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My first story
It’s fiction people…remember that.
Feedback is appreciated.

Oh, how I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Nothing is better than ten days off from work, holiday vacations, tasty treats, and… oh yeah – the Christmas shopping. The mall is always packed with beautiful Holiday treats this time of year, making it the perfect time for me to do some shopping.
I decided to start in the food court and slowly work my way around to all of the hip fashion stores. There was no need to rush; after all, I didn’t want to bring home the wrong presents.
I had nearly walked around the entire mall when I spotted the perfect play toys. There were two of them, sisters I presumed. Both were petite, and both were beautiful. I knew I had to get them.
The smaller of the two stood about 5ft tall. She had light brown hair that fell just a few inches below her shoulders. Her face was captivating with sparkling blue eyes, a small nose, and full, pink, pouty lips that would feel great around my cock. Her tits were full and ample for her frame, but far from a C cup. The looked great in her form fitting top which matched the color of her eyes. Her upper body narrowed to her tiny waste. From there, her tight jeans hugged the beautiful curve of her ass. Her ass which wasn’t large by any means looked tight, firm, and shapely. My dick would definitely have to explore that area. Her legs were long and slender. I hoped that they were flexible too.
Her sister, who was slightly taller (maybe 5ft 3”), was also a looker. She had dirty blonde hair which fell about half way down her back. Her hazel eyes were seductive, and her lips looked delicious. Her boobs were bigger than her sister’s, but still not huge. My cock would feel good in the crevice they created. She was wearing a slutty red tube top which showed a lot, so I didn’t need to imagine much. Like her sister, she had a narrow waist, one that looked like it was built for fucking. She was wearing a short denim skirt which flared out quickly, so I wasn’t sure what kind of treasure her ass would be like. Her legs were also long and slender, but I could also see that they were nicely tanned too. They would feel great wrapped around my waist and face.
Now that I had my presents picked out, it was time to bring them home. I followed them for about an hour before they headed out into the parking lot. They got into a big black SUV, a car which would be easy to follow. Luckily they had parked close to me, so getting behind them in my green van was no problem. They drove about twenty minutes before pulling into the driveway of a small suburban house. I backed in behind them and got out.
They eyed me up and down as I approached them. I introduced myself as a worker from the electric company and told them that I was sent to do some work on the pole which was in their front yard. The naïve beauties bought my story like all the others before them. I then told them I would probably have to shut off the power in their house for a while. I asked if that would be alright with their parents and they told me that they were on vacation. Evidently, their parents decided to go on a cruise for the Holiday and wouldn’t be home for ten days. Can you imagine leaving your kids for Christmas. What assholes….oh well it would make my Christmas all the better. Their home could be my home for a while.
The hot teens went inside, and I went to my van. I put some rope and toys into my bag which had the electric company’s logo on the side making it official looking. After waiting about 15 minutes of so I went and rang the doorbell. It was time for the Christmas celebration to begin.
They answered the door together and I told them I had to come in and shut off the power. I walked in, closed the door, and smiled. The older sister told me the electric box was in the basement. I thanked her and asked if she could lead the way. Her younger sister told her she was going to go take a shower. They were separating themselves… this was going to be easy.
The petite girl ran upstairs. I decided to delay going to the basement by striking up conversation. I found out the taller girl was Sara. She and her sister, Nadine, were fraternal twins – both 18. They were in their final year of high school and couldn’t wait to go to college. At that moment, the water in the shower turned on. I knew it was time to spring into action.
I grabbed Sara’s arm and brought her to the ground. She was face down, and I was on her back. I reached for my bag and got my rope. I tied her ands and ankles together, and then secured a gag. I carried her squirming body upstairs and put her in what I thought was her parent’s bedroom. She was easy to control, as she only weighed about 110 pounds. I tied her spread eagle on the bed and made sure she couldn’t make a sound. I wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her right then and there, but I knew I couldn’t. I had to secure Nadine first.
I left the room after closing all of the blinds and searched for the girl’s rooms. It turned out that they shared a room. It had two of everything except that there was only one large dresser and one large closet. They must have shared most of their clothes, although I didn’t see how they could be the same size. I started searching and soon found the panty drawer. They only wore thongs, which was fine by me. They had some very sexy all lace g-strings which I was sure they would model for me later this week. Also inside their panty drawer was a glass dildo, about 8 inches long. They must have shared that too. I bet these two whores fingered each other every night. If they didn’t, they would be starting to tonight. Also in the drawer were preions for birth control medication. No condoms would be necessary.
I heard the water shut off so I closed the drawer and hid under a bed. I wanted to watch Nadine get dressed. She walked in wearing only a towel. Closing the bedroom door, she went to their dresser and took out a clean red thong and matching bra. She came and sat on the bed I was hiding under. She dropped the towel and threw it on the floor. Damn, all I could see was her legs. Oh well I could see all of her later. She reached down and slipped her legs through the leg holes in the thong. I wished it were my face that was about to ride up her legs and into her pussy. I heard her fasten the bra, and then se got up. She walked to the closet. I now had a great view. The red thong looked great on her smooth and ample ass. I traced the thong with my eyes from the little piece of triangular cloth down to the string. From their, her ass floss dove into her crack to cover her surely tight asshole and pussy. In the closet she found another skirt and blouse to put on. She then walked back to her bed where there was a mirror she stood in front of to brush her light brown hair.
I slipped my head out from under the bed and looked up. I could see right up her skirt. What a sight it was. Her thong slid from out of her ass cheeks in into her pussy lips. She looked like she had a pussy wedgie. That sight was all I could take.
I reached out with my hands and grabbed her legs, pulling her to the ground. I pinned her on her back. I muffled her screams by putting her wet towel over her face. With one hand I held the towel in place and with the other I explored her pussy. My hand slid up her skirt with ease. I began to pet her thong covered cunt. After just a few strokes, I slid the string out of the way and plunged my middle finger in deep in her pussy. God she was tight. I didn’t know how I’d be able to fit in a second finger let alone my now throbbing dick. It was going to be a tight squeeze. It didn’t take long for her pussy to get wet. Although she continued to struggle a little, she stopped trying to shout. After only 5 minutes or so I stopped. I had ten days to have fun no need to rush.
I took some more rope end tied her up in the same fashion as her sister. I then carried her to her parent’s bed and put her next to her sister. I tied her down and fastened a gag.
I had some introducing to do. I sat down in a chair at the food of the bed and told them to listen if they didn’t want to get hurt. I explained that for the next ten days we were going to celebrate Christmas together. They found out that they were my Christmas presents. I explained that if they cooperated they wouldn’t get hurt. I told them I would remove their gags if they agreed to be quiet. They agreed with nods so I freed their gags.
I wanted to find out how many rides these girls had had. Both Sara and Nadine said that they had had sex before, but only once. That explained why Nadine was so damn tight. I asked them about the dildo in their panty drawer and they said that they couldn’t use it because it didn’t fit in their tight holes. I quickly replied that that would change by the end of the week. Both girls squirmed with that comment. Oh and one last rule, they were to call me sir. I didn’t care…it was true.
I decided there had been enough talking. I had six hot holes to explore. I went over to the bedroom door and secured a lock around the door handle. The girls had no way of getting out of the room. After warning them not to do anything foolish, I untied them. I had them spin on the bed and lay across its width on their backs. Nadine was on my left and Sara was on my right. I used my hand cuffs to secure their adjacent hands to each other. I then secured their other hands to the headboard and footboard. I did the same with their legs. I made sure to take a nice long gaze up their skirts. Sara was wearing a pink colored thong which also gave her pussy a wedgie. And Nadine…the little slut was still wet. They were positioned so that their heads hung over the edge of the bed. It was time to explore their sweet mouths.
I dropped my pants and briefs freeing my strained cock. It was about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. Not a monster but not too small by any means. The girls gasped. They couldn’t believe what was about to happen to them. I reminded them about behaving and told them that biting would result in a severe beating for both of them. Also I told them to participate. I didn’t just want a mouth to fuck; I wanted a spirited sucking too. I approached Sara and she closed her eyes. I quickly told her to look at me and open up her mouth. I rubbed some precum on her cheek and then entered slowly. I went in until I hit the back of her throat. I ordered her to close her lips and start sucking. She did as told. I backed out almost all the way and slowly began to pump. Oh it felt so good. Her hot young moist mouth felt awesome. Precum leaked into her mouth making her gag just a little. After about 10 minutes, I decided it was Nadine’s turn.
I was right, as I had assumed, her lips felt great. As my cock stroked in and out her lips kept a firm hold on my shaft. She participated by using her tongue to rub the head of my dick. What a good girl. The first three inches of my dick felt great, but it was time for the rest of my cock to get into the action. I had to get into her throat. I eased my dick in slowly, not wanting to damage my present. It was a tight squeeze, but it felt great. Nadine took my cock like a pro, not once gagging. I picked up my pace and really began to fuck her mouth and throat. The only sound in the room was came from Nadine’s saliva getting pushed out of the way by my dick. Squish. Squish. Squish. I must have been in heaven. Not wanting to leave Sara out of the act I switched girls again.
Sara opened her mouth right up just like a good little girl. I slowly pushed into her throat ignoring her gags. I had to pull out every so often so that Sara could breathe. She clearly wasn’t accustomed to having a dick in her throat. I was sure she’d be a pro by the end of the week.
I kept alternating between the girls, switching every 5 minutes or so. I slid both of their tops up to their necks to that I could play with their tits as I fucked their sweet mouths. Sara’s boobs were surely larger than Nadine’s but both girls had a nice rack. They were soft yet firm and very smooth and I just loved squeezing them. After about 4 or 5 rounds, I felt my balls tighten. I was in Nadine’s throat and I needed to unload. I pushed my cock into her face as hard as I could and held it there. After a moment or two, cum erupted from my dick. I spilled it down her throat. I took my dick out and moved to Sara’s mouth. As I switched, I squirted a stream of cum which stretched from Nadine’s nose to Sara’s right eye. I got my cock inside Sara’s mouth just in time for me to plant more of my seed in her used mouth. I shoved my dick down her throat and shot another load there. I had enough sperm left in me to move back to Nadine and fill her mouth too.
I pulled out and studied the scene. Both girls had my cum running from their mouths down their cheeks. Also, Sara couldn’t open her right eye because the white fluid had sealed it shut. My dick was shining with a mixture of saliva and cum. My whores could clean that off in a little bit. I made both of the girls swallow the cum that was still in their mouths before I would untie them.
They did as told, so I removed their handcuffs but told them not to wipe off the cum which was still on them. I had Sara lay on her back with her head on the pillows by the headboard. I told Nadine to straddle her at the waist. It was such an erotic sight. Two teen aged beauties straddling each other with cum on their faces. I told Nadine to lick the cum off of Sara’s face. When she was done, Sara was to return the favor. Nadine was a little apprehensive at the idea of liking and kissing her sister. I had to encourage her a little.
I went to my bag and got out a piece of rope. I flipped her skirt up over her ass exposing her thong covered pussy. With a quick flip of the wrist, I brought the rope down over her ass leaving a long red welt across her bum. She gave out a little yelp but quickly began licking her sister’s cum covered face. I was glad; I didn’t want to damage this beauty.
I threw the rope down and focused my attentions on Nadine’s pussy. I spread her legs just a little wider and again moved her thong to the side. This was the first time I was looking at her uncovered pussy. It was perfect. I ripped her thong completely off giving me better access to her treasure. I got on the bed and straddled Sara’s lower legs. I rubbed my hand up and down her unprotected treasure feeling the warmth of her shaven hole. I then inserted a finger deep into her pussy again and started to pump my hand. I wanted to make sure that there were juices for me to suck up when my tongue probed the area. She was not just wet, but rather soaked in a matter of minutes. I removed my finger and reached around sticking it in Nadine’s mouth. I wanted the slut to taste her own juices.
I then pushed Nadine’s back down a little just enough to raise her ass. I brought both hands up and spread Nadine’s ass and pussy lips apart. Her bright pink cunt was soaked and my tongue was eager to explore. I liked from her clit to her anus in one slow movement. I then turned my tongue into a small cock and began tongue fucking her. It took only minutes for Nadine to cum. She was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted.
She didn’t cum out of passion or lust. It was the animal within her that made her orgasm. I was sure she hated herself for what she had done. She had 10 days of fucking yet to come and she hadn’t even experienced my cock or any of my magical toys. She was in for a long Holiday break.
When I finished with Nadine’s pussy I looked up to see that the girls had completely cleaned each other’s faces. What good girls Santa had brought me.
I looked down at my cock which had once again sprung to life. It was still covered in drying cum and saliva. It needed to be cleaned.
I had the girls switch positions. Nadine was now on the bottom and Sara was straddling her. I put my knees on opposite sides of Nadine’s head with my stiff and dirty cock pointing at Sara. She begrudgingly opened up for my dick. Her throat was probably sore from before but I didn’t care. My balls were swaying back and forth hitting Sara in the chin. I spread my knees lowering my sack to Nadine’s face. I wanted my balls to have a bath too. The sensations I was feeling were amazing. After about ten minutes I pulled out of both girls’ mouths. I wanted some pussy.
I had Nadine turn on her back 180 degrees. Her face was now right below Sara’s cunt. I told Sara to take off her shirt. I moved to the end of the bed and flipped up Sara’s skirt so that I could admire her pink thong covered pussy. I rubbed my thumb over Nadine’s pussy right where her clit was hidden. I continued massaging her cunt until I could see her sweet juices starting to seep through her panties. I then ripped off her string underwear and shoved it in Nadine’s mouth. Sara’s pussy looked fantastic…like a pink halved peach. I inserted a finger as deep as I could and couldn’t believe what I felt.
My little whore had a cherry. She had lied to me earlier. She never had been fucked before; she was a virgin….she was my virgin. I had no idea how a girl this pretty could keep her virginity for 18 years, but I didn’t care. This was going to be fun. I took hold of my cock and aimed it at her unused cunt. It was very slow entering. I leaned my weight into her and she slowly started to open. After about 5 minutes, I was half way in. My dick had found her cherry and it was time for some demolition. I pulled back and slammed as hard as I could into her. I slid into Sara like a knife cuts butter. I was buried to the hilt in my virgin’s cunt. It was obvious my rough treatment had caused her a lot of pain. She screamed as I shredded her precious cherry. But I didn’t care if she was in hell as long as I was in heaven. It was such a tight squeeze and I loved it. I backed out nearly all the way and slammed into her again. It wasn’t long before I had worked up a quick pace. I could hear the splashing of juices inside her cunt and the sound of my balls as they swung up and slapped her lower belly. My dick was coated with a mixture of her blood and juices. Every time I backed out of her, the sweet sauce of our fucking fell on Nadine’s face. I ripped Sara’s thong out of Nadine’s mouth and forced my cock down and into the small girl’s mouth again. After three or four pumps in her mouth it was back to Sara’s pussy. As I pumped into her pussy I watched her tits sway like pendulums. The sight put me over the edge. I slammed all the way into her and erupted for the second time that hour. I filled her cunt with my sperm and watched some spill out and into Nadine’s mouth.
I pulled out and got off the bed admiring the sight. Sara collapsed onto her sister. Her pussy was oozing blood and cum onto Nadine’s face. I decided she had had enough rest and needed to do some cleaning.
I had Sara come to me and kneel down. She opened her mouth thinking I wanted some more of her mouth. I pushed her head down and grabbed a handful of hair. I wiped my cock clean with her blonde braids. She was officially dirty. I then had her lick her juices off of her sister’s face. It must have been humiliating for her to eat her own Cherry blood and cum. Oh well…that was her punishment for lying.
My dick was exhausted and needed a break. I made sure to lock all of the windows and the door and then I left the room. My Christmas presents needed some rest too. And besides, I had work to do. I needed to set up my cameras and toys for later that night.
This was going to be a great Christmas.

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2012-10-02 18:56:19
Great story,just three things next time
Fuck em in the ass
Have them eat each
Other and make em younger fuck everybody that has a problem


2008-01-02 09:43:46
It was an OK story, but I doubt that they would wear thongs all the time. And why are they taking birth control pills when one's a virgin and one's only had sex once? This made the story unrealistic and ruined it for me.


2007-12-31 01:07:35


2007-06-30 14:04:53
wow 10 years younger wtf r u talkin about 18years is close enough but 10 years thats 8 years old u sick bastard, but good story 18 year old pussy is definitelly the place to be


2007-06-02 23:41:03
Good story but the girls should have been 4-6 years younger no doubt.

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