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Gently slipping a finger into my older sisters wet pussy
Ever since I can remember I have always sniffed my older sister Julies worn panties, whenever she took a shower or bath I would run into her bedroom and grab the panties she had just taken off.

A lot of the time I was really lucky and they would be sticky with her leakage or smell of sweat and pee. I would take out my hard cock and proceed to play with myself. I just remember the taste of her musky pussy as I pulled her panties over my head sniffing and licking her gusset.

This carried on over the years until she moved out of our family home, she now has grown up children of her own and its my niece's panties I now sniff and lick the gusset of while wanking.

Just before Julie moved out I had been out to a Rave with some friends and had indulged in taking some Ecstasy and coke and I was still very high when I got back home, the place was in darkness and I made my way up to my bedroom. As I opened the door I realised my sister sleeping in the spare bed in my bedroom.

If any of you readers have taken Ecstasy before you know how horny it makes you. Well I could hear Julie in a deep slumber so I immediately looked for her panties that she had been wearing that day. Bingo on the floor on top of her clothes I wasted no time at all in picking them up and turning the white lace panties in the right way so I would know exactly were here pussy had been. I lifted them up to my nose and took a good deep sniff and the musky aroma filled my nostrils and I immediately started to get a massive hard on. It was so intoxicating and also very exciting as Julie could have woken up at anytime and seen me sniffing and licking at her dirty panties.

The White cotton gusset of her panties was quite crispy with a few of her pubic hairs stuck in the middle of it. God I loved to sniff her crispy panties and then lick the crusty part until it becomes wet and slimy again, that is when you can really get a good taste. As I continued to lick and sniff her panties I decided I would take my cock out and start wanking, so down came my zip and I extracted my very hard cock and proceeded to pull my foreskin back and forward slowly while still inhaling deeply and gradually picking up the pace.

I needed more. I wonder if I could pull the covers back a bit and get a look at her lovely large tits I know it was a bit risky but she was sound asleep and I could hear her lightly snoring.

I slowly took her panties of my face, just in case she did wake up. I slowly lifted the covers up and back as not to drag them over her. She did not even stir I was now looking directly down at her left tit which looked fantastically bouncy and soft. I was still wanking my cock back and forth, back and forth I ran my hand very lightly over Julie's tit and it was warm and soft her nipple sitting proudly atop but not erect I wanted so much to dip my head down and suckle her but that was far too risky.

Still she did not stir and her breathing had not changed. By this time I was getting bolder and bolder and I was not satisfied with just playing with her tit I wanted to see her pussy, so I started to move my hand down the bed to near her pussy still no movement from her so I continued. My heart was beating so fast and hard I thought I was going to pass out. I eventually found my goal and touched her pussy hairs with my trembling fingers; I nearly came on the spot.

Slowly I peeled back the covers to reveal her very hairy pussy I wanted to slip my nose along her labia and inside her pussy to inhale her womanly aroma and to taste her girl juice. I slowly moved my hand until I was touching her pussy and I could feel her lips nice and puffy. Because of the drugs making feel brave I decided I was going to try and finger my older sister so with one hand still firmly wrapped around my cock and one hand between my sisters legs I stroked my finger up and down her labia pushing gently closer to her hole. I kept working my finger and managed to slip about an inch in just inside her labia.

I decided to stop just to make sure she did not start to wake up when I was satisfied she was still asleep I continued to work my finger into my sisters vagina. As I got closer to her entrance it was slightly moist but not wet. Gently pressing forwards my finger slipped a little further inside and I was actually now penetrating her vagina. I removed my finger and bought it up to my nose and took a sniff god it was so dam nice I all moist spicy, tangy, slimy and warm I wanted more so I put my hand back down and slipped my finger back into her labia, my finger located her hole very easily this time and it slipped into her right up to my knuckle god it was hot, very wet and slimy in there I wondered if it was just her body responding while she was asleep.

I wiggled my finger around and rasped it against her vaginal walls coating my finger in her cunt cream again I took my finger out and wiped it under my nose so I had her pussy juice being inhaled every time I breathed in. I then licked my finger and the taste of my sister was wonderful I was finally tasting the juices straight from the source instead of her worn panties, again I slipped my hand back down and slipped my finger back in her cunt it was now very wet down there and she did not even know! I wondered if I could get another finger in there so I moved my middle finger to the side and placed my index finger at the entrance and then slipped it up and inside of her sleeping body.

All the while this was happening I was still pulling my foreskin back and forth but a lot faster now and I knew that if I continued for much longer I would make myself cum so I continued to finger Julie and get my fingers nicely coated in her goo and take them out of her and place them in my mouth and lick her juices off, I continued to do this for about another ten minutes and then I knew I was going to cum but I did not want to stop fingering Julie but where was I going to cum? I was so tempted to place my cock on her lips and shoot it over her face but I thought that was pushing it too far so I aimed just to the right of her cheek and started to spunk over her pillow only two inches from her mouth. I was still fingering her quite fast now and my hand was getting rather wet with her pussy juice. Once I had stopped shooting my load over her pillow I took my fingers out of her vagina and smeared her juices over my face and nostrils.

I looked at her face and she was still soundly asleep not a single murmur from her!

I awoke later in the morning with my sister getting out of bed I pretended to be asleep and watched her get out of bed and put on her panties that were on the floor I looked at her pussy and thought, I have been in there and she does not even realise. When I see her now I still look at her sometimes and think to myself you dirty little slut getting wet in your sleep while your younger brother finger fucks you. Next time I want to lick her pussy!

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2013-04-19 10:49:17
Forget about ectasy!this story is so realistic about the sniffing of his dirty sister's panties with the smell of piss ,with the presence of pubic hairs etc etc.I SMELL THE DIRTY PANTIES OF MY SISTERS,AUNTS,SISTERS' FRIENDS WITOUT HAVING TAKEN WHATSOEVER DRUG.It's something unique.

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2012-08-26 11:38:34
Yall shuddup and stop argueing!

Oh hawt story boy ^^

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2010-09-24 18:07:58
I also did that to my sister


2009-05-31 17:14:20

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2008-10-22 12:43:07
I sniff and lick my wife's twin sisters panties every time I get the chance. I'd love to finger her and get the juice directly from the source. Ya, I know, married to the twin.....but it's different somehow. Trust me. Keep the story going.

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