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The Arrival

You arrive at his house feeling relieved and frightened that you are finally here after having dwelled upon what the night might bring. He has asked you to stay the night and you are thrilled at the prospect of being able to sleep next to the one that you so desire to touch.

You climb out of the car with trepidation and excitement at the same time. Your hand is visibly shaking when you go to close the door to your car and you stop to get control of yourself. You feel the moisture leaking from between your legs and think “the hell with it” and march up to the front door to ring the bell. You hesitate again wondering what is in store for the night.

Steeling up enough gumption you push the button and hear nothing from inside the house. Again you push the button and again there is not the resounding chime of the door bell that you have become used to hearing. Now you have to make another decision to open the storm door and knock on the door. This is your chance to turn around and leave if you dare. You are pulled both ways as you hesitate with your hand just above the handle. Again you screw up your courage and open the door to knock. You place two resounding raps on the door and close the storm door again. You hear a rustling from inside the house and feel a twinge deep between your legs which causes you to instinctively pull your legs closer together.

The door opens and he is standing there in front of you and now it is too late to turn and run nor do you want to now. He smiles at you and opens the storm door holding it open for you to enter his house.

As you pass by you can smell everything that is him in your mind and you stop just inside the door so that he can close the doors and show you where he wants you.

He turns from the door and sweeps you up into his arms and buries his face and lips into the left side of your neck. You feel his hot breath and then his lips caress your neck just before you feel his teeth apply just enough pressure to make you week in the knees and the wetness between your legs flow.

He steers you into the living room and leaves you standing while he takes a seat across from where you are standing. He has this smile on his lips that has you wondering what he might have in mind for you. You get chills down your back when he speaks to you with a commanding voice that is just above a whisper and tells you to formally present yourself.

You stand proudly erect facing him and start removing your clothes folding them carefully and placing them on the floor next to you. You kneel after you have finished with your right foot placed over the bottom of your left foot and your knees spread as far apart as possible, your hands on your thighs with the palms facing up, and your head bowed down.

You hear him rise and walk behind you but you dare not look around to see what he is doing behind you. You hear his breathing and then feel his hands on your shoulders. He starts to rub them releasing the tension that you have been feeling all day in anticipation of what might be to come. He steps back from you and you hear him open a cabinet behind you.

You feel his presence behind you again as he lifts your chin with one hand and wraps a heavy leather band around your neck with the other hand. You feel it pulled snug enough to know that it is there but not enough to be too uncomfortable.

He places his hands under your arms and lifts you to your feet while turning you around. As you are turning you hear the clink of the three heavy rings attached to the collar he has placed on your neck. He places a finger in one of the rings of the collar and leads you back to the bedroom.

He pushes you back on the bed and then starts to trace his way up your right leg with his tongue and lips until he reaches your pussy where he lingers kissing you gently. You will try to open your legs to more fully draw him into you so that you can feel the full force of his tongue on your clit but he resists the temptation and forces your legs closed and then traces his way down your left leg with his tongue and lips. When he reaches your ankles he grasps both of them in his hands and twists you over onto your back. Now he starts his tracing again on your left leg with his tongue and lips slowly, teasingly moving higher and closer. When he reaches the back of your knees he moves over to your right leg and starts back down. You let out a whimper of protest and he reaches up and slaps the right cheek of your ass to remind you. When he reaches your right ankle he again grasps both of your ankles in his hands. You are anticipating that he is going to turn you over again so that he can have his way with you but he has other plans in store for you.

He takes your legs and pulls you closer to the edge of the bed and spreads your legs as far apart as his arms can push them. He then starts his kissing and licking again on your left leg at the knee and starts moving upward. As he gets closer to your butt you start arching your back to lift your butt up into the air. He moves over to your right leg just before he gets close enough to be kissing your left cheek and you let out another whimper and he slaps your left cheek so that now you have two red stinging reminders about protesting what he is doing to you.

He moves up your right leg slowly dragging his lips and tongue over your flesh. He moves up onto your right cheek and kisses the hand print that he had left there and then he moves over to your left cheek to kiss the most recent reminder of who is in control. You can feel his weight settle on your legs as he rests his head on the small of your back and he caresses your left cheek. He starts his kissing and licking at the small of your back moving upward just to throw you off of his intended target. He immediately kisses and licks his way downward following your spine pushing your cheeks apart to allow access for his tongue and lips as he dips lower and lower toward that little-puckered-brown rose bud. He traces his way around it with his tongue tracing the ridges and feeling you quiver in anticipation of what he might do to you next. You keep lifting your butt higher and higher off of the bed to allow him easier access hoping that he will continue with the caresses that his tongue is giving you. He reaches under your body with his right hand so that his thumb can rub your clit in time with the licking of his tongue. After what seems like several minutes to you he starts stabbing his tongue into the very center of that rose bud trying to pry your muscle apart to allow his tongue to enter and stroke in and out of you while at the same time he increases the stroking of his right thumb on your clit and shoves the three fingers from his left hand into your pussy. He hears you cry out in ecstasy as you start to shake and try to fall away from the intense pleasure that he is giving to you in three different places at one time. He abandons everything that he is doing with his hands to hold onto you to keep his lips and tongue where they are. He keeps thrusting with his tongue as you fall over the edge and into a quivering mass on the bed.

He is laying there next to you while you shake and quiver from the experience that he has just given you, while placing kisses on the back of your neck and pulling you close so that you can feel the heat of his cock against your back.

He gently turns you over onto your stomach, pulls you to the edge of the bed, lifts you up slightly, and places a couple of pillows under your belly. The next thing that you feel is a cool liquid dribbling down the crack of your ass with his hand following it down to smear it around your puckered rose bud. You gasp when you feel his oiled finger push its way inside to be followed by a second. He twists and moves them in and out until he feels your tight muscle start to relax. When he removes his fingers you utter a small sigh of protest at loosing the feeling that they were generating.

He moves behind you and places his hot cock between your cheeks and rubs the head from the bottom to the top of your crack coating his head with lubricant. When he reachs the top he pushes your cheeks together and pushes his cock through them getting a good coating of lubricant all over.

He lets go of your cheeks and grasps the shaft of his cock and places the head at the entrance to your puckered rose bud. He starts to push his spongy head slowly into you as your muscle protests the invasion. With a sudden movement you have pushed yourself backward so that the head of his cock is inside of that tight hot tunnel. The muscles of your ass are gripping him in the exquisite pleasure of feeling him in you and he only has the head of his cock in you. He rests for a moment to give the sensations time to subside and for him to recover his composure from the feelings it is generating in his cock.

You start to wiggle and shove backward in demand of getting more into you. He starts his slow progression of shoving forward until he is buried deep inside of you and his nut sack has slapped your pussy causing a quiver from you.

You whimper and try to move backwards with him trying to keep as much as possible inside as he withdraws until just his head is remaining inside of you. You grunt when he plunges back into you and then withdraws until just his head is inside. He repeats this again picking up the tempo as you grip him with your muscles increasing the friction that both you and he are feeling until he plunges his full length into you spewing his hot cum deep inside taking you over the thresh hold where you bury your head into the pillow and scream out your climax.

He drapes himself over you and brings his lips close to yours so that you can kiss and hold each others hands as the heat from your climaxes subside like his cock is deflating within your ass. You moan your sorrow as his cock slips from you and he rolls onto his back next to you where you now have full access to his lips.


2007-01-20 15:41:18
Good story Keep wrighting, try something that not in the frist person next time.

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