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A quick text, nothing too fancy.
Her hand rose, delicate, lovely. Her fingers were pale and slender as they curled onto his shoulder and exerted a gentle pressure to ease him into his seat... He had barely made himself comfortable that the lady was level with his knees, eyes fixed intently upon what was between them. He'd not even noticed his clothes were gone...

His legs parted, though he'd not ordered them to. He sat, gazing at her with a gaping mouth as a hint of tongue slid from between her lips. Slowly, she leaned forward, her stare never wavering while her pale fingers touched and slid along his legs. His stomach trembled within in excitement.

He'd met her long ago, and she had serviced him many times before. But not like this... Something was different. It amused him for a moment, and then his thoughts were washed away. His back leaned into the chair, his legs parted further though not because of her touch, warm and delicate as chill as it was. His eyes shut along with his lips, and a long sigh seeped from inbetween them...

Something of his had disappeared into her. He was anxious, excited, but not erect... and yet, she took him. Her full lips pressed tightly to his skin, her tongue swirled and danced around him, sent pleasurable sensations all through him and made him shudder, though he did not grow...

His hands found the chair's armrests, clung to them lightly while she worked her muscle around his own, and suddenly... She drew in. Her cheeks, her tongue, her entire mouth embraced his softness and clung to it so tightly he thought he would feed her right then. A sly smirk perked the corner of her lips as her tongue wiggled playfully on his underside, and finally she let go of him...

A quiet gasp slid from his lips, his eyes opened to slits, then wider as he realized.. The pressure she exerted upon him, the work of her tongue on his sensitive flesh, the exquisitly erotic sensation of being within one's pleasantly cool and wet mouth all contributed to his sudden, firm erection which had quickly begun drooling its lubricants.

She sighed quietly, swallowing the fine film of liquid appreciatively as her fingers found a soft sac beneath his length, which they soon began to fondle and caress. His eyes shut once more, his body relaxed, and he gave himself to her entirely, knowing she would only bring to him the most delectable pleasures if he let her...

Teeth scraped ever so gently, lips chewed and tightened, muscles swirled in seductive dance, and he wondered how long he would last. She was draining him, and he enjoyed it. His stomach contracted, his fingers clutched the chair tightly, he gasped for breath. He was close, too close. This never happened so fast, and yet there she was, feasting upon his rod like a deprived succubus...

Her eyes were sealed as tight as her lips, her head was a blur, how she did not hurt her neck was a mystery. What was unseen was the most enticing, however, for within her mouth she was devouring his desires in exchange for satisfaction. Her tongue was a vortex, a portal to a plane where muscles existed only to please. Her teeth were sharp, unforgiving, but the pain was as rewarding as the pleasure...

No, he could no longer contain himself... She felt him tremble, she felt the warmth of his shaft, her saliva coating it, bathing it, absorbing the warmth. And suddenly, he stabbed her throat. The edge of his length speared into the smallest of passes and stayed there, for she would not withdraw. Her throat engaged immediately, reflexes causing the canal to writhe and jitter, constricting and releasing too quickly to count. She swallowed him, swallowed his flesh, his muscle, his juices. Everything about him was delicious. He moaned and gritted his teeth, sweat speckled his forehead and chest, the intensity was ever growing, as his desire to let her feed...

He would not deny her this need. She would not let him. Even now as her lust for flesh was being sated, one for fluid was gnawing at her senses. Keeping herself glued to him, her breath held but stabilized, she swallowed him. She swallowed his flesh, making him writhe and cry out in rapture...

Torrents of cream suddenly burst into her as he wailed in abandon. He fed her, finally, and he would let her drink what she needed so. Her head drew back, releasing him from the tight hold of her throat, but he squirted still, filling her cheeks, glazing her tongue. She swallowed, but never quickly enough. Every mouthful was taken, but much was wasted, leaking from her lips and onto her chest.

Still she drank, holding him in her chill grasp, licking his rod, drawing upon it as it blasted the hot liquids she lived upon. It flowed from her in abundance, currents of pure white streaking down her chin, saturating her upperbody in what appeared as a second skin of ivory syrup.

He gasped aloud, held onto her, and finally.. His beautiful agony receded, bringing him back from the precipice of madness. He stared at her openly, breathing from a gaping mouth. All she did was smile, she smiled a white smile, coated in goo. He brought her to himself, his lips to her own, and shared the taste she had experienced so short ago as they both faded into night...


2006-12-19 11:54:30
This is a well-written story.A wonderfully graphic portrayal of mystical and immensely erotic sensual experience.

Dryad,please write more.


2006-11-13 06:17:24
what are you talking about 3? the story is erotica and is left to your imagination to float with the details


2006-11-12 15:15:51
Are you insane?! 10/10. That's WRITING.


2006-11-11 13:51:25
3 is too good for this disaster of confusion.

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