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what begins as a walk home turns into my 1st cum swap
Hi my name is Rasha and at the time I was a 15 yr old sexy ass Indian girl that everyone wanted to fuck. This is my story.

I was walking down the street on a clear Sunday afternoon after visiting a friend in another neighborhood when a red SUV with tinted windows pulled up along side me. I figured it was jus going to be a bunch of stupid guys trying to holla at me. Then the windows rolled down to my surprise it was two attractive white girls.
“Hey there can we ask something.”
“yeah sure.” I walk up along side
“so what’s your name?”
“wow very beautiful name.”
“am from India.”
“really! Your name is almost as beautiful as you. I’m Tammy this is Carla. Were adventurous women looking for good fun.”
“so would you like to get in.”
I’m not sure what to think at first but my rebellious side takes over and I get in.
“I’m not too sure why I’m in here.”
We come to a stop light and Tammy crawls from the passenger side to the backseat with me.
“Rasha how old are you?”
“wow we picked up a young one this time.”
“see Rasha when you reach are age there’s nothing really to look forward to. We got married had kids now were bored house wives. So we decided to make our own fun.”
“by picking up random people off the street.” I said
Amy scoots closer to me and runs her fingers through my hair. I’m a little nervous of what’s going to happen but for some reason I’m not too worried about it.
“Now Rasha I am going to back up against this car door and start taking my clothes off. I would really like it if you would watch.”
“hahah this is so fun.” Carla exclaimed
I did as she asked and watched. Tammy bit her bottom lip and did her hair in a bun. She began stroking her breast tweaking, swirling and pinching her nipples. She kept her eyes on me. I watched but sometimes the heat from her eyes was too much and I had to look away for a seconded. I felt kind of embarrassed for some strange reason.
“oh come on Rasha… watch.”
I did as she asked and kept watching. Her hands moved from her nipples down her to the bottom of her shirt. She gently tugged on it for a few moments before raising it over her head . Her well sized tits flopped down when her shirt was moved over her head and I smiled for a quick moment then went straight face. I was hoping no one noticed it but then Carla shouted
“I saw that. I saw that smile through my mirror. Your liking this. I knew you Indians were nasty sluts hahaha.”
I cracked another smile and even a giggle. Tammy also smiled and reached for the back of her bra. She slowly undid it and tossed it to me. She sat there topless and began feeling her nipples again.
“oh fuck my nipples are so hard it hurts. Carla could you warm them up with your tongue.”
“sorry girl I’m driving. Maybe Rasha will lend her tongue.”
Tammy just starred at me and so did Carla through the mirror. I scooted closer to Tammy
“yeah that’s it girl don’t be afraid.”
I leaned over and kissed her left nipple. Then again and again I kissed it, once I loosened up I stuck my whole tongue out and slowly licked up.
“fuck yeah girl.” Tammy exclaimed
It was almost as if I were making out with her tits. I switched between each one leaving bits of saliva on each tit. I stopped fiddling with her tits and raised my head up to hers. My heart was beating so fast I was so anxious for more. We were silent looking into each other in the eyes and not knowing what was next I broke the silence.
“so ummmm are your nipples nice and warm.”
“yes thank you.”
I scooted back to where I had been sitting before. Away from Tammy and I just watched as she did her thing. She fiddled again with her nipples. Her fingers were getting wet with my left over saliva. She cleaned them off with her tongue and laughed. Her hands went from her nipples down to her jeans. Biting her upper lip with an anxious look on her face she undid her jeans. My heart was pumping with anticipation. Was she going to want me to eat her out or was she just going to tease me. I didn’t know I just waited.
“lets see the pink.” cried Carla
Tammy slid her jeans off her legs and all that was left was a pink thong. She got up and turned around, her ass facing my direction.
“would you like the honor to pull my thong down.”
I did as she asked and slowly pulled down her thong reveling her pink. She turns around sitting on her knees naked towering over me.
“lay on your back am gonna feed you.”
Again I did as she asked. I laid flat on my back and she sat on my face.
“yeah you fucking whore eat me. Ohhhh fuck.”
“yeah Rasha eat that twat.”
It was my first time eating pussy. I really didn’t know how so I just did it. I must’ve of been doing well because Tammy seemed to love it.
“ummmmmm yeah Rasha.”
I really got into it and became focused on her lovely twat when all the sudden I got a surprise. I feel Tammy’s hand press against the crouch of my jeans. She squeezed and rubbed me. It was the closet a girl had ever gotten to my pussy and I couldn’t wait till she went further. Her hand undid my zipper then my button and she just slipped in.
“oh my god.” I said
“you like it when I touch you here.”
“um hu.”
All the sudden the car stops
“were here.” says Carla
Tammy gets off my face and opens the car door and walks out buck naked quickly running somewhere. I get out as well and see were in front of a giant house. Tammy is inside and Carla also walks in.
“come on Rasha the funs just begun.”
I step up the pace and enter the house. Its really huge like a giant hall almost. These girls must be really rich but at the same time really bored. Why else would they wanna pick up strangers and fuck them.
“hey Rasha over here.”
I see Tammy and Carla downstairs in the basement and I follow. On my way down I hear a mans voice.
“hey Rasha this is my hubby Brian.”
“and this is my hubby Ted.”
I didn’t know what to think were these guys going to fuck me or what.
“don’t look so shocked their just here to watch.”
“hey this girl looks a little young.” says Brian.
“oh she’s 18 she’s just a little small.”
I decide just to play along.
“well girls lets give these guys a show.”
Tammy grabs me by the hands and brings me to the couch.
“you ready girl.”
“yeah am ready to go back under.”
I look over Brian and Ted are already getting naked fiddling with their soft cocks. I sit on the couch in between the girls and they start feeling me all over. Tammy is very interested in my rack cupping them in her hands and feeling. While Carla behind me has both her hands in my pants rubbing my pussy.
“umm nice young firm tits. We must get you out of these clothes.”
Tammy pulls my shirt over my head while at the same time Carla slides my pants off. In no time a all am naked in a room full of strangers but I don’t care. My innocence is gone and now all I want is a pussy in my face. Carla stands and quickly gets undressed.
“you know Tammy you sounded very satisfied when Rasha was eating you. I want that.”
“go ahead.”
I lay on the couch and Carla crawls to the top of the couch. Lowers herself on my face and I begin eating her like I did Tammy. As I expected I felt a tongue slip in my pussy. As I laid on my back and ate, Tammy’s amazing tongue kept my mind down there. Her tongues swirls along with her constant finger banging made me feel like… like I was going to pee.
“oh… oh fuck I need to piss so badly.”
“shit that ain’t a pee feeling. I think we got a squirter.”
“what the hell is that?” I said
“Am going to keep going just pee when ever you need to.”
I did as she asked but I couldn’t eat Carla any more. The feeling was to great. Carla stepped off the couch and knelt behind Tammy on the floor.
“ohhhhhh fuck. Here I go.”
I felt a surge flow through my pussy and I gushed what I thought was piss. Carla grabbed the back of Tammy’s head and pushed her into my crouch as if trying to suffocate her.
“oh yeah fuck.”
I looked down at Tammy and Carla. Tammy had a mess of my liquid all over her face.
“that was awesome.” cried Ted
Carla fell on top of Tammy and began licking her face nice and clean. They rolled on top one another and were making out like a couple of teenagers. I sat alone on the couch just watching then I peered over at Ted and Brian who were fixated on their wives. Stroking their cocks I began thinking about the one guy I had slept with and how his dick could never compare to theirs. I knew Ted and Brian were here to watch but I couldn’t resist. Then Brian looked at me and I waved an innocent hello to him. He smiled back. Tammy and Carla were pretty into each other with no room for me. I stood up and strolled over to the guys. I looked down on them.
“hey Rasha right.”
“why don’t you get in there.”
I didn’t reply I just began stroking Ted’s cock and he didn’t mind at all. Ted was done watching the wives and had his attention on me. I squeezed it nice and hard and Ted bit his lips.
“yeah that’s it.”
Then the wives noticed what was going on.
“hey wait your supposed to be playing with us.”
“oh let her have her fun Tammy. Lets watch.”
Once I had everyone’s approval I sat on his cock and screamed.
“ahhhh its bigger then I thought.”
“yeah your pretty tight.”
Slowly at Brian fucked me nice and slow but sped up.
“oh oh oh god fuck.”
He was going fast pumping my pussy for all it was worth. I couldn’t take it anymore I had to get off.
“oh come on girl you act like you’ve never fucked before.”
“yeah I have just not that much.”
“well I’ll teach you.”
I took a breath and got back on. It slipped in and he fucked me nice and slow. Unlike the first time this time it felt good. I look behind me and see Tammy sitting on the floor spread eagle leaning against Carla. Carla had her fingers in her jacking her off. Then I take a look at Ted and he’s sitting right nxt to us stroking himself. Slowly but surely just like last time Brian speeds up. Faster, faster and faster he goes. The pleasurable part disappears and the pain sets in.
“wow girl my man is fucking you so hard your ass looks is jiggling like jelly.”
I cry out in pain
“ahhhhhh god oh fuck…… Oh keep goin.”
He is tearing me up so badly I squeeze his head into my chest. just when I cant take much more and about to get off Ted stands up with me still on his cock. He turns around and pushes me off onto the couch.
“ohh oh god yes.”
He grabs his cock and starts to viscously jack off. He gets on top of me and points his cock in my face.
“ohhhhhh.” Ted with relief
His cock shoots his semen all over my face. It just gushes out all over my left cheek and around my eye. I can hardly believe that just happened. I always imagined girls who take on the face are complete sluts. Now here I am with cum all over me and I kind of like it. Ted gently slaps me in the face a few times with his softening cock. Spreading his semen around I lick my lips getting a little taste of cum. Just as Ted got off the couch Brian stands. Like Ted Brian is pumping his dick really hard.
“oooooooh a double load am jealous.” teased Carla.
I close my eyes and stick my face out.
“oh yeahhhhh.”
Brian explodes all over my face. Carla comes up to me with a hand mirror and I laugh. My right face is clean as a whistle but my left is unrecognizable.
“here let me clean you.”
Carla grabs a plastic spoon and scoops up a load of cum and eats it. Playing with it in her mouth she soops up another huge load and eats it. With a mouth full.
“lay on your back Rasha.”
I got on my back and Carla hovered above my mouth. Prying my jaw open she spit’s the cum in my mouth and forces my mouth shut. Its disgusting I can barely stomach it. Carla has my jaw shut.
“no no you have to swallow before I let go.”
I swallowed and she let go. I coughed and choked.
“that was gross.”
“come on Rasha am taking you home.”
I got my cloths back on and got in the car.
The ride home is a little quiet between Carla and I until
“look Rasha I know your really young but you did good. if you want you can come back over and we can play again.”
“I really enjoyed it when the guys came on me.”
“really. I don’t really like it but Tammy does. You know if you would like I could arrange a gangbang with as many as 9 guys. Lots of facial fun in those.”
“I don’t think am really ready for something like that yet.”
“I see.”
“if its cool I would love for just the 2 of us to fool around sometime.”
“I’d like that a lot. Well heres your stop.”
Just as am about to leave the car Carla sticks her tongue down my throat and gives me the best deep throat kiss. We say our goodbyes but its not last time I’ll see her.


2007-10-01 07:13:36
way too much dialogue.


2006-11-14 15:07:08
I loved it. Keep up th good work.


2006-11-13 12:55:15
This is shite.

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