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William and Yoshimi at the "church"
Wild Willie chapter 3

It was Monday afternoon and school was out. William had a new Cadillac waiting for Yoshimi as she waked up her driveway. She told her mother that the car was there to transport her to the church, and she would have to go. Her mother gave her a kiss on the cheek and said,

“Be a good little princesses.”

As the religion was new and mostly made up by Brother William, he could change the rules as they went along. The church had no building yet; that would have to come later, so they rented a Masonic hall month by month. Three of the rooms were permanent, locked and sealed. The Masons could not go in. William paid several of the Eastern Stars, the female auxiliary of the Masons to decorate the three rooms. As the Cadillac pulled into the parking lot, Yoshimi became a little nervous. She believed she knew what was going to occur; however she would have liked a few more details.

The NFL reject, chauffer walked her to the door and let her in. There was a room for changing and Yoshimi went in. A note posted on the large walk in closet door read, Yoshimi please find something that will fit you, and then come through the blue door. As she had the most haunting green eyes, she found a light green teddy-nightgown combination. The nightgown just barley came down to the crown of her butt. She was now ready except for a little makeup and perfume. She sat at the dresser and patted on the makeup. She then sprayed a little perfume on her neck and small breasts.

Walking in the door, she found a large room that had been painted a warm red. A large king sized bed was at one side, and a small dinning room table set for two was on the other. Yoshimi was not yet hungry, for food anyway. She had a taste of sex on the doctor’s examination table yesterday, but that amount of sex wouldn’t keep a fruit fly happy. In Japan she usually had sex four times a week, however sense she came to the United States several months ago, only twice. She was ready.

She walked over to the side of the bed and crawled onto it. It was comfortable and she noticed it had some electrical controls on the side. The thought of a bed that vibrated while she was being fucked was driving her wild. She wondered how big Brother William’s cock would be. She wasn’t too concerned as she could handle almost anything. Her panties were dripping wet. She wondered where he was? Yoshimi sat on the bed waiting for another five minutes and then a black door opened. Brother William was wearing a soft hooded black robe with a gold rope around his waist.

“Good afternoon little princesses, you are a prime example of God’s beauty. Please come to me.”

She got off the bed and walked over to Brother William, reached out and took his soft hands in hers.

“Please kneel so that I may anoint you with oil.”

Yoshimi knelt down as he requested, bowed her head and closed her eyes. William poured out a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil on to her head, laid his hand on her and mumbled a blessing.

“God has willed it. You have been chosen to help me with his bounty so that I might totally relax and sleep the sleep of the Gods.”

Yoshimi lifted her head as a little dog might do when being trained. She knew he was full of crap about all of the religion, but she didn’t care as long as he fucked her as much as she wanted. She needed a man’s cock deep in her cunt and had often thought about paying for it.

When he pulled the golden rope around his waist, which were probably meant as a metaphor, his robe opened and she saw the largest cock she had ever seen. Yoshimi was ecstatic as that cock was going to fuck her several times before she went home in the morning.

Being neither proud nor shy, she reached up and took hold of it. Her soft touch caused it to get thick and hard. His next instruction was simple and to the point, so much so that she almost giggled.


As the penis was now very hard and had stretched out almost touching her lips, Yoshimi opened her mouth and allowed it entry. Mmmmmm she thought it had been a while and she had missed the wonderful feeling of a hard cock fucking her mouth. There was just something about being able to have a penis in her mouth that really thrilled her. All of her girlfriends in Tokyo agreed that sucking cock was one of the better pass times shared between a man and a young girl.

Most Japanese men have small penises between three and five inches, however this cock was phenomenal. Even the sumo wrestlers had small cocks. She had seen several of them in a sports magazine on one occasion. After licking and sucking on just the head of William’s penis, she took a little more into her mouth and began sucking much harder.

It was almost impossible, and would take a lot of practice before she would be able to “deep throat” William. Yoshimi knew she would probably have to do it eventually, as she wanted to be his favorite princesses so he would fuck her more than just once or twice a week. Her mouth was stretched out some, as William’s penis was moving faster. She felt the veins with her tongue, swollen on the side and the top of his penis.

“Oh baby … oh baby,” he said, but she was already aware that he was about to cum in her mouth. She reached up, grabbed his testicles and squeezed, maybe a little too hard as he groaned loud, however she achieved the result that she was searching for. Brother William, god’s helper on Earth began squirting large gobs of sweet, slightly salty cum onto her tongue. She thought much like a wine taster and swirled it around in her mouth. Most cum that she had tasted was pretty much the same. It was similar to egg whites and slipped down her throat with ease.

She wondered if her mother had ever sucked a cock. It was well founded that most Japanese women began sucking cocks when the American military occupied the country in 1945. All the girls Yoshimi knew loved to suck cocks and swallow cum. After all, swallowing cum was almost the epitome of making love, as the Americans would say. Although Yoshimi was still young she could see no reason to deny herself of this fantastic endeavor.

As Brother William knew she would not be satisfied with a couple of teaspoons of his ejaculate. He reached down and lifted her from under her arms, assisting her to the bed. As he laid her on her back, he reached up and began to pull her see through panties down. When they were off her feet he gently spread her legs and lay down between them. Brother Williams’s mouth watered as he saw her pink little pussy. His mouth moved in and he almost tried to swallow her cunt.

Yoshimi had the best pussy he had ever tasted. It was creamy, and as she came, her liquid oozed out onto his tongue. This was a wonderful feeling and although they had the entire night, he knew she had to have some sleep before attending school the following day.

When he had his tongue shoved up into her vagina, she groaned and knew she wanted to do this every day. It really didn’t make a difference if it was Brother William or the NFL chauffer. As long as she was being fucked hard on a regular basis she would be a happy girl.

Brother William’s cock became hard again as he lay on top if Yoshimi, his penis slipping around against her slimy bare pussy. He asked,

“Would you like me to fuck you now?”

“Oh … yes … please, put it in me and fuck me hard. Do you need a condom?”

“No my princesses, God’s will has determined a condom won’t be necessary. He will not allow you to become pregnant.”

She was a little concerned, as she knew this venture was more of man’s lust, than God’s will. Something had to be going on, as William would not give up such a sweet deal on the possibility of a young girl becoming pregnant and him going to jail. William wrapped his hand around his long penis and began slipping it up and down her pussy slit, concentrating on her clitoris. The feeling to her was outstanding and she began to beg him to slide it into her cunt.

He continued doing what he had planned then after two more minutes he slipped his cock into her tight pussy. She could feel every centimeter where it came in contact with the walls of her vagina. This was no ordinary fuck she thought; this was one of the best fucks the world would ever witness. The best part of all, she was not just a witness, she was a willing participant. She wished she could go out on the rooftop and yell to the world,

“I love fucking.”

Yoshimi was aware that she wasn’t the only girl who wanted to do this. She guessed that eighty percent of all girls her age wanted a cock in their pussy most of the day and night. Fucking was fantastic. He was slow and determined to make it wonderful she thought. Yoshimi recalled her time in Japan where the age of consent is twelve.

The very first time she had any sex was with her cousin. She was eight and he was twelve. He had showed her some photos in a magazine of a girl giving a guy a blowjob, and convinced her she should do it to him.

As he was four years older than her, he was much stronger, so when she gagged and wanted to quit, he wouldn’t let her. Then when he squirted in her mouth, she was going to spit it out. He told her if she swallowed it her titties would get larger.

Yoshimi only had puffy nipples at the time and so wanted some nice tits, so she did as he instructed. It wasn’t as bad as some of her girlfriends had said, a little salty and sweet. She sucked him off whenever they could get together and after a year of her sucking and jacking him off, and him feeling her up, he got a hold of some condoms and they began to fuck at least three nights a week and on Saturdays and Holidays. She was hooked on sex and didn’t want to go without it.

When her cousin went away to college, she and her two girlfriends would go out looking for boys or men after school. They would meet at the local American burger joint. Although not run by Americans, they did have hamburgers and cokes. Maybe it was something in the food that made her so horny, she thought.

Whatever it was it was very powerful. Just before school was about to let out, her pussy became itchy and began to throb. They took the train, where men would stand next to them and slide their hands up under their short uniform skirts and feel their butts and pussies. The first time a man ever felt under her panties and slid his finger into her pussy was the day she promised herself she would never deprive herself of sex again.

On one of these train trips, a very good-looking businessman sat in a seat that faced toward the center of the train. The train was packed and the girls knew if they reached up for the highest hand loop, their skirts would lift up revealing their panties.

The men who were seated knew it was safe to feel the girls up. The businessman reached around and took her butt cheeks in his hands. He pulled her closer and placed his mouth on the crotch of her panties sucking hard. She was in heaven when she came, her knees got weak and she almost passed out. When they came to the man’s stop he said,

“Thank you sweetie, I ride this train three times a week and I would like to do this again.”

The man then slipped something in her sweater pocket and got off the train. When she checked her pocket she found bills in the amount of a thousand yen, about a hundred dollars American. As this was a Friday she wondered if the man would be there every Friday. The next Friday she boarded the train, it was at the beginning of the line.

Yoshimi went to the back of the car and sat in a corner seat. The man got on at the next stop. When he saw her, he sat next to her. Quickly she took her sweater off and moved her legs apart. When she was sure nobody was looking she moved the man’s hand under her sweater and her skirt. When his fingers felt her panties, they were wet. Yoshimi moved part of her sweater over his lap and took hold of his cock. She jacked him off until he was ready to alight the train.

He asked her if she would like to come to his apartment for a while where they could be alone. She nodded her head and smiled. As they walked the three blocks to his apartment building from the station, they talked about sex and the fact that she was thirteen and he wasn’t married.

His name was Sato-sensei, and he was a teacher in an all boys’ school. He told her he loved little girls and he would like her to be his girlfriend, once or twice a week. When they arrived at the apartment, he took off her sweater, jacket and skirt.

She was standing there in her white blouse, panties and knee-high socks. He sat on a chair and pulled her in close. Yoshimi pulled her panties down and left them hanging from her right thigh.

Sato pulled her in close and began kissing her stomach, then down to her pussy. Yoshimi then told him to stop a second, and got down on her knees. She removed his shoes, socks and pants. She then sat on his lap and guided his thick penis into her pussy. She fucked him hard for a while then asked if he had any condoms.

Sato said there were some in the table next to the couch. She got off his lap and kissed his cock in an effort to keep it up. She then unwrapped a condom and rolled it onto his penis. She was back on his lap within thirty seconds fucking him as hard as she could. They were both enjoying what they were doing.

Although she was young, she was horny. She had fallen in love with sex the first time she did it. It was a personal choice. The way it made her feel; her whole body was involved. Had she gone without air, water or food, she would have eventually died. But without sex she felt like she may as well be dead. There was nothing like it in the world for her. She was riding the train three days a week, and she would go to his apartment on Saturday. She could live with a four day a week sex schedule. They seldom missed a day for three years.

Yoshimi was lost temporarily when she was told about moving to the United States, but after thinking about it, she knew there would be enough cocks to keep her happy. Sato was devastated however and knew he would not be as happy as he was with her there.

William laid her down on the bed and began to fuck her as hard as he could.

“Brother William … Oh God.”

They continued for about forty minutes and she had at least five orgasms. When they came so close together she quit counting. Her parents were correct, she was in the right church to keep her close to heaven.

When William finally came in her pussy she asked,

“What do I have to do to become your number one princesses?”

“Keep doing what you are doing sweetie. Are you hungry? We can do more of this later.”

“Yes … I’m really hungry.”

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2011-01-06 21:14:39
I wonder where this story is going, seems to be getting a little cliche. William interested me in chapter one. The background of the Japanese girl gave a flair to the story but, sexuality of the Japanese don't interest me, maybe because I'm a female, and the sexuality of the Orient has also become old news.

Well perhaps Oldguy, also, felt the story had no where of merit to go since I see his last posting was four years ago in 2006.


2007-03-29 15:56:28
Please read, "My best friend by Sexybuttaflie" While she is young and has only one story, I feel she is gifted and will go a long way. OG


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You have captured the soul of a modern "preacher" LOL. Great as always, keep 'em coming. BTW...I responded to you on the private message board, but I can't get the thing to work tonight. I'll check back tommorrow.


2006-11-11 22:14:48
The singular is 'princess.'

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