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Live peep show at the no tell motel
My friend Bill was always telling me he knew about people and their sex lives. I never believed him until the day he showed me.

I went over to Bill's house one day and he didnt come to the door right away. I waited on the porch and when he came out he was smiling from ear to ear. I didnt give him the satifaction of asking what he was smiling about just looked off into the distance and waited.

"Want to see someone fucking" he asked?
"Yeah right . Where" is asked in a disbelieving tone.
"Be quiet and follow me." he said and lead me into the house.

We walked into his family room and after looking around to see that no one was near he pulled a door open and led me into a dark hallway. There was practically no light but several small shafts of light seemed to shine from both sides of the hall. He led me about 50 feet into the hall before he stopped and holding a finger to his mouth to keep me quiet he pointed at one of the dim lights.

Looking through the small spot I realized I was looking into one of the rooms in his parent's hotel. There were people moving around in there and it only took a second for me to realize that they were naked. I couldnt see everything but it was evident that a woman was being fucked by at least two men. I adjusted my self into a comfortable position and watched the action.

She was on her back and a guy was fucking her very hard. I could hear a little of what was going on but I couldnt understand the words. He reached above me and placed a head set in my hand. Putting it on I could immediately hear everything in the room in stereo.

The woman was grunting with each push and clinging to the bed spread. The guy pushed and grunted a couple of times and started to cum. His cock pushed cum out as he finished and then after a few seconds he pulled the rest of the way out and I could see her wide open pussy covered with cum. My cock had gotten hard and I had to adjust it. I looked at Bill and he smiled and nodded at me in a knowing way. He turned back to another opening and I could see that he had an erection.

Looking back into the room I expected to see the couple side by side on the bed. Instead there was another guy kneeling in front of the woman's cunt. I watched in amazement as he started to lick her pussy and didnt stop until she was spotless but wet. His hands were tied behind his back and he seemed subdued but his hard on told me he was excited. The woman wrapped he legs around his neck and held him tight. I thought she was helping him but then I realized that another guy had stepped into my line of sight. Leaning back with his head still clasped by he legs she forced the guy that was tied up to partly lay on top of her. He tried vainly to penetrate her but she wouldnt let him. Instead the new guy came up and forced his cock into the guys mouth. He certainly didnt seem to resist for very long before he was slurping and sucking away on the new cock. She released him and he continued to suck the cock.

The guy who had fucked her the first time came back into view and watched intently and the cock slid in and out of the restrained guys's mouth. He stroked himself and had a half hard cock as he watched. The guy getting sucked took his cock out of the guys's mouth and turned the face to the half hard cock. The cock sucker sure seemed to like that as he immediately started to suck the cock that had been in the woman's pussy.

I could feel the damp pre-cum in my shorts and was afraid to touch myself. This was the first time I had ever seen other people fuck except maybe at lover's lane. Bill was smiling and had his cock out of his shorts but was not touching it. I was facinated by the way it seemed to bob up and down with his pulse. He was as hard as me but seemed more in control. Taking his lead, I let my cock out of my pants and felt the air cool it slightly.

I turned back to the room and the cock sucker was going crazy over the cock in his mouth. I realized that he was also wearing a blindfold. After letting his cock get hard the guy who was being sucked pulled out and the two unrestrained guys looked at each other. They sort of nodded and then pushed the blindfolded guy out of the way. I realized they hadnt been saying anything but the knew what to do. The guy who had already fucked the woman watched as the second guy climbed on top of her and started to bang away. She groaned and the guy in the blindfold turned as if to listen. His cock was shiny on the end from pre-cum but with his hands tied he couldnt do anything.

I could see the guy fucking he woman grab her ass and lift it to give himself more access. He pushed and stroked harder. The guy who had already fucked the woman watched as he walked behing the restrained man. He pushed the guy forward at the waist and it became obvious he was going for the guys asshole. He pushed against it and slowly slid the entire length of his cock in the guys ass. He put one hand on the guys ass cheek and reached under with his other hand to grab the tied guys cock. He watched the woman and man fuck and started to time his thrusts with the cock in the pussy.

Just as the guy fucking the woman came, the butt fucker released his second load and then leaned exhausted over the guys back. The couple on the bed got up and the two guys got dressed in a hurry and left.

I looked at Bill and he had a wild look in his eye. He turned back to the room and I heard the woman talk for the first time. "I am going out for a few minutes--be quiet and you will be OK"

The guy seemed scared but he nodded and sat on the end of the bed with his cock in the air. She left and suddenly I realized that Bill was walking quickly away. I looked back into the room, facinated by the shiny head of the still ridgid cock and considered jacking off now that Bill was out of sight.

The door to the room opened and Bill walked quickly into the room. He walked up to the tied up guy and grabbed his cock. The guy didnt seem very surprised and he allowed himself to be led over to the wall, only inches from my face. Pushing a picture asided and moving a little door, the guys cock suddenly protruded into the hallway with me. I could smell the cum on his cock and see it ooze from the tip. Bill grabbed it from behind and shook it at me. Pulling the guy back a little, he let me see him go down and suck on the guys cock. The guy almost fell over from the pleasure. Bill didnt let him cum he stopped and pushed his cock back through the hole at me. I hesitated briefly then took the cock in my mouth and started to suck it. The smooth head was hot and hard. The guy started to fuck my mouth and all I did was supply the sucktion. After about 30 seconds he gasped and pumped a wonderful load of cum into my mouth. I nearly came myself but I didnt touch my cock. I wanted to hold it for as long as possible. Bill then turned the guy around and pushed his ass up against the hole. I was looking at this asshole that was loose and wet. Without hesitation I pushed my cock in and started to fuck him. I thrust about 5 or 6 times and started to cum in this well used ass. I nearly passed out from the pleasure and as I pulled my cock out of the hole, I bent down and Bill had the guy turned around again and was fucking him through my cum.

There are many other adventures to share. Anyone out there have a comment of suggested story line?


2007-01-06 09:59:32
i liked this. it is limited only by your imagination. lets read more 8/10


2007-01-03 19:48:22
keep it up good


2007-01-03 16:28:16
great concept.keep the stories coming.8/10


2007-01-03 15:53:36
keep it going!


2007-01-03 11:29:40
There are allot of ways this story can go...Keep it going!!

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