Yeah sure. Works for me. So, what’s wrong with that damn computer this time?” I ask.

“The internet isn’t working again”. “Well I guess since I installed your internet then I might be the best guy to fix it” I boast with a slight laugh letting her know I was just fuckin with her. She agrees with me and to work I go. It took a little while for me to discover that the problem was not with the computer but with the lines running back to the router. I grabbed the small ladder and climbed up a bit to gain access to the cabling.

What I did not realize is that while I was standing on the ladder, doing my repairs, an audience of 1 took a seat below me and my loose fitting boxers. Right up the legs of my boxers was a clear view of my dork, hanging there for all to see. I never took notice to the fact that I was hanging out in front of her nor did I notice just how into the view she was at first.

“Can you hand me those pliers over there for just a sec” I ask. It took a second for her to snap to and grab the pliers. I couldn’t tell what it was that she was distracted by because I couldn’t see her very well anyways. She comes in close and grabs my leg and then hands up the pliers. “Thanks. This should work” I state. “Oh it was no problem at all” she says while gliding her hand up then down my thigh. ‘What was that all about’ I thought for a brief moment. It was brief because I remembered that I was up on a ladder and that I should pay attention to what I was doing.

I repaired the connector, plugged it back in to the router, then climbed back down. I sat down in the chair next to her and instructed her to give it a try.

Just then her phone rings with Richards’s number appearing on the caller ID. “Hang on its Rich” she states to me. I sit back in the chair next to her and relax while she talked on the phone. I was looking out the garage door at first but then I turned my eyes back towards her when I hear her tell Richard that I was there. When I did, 100% of my attention was given to her. I couldn’t stop staring at the sight of her nipples poking threw her thin shirt and the stretch pants hugging her crotch. The shirt looked like it was already too tight and not meant for a bust of that size. So that just made her nipples that much more noticeable. And then the stretch pants she had on were hugging her crotch so tight it showed off her huge pussy lips.

I don’t think an atomic bomb going off in the front yard could have distracted me from staring at her. And because I was paying so much attention to her, I failed to notice that she was staring down between my legs again.

“… So how long you going to be? An hour and a half? Ok, well I don’t think he’s going anywhere soon. I’m sure we can find something to do. Ok… catch you later… Bye” and she hung up the phone. As she did I looked up from her chest to her eyes. It was then that I noticed that she was looking at me but not at my face. I looked down and suddenly realized that I was practically hanging out of my boxers. “OH MY GOD, I AM SO SORRY” I exclaim as I cover myself by adjusting my shorts. “Oh it’s ok. I was enjoying the view.” She says as she glides her hand up my thigh and under my boxers.

“You were?”
“Oh yeah. I was getting a better view I’m sure then what you were”
Finally I realized that she knew I was staring at her the whole time. “Well I can see a quite a bit already but…” I was cut off by the sound of the garage door lowering. It didn’t go down completely. Instead of it being half open, it was now a quarter. Once it stopped I felt a firm grip on my now raging hard on and her saying “Oh My God.”

“You’re huge!”

Now let me explain something here. She and Richard knew eachother since Jr High. The only man she has ever been with is him and he’s this skinny little 5 foot 3, 110 pound Mexican. I’m 6 foot 4 and around 250. So there’s one real big reason for her previous statement. Anyways back to the story…

Quickly she slides forward out of her chair and on to her knees, releasing my cock and grabbing hold of my shorts to pull them off me while I was still in my chair. She managed to pull me down the chair slightly along with my shorts but this just made it easier to accomplish her task. Once she had my shorts off, she resumed her grasp on my dick. For the next 5 to 10 minutes, all she did was staring at my dick while she slowly stroked it. She would have gone longer had I not broken the silence.

“I’m sorry but I think that it’s time to even these odds a bit” I stated as I leaned in towards her grabbing a hold of her shirt and lifting up. She let go of me for a second so that she could raise her arms up. As I pulled the shirt up, taking her bra encased breasts with it. But once the shirt slid past her huge tits, it released them, letting them giggle back into place. I threw the shirt to her side so that she could get to it in a hurry if need be, then went for her bra. I started to go for the rear but then noticed it hooked in the front. I took hold of each hook and slowly unlatched them but before I released her jugs from their captive state I paused and took in a deep breath. As I exhaled I opened the front of her bra. I pulled them open and just let them fall into their natural place. My god they were beautiful. Right away I leaned and grabbed hold of one tit with both hands so that I could guide her monster nipples into my mouth.

It was like I took a tootsie pop and shoved it in my mouth. “Hey now. I do remember being first” she said. Yeah she was going to have her way with me first but that would have to wait a sec. I was busy. I began sucking hard on her nipple and as I did she began to moan. Then I drew in a hard suction on her right nipple and held it for a minute. Then I released her right tit and took hold of her left, doing the same to that nipple. Once I finished with that one I let it go and leaned back to take a look. My sucking on them made her nipples double in size.

I only got to see my handy work for just a few seconds before she dove in taking my dick in to her mouth and with the same amount of suction I gave her (if not more) she began sucking me off like a true pro. Now I have had to give direction to everyone prior to now on what to do. But she knew. And she knew it well.

It only took 5 minutes of her handy work before I exclaimed “HOLY SHIT, I’M CUMMING!”

I shot load after load after load down her throat and not a drop of cum did she allow back past her lips. She kept my dick in her mouth the whole time. She didn’t release it till after my hard on had gone down.

When she did take it out, I stood up, taking her with me. I pushed her up against the wall and pulled down her stretch pants. I tossed them to her growing pile of clothes and then turned back to her. I stared for a moment at the sight of this thong that was stretched tight in the crotch as it held her camel toe together. I reached up and took hold of the straps then pulled down only to be fought for just a moment when her panties refused to release her pussy lips.

Suddenly, the panties let go and revealed this gorgeous, smooth, fat, pink pussy. I couldn’t help but take in the sight for just a second before I pushed her back into her chair. Once she was planted I slid her down enough for me to put my lips to her pussy lips and give it a French kiss. When my tunge hit her clit she lit up and let out a loud moan. I teased her for a few minutes by tonguing her clit but then stopped. I moved my head to the side slightly so that I could take each individual lip in my mouth. I sucked on one moving up and down over and over again making it swell more and more then I moved to the other lip doing the same. Each time I moved up or down my lip would drag across her clit teasing her even more.

“OH MY GOD. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I WANT SOMETHING IN ME.” she yelled. In her huh? I took 2 of my fingers and ran them up her now dripping pussy to gather up a little lube then slid then in as deep as I could. As soon as I got them in, she arched back then pushed down onto my fingers. She wanted them deep. Deeper then what 2 could give her so I slowly added a 3rd but it still wasn’t deep enough for her. I couldn’t add a 4th because she was already squeezing the shit out of the 3 that were there all ready. She was just too tight.

So with that I knew it was time. I stood her up, turned her around and put her up against the wall again but with her ass facing me now. I pulled hips away from the wall and towards me some as I guided my dick into her pussy from behind. I slid my shaft up along her slit so that I could get as much lube as I could. Then I put the tip right at the entrance to her hole.

“You ready?”
“Oh God yes”

With that I grabbed hold of her hips and rammed it in her as hard and fast as I could. It didn’t take much of me to bottom out in her but when I did she screamed out and began to cum. I took my hand and put it over her mouth so that no one would hear then began pushing in and out of her harder and harder. Over and over she came like as if they were all one big orgasm. For 10 minutes I fucked her like that up against the wall. Then I took her to the ground laying her on her right side. I lifted her left leg up in the air and straddled her right leg. Then I slid it back in her but this time I was able to go deeper then anything had gone in her before.

I started off slow but it wasn’t long before I picked up the pace. Louder and louder she screamed making me press harder on her mouth so not to alert anyone. Finally her orgasms subsided but I could feel myself building and building. Faster and faster I went. “Oh my god I’m going to…” and that’s when I unloaded a truckload deep in her pussy.

It was then I collapsed on the floor with my dick still in her, still squirting. It took a few minutes but we managed to regain enough of our senses to get our clothes back on.

2 seconds after the last article of clothing was put back on, we heard Richard pull in the driveway. This was the first time for Bobbi and I but trust me. It wasn’t the last. It took me an hour to write this true story. Last time I saw her was 2 hours ago. I think I forgot something over there. heh heh heh

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2012-05-29 01:50:27
this segment is supposed to be TRUE.


2008-03-01 18:36:20
You know, I can relate to this story, because shit like this happens to me all the time.


2007-04-06 05:22:21
Yeah, your dick is so big, that the poor woman couldn't rtesist the temptation!!!
Weren't you there fixing the internet for her?
So, either "she's the fuck of all the neighbors", either you're a dirty liar!
Why don't you just admit it's fiction, fantasy, and let the true sories remain only true stories...


2007-03-12 15:06:31
Good story, hope you write more


2007-02-28 07:10:05
right! And this all happened to you..chances are you met her and she kicked your ass to the curb.

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